Carrollton- Farmers Branch

Independent School District

November 17,2008

CERTIFIED MAIL 7003 -1680-0004-4474-8813 REGULAR U.S. MAIL

VIA EMAIL AND FACSIMILE_ ••• Dr. Annette T. Griffin

Re: Notice of Proposed Discharge of Contract of Employment of Dr. Annette T. Griffin for Good Cause

Dear Dr. Griffin:

This letter is to notify you that the Board of Trustees of Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District has recommended and now proposes to terminate and discharge your Contract of Employment ("employment contract") with the District for good cause pursuant to Paragraph 6.3 of your employment contract and/or Section 21.211 of the Texas Education Code.

The Board of Trustees has determined at its meeting on Thursday, November 13, 2008, that each of the following acts, individually and collectively, constitute good cause for your termination:

1. Failure to maintain positive and professional working relationships with the Board and the community, unprofessional conduct, exercise of poor judgment, and violation of District policy and professional standards of conduct. On August 19, 2008 you attended Convocation Ceremony at Prestonwood Baptist Church, an event attended by all District


1445 North Perry Road P.O. Box 115186 Carrollton, Texas 75011-5186 972.466.6100


... _-._----_._-------_._-

employees. You were witnessed by members of the Board to be in a very confused and disoriented state. You told the speaker to leave because it was not Convocation, but rather a rehearsal for Convocation, when it was not rehearsal. You also asked many members of the Board why they were in attendance and questioned them as to why they were in attendance at the ceremony that day, explaining that Convocation was the next week.

2. Breach of your employment contract with the District and violation of District policy and professional standards of conduct by failing to attend summer school graduation at Newman Smith High School on August 21,2008.


3. Breach of your employment contract with the District by failing to attend or send a designated representative to meetings of the Board on the following occasions: (1) Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees on August 21, 2008, and (2) Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees on October 2,2008.

4. Failure to maintain positive and professional working relationships with the Board and the community, unprofessional conduct, exercise of poor judgment, and violation of District policy and professional standards of conduct by deceiving the Board of Trustees. On August 26, 2008 you sent an e-mail to the Board to explain your absence from the Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees on Thursday, August 21, 2008, in which you misled the Board by failing to report in your e-mail that you had been arrested for Driving While Intoxicated ("DWI") on August 21, 2008.


5. Failure to report to the State Board of Education ("SBEC") your arrest for DWI that occurred on August 21, 2008. Texas Educ. Code § , 21.006(b) requires the Superintendent of a school district to report to SBEC if the superintendent or director has reasonable cause to believe that an educator has a criminal record or has engaged in specified criminal conduct, which includes information about an arrest. You had firsthand knowledge of your arrest and failed to file the report with SBEC within seven (7) days of the incident as required by Texas Educ. Code § 21.006( c).



6. Breach of your employment contract with the District by failing to submit to a comprehensive medical examination by a physician acceptable to both the Board and the Superintendent, once a year, and to obtain a statement certifying that you are physically able to perform your duties. Prior to October 9,2008, the Board of Trustees requested a medical statement on numerous occasions and you continually failed to submit a statement certifying that you are physically able to perform your duties.

7. Failure to maintain positive and professional working relationships with the Board and the community, unprofessional conduct, exercise of poor judgment, and violation of District policy and professional standards ofconduct by misrepresenting to three members of the Board during an investigation into your ability to perform your duties, and whether your behavioral problems were alcohol related. On October 6, 2008, John Tepper, Lynn. Chaffin, and Howard Fisher met with you to discuss concerns regarding your behavior. You were questioned regarding whether your behavior was related to alcohol consumption. You stated that you were fine and that nothing was wrong with you. This October 6, 2008 meeting occurred after you had been arrested for DWI on August 21, 2008. You had an opportunity to report your DWI arrest and you chose to mislead the Board.

8. Failure to maintain positive and professional working relationships with the Board and the community, unprofessional conduct, exercise of poor judgment, and violation of District policy and professional standards of conduct by misrepresenting facts to members of the Board during an investigation into your arrest on August 21, 20US, for violating Texas Penal Code 49.04, Driving While Intoxicated: - On or about Monday, October 20, 2008, you were visited at your home by John Tepper and Lynn Chaffin, President and Vice-President of the Board, respectively. Together, they questioned you about a newspaper report of your DWI arrest on August 21, 2008. You denied the occurrence of such arrest, thereby making a false statement of fact to two (2) members of the Board to mislead and deceive them.


9. Breach of your employment contract with the District and defiance of the directives given to you by the Board of Trustees in the letter to you dated October 10, 2008 informing you that you were relieved of your duties and directed to refrain from serving as a representative of the

District at public events, private events, conferences, and speaking engagements. In direct disregard of that directive, you attended the USAA Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee on or about October 21,2008 - October 26,2008, and you improperly utilized the District's pre-paid airline tickets for the trip to Nashville, improperly used the District's credit card to charge four (4) days of hotel expense at Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville in the amount of $1,655.38 to the District, and upon your return from Nashville you submitted $1,655.38 in hotel bills and $ 314.20 in automobile rental charges due to Hertz Car Rental, a total of$1,969.58 in expenses to the District for payment. The District has advised you that these are personal expenses, and you are personally responsible for paying them.


10. While at the USAA Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee you

drank alcohol to excess and, upon information and belief, you acted inappropriately in a public place in view of members of the public and behaved in an unprofessional manner.

11. Breach of your employment contract with the District and violation of District policy and professional standards of conduct by failing to regularly attend scheduled Superintendent's Cabinet meetings throughout May, June, July, August, and September of 2008.

12. Breach of your duties and responsibilities as Superintendent of Schools by conducting yourself in such a manner that your effectiveness as the Superintendent of Schools for the District has been diminished and significantly impaired to the point where the District's reputation and standing with parents, students and the general public would be significantly damaged if you were to remain as the Superintendent of Schools through the term of your contract. You can no longer be an effective leader, role model, and Superintendent of Schools.


Your conduct as detailed above both individually and collectively is inconsistent with the continuance of your employment relationship with the District and constitutes good cause for your proposed termination.

