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OFCOM Factual programme


OFCOM How it imposes How it could How it could

Regulation constraints on affect your work affect your work
media productions? negatively positively

Reconstructio The whole point of This will only If used it can be

ns having a negatively affect a good indication
reconstruction is to my work if I to show the
replay an event include any audience a
which previously reconstructions previous event.
occurred. which are not
Reconstructions true.
have to be accurate
and they can not
portray anything
other than what
Secret filming People are not If the nature of It can be used as
allowed to be filmed the secret filming a way to find and
secretly unless the is not include true facts
broadcaster says it appropriate. and information.
is ok to do so. The
reasons why the
secret filming will
take place must be
written down and
Payments Any payments to The more There could
contributors and various contributors possibly be more
other individual have to there are, the contributors if
go through to more payments payments are
broadcaster. This also there will be if promised.
has to go through a payments are
lawyer before promises promised.
of payments are made.
Dealing with When looking for Not finding any Being able to find
contributors contributors, the willing contributors hardworking and
adverts which are can negatively affect willing
display to find offers the production. contributors will
must go through the be a positive
commissioning affect as it can
editor and the enhance the
programme lawyer. overall outcome
of the
Potentially Including materials If used, it may If it links in with
offensive such as strong have a negative the topic or
material language and affect if the theme of the
explicit sexual reasons why documentary.
behaviour in some materials
productions must be are used are not
used for a specific justified.
reason. The reason
for its use must also
be backed up.
Criminality Productions which If issues such as Just like
contain and accountability “potential
criminals have to be gets left out. offensive
careful of certain material” it will
issues e.g.harm and have a positive
offense. affect if it is used
because it links
with the
production topic.