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Big Fish Little Fish

Name_______________________________ Little Fish Story #

The film ‘Big Fish’ is a collection of little stories. Each of these little stories has a
narrative structure and a moral or purpose. As you watch the film, listen for your
story number to be called out.

For your assigned story:

Fill in the blanks on the narrative triangle below:


Rising Action ______________________ Falling

_________________________________ ________________________________
_________________________________ ________________________________

____________________________________ ________________________________
_____________________________________ ________________________________

Title of your short story:

Moral or Purpose of your story:

For Homework: Take the narrative triangle above to create a storyboard of your ‘Little
Fish’ story. Use pictures to show what happens in the plot. Use a minimum of 8 pictures
to tell your story. One or two A4 sheets divided into picture boxes. When we are done,
we’ll be able to place the storyboards up next to each other and have a complete picture
story of the whole movie.

You will be marked on:

• the completeness of your storyboard
• the creativity shown (collage, drawing, painting, cut and paste, 3-D, colour)