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%u$ su'e$+is%$ $e(u*#$*. .the Project or Dissertation !n contrast to the other elements of your pro"ramme# where you are "uided fairly closely# the aim of the Project is to "ive you the opportunity to learn independently and show that you can identify# define and analyse pro$lems and issues and inte"rate knowled"e in a $usiness conte%t !t is an important part of the pro"ramme that tests your a$ility to understand and apply the theory# the concepts and the tools of analysis to a specific pro$lem situation &his project hand$ook has $een compiled to clarify the framework of the project and su""est some ways of assurin" success &he only precise rule on what constitutes an accepta$le project is that it should $e an ordered critical e%position# which affords evidence of reasonin" power and knowled"e of the relevant literature in an approved field fallin" within the sub e!t "#tte$ %& the '$%($#""e ) M#n#(e"ent &he emphasis should $e on applied research and the investi"ation of some practical pro$lem or issue related to the situation in which an or"anisation or system operates Please note that the project must not $e treated as just another assi"nment &he Project provides the opportunity to jud"e the student's time and self-mana"ement skills and his(her a$ility to successfully undertake a lon" and in-depth study )ence it is not only the product that is important# $ut also the process itself *tudents must therefore ensure that they maintain $e(u*#$ !%nt#!t with thei$ su'e$+is%$ and also that they provide the supervisor with drafts of their work at re"ular intervals +inally# to keep yourself up-to-date and under control as re"ards your project# it is imperative that you "eet .PROJECT WORK 1. .. INTRODUCTION As a student of Master of Business Administration (MBA) you are required to undertake a major individual piece of research work .

%u.ou should ensure throu"h the entire period that you work on your project that it meets these requirements 0. &o a lar"e e%tent# your ideas will $e influenced $y your situation !f you are in employment you may $e a$le to research into a real life pro$lem or# if you are not employed# you may choose a more "eneral $usiness issue !n either case# initial ideas are likely to ori"inate in a va"ue form and may lack a clear focus &hese then need to $e developed into somethin" mana"ea$le and practical $y consideration of availa$le literature( te%ts and discussion with your project supervisors once allocated 3 . GUIDE6INES AND RE7UIREMENTS FOR T8E PROJECT &he purpose of the project is to "ive students the opportunity to carry out an in-depth study of an applied nature# synthesi/in" various elements# yet pursin" one area of interest in depth . DEFINITIONS AND O.%u$ su'e$+is%$1 but1 he: she is n%t the$e t% "#.or some com$ination of these aspects of $usiness &ypically# you will $e required to define an area of investi"ation# carve out research desi"n# assem$le relevant data# analyse the data# draw conclusions and make recommendations .our project report should make clear what you have attempted and why you have attempted it0 the methods that you have used to collect# collate and analy/e the information o$tained0 and how you have evaluated it Any recommendations made should $e supported $y the evidence presented and $y lo"ical ar"ument usin" deductive and inductive reasonin" +or a Project to $e of a hi"h quality it is imperative to avoid detailed description devoid of analytical content &he #ssess"ent !$ite$i# &%$ the P$% e!t are shown in the Project 1radin" *heet attached as A''en3i9 B to this )and$ook .our project should demonstrate or"anisational# analytical and evaluative skills# and# where appropriate# an a$ility to desi"n a suita$le implementation and review procedure &he project is the lon"est /-01222 w%$3s4 and most ori"inal piece of work you will undertake in your post-"raduate study !t will occupy# with varyin" de"rees of commitment# a period of two semesters 5. C8OOSING A TOPIC 2hoosin" your topic is pro$a$ly the hardest thin" you will do The !h%i!e %& t%'i! is u' t% .-.%u1 with (ui3#n!e &$%" .ERIEW OF PROJECT &he project is a practical# in-depth study of a pro$lem# issue# opportunity# technique or procedure .e the 3e!isi%n &%$ .