The evidence against you that the events occurred and that termination and discharge are appropriate include, but are not limited to:


1. Texas Education Code of Ethics, T.A.C. Section 247.2(a) and (b)(I)(B), (F) and (G);

2. Texas Education Code Section 21.211 (a)( 1);

3. District Policy DF (LEGAL), Termination of Contract;

4. District Policy BJA (LOCAL), Superintendent's Qualifications and Duties;

5. District Policy BJCE (LEGAL), Superintendent Dismissal;

6. District Policy D~ (LEGAL), Employee Standards of Conduct;

7. District Policy DH (LOCAL), Employee Standards of Conduct;

8. District Policy DH (EXHIBIT), Employee Standards of Conduct; Standards 1.2, 1.6, and 1.7;

9. Contract of Employment with Carrollton-Farmers Branch I.S.D.;

10. Minutes of Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees on June 26,2008;

11. Minutes of Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees on August 21, 2008;

12. DFW International Airport Department of Public Safety Incident Report regarding DWI, dated August 21, 2008; .


13. Mugshot of Annette Teer Griffin, dated August 21,2008;

14. DFW International Airport Department of Public Safety Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal History Reporting Form regarding DWI, dated August 21,2008;

15. DFW International Airport Department of Public Safety Prisoner Inventory Information Sheet, dated August 21, 2008;


19. DFW International Airport Department of Public Safety Statement of Rights; dated August 20, 2008 (we believe the officer incorrectly dated this document), by Eric Beene, Peace Officer;

16. DFW International Airport Department of Public Safety Peace Officer's Sworn Report regarding DWI, dated August 21,2008, by Eric Beene, Peace Officer;

17. DFW International Airport Department of Public Safety Notice of Suspension Temporary Driving Permit, dated August 21, 2008, by Eric Beene, Peace Officer;

18. DFW International Airport Department of Public Safety DWI Interview Report; dated August 21,2008, by Eric Beene, Peace Officer;

20. DFW International Airport Department of Public Safety Printout of results of Intoxilyzer 5000 regarding DWI, dated August 21, 2008, by Eric Beene, Peace Officer;

21. Warrant of Arrest and Detention regarding DWI, dated August 21 2008, signed by Magistrate, in and for Dallas County, Texas;

22. Affidavit for Arrest Warrant or Capias regarding DWI, dated August 21,2008, by C. Catchings, Peace Officer, Dallas County, Texas;

23. Bail Bond for Annette Griffin, dated August 22,2008;

24. Lupe Valdez, Sheriff Dallas County, Texas Prisoner's Writ Release for

Annette Griffin; dated August 22,2008; " .

25. DFW International Airport Department of Public Safety Statutory Warning regarding DWI, dated August 22, 2008; by Eric Beene, Officer, Peace Officer;

26. E-mail from Dr. Annette Griffin to Members of the Board of Trustees, dated August 26,2008;

27. Information regarding DWI, dated September 10, 2008, by Criminal District Attorney of Dallas County, Texas;


28. Minutes of Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees on October 2, 2008;

29. Petition for Occupation License filed in Dallas County Criminal Court No.3 by Annette Griffin, dated October 17,2008;

30. Order Granting Petition for Occupational License by Dallas County Criminal Court Judge Doug Skemp, dated October 17,2008;

31. Dallas Morning News Article, Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD superintendent arrested on DWI charge, dated October 23,2008;

32. Dallas Morning, News Article, Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD superintendent faces DWI charge, dated October 24,2008;

33. Dallas Morning News Article, Carrollton-Farmers Branch school board unanimously votes to discharge superintendent facing DWI charge, dated November 14, 2008;

34. Testimony of John Tepper, President, Board of Trustees;

35. Testimony ofLynn Chaffin, Vice-President, Board of Trustees;

38. Testimony of Howard Fisher, Member, Board of Trustees; /.

39. Testimony of Nancy Watten, Member, Board of Trustees;

36. Testimony of James Goode, Secretary, Board of Trustees;

37. Testimony of Nancy Cline, Assistant Secretary, Board of Trustees;

40. Testimony of Frank Shor, Member, Board of Trustees;

41. Public comments submitted in writing by Karin Webb at the November 13,2008 Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees;

42. Public comments submitted in writing by Brent Webb at the November 13,2008 Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees;


45. Letter from the Board of Trustees to Dr. Griffin, dated October 10, 2008;

43. Public comments by Tom Bohmeyer at the November 13, 2008 Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees;

44. Public comments at the November 13, 2008 Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees;

46. Letter from the Board of Trustees to Dr. Griffin, dated October 29, 2008; and

47. Letter from the Board of Trustees to Dr. Griffin, dated October 29, 2008.

If you desire to protest this proposed termination and have a hearing in this matter, you have fifteen (15) days from the receipt of this letter to file a written request with the Commission of Education for a hearing before an independent hearing officer.

If you do not request a hearing, the Board of Trustees may, at any time after the fifteenth day from your receipt of this letter, take action to terminate these contracts and discharge you.

Enclosed please find a copy of the following District policies: District Policy DF (LEGAL), BJA (LOCAL), BJCE (LEGAL), DH (LEGAL), DH (LOCAL), and DH (EXHIBIT).

Sincerely, / .


Jo Tepper, President Pffd of Trustees



s :

< .

. October 29, 2008

Re: Medical Leave of Absence

. Dear Dr.· Griffin:

This letter is to outline the. general details of your medical leave of absence, effective October 9, 2008, pursuant to district policy. This is intended for clarification purposes only and in no way alters district policy. For more detailed information, please refer to district policy DBC (Legal) and (Local), as wen as the 2008-2009 CarrolltonFarmers Branch ISD Professional Employee Handbook, copies of each of which" are

enclosed for your convenience. .

As you know, the district has received your completed long .term absence request form requesting medical leave, which has been granted. However, the district has not received the required medical certification which is a condition for continuing to receive this type of leave. Please return the necessary medical certification form enclosed which supports the request no later than Thursday, November 13, 2008 before 4:30 p.m. to the Administration Building, office MDr. Bobby BUms. Policy DEC (Local) states,

"Upon request for family and medical leave for the employee's serious health condition or that of a spouse, parent, or child, the employee shall provide medical certification of the illness or disability."

Please consider this letter a formal directive for the medical certification. The medical leave previously approved will become invalid if you fail to provide the necessary

medical certification 'by the above date. .

The Board of Trustees is informed by the personnel department that you have paid days of leave. Please feel free to call the district's benefits office. or Dr; Bobby Burns at


i {3 -"3

, .

the personnel office to review your "allocated number of paid leave days, necessary documentation, and review any other details of your leave that have not been completed.

" If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call.



L'f.l,i~ [eJ4P//

J Tepper, President

ard of Trustees


~ :



; ~)




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From; Griffin, Annette [mallto:GriffinA@cfbisd,edu] Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 2:52 PM

To: Chaffin, Lynn; Chaffin, Lynn at work; .Cline, Nancy; FIsher, Howard; Goode, James; Nancy Cline; Shor, Frank;

Tepper, John; Watten, Nancy .

Subject: . LastThursday night

Hi Everyone,

I am so sorry' about last Thursday' night. Someone ran me off the road. The .. policeman picked me up and my blackberry was.out of juice. I could only make one call ·and that was to Allen •. It was quite the night.



