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"A' N,A,T'.:O'M't·C A L'~

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Concerning the


Of Living Creatures:

To which are added Particular Difcourfes, ofBirlhl:J and qfColi~epli()lIs) &c.

: ~\

By W ILL I 4. M H..4 R. 17 E r; Dollar ofPbyftcb." and Profelr-or of Ana tOI'1j , .' and ChirurgerJ, in the COL LED G E

. ofPhyfidans of L 0 ND 0 N •


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frinte4' 'by 1atlleJ' Young; for OSa'IJid~, ')1;

'PHUej"~ and are to be fold at his Shop at tho .:

SIgn of the Ro(e in St. "lIIIIls Chu"h.· ~

yard. I 6 5 ~, '. , .

'. -, )--=.~ , to ...

A N· A·T~/O M rc A L··~

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C . h B~J-

OllcerlUllg t e /


Of Living Creatures:

To which are added Particular Difcourfes, of Birth I, and ofcon~epliolls) &:c •

. \ .'

By WILLIAM 1]AKPET; Doaor, ofPbyficb., and Profelior of Anatoll1J~ .:

and Chirnrgery, in the COL LED G ~ ~

. ofPhyficians of L 0 N'D 0 N.


::. t1.

.C~rI-6 t)J\.. LONDON;

Printe4'by 1allle.r 'IoHng; for'OEla'IJidtj PHUejh~ and are to be fold at his Shop at the 5Ign of the RoCe in St. 111111s· Churth-

yard. I 6 5 ~. . ., ,

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H. • • __

·,TO. '(HE' .....

:{ V~nei~ble~' ':& 'highly A~~'omplUli 't~

', .. ' .. 'THE :,'.' i .

.... \. ~ : ..

PRESIDENT & FEtLO,WS -, of the e.G) L 1,£-1;>.0 E ofP.hylitians

. :\:~ ',', '. ,}~ .. ~QNPON~ , .. : . .

G £'Olfl'(lE, E:N"T ...

'1 _ • '. ' • .'1 '. • ~.,' ~, '': ~"". ". ';'

~ijl;elh He~lJf" 411rJ· /uUr.e1!cilj.

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. , fisl.$$Bo~t. ::Cforijl1!lf1! !dft, ,''If?kil~, i!i) 4_ full7:Rearyaf anxio~, ,.,d1f~ .$1) in tbe end nor.1H.Hch a~~i-., li"gS.olihtztde .,. I elJrl~a.~oured t . rt1lr! IHi»:&I fer~!!e, (If!dfrec [ro»# . t~~t ~plipfe; 1 a.d4refJed "1; felflo tbat ~11Jillent Perfo» , tbe chiefefl.· Glory and Orna1!tent, of onr cO;ncd..f!,~, 1)oClQr Harvey , at that time reji~ c/ipg not fa¥' trOl}t . the City: an4 [omit! !lim very ~/ltent"pollthe p(r~

[crutetion ofNtttu,res WorJv,and with a C-o~mt~l1tJl1ce .tfof ekeerful, MMin~ iI11p.~rtllrb~d) pem~ri~ll~ li!zy, de~p;.,

A 3 11

,.'n~·EpHl:le Dedicatory, ,

ty ft"4r,ching - tHe't) thir:o.aufcs ,of nat" .. rdll-tbillgd';,.~l, th,eit, 'iizf!~ntlj falHted

Hi~, ,iVi:h! '1~~ iiP:A/!~~~ef, ~~~'.~'!~

rtlgfj(?~L;·. '. '.:. , " . ';: ..

- ;Ha,pcdn1hey, :Hegravely ilnfwe .. red, when the COl1lmon-wealth is. [Hrr()undedwith intiftine tronbles ; lind 1. my [elf tis Yl!tfar fro1ll1a/~d, toft ill . that ,t:empeft"!JtH Ocean P·And)· 'mf~ig1zedlY.. (addf#d, H~) if tl~t;fQmfort .j)!miS~'Udies.i:· 'tllld·the ,rl!1nembr(t,tce \'iJfl1I4ny.-th,iiig, " '-long finet: f aIJCllun.,. .aer my'(Jbfti'~atiqn, were not fQme~t'ffi freJh'n(ent: tomj Mind; I '~o'¥Pnot what t(}ultl pretzlaile uponi1Je2 . to' de_ f})~e'to fur'lJiizJe the prefent. So it'hath b~1'pened, that th~J' wmbratile I{jn~ of lij"e, and·' tzJ4catlon from pubtlfJlte C'ttr~s., 'Whicb eOIJl"to~ly C4U[etJJ II Sadl1efl of Mind ill otber J', hath pro ... oed « Sovereign Re.lIl.:dy to 1I1;.e.

