Grover Ln.

Cardiac Arrest On 01-27-14 Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue responded to a call for a cardiac arrest (CPR in progress) in division 64, on Grover Ln. Station 64 had career staffing on this day, and units were available, and in quarters. The call was dispatched at 1730 hrs. and station 64 crews were enroute at 1731. Aid 64 was on scene at 1734, and quickly took over CPR from the patient’s daughter. A defibrillator was placed on the patient, and she was found to be in ventricular fibrillation (VFIB). She was defibrillated successfully, regained a pulse, and supportive measures were initiated until the arrival of Medic 51, coming from Silverdale. On M51 arrival, the patient was further stabilized and transport to HMHB was initiated. Early reports are that the patient survived the incident. This call illustrates the importance of early 911 activation, rapid response, and effective CPR and early defibrillation in patient survival. Other fire department unit times of note are E63 (navy federal FD), who’s on scene time was 1738 (or four minutes AFTER A64), and M51 (CKFR from Silverdale) who’s on scene time was seven minutes after A64. While one can speculate on whether or not patient outcome would have been compromised had station 64 been browned out on this day, the four paramedics (with approx. 60years combined experience) on the scene ultimately concluded that the four minute delay until E63 arrival would have likely cost this patient her life. Also of note, at approx. 0607 the next morning, another critical call was dispatched in station 64’s response area, with an elderly male experiencing respiratory failure. It is likely that the five minute difference (0614 vs 0619) between A64 and M56 arrival would have precipitated respiratory and subsequent cardiac arrest prior to M56 arrival. As it turned out, the personnel from station 64 were able to assist the patient’s respiratory status until stabilizing medications could be administered by M56. The patient however, did remain extremely critical during transport.

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