DISCLAIMER:This message contains information which may be confidential and protected by law. Unless you are the addressee you may not use, copy or disclose to anyone the message or any information contained in the message. If you have received this message in error; please advise the sender by .reply e-mail and delete the. message. This email may contain the thoughts and opinions of the employee sending the message and may not represent the official policy of the Carrollton-Fanners Branch Independent School District. E-mail transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete, or contain

viruses.' .


This e-mail and any files or attachments transmitted with it contains Information that is confidential and privileged. This document may contain Protected Health Information (PHI) or other information that is intended only for the use of the individual(s) and entity(ies) to whom it is addressed. If you arc- th~

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intended recipient, further disclosures are prohibited without p~oper authorization. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure) copying) printing, or use of thisinformatien is strictly prohibited and possibly a violation of federal or state law and regulations. 'If you have received this information in error .. please delete it and notify Hamid Khaleghipour at 972-450-2868 immediately. Thank: you.

. .


~ .


I r • I

f d •




': lO ... 24-.jOOe 12:5Spm




Incident Report Police

08 ... 2714


I RQPDrt DIll"'"



lO/23/200a 13;37







.\ ....

T-199 P.D07





~~~~r-----~~~~~~------~~~ t:)

.... r.=:OO="""""-






g'~~~~~-- ~r--'i~~~:'-"-"":':~


. 21

I '

,I _

~ l'O~24';2Da.a

12: 55pm ' F rom~DFW A I RPOR,()AL DEPT,


T~199 P,019/024 F-637

ORJGltdtl f




.ADoRESS ~~"~_"'-~~ _

PHYSICAl. OEiSCRIPTION{lfunliQllrmd} Rec:e:_ gex: ~ H!Ight: _ Weight: EYSS,_HQlr:






o RCFUSeD k!'prOvit1a a ipeelmen or spacimenll of bMltn Qr.~I~:cl(CllOWlng ~ ll'1',GttfOrtm or!B/1SS prnhibWllIJ 1/u;! oper.utlon of f1 motor 'Iflhr..le . :or "MIterCl'81t whn(t 1mol(ICllwd. willie ttrnfGT II» injl\l~ OffilcOhol, orwhll~ "nclet'~ h1I1vctrCQ ... f D Gdn\nll!S11 !iuQs~,

o 'PROVIDED a lipoaQrnen Of breath or bllXld. aM an analysl$ ofthupecirnen:9hDwcd an t1leohoJ ccl'1QOOlreljgn Qf ;0& or gmwr1otlowlng an 3rroBl fill' all tllTBnso InvoMng 1I\e opel'lillon uf II Tl\91Or valllcle.

MINOR rUnderli1);

o RefUSED \tllmlviaa e spotl!inCn or IIp!)timens of bl'ElaU"l Dr blooa JalfO'M09 lin crtesHcr alHlllcnsc prohibiting \he oPllRilian me malor VWlicls or watarcmlt whill'l inlo;.;ictrtoa, WIllIe ~r tile mH\leIIQ8 of aJcohol,lIrtllhlle uoIierl;!» lnil~enC\l of 011 conlrCled ~~.

o PROVIDE!) 8 sJiecirMn or broa!h'Df blooa, anti an anaiyl1l~ of the B{leCImen ahow(lCj $llhar 111\ aloonol eo~lll:In I;Jf .oa ""'~""1I

d&l&CIablG Ql'nQunt fOllOwin9 an Zftre:Jt for an OfiBI>S$ irlVolving Ihll DJlEII'B~ OfB molOl'vehilllB. .

o WER~ NOT ~rmumli!D TO SUBMIT ItI tI'l\!IllIlIing of e $pedmen fo)Io\mIl an.ll~ lrivQlvl"ll the QPElrafKilll1f~ lJIotorvehicle, all the Pl'8f1'.

B1108 Qhllc;ohol wu<lo"c::\$t! Qr rnBBstlI1iId by other meam;, '

If.ygllf TIilj(1IlI' driver Ucet'I!Ili! Y/B8 !lQn8sCBIl!!CI, tillS dQCUmonl will SCN" 2\f yourtemJ»riry driving ~rM~l. Il is' SUbj~ to tl'l9 &arne Rl$ltldilJll& aRCi'G'lIciotlSemsnts ~s yoIIr 'T~ «Tillar licBnae. If yau hDId ~ comme~1 ~rlv01' Uc:.eniW, !hill p<mnll 1I\IttIolt'll;lJJ U'ta !;IPQmtJor\ or QOrrnnerClr.ll motor~. Thla porrrut ~ ito pro.vkllt)!Q1I with ilny g!iVins ~ if)/OII do nel. )laVtl ~ TeMii drlvvr JiCllIlSS or if your Tlmil; dnyur liOIm..e i9 expillld. slZGpanded, TB\'<IkIKl, wncellsd. Q dillijllllltllOd. ThIs perrntt 1& valkl Iilr 40 QayIl. from the date of a6t\l1ce sl'oOWl'l~. If you rcqUCGt tI l'Ita/(fns. thiS pemllt will rcl'fllllllill effect unlH tho sdl'lllniMmIioie l:&W ·ll.fdtlB I!IIIkB6 11 final daclaion In .wJJr _.

rn Ves

o No

If no, elQ)laln, ~ ~~~ __ ~ _

Dmo No\l(;ed Served: DIlI21I08





TDlsphDOO No.

YI;IU lfIlr/ '11I11I<'II1 • Mating to ~on"'dOh& 6IJ&l\BnaltJllhy Galling (8001 3~,~,1r..ano (6121 ~Q t>t 'I'/f~ the TelCU! OapRllrnOn\ or Public &IQly. Dr]VGrImpI'DYQmont s"",,,u,.at PO BQx4OoUl.1Ill1l.11n, Too:a& 7~IW, All ~m;~ !l'1II;ll~ lht [Ot:l\loilg ~11;¥1; FUlI\mlll. d¥lI> Q!'11>I/l. dnvo\'l-=so _Ir_ tll\IiI, ClI1YOloI ro:o1~ _~. noM~ MD tlt)'1Im6 lciO/1bOllQ ~~m!>or;, aotA """ C!Wn\)' 0( orm><. I!IIIIOIi'lg 1If/IIll!')'. Bl'IlI8fitY,l illfW. lf2\loU\el 1M !61lI1flII. /aDil!!. refUsed ~I IlO! teqUeiTea. ~na Boob omer illannalJon as I$QlI1lal6~ fly me Dqjlil(lm.ond·~ ~ry II YD" ftt.~ III h.8~}'OUr IUrllllnp ~ Iel8!'/IOne Olin JlIlfWI, TII8 1'tMllJeSI/o( heer1nV ~lIln be t&Caiwd by lilt T_ '01lpllll\'tlqnt 01 PUb/!; ~ no ~ tIIon 15 clays DltIIr Y"11 """,,y,, ... ;r'" ~,_d \J,> h4'i1l f"<>rlml nOTIC\< ~UUSP8flBlon, FaHora 10 l/OluBI11 htllrillDwllNn Ill/I lime /ul'''''lIIYtf or ~ournghl (Q ft IHUII/Iijj. Vw 'I'oI/1)e 1lQ1lIl90 1lf1R8 diI!o:, rm.... pnd 100611011 '" ]tM- huM'm You v.Ill bEt requw9lllp flR1 R $12S n>lru:b>la/t1Qll< lQ~ II;> ~ T_ D9Pi""QnU" FlIIlIJ. EiDfCl)\ tlmCl' mproo."",.nl.lltllClru;t>o fiQI( IOQsS. AI'$1IQ. lQl:~ 78781-69Q!/. iO BOCIll!onlo III1l' Dllwttm n:WI'l~ ~)'bjw. S~_~",cPlc far porood~ 01 .... """..", on:! tl;llutOl'frM~n!""~ llPS C~y • Whl", lJtIvol,.~ c"py' YQIIO'O


