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Geothermal and nuclear

By Eunbin and Joe

Table of contents geothermal! what is geothermal energy Advantage and Disadvantage why do people do not use geothermal electricity and why isnt there many place to build geothermal station? what if harmful gas spill out and what is the harmful gas? is Sweden a good country to have geothermal energy? nuclear! what is nuclear energy Advantages and disadvantages When where and why was it discovered How much energy dose it produce and how did it effect us This energy is good in........


What is geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy is energy from under the ground. To get this energy the wells are drilled into Area called geothermal reservoir. This area is where geothermal stations are made. They pull out hot steam and hot water depending on the type of station that they have. The well that steam or hot water go thru is called production well. And when water is going to the turbine thru this well it turns into steam. The steam start to turn the turbine. The turbine turns about 3,600 per minute! When the steam turns the turbine, the turbine turns the magnet inside a large copper coil creating electric current. So energy from under ground turns into electric energy. After using the hot steam the steam cool down it goes thru another well and return to underground.

Advantage and disadvantages

Advantages Does not depend on weather or day and night Renewable energy so it won't run out Less carbon dioxide than fossil fuels Every country has at least little bit of hot gas or hot water under ground

Cool down over time Expensive to build Expensive to use at your house

Need electricity to use the pump/well

Some time if you place geothermal in wrong place it may cause earthquake Not many place to build

Why do people not use geothermal electricity and Why is there not much area where could they build geothermal station

Not much people use geothermal electricity because it is too expensive to use.

There is not much area to build geothermal station because sometime it is too deep or it is not too hot. other forms:

What if the harmful gas from underground and what do we do about that?

Harmful gases are H2S and CO2 they are both dangerouse and if peopel breath in that gas they will geothermal station is very dangerous all time. and people can do nothing about that.

Is sweden good place to build geothermal station?

Yes, because right now in place called Lund and it supported about 40 percent of the heat in 1985 to 1986 and now in sweden Lund has the biggest geothermal station in sweden. One last thing is that sweden can be cold but it is very hot under ground and if you go down 1km it goes up about 10 to 30 degree.

Nucle ar


What is nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy is heat energy from splitting atoms and creating heat. Atoms is what every thing or person is made of. The type of atoms we use is in uranium which we heat up and put in water making steam which turns a turbine which spins a generator to make energy. But before any of that you must find is it a 100 times easier to find than silver after it is crushed into a gravel like material.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages It gives a lot of power It does not make acid rain It does not create smog It does not pout the air or the earth Disadvantages It is bad for people and animal because of the radiation It can give you cancer There is a big chants of a nuclear meld down And it can leave things with radiation

where and when it was discovered

In 1930 in austral it was discovered. By Otto Hahn and fritz strassman For more electricity. Is mostly found in America the a more than 20 power plants in america with mean it is the most likely to explode some people wanted to make it into a nuclear bomb but eldert insin stopped them.

effect on us and this energy is good in..

fact nuclear energy makes 11.8 of america's power an hour affect of people around it People who live around nuclear power get a lot of power. but there is a consicwens it makes radiation with is bad for our health it can give you cancer and kill you People who work there have to wear hazmat suits with no holes so they don't get infections. America is the best place to have nuclear energy because they have a lot of uranium than other countries.