Friends- I want to update you on the latest coming out of Tucson- the race between endangered Ron

Barber and Col. Martha McSally in AZ-2. I have outlined some numbers below showing that Martha continues to outraise and outwork Barber each quarter in this R+3 seat. Also, Martha will be in DC next week March 12-14th, please let me know if you'd like to attend her Meet & Greet on Friday, March 14th at 10AM at the Capitol Hill Club, OR if you'd like to pull together some colleagues for a small coffee to meet Martha?

Latest article on Martha from the New York Times: After Career of Firsts in Air Force, GOP Challenger Has a New Mission
The 2012 Campaign: o o o She tirelessly led a fast-paced, high-stress 205-day campaign against all odds from a cold start with zero political experience. She galvanized tremendous excitement and support, built a team, raised $1.4M in that short timeframe. Earned 49.57% of the vote, coming up short by only .84% (2,500 votes) against an incumbent hand-picked successor of Gabby Giffords, Ron Barber.

The 2014 Campaign: o o o o o McSally starts the campaign with over $1 million worth of built-in name identification. Because of the special elections last year in this district, this is the first time she has had a full cycle to prepare for the campaign. She out raised Barber by over $75,000 in the third quarter, her exploratory phase, totaling $394,881 in Q3 2013. An impressive Q4 followed, raising $322,522 - $72,000 more than Barber- AGAIN! This seat is already on the national radar. Ron Barber is on every list of endangered incumbents. It is rated a toss-up seat by independent analysts.

Source: Sunlight Foundation's Party Time The Sunlight Foundation collects these invitations from anonymous lobbyist sources.

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