• ,.1 p. l'

• ··10"24-;.2D08 12:55pm



T-199 P.020/024 F-G37



I •

ROfUse to provide s sp.,,;imcn or speclm~ of b!'~tI\9r blood fllllowJnQ an ~t for lin r)fflm~ prollibltlno fIlo QP8t~tion of n. mO!Qr V4lhlolB or WPI!ltCt'dll while into:dr:atGd. wnu~ uncler Ih~!rnb.ltJOCe 01 alcohol, Ql'wttll$ tJl\(jerthe~nfluence of ~ CQntfQlI~ $Ubttat'\QQ (Tex. Transp, Code An~. ch, 724);

18D DAYS Flrslolf~nse:· '.

:2 YEARS' If prsviOWlIy ~u~ipentted for ·feijing or no~ Q brelli~ or blood' ~\ or p~lOg9ly s~8pllfKlea tor a OWl, Into)(jcafton A5seult er

InloxirJmioll Manslaughter convIction during lhe 10.y9ars. p!'IKllldlng th~ dlltl;> tIf arrt!.!lt. '

Provided II apwimen or breath or bI~with·srt'alOOhOJ concenlniUon (If 0.0/3 org~ter tollOWlng an arrest for an offense \,II1der Secllon 49.04, 49.07 or

49.08, penal Coda. involvil'l(J Ille Dperatlon ¢ iii. motor vehiele'{Ten. !'mnsp. Oode Ann, ~h. 524): ' . .

GO DAYS F'ffifl Offense :

1 yeAR If plWiioUq(y $uspendeo' for. iemnQ or refUsing a bretl!h'or blJ;I(ld'lO:!;t 'Of prevlousl)' su~ndea fQl' II OWl. Intoxlciltioll AiSilU!t er

. InloxloatlOIl M$f\I!laughter convlClion ciuring 11'19 1 (} '1oors preQedinl! the date Of etn'llltlt.


Rafuse to proYide a ~pecimqn or speelmenlf of br\\sth or blood fgllDWing el'> an-eat for an offense pwhibitlng lila OperatlDn of a motor vehiCle or watsrcraft while h1toldcated, while tinder the infl[Jence of alool101 ~r VIh~B urtder ~ Influence of a comtOIled SU~neG (Tex. Trlmsp. Code Ann. Ch. 724):

1Si) OAYS First Offense .' • . .'

2 YEA~S If previoUlllY sUSpended wr -tamng or rBfWline II bmrlh 01' blood' test 'or prevbusly ~ullPlOndeb (or a nwl. IntoJttcallon AooaUl! or Intoxklatlon Manel;ItlQM!erccnvidion t,/r,n'irlg tile 10 y~m preceCliuQ 1M' data orMes!.

, ,

Pro\llded a specimen of UOBth er blooG w1Ih an alcohol conoent'$tiCIl'l or o.o~ or greater cr:a dsie9\able 1i1lllOunI of alcohol fallOwing an arrest for on 1;l1ffl/1$1:t 1Il'ICI&r Sectlgn 49.04. 41*.(f7 or 49.0~. FleI19I Cot:la, CIT Siltllon 1~.041, AIcoholil:; Beverage 0Qde, Involving ~ opemtmn Qf a n'IOtot VebiCle (Te>:. Tram~p, Code Ann. eh, 524): .

60 DAYS 'Flrllt Offense ' ., 1 .

121) DAYS IF Pfl!vloueIY convk:teGl of an offense under seClk!n 49.04, 49.07 o~ 49.08. PenaJ ODde, or !a~tm 106,041, AlCOhOliC 8$vlllrag$ CQd~,

Involvl"9 the tIpI>i;1t1on of 8 motor vehid.... .'

1800AYS . If ~USlY convicted twfca or more of an offense UI'I(Ier saoflon 49.~. 49.07 or 49.08, Pmiill Code, cir sactlon t06.041, A1~halle

aeverlilge eMil, InvolVIng lhe open!ouon~f a mollll; veIliclEL . .


Were Iltl\ ro;oquested I" provlde {I SPEiOimen of breath or blood fOllOWing sn arrestfor an offe~uQtJSr SGotiQl'l 41i.Q4, 49.D7 0( 49.06. P&nal Coda. or SaOlion 106.(l41. ArCOh:lliC: aa~eniQe Cilde. involVIng me operalion:ot 1i1 rnOtot vehicle, as me presence .of B!c~hol ~ delec:ted or- meiil~",cI by Qther

mea~ (TEll:. TratlSp. coee AtuI. .Gh. 524) - . • ' • _ •

BQ DAYS FiP.!1 Offense. . . r

120 DA.YS It prsvfouslY cQnvietsd or en offenee unci« seo1lon 49,04. 49.07 cr 4E1,O~. Penal ceee, or section 11l5.04t, A1Co:1holic Beverage Code,

involving the operation of $ mOlar ven/cle. '. . . ' .

150 DAYS If praviously convicted twice' or rnere of an offunae I./l'I$er &ec(ion 4Il.04, 4~,07 or 49.08, Penal Code, or Se<ltlon 100.041, ,Alcoholic

$average Code,:in'lolv/n.g '!he- aperilbon of a rnOlo~ vehicle. .

COMMERCIAl. DRIVER UCENSS (COl.) HOI.;()ERS: PuNluant'IQ Tex. Tranep. 'cixI~ An~. ChaPter 522, your commerolGl driving privilege will be dl8qLlsrlfietl fur one )lear (Illree )/Ilars If trBnsportlng nElZal'doUs ttIa!8rfaJ requIred to be placarded) if·ytll,I rl;lfusarl 10 sulll'i\il 10 a ISsI unCl81' Chapter 724 to determine yOvr $leonot conoenlraUQl'IOr the presence ill )Qur body of a ean!rolled 8ubsl~nc", or dJu9 while QpBrating a motar vl!lhiclG- in .. plIblic place: or It con &llalyals Of)'Qur bhllath or blood unr;!ar Chaplef 624 (jeterm!n~ 1flBt y?u had en alCOhOl conceml7lfton of D.GS or ml;lw while opemting a motor vaniele.

other !han a commeroiru molor vehIcle, in a pvblje: ph;lG$. .' ,



,Address ~~_....4._~~~_-.....j

You are required lQ pay !I $125 fee to fl;linstata your drlvai.iicene~. P~n! must be madfit In (he fI)rm of a P~QI1a1 r::heck, cssltiel's ch~ or moo19Y ol'([e!' made payable jJ;) thij T~8!\ Depertment 'Of li'u-ollo Safely, Pf~e complEte thiS lorm i!lnd return It, a/oog with }lQur'!ijjIl3t<Jtemenl fee, to tho! Te;>:l;I!.I Department of Public SafelY 1I1 ~ IollOwlng addrese: ORIVER IMPROVEMENT SU~EAU. PO eox 15999. AUSTIN TX 7876HQW.





: =~:;. ~E::!:~~~~~. ~. ". .•.. J. -.~.~ ~;; {.Q.-~ --r~................ . '.'