a study# which would involve studyin" relationships $etween different varia$les like a cause 6 effect relationship study 7 .a study that involves carryin" out ori"inal research in order to meet the or"ani/ation's continual need for new information for forward decision-makin" &he main issues may $e human# economical# functional etc# $ut the construction and(or application of some kind of research instrument are the focus of the study &he analysis of the research findin"s (e. M%st P$% e!t i3e#s !%"e &$%"< • Pe$s%n#* e9'e$ien!e %& e"'*%. with the #$e# is i"'e$#ti+e &%$ the su!!ess&u* !%"'*eti%n %& the '$% e!t. SCOPE OF T8E PROJECT An accepta$le project will normally fall into one of the followin" cate"ories4 • E9'*%$#t%$.1. =."ent4 this is an o$vious startin" point for the project $ecause in every or"anisation there would $e some issue that can $e researched into An e%ample of a project ori"inatin" from this way could $e an evaluation of the &rainin" Department of your or"anisation or an evaluation of the performance appraisal systems used for salesmen in your or"anisation • Obse$+#ti%n %& e+ents4 Personal o$servation of events in the or"anisation( environment can serve as a startin" point for a project idea An e%ample of this could $e that as an employee you o$serve that the employee turnover in your or"anisation is very hi"h and as your project you could research into the reasons for this and make suita$le recommendations • Issues %& !u$$ent inte$est4 5eviewin" key issues of $roader relevance may $e another useful indicator for a project idea *pecific consideration of the aspects of the effect of a "overnment policy or a phenomenon on the performance of an or"anisation(se"ment(system may provide suita$le ideas for a Project .%u$ '$% e!t i3e#1 &#"i*i#$it..0.ou need to take care when dealin" with issues such as these !t may $e necessary to confine yourself to an aspect of the issue or you could find yourself tacklin" somethin" that is too $i" to handle effectively and "ives you a very wide project area# which inevita$ly lacks depth of analysis Wh#te+e$ the s%u$!e %& .g. client's responses to questionnaire a$out chan"in" product specifications) should take place# resultin" in proposals a$out how to mana"e relevant aspects of the or"anisation's future • E9'*#n#t%$..

ORGANISATION OF PROJECT REPORT &his section presents some of the norms associated with a project !t is stron"ly recommended that you &%**%w these (ui3e*ines &he final report should $e presented in the followin" sequence4  &itle pa"e  *tudent's Declaration (Anne%ure-!)  *upervisor's 2ertificate (Anne%ure-!!)  A$stract  Acknowled"ements  &a$le of 2ontents4    8ist of &a$les 8ist of fi"ures 8ist of Appendices  Chapter 1 Int$%3u!ti%n4 &his chapter includes the research pro$lem# need for study(si"nificance of the project# o$jectives# hypotheses# methodolo"y .• Des!$i'ti+e.a study that would need an in-depth portrayal of an accurate profile of events or situations from the $usiness environment >.scope# sample desi"n# sources of information# tools and techniques of analysis# structure of the study with sound justifications(e%planations  Chapter 2 6ite$#tu$e Re+iew4 &his chapter should reflect the student's understandin" of the relevant theoretical and empirical $ack"round of the pro$lem +ocus should $e more on the lo"ical presentation of the empirical evolution of conceptual and methodolo"ical issues pertainin" to research pro$lem Also hi"hli"ht the methodolo"ical clues drawn throu"h this review for your project  Chapter 3 The !%"'#n.ou may indicate the scope for further research 9 . #n3 C%n!*usi%ns4 1ives an overview of the project# conclusions# implications and recommendations Also specify the limitations of your study .:O$(#nis#ti%n:S.ste"< &his chapter should contain a $rief historical retrospect a$out the entity of your study  Chapter 4 & 5: Present your data analysis and inferences  Chapter 6 Su""#$.

our documents should $e appropriately num$ered !t is usual for Pa"e : to start with the !ntroduction &he sections prior to the !ntroduction are usually num$ered with small 5omans# i e i# ii# iii !t is easier if appendices are num$ered in a separate sequence (su""est A# B# 2) rather than as a continuation of the main report .3e$#b#3 )=2222? >. Abst$#!t &his is a summary of a$out 522 w%$3s (not more than %ne si3e %& 3%ub*e)s'#!e3 A0) that descri$es the topic0 e%plains the aims and methods of the study and "ives a $rief resume of the main conclusions and recommendations = . Procedures and Strategies of ICICI Bank (Name of Student) (Student hall ticket number) Project su mitted in !artial fulfilment for t"e a#ard of t"e $egree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION by Os"#ni# Uni+e$sit.1 8. Tit*e P#(e /e9#"'*e4 <eep it very simple Do not descri$e the contents )ave a workin" title and then decide a final title when you have finished the Project &his is the standard format of the &itle Pa"e that every student is e%pected to use Effectiveness of Liquidity Risk Management Policies.-. Bib*i%($#'h.4 8ist the $ooks# articles# we$sites that are referred and useful for research on the topic of your specific project +ollow )arvard style of referencin"  A''en3i!es .hile presentation follows this sequence# it may $e actually written in a very different order +or e%ample# the introduction is often the last major section to $e completed >.1.

