Steps to execute note 1531014.1 (upd_gl_sl_link_util.

1) Copy at appropriate location. 2) Unzip/extract the zip file, it will create folder with na e !upd_gl_sl_link_util" e.g. upg# unzip $rchi%e& replace upd_gl_sl_link_util/launchadscript.txt' (y)es, (n)o, ($)ll, (*)one, (r)ena e& $ inflating& upd_gl_sl_link_util/launchadscript.txt inflating& upd_gl_sl_link_util/read e.txt inflating& upd_gl_sl_link_util/upd_gl_sl_link_re%.s+l inflating& upd_gl_sl_link_util/ inflating& upd_gl_sl_link_util/launchadscript ,) Change dir inside the folder upd_gl_sl_link_util upg# cd upd_gl_sl_link_util -) Connect to .ata/ase upd_gl_sl_link_util# s+lplus d/user/d/password0d/instance 1) .rop 2if exists) following te p ta/le 3456 drop ta/le 75$_U89:$.;_.$<;3_<;=8 2 / <a/le dropped. 3456 create ta/le 75$_U89:$.;_.$<;3_<;=8 as select />?parallel2g@l),parallel2gir) >/g@l.ledger_id ledger_id, in2g@l.effecti%e_date) start_date, ax2g@l.effecti%e_date) end_date fro gl_@e_headers g@h, gl_@e_lines g@l, gl_i port_references gir where g@h.@e_header_id A g@l.@e_header_id and g@l.@e_header_id A gir.@e_header_id and g@l.@e_line_nu A gir.@e_line_nu and g@h.@e_source A B:ecei%a/lesB and g@h.@e_fro _sla_flag A BUB and gir.gl_sl_link_id is null group /y g@l.ledger_idC 2 , - 1 D E F G 1H 11 <a/le created. D) ;xit fro 3456 +uit the data/ase

5.s+l J1 J2 J. which 11) *ow. 0upd_gl_sl_link_re%.C< status.5. <his will execute upd_gl_sl_link_util# launchadscript ## in the unix session. G) <ype !launchadscript".:. if the issue is resol%ed. F) 2Iptional) Kile launchadscript can /e workers to /e used. eans co pletion odified if custo er wants to change nu /er of . e. d/password and d/instance s+lplus d/user/d/password0d/instance 0upd_gl_sl_link_re%.s+lB ) 9:IU8 OP statusC $ll the rows should ha%e the status as 8.g. ## 3hould /e as per custo er instance details. script_na e A Bupd_gl_sl_link_re%.s+l 1H) <o check the status of the script. update_id N* 2 3.E) Ipen %rune%lnd.:. s+lplus apps/apps0fz1yd21.s+l J1 J2 J. check. CIU*<2>) K:I= ad_parallel_update_units file and edit following state ent with appropriate %alues for d/user. which will launch the ad parallel workers for ## running the script upd_gl_sl_link_re%.C< update_id K:I= ad_parallel_updates LM. run the following +uery 3.

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