~~~:;::~:~R:=:~~~N7~~~~~_ '~~ ::. '," .~~ ..

(E) WHATTlMeO/OYOUL.J~~W.e? ;. .~.'~ ~. l=.S. ;J .• f(.,.II -~~~~

(F) WHA'1'OAYOF1liEWEEKISm ., . ~~ .. __' ~-=.

(G) WHAT11ME',S m ,pI IS ... '.'~ .' ~ .. .

(H} WHEN DIP YOU I.ASTI!AT? .. ..;:@~!~&iUt~N:q~F~{-..,.-;-;·-.... ~ _

m WHAT DID YOU EAT? &~ .y. ~(Q}S ::



(I.) HOW MUCH PIn YOU DRINK? ~~~~s WiAJ'(.

1M) WlieN w~ yoU~ LAST OklNl<? ;;-!='_~AI::!:.~~· ~~.r.... __ :_= -,..----r----r-:-=--:=~------------

{N) WHERE WERE YOU DRINKING?.:..q=pOo!;~~~~..I..j}t~·¢:..!:S __ : ,",,4.w.&I:..-L.:7Ci::r..lo;iJ,£7_.c:.M~ijlJ.'(fU-L.f: =~_


(P) ARE YOU SICKt 0 yes JB'l'io

(Q) IFYE5. WHAT'S WRONG?~......- __ ~_=--:- ,...-. ~_~ _


(5) IFY'ES. POCIOR'S'NAMI!? ...,..-~ ~ _


~ :~~uH51~~ ... eslfO

(\IV) DIABr;reS?~""-


pYES ~

M IF 'I'E$, WHAT?_~~_-_-_~ __ ~ ~ _

I~ WHEN? ~ ~~~-------- __ -------------------~~------

(AA}WHEN DID YOU LAST$J.E(';~? -.!='La~{;tL.....!!AJ:o:;ljh.p..LJt'-· _~ ------- _

(8B)HOWLONG?_~-!...!.l~~_ ......... _


PS·151 (IO/O;))


.' .

4 i ... "

s; ~----~----------------~-------------------

e- jl"llllmlll~I~III~II""I~IIIII~

. M-0818115



Department of Public E . "

Warrant of Arrest and Detention - Dallas County, Texas The State of Texas vs. Griffin. Annette Tear Offense: Driving While Intoxicated Warrant~ulDber:n1~0818i15

Arrest Status: Bond Bond Amount': s ~

Class of Offense: Misdemeanor B'

Report #: 08-2714

Ht: 5' 07" . Wt: 132

Race: W

Don; 06/13/1946

Sex; .E

Hair: Brown Eres; Hazel Scars/Tattoos;

Drivers License~~es. '§.s-s-;;;. I k7


Bus Add: 1445 N .. Perry, C~llton, ¥ 75006 Name of Business: CarroIlton/Fanners Branch ISD

Complainant: State of TeXas I Arresting Gfficer(s); E. Beene #608

Date of Offense: 08/21/2008

Date Complaint Filed: _

Warrant ofArrestIssued To: C. Catchings

In the name ofthe State of Tens to any sheriff or other peace officer of the State of Texas -~

Greetings: .

You are Hereby Commanded to take instanter the body of: Griffin, Annette Teer

hereinafter called the accused, and him/her safely keep so that he/she may be dealt with according to law, and to hold the accused to answer to the State of Texas for an offense against the laws of the said State, namely:' Dr.iving While Intoxicated, Texas Penal Code 49.04 of which Misdemeanor B offense he/she is accused by written complaint, made under oath that has been presented to me and that is by this reference incorporated herein for all purposes.

Witness By Signature this' Day of August 2008



( ~ -, '~¥I~~b ~h g~t~~~AL I






( -







Department of Public Safety

Report # OIl-271~




BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this daypersonally appeared the undersigned affiant who, after being duly sworn by me, on oath stated: My name is C. Catchings, and r am a peace officer cjf the County of Dallas, T.exas. r have good reason to believe and do believe that on or about 0812112008. one Griffin. Annette ~.dld then and thereln the county ofTarrftut, Texas commit the offense ofDl'iviug WhJle Intoxicated. Texas Penal ~ # 49.04 a Misdemeanor B. My belief is based 'upon the following facts and information:

Officer{s) E. Beene 11608, DFW Airport DPS, who participated in the investigation of the alleged following

information: ".

1. On 812!/~008, at approximately 1909 hours, DFW Airport Police Officer Beene was dispatched to" 1400 South International Parkway, North Toll Plaza In- reference to a Motorist Assist. Communications then advised the driver was possibly intoxicated. Upon arrival Officer Beene observed a vehicle stopped in entrance Jane #12 at the North Toll.Plaza, The brake lights were illuminated on the vehicle. Officer Beene observed the driver seated in the driver seat of the vehicle with th~ vehicle in Drive. The driver was asked several times to put the vehicle in Park.

