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How Are the Needs of the Customer Met by The

How Are the Needs of the Customer Met by The

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Section B

How are the needs of the Customer met by The Stour Centre?
• Complete the table on the next page which explains how the needs of the customers in The Stour Centre are met (You need to make sure that you include both the products and services). Try and include plenty of photos and leaflets to back up your statements (these need to be labelled / explained). the different groups of people are; Individuals Groups OAP’s Toddlers / babies Non-English speakers People from different cultures People with specific needs Business men and woman

Some of o o o o o o o o

User group Toddler

What the centre does well to meet their needs?

How does the centre fail the user group?

- Tumbletime for toddlers at the centre, weekday mornings for parents and toddler - gyminis – gymnastic class for under 5’s - Trampoline lessons for under 5’s - under 5’s go free in the swimming - can you think of any more? pool - Swimming lessons ‘Aquababies’ and ‘Toddler lessons’ - Creche facility - lift in the centre for push chairs and prams to ease access - the learner pool for toddlers is at a warmer temperature to make toddlers feel more comfortable whilst in the swimming pool - High chairs are provided for in the Restaurant area There are lots more – remember to include times, dates and location

How can the centre improve their products and services for this user group? I think the reception area is far RESEARCH what is being too small to accommodate done at other leisure centres push chairs and prams, I think to give you ideas as to what customers would feel like they the Stour centre could do to were getting in the way if they improve its products and had a push chair/pram. services for toddlers

You do not need to present your work in a table format. You may want put your work in paragraphs.

Methods of Communication
• For all methods of communication used at The Stour Centre you need to explain; a) How is it used? b) What is good about it? c) What is bad about it? d) How could the method be improved?

Some of the methods used are; Phone Mobile phone Face to face Email Memo / Handover notes Once again, try and include photos to back up your statements. To get top marks, make sure your assessments are detailed, accurate, relevant and valid. Your assessments need to relate to different staff, different situations using different methods of communication

• Look at 5 complaints which have been made at The Stour Centre. For each complaint state; a) b) c) d) e) • what the complaint was how it was dealt with who dealt with it in your opinion, was it dealt with successfully? How could it have been dealt with better?

Do you think that the complaints procedure used at The Stour Centre is good / effective? • Why do you think that is? • How could the complaints procedure be improved? Example 5 Whilst Mr Crumbie was teaching a swimming lesson to a group of 7 year olds, one of the Mums complained that the temperature of the water was too cold. Mr Crumbie apologised to the Mum and asked one of the lifeguards to carry out a water test – which is one of their duties to monitor the pool chemicals and temperatures. If the pool temperature was below 30 degrees the duty manager would be called to poolside, to deal with the complaint. If there was a technical problem with the temperature of the pool, the pool would be closed in relation to health and safety standards, and the lessons would be cancelled, and a credit would be issued to the customer for when they re-enrol on the next course. If the temperatures were correct, it would be explained to the customer that the pool temperatures are at their correct levels, and maybe the outside temperature could be a cause of the problem. If the customer was extremely unhappy a credit would be issued to the customer for the inconvenience caused (but this would be extremely unlikely if the levels were correct) If the parent had to leave during the time it has taken for the lifeguard to do the test and for the duty manager to arrive, the lady’s name and address would be taken and the details of the complaint. The duty manager would then either phone that evening or write to her explaining the above.

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