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October 19-23, 2009

Monday 10/19 Tuesday 10/20 Wednesday 10/21 Thursday 10/22 Friday 10/23

Spelling pre-test Spelling test

Homework due

Classroom Information Upcoming Events

This week the 4th grade team will be focusing on the Oct. 20 Parent Board Meeting
following skills: syllabication, text organization, and
6:30-7:30 PM-Media Center
Oct. 22 Windy City Players 1-3 PM
This week’s homework includes: Nov. 5 Picture Re-take Day
Reading Log
Inventor’s Log (4 new entries)
Nov. 9 No School-Teacher Work Day
Math Practice (At least 4 pages) Nov. 17 Parent Board Meeting
6:30-7:30 PM-Media Center
*Homework is due in on October 23.
*Spelling this week. Nov. 23 No School-Evening Conferences
Nov. 24 No School-All Day Conferences
Nov. 25-27 Thanksgiving Break
* Remember to sign your child’s reading log and
help your child build math fluency by practicing
math facts with him/her.
Read! Read! Read!
The first unit the 4th grade team has been working on Become a bookworm!
is inventions. The central idea is: Inventions are Practice makes perfect!
created to solve a problem and fill a need. The
students will be writing in their “Inventor’s Logs”
during school and also for homework. In their
Inventor’s Logs this week, they need to focus on one
or two problems and start brainstorming solutions
for those problems. They should be practical, not “a
robot to do my homework.” They need to have a
“witness” sign the log every time they write in them.

Mr. Bataglia Ms. Harthan Mrs. Quinn

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