II. When the driver was asked for bet driver license, she attempted several times to give Officer Beene l)er~_ •• ck h ~().. \ 30

!!qR~ m up bag, and cell phone. The driver was identified as Annette Teer Griffin (W/F 06/13/1946 _ _

i~" Officer Beene could smell the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage about Mrs. Griffm's brea when

she spoke fficer Beene asked Mrs. Griffin "haw much have you had to drink?" Mrs. Griffin would only state


m. Officer Beene attempted to administer the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, Due to Mrs. Grlffin's level of intoxication' she wa~ unable ~o follow instructions and could not hold her head Still. After several attempts, Officer Beene moved onto the second test. Officer Beene administered the Walk and Tum and observed six of a possible eIght clues. Officer Beene administered the One Leg Stand and observed three of a possible four clues. Officer Beene administered a PBT to Mrs. Griffin due to her not being able to fQIlQW simple instructions, which revealed a 0.19 alcohol concentration.

TV. Based on Mrs. Griffin being stopped in a traffic lane, being involved in an accident, and the field sobriety tests, it is in Officer Beene's opinion that Mrs. Griffin could not safely operate a motor vehicle due to not having the normal use of her mental or physical faculties by reason of the introduction of alcohol into her body, Mrs. Griffin was placed under arrest for Driving While Intoxicated,

V. Mrs. Griffin was read the Statutory Warning and asked for a specimen of her breath which she consented. Officer' Beene' administered the Intoxilyzer 5000 toMrs, Griffin. The first breath specimen result was 0.187 gl21 0 L alcohol concentration and the second breath specimen result was 0.181 g1210 L alcohol concentratlon.

VI. Annette Teer Griffin is charged with Driving wilile Intoxicated as per Texas Penal Code 49.04 .

. ~ ...

r believe this information furnished' by a fellow Peace Officer is credible. , '

"::! ~I itt ~ :1: '.\H ".:.i

"Y'I'L~- li.fl;ii:, Jfi .,

a "

-t, I ~.


DEFENDANT Griffin, Annette Teer AKA,

W P 06131946

CHARGt~D~W~I __ ~ _

, I elATION uB>.+qNu.D'"'- __ -'-- __

. 'Address


COMPLAlNANT~B~~~n~e~,B~.~ ~~~~~~ ~V~T~#~IS~5~5~5S~ _


SERVlCENO. 82114




III the Name and by tlic Authority nf the State or Tens.

NOW COMES THE CRIMINAL DISTRICf ATTORNEY of Dallas County, State of Texas, and presents

in and to the County Crimlaal Court •. ~.=;~::... of'Dallas County, Slate h-oresaid, that one

Griffin, ADmitte'Teer

. '

, hereinafter styled Defendant, h~rctofore, on-or about the 21 sl day of August A.D., 2008

'in the County of Dallas 8Dd State of Texas, did unlawfully

then and there unlawfully operate a motor vebicle in a public place. while Intoxicated, in that the defendant rllci not bnvlI the normal use of his menbll and physical faculties by reason of Hie introduction of alcohol, a controlled substance, a drug, a dangerons drug, a combination of two or. more (Jf those substances, and any ether substance Into defendant's b(Jdy and defendant bad an alcollol concentration of at least 0.08,

against the peace and dignity of the state,

Criminal District Attorney of Dallas County, Texas





... '""-w
• .,' ,. ) }
~ . (
, ... , ..... ss

DEFENDANT Grimn, hilatte Teer AKA.


W F 06131946 ~HARGE. -",D,-,W,-,I~ _

COMPLAINANT .B~e~e=ne~;;E~. ~~~~~ ~~~~ __


SERVICENO.·",8.:27:.-1~4,-:- ARREST NO. ·I.D.NO. _

~ -::.,.;:.; ..... - .c-, ,,'.' .' _'="= .. ---'---.-, ---<,-,"-==;;:--"""-=-'",,- ~~.----,-



In f11 e Name and by the Authority of the State of Tens.

PERSONALLY APPBARED before me the undersigned authority this affiant, who after being by me

duly sworn, ~eposes and says your Affiant has' good reason (0 believe and ~oes believe that one

GrIffin, Anne~le Teer

hereinafter styled Defendant, heretofore, on or about the 41 st day of August A.p'., 2008

in the COllQ~ ~iDallas and State of Texas, did WlJawfully

tllen and there-unlawfully operate a mntor vehlele in 8 public 'place, willie Illtoxlcjlted, In that the defendant did not have the normal use of hi a mantal nnd physlcnl fnculties by reason oCtile

. introduction o(.alcohol, a controlled substance, a drug, a dangerous drug, a combination oJ two or more of those substances, and any other SUbstance Into defendant's body and defendant had an alcohol concentration of at least 0.08,



" ... ~ ..

-I "I O"'24::.2~08 12: 54pm

F rom-DFW A I RPo(JeGAl DePT,



t •••..


P ,0111024 F~637




N! 24668

~~. ~t 'tJ j.;. .:.~. ,..

• ~ \ «-i.: ~ ttl·\111~1. -:,,~~ .' 'r'. _ 1!,ps-c.;.tlS"1 , .. , ',' ,\::)"rV,? ' ~ . ,~

.... -. I.," !...10"~~:~U

bK1$ : ;~~;L~~(lZ. CAs:E #

KNOWAllMEN-BY~SE 'S'."E:Sl:lN'IS: 'ffJJ{IWS,~e...' L~r:S;d ~ASPlUNCIPAL,AN))

llNDllRSIGNED ' m l..Tot BAlL BONDS • AS 8URE:rY • .ARE BELD.FlR1\!LYBOtft.tD omo TBE S'IAlE. OF

TEXAS IN Tmi PENAL i;t"ll4 :,t!..Qv.e:... ($ 5oe' ) AND IN ADDmONnIP.:R.:E1'O. WJ!.

.Alm Botmn 'rott t'RS l'J.:Yio .t:t~1T OF ALL i$S!i AN'!> E'XPBNSBS 'l'BAT"M.fi2 BE INCURRED BY ANY P'PACB OEI:\fCS IN l$~Gnm S4mPR -C:~:iPAL IN !HE JMim ANY OFTHE STATBD CONDITIONS OF'llD.S:BOND A1i!BVIDLKntD FOR nre, 1'AYM'BNT OF WEI ?E: SCM OR SUMS WII.LlIlID '.l'.R.ULY TQ BE ~XADE. WE 00 mND OlJRSBLVES. AND EACR opus, OR BBlR.S. m,C1J'l!'O is. AND AllMlNIS'l'RATOks, J~nm,y AJ!lI) SE,\:'lmAl:,l..'2: TlmcONOrrioN' OFTIIIB BOND IS

THAT'I'HEnEPENDAN'f lW n~ CBARG.Bl) w.rm 'JlfP;r Al'W TO $CtJ1itE;sIS m..BA8EHtOM

