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Scout Investiture Ceremony

The troop is assembled in a horseshoe. There is a Wise in the use of all resources.
flag bearer holding the troop flag standing to the Scoutmaster: Troop steady. (Troop returns to
left of the Scoutmaster. The Scoutmaster reminds alert, the flag is returned.
the troop of what will happen in the ceremony
and then sends the Patrol leader to bring the
candidates one at a time.
Scoutmaster: Patrol leader, bring the candidate for
Patrol Leader: (Fetches the candidate and leads
him to the front of the horseshoe. As the
candidate approaches the horseshoe, the
Scoutmaster calls the troop to alert. The
candidate stands centered at the front of
the horseshoe, facing the Scoutmaster.
The Patrol Leader stands behind and to the
right of the candidate.)
In 1907 Lord Baden Powell of Gilwell led
the first Scout Camp on Brownsea Island,
starting a movement that has spread to the
entire world. Since that time, hundreds of
millions of people around the world have
committed themselves to becoming better
people by making the Scout Promise.
Candidate’s name, do you desire to join
Candidate: Yes.
Scoutmaster: Please recite the scout promise and
law after me. Troop, make the scout sign.
Flag bearer: (lowers the troop flag between the
Scoutmaster and the candidate.)
Scoutmaster: (Places his left hand on the flag and
makes the Scout sign.)
Candidate: (Places his left hand on the flag and
makes the Scout sign.)
Scoutmaster and Candidate: On my honor
I promise that I will do my best
to do my duty to God and the Queen
to help other people at all times
and to carry out the spirit of the scout law.
A scout is
Helpful and trustworthy
Kind and cheerful
Considerate and clean