*!* 6 P5E*EB&A&!CB 7 : Presentation and Analysis 7 . DA&A ABA8.5. T#b*e %& C%ntents PAGE NUMBERS i ii : := . B!B8!C15AP). T#b*e %& C%ntents &he contents pa"e "ives the reader the first view of how the project is structured and how the author attempted to develop the topic !t lists sequentially the sections and major su$divisions of the sections0 each identified $y a headin" and located $y a pa"e num$er &he followin" $o% "ives an e%ample CONTENTS 8ist of &a$les 8ist of +i"ures 1 !B&5CDD2&!CB -.9 7G 7G 79 9G =G 0. A!.Cr"anisational structure of Blo""s 8td == Appendi% B=A A . !nterpretations = *DMMA5. 5EF!E.0.>.n%w*e3(e"ents )ere you have the opportunity to thank the various people who have helped in the development of the project !t mi"ht include specific individuals who have "iven information# offered insi"hts# or "enerally $een supportive 1ratitude may $e e%pressed to "roups of people# like those who were studied# or fellow students &ry not to $e too flippant or too >soppy?@ >. ? APPEBD!2E* =9 Appendi% A . C+ 8!&E5A&D5E 5. 6 2CB28D*!CB* >. &)E 2CMPAB.

by occupation Employee s !ttitudes to "oti#ational Factors.%u$ %wn '$% e!ts.hether you decide to locate your ta$les(fi"ures in the main $ody of the report or the appendices# it is conventional to provide special >contents pa"es? so that readers can easily find the information &a$les and fi"ures should $e listed on a separate pa"e as shown $elow E9#"'*es %& 6ist %& T#b*es LIS% &' %(BLES %(BLE I II III Redundancies in the Food Industry.@%u$ '$e!ise st$u!tu$e wi** h#+e t% be t#i*%$e3 t% the nee3s %& . 1980-1987 Employee s !ttitudes to "oti#ational Factors. I& in 3%ubt1 3is!uss with . by age.heory P()E *+MBER ) 10 H . by gender P()E *+MBERS 3 $ A E9#"'*es %& 6ist %& Fi(u$es LIS% &' 'I)+RES 'I)+RES I II "aslo% s &ierarchy o' (eeds *room s E+pectancy .=. 6ist %& T#b*es #n3 Fi(u$es &hrou"hout the project# it is likely that you will want to present material in ta$ulated or dia"rammatic form *ome such presentations will $ear only indirectly or partially on your ar"uments# and in such cases you will need to decide a$out their proper location Additional or less relevant information may $e $etter placed in an appendi% .%u$ '$% e!t su'e$+is%$ #t #n e#$*. st#(e. >.

our statement of o$jectives should $e concise and precise# and should $e carefully considered in the li"ht of your ori"inal aims and what you have $een a$le to achieve in your study +inally# you should include a summary of how you are "oin" to treat the chosen topic# runnin" $riefly throu"h the sections to show how the structure of the project allows you to e%plore the topic in your selected way >.e. you should fully e%plore the implications and ramifications of the topic $y developin" the ar"uments in a relevant way I .our ar"uments need to $e drawn demonstra$ly from your own o$servations and "rounded in an authoritative set of ideas &hey should not $e anecdotal Althou"h the ar"uments should $e presented in a ti"ht structured form . The M#in B%3.ou must "ive a $road introduction to the topic under review and types of issues it raises 2entral to this part of the project is the settin" of clear o$jectives# which you intend to achieve $y the end of the study .usin" headin"s at re"ular intervals to achieve this they should also have an essential discursive character# i.>.>. Int$%3u!ti%n &he introduction is crucial# since it sets the tone and conte%t for the rest of the project !n the introduction# it is important to outline the reasons $ehind the study .your motives or rationale for conductin" the study .?. %& the P$% e!t &he structurin" of the project will reflect your preferences# so there is no one $est way to do it )owever# there are predicta$le issues that need coverin" and your structure should permit you to deal with them in an orderly fashion +or e%ample# a project will include a literature review0 most will involve the reportin" of primary research0 all will need to draw conclusions and consider recommendations Additionally# all projects will include a section outlinin"# and justifyin"# the methodolo"y you have adopted and should link research methods to the o$jectives and literature review &he main $ody of the project must take the reader lo"ically throu"h a variety of linked ar"uments# relatin" theory and practice# concepts and concrete o$servations# so that the reader can understand and identify with the conclusions and recommendations of the author .