Ct,tS'l'OI>Y IS .BN1:EltrNG OC 'J. 'nns OSLIIJATION JmmlN~ HIM TO'MAEB A ~ONAL ~ ~) ~ COURT TO WBlCB l'l~ SAME MAY 1m ~ AND :BASBD ON SAID CH6:G.C£ HAB'£A.S CORPOs iw:r:ta: WRIT-THAT IS s Atb I J'.JJ':l:::IPAL SKAU.. ~AND 'I'R'(JLY AP.P:llAR IN 'l'.Eta COtm:I: OF n&U.AS, 'rnXAS____ AM., o,,"'i T.a:B ,_. __ , DAY OF ~ fA.O. 2O_lN 1B:E COtJKI::RO(j},( OF SAl!> COt:JP.:I. IN "!HE COtJRnIt:>USS IN '!'.fIE Cll:'f ( ;'! J~I.\X:r ,A~ nu 1 4S CO'UN'.t'Y,'l'SXAs ~ANT TO L8E 0RlmR. OP 'II:m.Jt:l])GS TmS Dia MAIlE. ~ A "'KiT ( F liABE:4S C!)lU>US ON APPl.ICAllON OF SAlD lIlUNCIP.M., IT HAlllNG ~ CAI.l..ED TO IDS ArmNTION ritKr S,'Jt Pf~1N'C$'...u. IS RESTAINBD OF BlS l..lmmTY BY A PBAcE OPBICB OF b.AI..I..AS COUNTY., TSXt\S,' ONOSB. ACC'([.Yl:l"lC :.~ ,:e: SAID CRAlUlB.AG-AlNST mE tAWS O~ TeE STA!B OJ:; ".L'E:XAS. SAl!) Wlm: :Bm.NG D:BP:.AlU' "I'HBRE EloM·W1'1'1'·~)T..rrI.BAVB OF SAID COtIRT, PErilDlNG ~ OF.AND HE.AlWi!G 00- SAID WRlT. IN 0lIDER TO A:BlDE FiNlIL :-.u:~IF..RMINA1'ION '1"f1SlmOF:BY SAID COURT..





. TJIIi TEE ../llll)AY OF ~(r.8± 2008"_

TAKEN AN.O A.P?P.Ov.Eb.l~Y :'I,(~: "tars

~DAYOF .4t~~'_n_20ClL.. r!JjrJJCt:t Lf/{Oltl7:ez..I/

LUPE VAtb~'S~~ D/I ;~~~tl COtJ~ -s-; NOT. PUBUC m AND !lOR 'l'HESTA:rii1F T.BX.

~\\~~h l~ih~DF.PUTY g'1V'A :SON0SMANACCOUNT'If 714

ZOO/ZOlld lJlI9f::lO aooz ZZ sn!;! Li:05-'~L-I1~Z!lro:J ::IIWEHS lJWno::> Sl;I1l!;!O


11 .ft. .\' ." .-.4.I.~ '( f ~ ..




§ §.

CAUSE NO. 1M L . C'J?, (JJ /3 J-J ' C-






COMES NOW CAROL ANNETTE TEER GRIFFIN, Petitioner, and files this verified

petition for an Occupational License, to meetactual and essential needs.


Petitioner is a resident of DALLAS County. Texas. Her dale of birth is JUBe 13, 1946, aile! her driver's license number is~q'i6'x~J $5 5;) I I ';0


Petitioner was arrested in Dallas County, Texas, for the offense ofDWI l st 011 August 20,

2008, and charged with that offense under Cause No. 08-18115.

Petitioner provided a specimen ofbJoodibreath as requested.


Petitioner's license was suspended September 30,2008, and it will remain suspended until

December 28, 2008.

.• fl..

Peti tloner has never been issued an occupational license. :: ~ l:':~

• .r ••


'\". "lJ'

J. ' ....

• ; •• 1


Put OfA On'Vllf ~ lie /1., G~



.el a ~ :1 ~f s~
e i
~l ~"Q ~ i rni 0 1-"0
Mg Q) ~~ i >+-1 5~
C/h £~ 8.! en. .~ ~~¥
=~ w OOE~~! -~ w
~ ~"O ~ .. i. -~ r. "".., '"
q:: ~ ~ ,.... E a f! i i <:( .... ~l!!
w <:) ~ 'g.=g ~ ~ w <:) > • f .-.-
§.!b U);:J",
~ 2: :<:: In cr OJ
0"" N e E";: 0= N~E
:l::c ~~!;S! ;:cl: ~~~
n.C>", 0.°",
-E"" ~ c~ ~ i ..... E ... ~~-g
W~tn I~C:.Q: w~'"
C ::::!"'CI"I ,....!;j~"'C: C 2.a0l .,...~ ..
cc «..<::' :j.s.!1 ~ ~ tt: «l-N
2J-~ 2: r.o =J.-l!
<::( .,..-gw 5~~ e i c:t: J-§CO (3~:2
u z c~ U Zc~ ~~~
W.,N .. ~ >- ~; W.,N
W Cl","" U)-=~m: c.!:I",r-
«::ce u.J «~e z-.,
~o!=a1i -""
(.) u c 0._
Z w ~£J~:£! Z !!! i=llg
< ~ I- Ul § ~ii ! 0::( ~~:
c: « ~QGJ>: <:(
a: It! 0 a E:G l;; : a: <:) ::lE:5
0- CI",~
~ e ~~.e-§{ :::l weo
CI) (.) ~§~~! (IJ ~~n
z; ... -: Z ::c._ <C
u :::l'S z;... ~ g'~~
~ eE= c::,
>- '" >-£;e~~ >- >-0)'"
1- <I> !:!;...., g ~ ~ I- u..-E"i1i
.E -~§
::i j a- to i :::! ",0.
~a:~i ~ e .
co ~~5 i !Xl tG~
:$ ~~i} ..;( ~ .e.
......J e o:J e .; ::i .~~
(I) ~:g ~ ~ er" <>'<3
~ J!,l 8. ~"-8 ~ c::( 05~
.IS >< (.1.'-
LJ.J In .. ..s'1; i UJ .,.9
....... ~ ~:E a ~ I- ~~
'---' j;
<;:: ..:J
r<) "'"
- t1 ~
~ .
~ ~
~ V'J IJ\h
V"('. 37

·. .

Carrollton' Fa.rmers Ri'a.fwl-t

Independent School f)istri.ct

. October 10, 2008

.Certified and Regular U.S. Mail -Dr, Annette T. Griffiil"'

j ,

Re: Leave

This letter is to advise you that your request forleave has been accepted. effective October 9, 2008. The District will proceed to appoint an acting Superintendent in your absence who will assume all of the Superintendent's duties and responsibilities. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this difficult matter. While we know that you would not intentionally act as an official representative of the District while on leave, we must nevertheless provide you with the following directive in order to make sure that we have a smooth transition to the acting Superintendent.

