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One great way to “show” your faith is by reading

your Bible. The only way to really make your

Bible a great tool of faith is by reading and be-
coming familiar with it. You can do that a couple

ow of ways:
Sh • Just open your Bible and place your finger
somewhere on the page, read two or three

verses around where your finger landed
Check out the KiDSCOR Concordance on 3rd—5th grade
the blog. A concordance is a reference that

READ helps you find scripture by subject. You can

print the concordance and read the scriptures Study
on subjects that you are interested in.
ALL • Ask a family member or friend what their
favorite Bible verse it. Look it up, read it

ABOUT and ask if they would like to discuss it with


Your word is a lamp to
my feet and a light to
my path.

Psalm 119:105

Check the box to the left

if you learned this
week’s memory verse!
In any given year,
no book has
I, _________________________________________________
(Student Name)
have completed this week’s activities.
outsold the
Parent Signature __________________________________________ Bible!
I t BIBLE BOOK SCRAMBLE: Here are some of the books of
n ow the Old and New Testament — in a scramble. See if you
K can unscramble these books:

SSEGNIE _____________________________________

BJO _________________________________________


MONDAY: 2 Timothy 3:14
TUESDAY: 2 Timothy 3:15
What does the scripture say we
were instructed for?

WEDNESDAY: 2 Timothy 3:16 YTRNOEUTDMO________________________________

THURSDAY: 2 Timothy 3:17

Who will be proficient and SO HOW DID YOU DO?
Check out the KiDSCOR blog at Kno
equipped for good work through
Gr w I
scripture? ow t-
FRIDAY: Psalm 119:11
for the correct answers! NoIt