A Su""#$. #n3 Re&e$en!in( 5eferencin" is necessary to avoid pla"iarism# to verify quotations and to ena$le readers to follow-up and read more fully the cited author's ar"uments 5eference is "iven within the te%t of the project as well as at the end of the project &he $asic difference $etween citation and a reference list ($i$lio"raphy) is that the latter contains full details of all the in-te%t citations • • Cit#ti%n provides $rief details of the author and date of pu$lication for referencin" the work in the $ody of the te%t Re&e$en!e 6ist is "iven at the end of the te%t and is a list of all references used with additional details provided to help identify each source 5eferences should $e made to sources of material throu"hout the report Farious conventions are used for referencin" $ut you must use 8#$+#$3 Re&e$en!in(# as shown in A''en3i9 A# :G .B A''en3i!es .ou need to consider your recommendations in the conte%t of their possi$le human# financial# political# mana"erial# etc# implications .. #n3 C%n!*usi%n .ou should ensure that you have covered all the major issues pertinent to the topic $y the end of the main $ody of the project Dependin" on the nature of your project# it mi"ht $e appropriate to include a summary of your findin"s $efore em$arkin" on your conclusions >.our 5ecommendations should $e feasi$le# practical and must place your conclusions within a concrete and practical framework .our recommendations should $e justified >.12 Bib*i%($#'h.our 2onclusion should include a summary of your main ar"uments# drawin" to"ether the various themes and issues so that they can $e $rou"ht to $ear on the defined o$jectives of the study As with all reports# there should $e no new information introduced in this section .ou should locate in the appendices all that information which "ives an additional# quasirelevant support to the ar"uments you are constructin" !t is important that you put all the information you require the reader to attend to# in the main $ody of the te%t Appendices should $e consistently si"nified $y letter (APPEBD!J A# APPEBD!J B) or $y num$er (5oman) and "ive titles that indicate their contents Do remem$er to source information in appendices appropriately >.

%u$ $esu*ts.throu"hout your report Proper referencin" is a crucial aspect of your project .e3 t% '$esent it #s '#$t %& the +i+# +%!e1 :: . D% n%t th$%w this "#te$i#* #w#. should $e handed in to the P$in!i'#*:Di$e!t%$ %& . P6AGIARISM Any attempt to copy from another (present or previous) student or to copy lar"e chunks from academic or other sources without appropriately referencin" those sources will tri""er the full wei"ht of pla"iarism procedures I& the$e is #n.%u "i(ht be #s.%u$ su'e$+is%$ #n3 be .1 the uni+e$sit. t% s'%nt#ne%us Cuesti%ns.ou are therefore stron"ly advised to talk to your supervisor a$out this# in order to make sure that your project report follows the appropriate referencin" system ?.%u$ w%$. %& .%u$ C%**e(e:Institute at the time of su$mission NOTE< 2olle"e in turn would su$mit Tw% $ound copies of all the projects to the 2ontroller of E%aminations alon" with a consolidated 2D containin" the soft copy of the projects and the list of project titles sorted on the )& Bum$ers with linka"es to the respective project file &he columns in the list should include )&BC # Bame of the *tudent# Major Elective and the Project &itle 2olle"e name and the year should $e mentioned on the 2D A. %n!e . TEC8NICA6 SPECIFICATIONS OF T8E PROJECT  &he project should $e typed on A0 white '#'e$# and $e 3%ub*e)*ine s'#!e3. 3%ubt !%n!e$nin( the #uthenti!it.%u$ '$% e!t1 in!*u3in( !%"'*ete3 Cuesti%nn#i$es %$ t#'es &$%" inte$+iews1 sh%u*3 be sh%wn t% .%u wi** be $eCui$e3 t% $e'*.  &he left mar"in should not $e less than 02 "" and the ri"ht mar"in not less than -2 ""  All pa"es should $e nu"be$e3# and num$ers should $e placed at the centre of the $ottom of the pa"e# not less than :G mm a$ove the ed"e  A** t#b*es1 &i(u$es #n3 #''en3i!es should $e consecutively num$ered or lettered# and suita$ly la$elled  5 b%un3 !%'ies 6 # s%&t)!%'.%u$ '$% e!t is sub"itte31 #s . $ese$+es the $i(ht t% 3e"#n3 #n in3i+i3u#* '$esent#ti%n be&%$e # '#ne* #t whi!h .e't unti* the e9#"in#ti%n b%#$3 h#s !%n&i$"e3 . A** the "#te$i#* th#t $e*#tes t% .