While you are on leave, you will not be required to, nor shall you, perform any of your previous duties, including serving as. a representative of the District at public events, private events, conferences, or speaking. engagements. You are hereby officially relieved of any duty to perform an act which is within the duties and responsibilities of Superintendent of Schools as those actions will be without authority as of this date. As a necessary consequence of your leave status, you will also no longer have access to the routine district items previously afforded to you, including the district credit card, blackberry, and access codes.

Your long service to the District has been something that is worthy of respect and admiration. We thank you for your many years of service and dedication to Carrollton·Fanners Branch Independent School District. All of us on the B.oard of Trustees and in the District wish you well while on your leave. Please keep us posted regarding your progress. We are hopeful of your ability. to return to the district.


/' .

CI.J!- --r e/~J.I~J ..

-----------~------,~~l'~the Board of Trustees


• -e r ....

• ..J ~ ~~ ,

"; .• ,.'1 .... '"


'. ,.-'

-----...... ....... _. --_._--.------

. inderlendent Schooi j)jsrfic~

October 29, 2008

Certified Mail


Regular U.S. Mail

Annene T. Griffin

Re: Administrative Directive: District Credit Card and Funds

Dear Dr. Griffin:

As you know, the Board of Trustees previously gave you a directive in a letter dated October 10, 2008 that yon refrain from performing any of your previous duties, including serving as a representative of the District at public events, private events, couferences, and speaking engagements. The Board of Trustees also informed you that as a result of your leave status, you no longer have access to the routine items previously afforded to you, including use of the

district credit card, . .

Consider this all Administrative Directive that you are not to use the district's credit card in your possession or to charge any expense whatsoever to the district. Return all district credit cards in the name of the school district to the business office immediately. You are further directed that you are not to take district pre-paid trips nor are you permitted to spend district funds for any purpose. Any credit card charges or expenses incurred by you after October 10, 2008 will not be paid by the district.

Failure to follow this Administrative Directive could result in the termination of your contract of employment with the district. Your cooperation is appreciated, and is expected.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call.



()j~ j ej;;fof/'J

~ Tepper, President (j6ard of Trustees


R()bcrt Scott Commissioner


1701 Nollb C4ngrC3!A'I'&.* liuilio, 'rWs7111Qt-j494*S12l46:!.9134 '* F~; 51?l463·!i~a \!ltpt/lwww.ltastQll:./X.U4 ~~er2Il00g

Dr. Bubby 8nrns


Carrolltbn-Fatmen llmnm 1n~1l.tIW School bbtrict POBox U:Slt6

~llWn. Texas i5011-51&6

Dear Dr. B\lrn&:

1'llc &.to Bo&ld Cor ~Ilf Cert1ficatioa imllnrned thet a. C1lll'«ItIfo~ ~ploy~ of your Sllli<IUl 9i1itri~. ~t ~ 1m' !lriffin. it434-4&..z34S. h!l.ri hsd. _ti0n9 of1hlling to promptly t/lport trltulnai ~, at requited by 19 TAC :MU4 (d) mad., agaimt \lat. ~~ of' this lI3ency'$ jurlsdIttiall. over wililc:d edu~, tl!u incUUlll will be invelll1~ by the. Office of blv~obS" I!du~ <:e~&n -and StaDdar~. and ~ will he- Uikfrll, if ~ as;aimtthzodoeatora teac'biDg c:redebiials.


Pl» to the IlI'Itrul of'1!tc llUegatlons 8Jld tMix lliR:al GOI're\tltion to 1hc dI&ca lIXId r.nll!biUtios of !be. fWlblng profC!S!on. it is lltQleSlllY 'lhat 'WlIl"IMew ~ ~ in ytlIIr pGSSo$Sion to detmnine whe\her I!.d:IIlM UTe W8lllIl:UOO aslliMt M:s. (jrlffin.'to ~hlng«~.

At~dingly. plouec0n8idel'lhtill!.tt«as tile Cannal fIIltDw ()f~ ~ lioatdro~~~~'''''' "':' cmlfication 1ttI~ thoaufuorlty c>ft9 'CAe 249.14 (a) and te.x GOY't Code 552, fol6ffteial

atrtiW copi$ of IIlI dOwIItcnt' '3lld fnfol'tt\lltion rnaitltauu:d, a~bkd Of coJlcct£d hy YO\lr

o1Uca relating ~. inchcding. wilhQI.It litnib$on, an Dftlta ttllowing:

1) true and cmrect 1l000ies <If rtlly f4pol1S. notes. st«t\lmCnfs or melllonul/;!DlJl wh~b JdIect II ol\tJ;A'l.olosy. of '(bo cumdutt tGpOrteti ruullar 1M fnvl:stIgattou. \'Ibkh wu pedbrnre4 'b)I QP1.ilSD:

2) a 1tIlo Mod CCR'Wi: ~ of Ms. Griffin's applicatioa fur emplo3'Zll~t with CPllISD, (IS

well ti8l\Y d~bull\!lllittedth su.pportGfthat application; ,

3) true lIfId correct co~ o! any !MllWI1IIlOllm at other dtx:umeuts ~citlg admiuistra1i.'\ICI teprbnend$ (It other dlatipIlrm:y Il\~;

'4) Itue antI OOIl«tctlple:i of9.!IYdOO\lm~ts bttweell cF'SISD andM!>. (lrlffi!lfuatrelaro t.> Ms. Gdfi".fn'$ etnplO}'lDent;

S) Il true attd I:Otte~!1OpY of fhe teacJter serv:i1»!'COOrd (If Ms. Griffin; iIlId

6) copies of allY olber doeomlmt not ~clfioall>, r«!l1cstGd lIbovc Whtoh may be re!/)ViUtt to Illlrinvesdgation of1he faaa.


j A

L~:9L SOOl z :180


1 •

• f


We ate !IDly asldtJ.g for do'CUtnCllII fraIl1 YOIl that O'lJlmltly t:lImt. Should you gain lin)' t.l!cUtltlna!.. p-erfulE;lnt infot'irultioo, plea.~ Itt \!& know. If)/QU \:llwe1lIJY questiona at ctmc:ems. pltl18e call me lit (Sl~} 463-3!lO~. Thank}''yWr prompt atrentkm reg,m'ding this 1l'UI!tet.


Ddwrah. 'l'ranlel O~ gtaffrlWeali~ 'I'I1!IUI>&lu~Ai;mty Offi~{)f'ts\VllM~

Bduoatot Certlmation and Sta!l.dlll:dll

teus &!uClllion Agency Offico of Inv~ptions EducMGt C?f1ifi'tlllion Illld Standards

11tH Norib Cl~ Aye. Allltin. Tt;l!3S 7&70j.l494

9~:9l aOOl l 3eo