, , Here lanfwering, [aid, Sir, I fl.all foonafford yO" the R.eafon of that h'4PPJ e.vent ; which ii tbis » Wbil« ~', .. tht

.T:JtejEpiftl~ :nedicat~~f;'

the gr~aieft 'ftumbe'r of,men'jl:lltter 'themf~l¢/es with,. thoilghtJ' o[groJr;ing tpifo, 'by tbe notio,lIs of other J' 8ra;nl, . and {w.i.tho)It anYlldditioll, IInleft th~

dece~tful. 'G~oJI .'(Jf· differentPhrafo.,

, dnd. new: Method ) '~itb oftentatio1Z obtNlde ftpOn the 'World the . Traditiins oftlie .Ancients; it hatbJ,eell al-way.f you, ~hoice, aboHt the fecrets of -Nature, to con!Nlt NatHre Her {elfe • And .. tbi» kJnd of St'f,d, elVer bath '6$ left ofFaiJacy,{o more of Delight':in regard, tbat frequently, 'Wh;~e yo" are Jixt upon the indagfltio1t offome olle. thing, many otherJ' Oifol' tl)em[eloe» to YfJur obfer'1Jati()11 ; and fucb, perhapJ', of wbicb you had no tho,;ght to enquire. For, YOltr"felf ( 1 well rel1tcmber) 'IVa., pleafed ence t» tell 11Ie, that)ou never yet Diffe5led al1J Animal (and, indeed, you hatzle di[reeled very 11Iany) bHt you found in it [ontewbat beyond YOHr expeCiation,. aud whic/;, yo" nt'1ltr fo lIlu(:h tIS ~/)o',gbt' of'-befllre., A 3 'Ti/'



.. .~ . ~~'

., .. <z : l:1M·!EpWdt t1'di~at1if'·'. ,.' . ~~ :Epiftl~ D'di~ltQt:r. . e.

'\.'~. !r'f f,,,,, ~epliW\ He f· '#1. ·lMJh. ~,. /In;(; : .. ~~tl' fHc;e.,~ded~·;, N4~ilre;'1 ':thl~ . ~«-~~. dfle d~/~k'tl, ifI1l.J~ilfl.; if J~ \iJi I1Ctf·felf1ha· ,1J)oj·. fa;·thful :J11~ 'PI(J./v ·:/1,,;61 lti!peS.iQIt in.tll ',4n#/~4.(.f :l~~p1~/er .. tJ..f.Her.. own .[ee.retJ:'; ';' '4.61 t~(.f(l~es~;., ·.dti(/'·J.:h",tv.~ i;()J,jt9N..l, -whatfo~\ tJ~hib#s, c#/~r wore·brief. ~" if- opi.~i~1f, "f h<'.tfrQW ih"n«)1jt; 'l.l, 'Qr ",~r~ ·(J{,ft:lsr.c/x., in one kJnd, Hf.isht·~t~feit~ lI~qnly thq k.!tawJeJg( ihl J4tt1;·!foc·e·xplau# more largely, tif'hffoJijlwtijidcI':4b./rSflcfftJi'fljN'4.'f a·ndupenly., iii. a1t(J,ther. . No wan, t¥.r~·i:.hlft ewen,. .certaiN. Adli}ftbra~ .donatleJ!, bath euer 'rigbtly deter'.iou.·,f·J.b41. Sttpr.e1!t.e;. Effiu~(l.~' thfl mine.d.6.f'th'e ,Vje,.or· Offtt'e ,of any Cr~4~(}o(,; .. i ·dR.d~;;tbo.ugh 1·lw{lJ'l'e·~et fdrt';. who hatlJ not 'ill many A,Ii.

r~4e, " Ij~ 11(:'k..1I() ?.' that; »I41lj ~1141J', ,.hebe/d; and with himfelf dith~)2g:r /Q4~~ bfJfJll.·,dift-'!'llI.crea'lr; 'ft.ear'f' · ·:con fider~d .. the F abricJt,: Si'f(" fAeel, M~If.: 0ffQ..t'II),~r; 't.iJtle..r ;' ,'fef: do. 1 tU4t;ou;,annextd Peffils, and other ji#/,be.,liC(QfI) . .thilt lbetjnmber. of tbof« .ticcideut';r, thereof. . Thofe Ancient tbi~g~r;'gJ~ichf'em4bty~t concealed in OrtlclesafWifdolJI dit/ terminate the

t/~ darltnejl if ImpctveJIig tlble-Na. .lV,t()wledge, as 9f all·· Cowuries; f~"

tur~, :i.t incompar4hly greater;' nay, alfoof aU . .A/lima/s, flal1tS', a..?ld o-

f ~'41111()~ forhear.frequently to wfJlzder, tber tlJi1lgS rabateuer, allwoft with

