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Beaufort County School District facility naming policy

Beaufort County School District facility naming policy

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Requirements stipulated by the Beaufort County School District for naming new schools.
Requirements stipulated by the Beaufort County School District for naming new schools.

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Published by: Island Packet and Beaufort Gazette on Mar 19, 2014
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The Board shall approve the naming of all facilities (such as buildings) and all adjunct facilities (such as stadiums, fields, auditoriums, classrooms, halls, etc.)


Community input shall be sought for the naming of facilities through the use of an advisory committee appointed by the Chairman. Facilities may not be named after individuals.* Names should reflect the community, culture, geograJ?hY, or history_9f the area in which it is locateCI:-(*Existing schools already named after individuals are "grand-fathered.") Adjunctfacilities may be named after individuals provided that such incfivfdual is not currently employed by the District nor has been employed by the District in the past five years and provided further that such individual has made a si nificant contribution to education in Beaufort County and/or to the students of Beaufort County for not less than fifteen years. The Board has the right to change the name of any facility or adjunct facility when it deems it is in the best interests of the District to do so. The Superintendent shall adopt such Administrative Regulations, subject to Board approval, as may be necessary to implement this policy.





Administrative Resulatio ns Naming New Schools, Mascots, and Colors

Naming new schools and determining their mascots and colors is the sole responsibility of the Board. An ad hoc Naming Committee will be appointed to suggest possible names, mascots and colors when the need arises. A new school is defined as one that has never than included in Beaufort County Schools' list of schools and whose name the Board has never approved. A school built to replace an existing school will


continue to be called by its original name and will maintain its original mascot and colors absent Board action to the contrary.


l_f building a new school results in the creation of a new attendance area, the Chair will appoint a Naming Committee that shall serve iii an adv1sory Capacity. The Advisory Naming Committee shall include, but is not limited to, the following: a. School Improvement Council members - one from each attendance area. b. StUdent representatives such as Student Council President(s) and/or Vice President(s) from the affected attendance area(s) (this may not be appropriate when naming an elementary school), c. A total of four community leaders from the attendance area(s), d. Principals from the affected attendance areas (ex-officio members), and e. District Office representative (ex-officio members). The Naming Committee will compile a list of possible school names, mascots, and school colors. Mascots that are culturally offensive will not be considered. The Naming Committee will survey students. The surveys will be advisory in nature and are not to be considered as a vote. The results of the survey will be only one factor that is considered. Names to be considered for schools may not memorialize individuals or endorse a cause or an organization. When feasible, the District prefers uniformity with names within an attendance area. The Superintendent or a designee shall be responsible for forwarding the Naming Committee's suggestions to the Board for consideration. The Naming Committee must conduct its activities in a manner consistent with the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act.








Naming Adjun ct Facilities

1. Names of adjunct facilities are the sole responsibility of the Board. 2. Subject to the limitations of Board policy, adjunct facilities may be
named in honor of worthy individuals (living or deceased), community

organizations, or local businesses who have made a significant contribution to education in Beaufort County and/or to the students of Beaufort County for not less than fifteen years.

3. Requests for naming adjunct facilities shall be made to the School
Improvement Council of the school where the adjunct facility is located and must be endorsed by at least a two-thirds vote of the School Improvement Council before the request is presented to the Board. The presentation should include a descriptive history of the honoree and a list of the accomplishments for which the honoree is being recognized.
4. Adjunct facilities may be named in recognition of a substantial financial

contribution related to the adjunct facility provided that any and all terms of such recognition shall be made in advance, in writing, approved by the Board, and is subject to the donor's continued good standing in the community. The determination of "good standing" shall be in the sole discretion of the Board.

5. The Board may choose to consider the School Improvement Council's
request without further community involvement.

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