B.%u$ ($#""#$ #n3 s. t% "#.%u$ su'e$+is%$ and arran"e meetin"s at appropriate times . .s :. .be&%$e .providin" advice and pointin" out possi$le pro$lems that may arise The su'e$+is%$Ds $%*e is t% #''$#ise .ou must take overall responsi$ility for $oth the content of your project and its mana"ement &his includes se*e!ti%n %& #n #''$%'$i#te sub e!t #$e# /with the #''$%+#* %& the su'e$+is%$4 # settin" up meetin"s with the supervisor# devisin" and keepin" to a work schedule (to include contin"ency plannin")# and providin" the supervisor with samples of your work !t is . .%u$ w%$.. the whole document# or su$stantial portions of it !f asked# you must present a sample of your written work prior to a meetin" with your supervisor# at an a"reed time Un3e$ n% !i$!u"st#n!es wi** .%u$ !%nt#!t with .e !%nt#!t with . @OU AND @OUR SUPER.ou should use the time with the supervisors wisely &he students must meet their supervisors for # "ini"u" %& &%u$ "eetin(s 'e$ se"este$1 %+e$ the s'#n %& the enti$e '$% e!t.ee' h#$3 !%'ies %& e#!h +e$si%n %& . @%u "ust .e't #'#$t &$%" e#!h %the$4.ou must e%chan"e contact details with your supervisor# and make sure that he or she has your relevant contact information .u' 3is.%u #n in3i!#ti%n %& .our supervisor will keep a lo" of meetin"s with you After each meetin" with your supervisor# you will $oth si"n a student contact and pro"ression form N%te th#t i& the $e!%$3s sh%w th#t .%u$ i3e#s #n3 w%$. .e3. .%u$ '$% e!t $esu*ts #$e !%n&i$"e3.%u$ su'e$+is%$ (i+e . Be sure you are clear a$out the assessment criteria for the project Bote that a si"nificant proportion of the "rade is allocated to presentation and style A hi"h level of communication skills is e%pected )owever# it is n%t within the $%*e %$ the 3uties %& .%u$ '$% e!t "#.ou should spread your workload over the entire time availa$le for carryin" out your project Draw up a realistic work schedule with in-$uilt slack to allow for pro$lems Be sure you are aware of your specific hand-in dates .%u$ su'e$+is%$ t% !%$$e!t .%u$ $es'%nsibi*it.%u$ su'e$+is%$ is n%t (%%3E .our supervisor will comment upon samples of your work $ut wi** n%t '$e)"#$.ISOR &he supervisorKs role is one of "uidance . n%t be "#$.nt#9.%u$ e9'e!te3 &in#* ($#3e.1 #n3 s#+e !%'ies %& the !u$$ent +e$si%n %n # "#in #n3 # b#!. /'$e&e$#b*. Dis.

you will $e $ored with it0 you just want to hand it in and move on to the ne%t assi"nment *o# to save your time and frustration# allow yourself five workin" days for this part of the task Do not underestimate the enormity of the task ahead of you &he key points are to or"anise your time0 make and maintain contact with your supervisor# decide upon your topic and when you have formulated your aims# o$jectives and structure . Cuesti%nn#i$es %$ %the$ 3#t# !%**e!ti%n.is there enou"h information availa$le for you to $e a$le to produce a "ood projectL Be wary if you are relyin" upon or"anisations to provide you with information &hey will not "ive you confidential or sensitive information and you must not e%pect them to respond as promptly as you would like . %& the $e'%$t sub"itte3 wi** be $etu$ne3 t% .isit the 6ib$#$. #n3 s'en3 s%"e ti"e *%%.ee' # !%'. :3 . be +i$us)!he!..ith the help of your project supervisor a"ree on the aims and o$jectives and the structure of the project as soon as possi$le !t is worthwhile investin" in some relia$le stora"e devices for storin" your project . %& the '$% e!t $e'%$t &%$ .. . A*s%1 "#.e3.e su$e t% .1 $e"e"be$ t% '$int #n3 . 12.sh%u*3 $e(u*#$*.related documents <eep at least two copies (updated) 5emem$er to virus check your stora"e devices &he final printin" and $indin" of your project can $e the most frustratin" time Allow five workin" days Bum$erin" pa"es# re-arran"in" pa"ination and puttin" to"ether the 2ontents pa"e takes a deal of time ."et on with it@ Fin#**. A FEW TIPS.in( #t '$e+i%us '$% e!ts.%u$ %wn use1 #s n% !%'.%u. 2hoose a topic# or an issue# in which you are interested 1et or"anised# "ive yourself time to think a$out your project 8ook at the information availa$le .do not underestimate this part of your task By this time you will have $een workin" on your project for some months ..ee' '$inte3 !%'ies %& w%$.in( 3%!u"ents1 #n3 the $#w 3#t# &$%" #n.

