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SCED 4989-Professional Leadership Assignment Directions: Complete the word document template below.

Submit it to the assignment box in Canvas. Upload this document to your eportfolio. Part I: DM4: Refle tion: See! learning e"perien es #e$g$% professional% resear h% olleag&es% omm&nit'( as so&r es of refle tion to impro)e tea hing$ Explain one experience you have used sources (professional, research, colleagues, community, etc.) to help you improve your teaching.

I meet with the English Language Team every day during student teaching. e openly discuss what did or did not wor! that day. e also discuss students who struggle and come up with ideas for each other, as to how we can "est help these students to succeed. #ne example would "e the teaching of my unit lesson, when I shared with my mentor teachers how I "elieved my paraphrasing example went over the student$s heads. The teachers helped me to use more familiar voca"ulary with the students and also encouraged me to not dum" down my words "ecause these students need to "e introduced to a more academic way of spea!ing and writing.

List your professional content organi%ation with its we"site. for teaching&

hat resources are availa"le

http'((*.htm This is +ust one of many resources that I can use during my +ourney as a teacher. There are a plethora of resources not only in the a"ove mentioned we"site "ut also in the text"oo!s I have collected over the years, colleagues I have wor!ed with and will wor! with, and in the communities themselves.

Part II: DM4: *ased on 'o&r st&dent tea hing e"perien es% de)elop a professional learning plan +ased on indi)id&al needs and the needs of the learners% s hools% and ed& ational omm&nit'$ *. Descri"e one goal you can include in your professional learning plan that includes ways to'

,ddress the needs of individual students.

I find that meeting individually with students while they are wor!ing on a paper not only helps provide instant feed"ac! to the student on their paper, "ut also helps me to see where their comprehension level is and any areas I might need to -uic!ly re.teach "efore they move on. /y goal would "e to continue holding "rief conferences with students during a writing assignment.

,ddress the needs of all learners(students.

Differentiating teaching methods helps students who learn differently learn in their own way. /y goal would "e to continue using visual, oral, and written methods to "oth remind and teach my students. 0upport the school.

I have witnessed during "oth my practicum and student teaching that when teachers support not only each other "ut the administration the school succeeds. hen I say succeed I mean in meeting the needs of the students, "ecause after all that is why we are all there. /y goal would "e to support the decisions made "y the administration and to wor! with my fellow educators. I have also learned "y watching the examples of other teachers that it is always "etter to discuss any concerns with new policy directly with that person rather than venting to other staff mem"ers any displeasure. 0upport the educational community.

The educational community is a term that needs to "e defined. If we are tal!ing a"out those who wish to learn who dwell in a community, then I would "e found amongst them "ecause teachers typically li!e to not only share what they !now "ut they also li!e to o"tain more !nowledge. /y goal would "e to support those who surround me "y sharing the !nowledge I have and also see!ing out !nowledge, "ecause everyone has something to share. The "est way to do this is to "e an active partner in the town that one lives and visit, tal!, and en+oy one another.

1. Identify one area of wea!ness you would li!e to improve and set a goal.

#ne area of wea!ness, if one was to as! my hus"and would "e that I "ring wor! home, mainly my student$s pro"lems. 2or example, when I had a student coming to school in only slippers and pa+amas every day, I constantly worried a"out that student, "ecause I !new "y not only reading the student$s writing "ut also getting to !now the student there was no excess funds for clothing or shoes. /y goal would "e to !eep school worries at school and focus on my family when I get home. That is of course easier said than done. 3y the way wor!ing with my mentor teacher and the school counselor we were a"le to get this student$s clothes via a gift card to the D.I. This student$s attitude has changed dramatically, as there is now a sense of pride. This student is now an over .achiever in class and is always done first and now helps out as my teacher$s aide.

4. 5ow will you measure(assess the goals you listed a"ove& I will measure them "y what all teachers do' reflection. Every now and then every teacher stops to reflect on what they have taught, studied, and shared. , good teacher is one who learns from mista!es along with accomplishments and ma!es changes where needed.

Part III: DM,: Parti ipate as part of a learning omm&nit'% sharing responsi+ilit' for ea h st&dent-s learning +' gi)ing and re ei)ing feed+a !$ Explain your experience with participating and sharing in responsi"ilities during a professional learning committee (6L7) experience.

I attend the wee!ly 6L7 meetings and have openly discussed with the other teachers along with the principal how important feed"ac! is for our students. I have also "ecome the person that paperwor! gets handed to during 6L7, "ecause who else would fill out mind num"ing paperwor! and get it "ac! to the secretary other than a student teacher&8 #verall the 6L7 meetings are interesting as they expose me to a new set of voca"ulary and expectations that the district has for the school and its teachers.

Explain how you engage in professional learning to enhance !nowledge and s!ill, to contri"ute to the !nowledge and s!ill of others, and to wor! colla"oratively to advance professional practice.

I engage by researching things I need to problem solve. I contribute by sharing what I have found while researching as do the other English teachers. At my current school we all currently work collaboratively to advance and help each other.