APPENDIF A< 8#$+#$3 St. :7 !f a direct quote is included in the te%t the pa"e num$er where it can $e found should also $e included while referencin" .GG3# p7A) F%$ %u$n#* #$ti!*es< • !n the references and $i$lio"raphy sections of the Project report# the referencin" to material used from journals should appear as follows4 &he author's name# followed $y the title article# journal name in italics# volume num$er e" *torey# N# 2ressy# P# Morris# & and .GG3) MMMMMMMM • e" >.ilkinson# A (:IIA) O 2han"in" employment practices in D< $ankin"0 case studies'# Personnel 5eview# .GG3)# Research Methods for Business Students (3rd edition)# Pearson Education# )arlow • !n the te%t of the Project report the reference would appear as follows4 MMMMMM$ein" identified $y *aunders (.=4:# pp.hen draftin" your literature review you therefore need to focus on your research question(s) and o$jectives ? (*aunders .*e Re&e$en!in( 5eferencin" is a standardised method of acknowled"in" sources of information and ideas that you have used in your report in a way that uniquely identifies their source Direct quotations and fi"ures# as well as ideas and theories# $oth from pu$lished and unpu$lished works must $e referenced &his appendi% provides a $rief "uide to the )arvard 5eferencin" style F%$ Te9tb%%.7-7.s< • !n the references and $i$lio"raphy sections of the Project report# the referencin" to material used from te%t should appear as follows4 &he author# year of pu$lication followed $y the title of the te%t$ook (in italics)# pu$lisher# location of the pu$lisher e" *aunders# M et al (.

G Decem$er . se!ti%n.hat e%actly is the 8a$our +orce *urveyL' (online) (cited . is "iven hereunder for a $etter understandin"4 P*e#se n%te th#t #** s%u$!es $e&e$en!e3 in the "#in te9t sh%u*3 #*s% be &u**. GGGGGG :9 .• !n the te%t of the project report the same reference would appear as follows4 MMMMMM$ein" identified $y *torey et al (:IIA) and MMMM F%$ websites< • !n the references and $i$lio"raphy sections of the Project report# the referencin" to material used from we$sites should appear as follows4 !f you are referrin" to a specific article# it should $e detailed as for journal articles as mentioned a$ove# $ut with the additional information as to where it is availa$le on the !nternet e" Nones A and *mith A (eds) .GG: O. 3et#i*e3 in the $e&e$en!e #n3 bib*i%($#'h.GG:) Availa$le from D584 http((www statistics "ov uk(n$ase(downloads themePla$our(whatPe%actlyPis8+*: pdf A typical B!B8!C15AP).

ANNEFURE H I DEC6ARATION ! here$y declare that this Project 5eport titled PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP su$mitted $y me to the Department of Business Mana"ement# C D # )ydera$ad# is a $onafide work undertaken $y me and it is not su$mitted to any other Dniversity or !nstitution for the award of any de"ree diploma ( certificate or pu$lished any time $efore Bame and Address of the *tudent *i"nature of the *tudent := .

ANNEFURE H II CERTIFICATION &his is to certify that the Project 5eport title PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP su$mitted in partial fulfilment for the award of MBA Pro"ramme of Department of Business Mana"ement# CD )ydera$ad# was carried out under $y my PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP "uidance &his has not $een su$mitted to any other Dniversity or !nstitution for the award of any de"ree(diploma(certificate Bame and address of the 1uide *i"nature of the 1uide :A .

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