411rd fometi11les fm~bat thofe', who tile uarroa» . limits of Greece alone: pe.rfw4d6th;mfelvc.t) that all tbings Bur, to Vs the whole. Theatre of tb» f,}7ere if) .conful1lmatlj.andabfolttteIJ World is now. opel', and, by the Se ... deli''lI~r~d'lzy Arifiptle, Galen , or dulity of Traoellerr, we well ~tOW,.

fame Qtb~r gr::4t Nit1Jte, aJ' that It()- I10t 0111} tbe Pitta, Habits, and Atlan ..

,hiNg 'lP4i Irtft IQ thefiepetttdditiolz of ners 'of its 11Ih,1bitants ; hilt alfo,

a~lYJ wbdt·

!)'f. '!'" .

~t~;EplilU ~tory. *bat;'!'~'Uiiat},; :iv/)at';Ytget"bleJ'~ ,."h4t·Mi~eral.t"cve~y .. ~Il.lig;on" Ij' :fHt. IIifhed _'1,thal., Nor. IS tlJereanyNa .. ·tiolllo'B4rbarouj''' whicb hatb iI()~ eitJJe,. by chance, ()l'the c()nftraillt of fome inevitahle necejJity, folUltl out [olllethiltg ·for tbe C0l111110n 'ufo altd· btneftt 'of 'Mitn~.illel, 'f!)bich IJiltb .ifca .. petl'the" i'ntzienlion.'of. oNJor Nat;on~ Hlore Civ iliud.Andjhal 'JJ)6 thi~lltthat nothing of COHIIHoaily call accruc to tbe ftoc ft of Scicnces,froHI' theft· Help~ alld" . .A.dttHtl1tage~l '. but that' aU the -i'IJJtntains of Wifdol" were drawn dr, . by the' Firjt Ages? Certainly, tliis F aHilt is to be implf.ted to oler own defeci of Iltdltftry; 110t at a"I1 to N a .. litre.

T o tbis, another Evil hltthadj oi~ ned it [elf;. wbich is, that many,' w~ntblg the Experimental cognition. of Ihillgs,·fro11t ,the concei •. 'lied of fo!ue Opinion,." iJfte~w¢rds boldly brodt'b a p~fititzJe



, . .. f. . • . ~ , _.... - • ',' 'l

, . The~piAl~. J?)edi~at6rY~ .

j~ili"if~t ··tller.eupon., ai'if « iverl, iertainly I<!zow'!t .:. fl)hereupon~itfol~-. low'!,' ,'that' 'thej are' not,: fl'n!j 'gr(jfl~' tltb,dea themfelrues'; ,but ~fod~ce '0 .. · .. ''t~er}'' 'a1fo' ('1pho . 'are. not fufJicienflJ·

'tire"ntfpetf );nto 'Error. ' ,;" " .

. Thefe, and 'other DifcoHrfeiofthe li~e importllnct " 'jlo'Wing from the Do8:t>r', iPitli admirable readineJlj as is cuftoinary . with 8;m; I intel'./. ,.ltpted Hi"" 'raying r Sir, . How f~ee you Ir~ fr011l aUeulpability illthi.t ~;,(d, aU,. . who' k.!zow YO", fufficientl.1 .itnderftaitd :' and thalsthe reaf~ti,' why tItany Leiirned and 1udit'ioM Men,. who are 'acquainted with youI' Vnwearied Ind'tfiry, in the adtVance-.· mentof Pbilofophy) greedily cxpeCf the Communication of your fHrtber

~xperimenfJ'. '. . .

," And 'Wo"ld YOI" then acltVife file; (f111ilingly replies tbeDoCtor)to 'lHit the tranqztillity ofthisHaven,where-

ill I 110W ca/mly fpend mJddJ.r: '. . agalll


.. ',

'J:h~ tpjftl~ Q~iq3.t~ry~: . 4.g(tinf~»l1!t~t, myfelf; tf}.:·tb~.~~f~~~kt fol. Q~e4/~.:· (.. , TQu, 4r~,,~~~,~>, zg¥.q~,tfII~, 4a'1ll g,e4t ~f,01:t~!e~ my:~.~C'l~r~t~Qn.~, form..~tJ p.u~'ijbc;4"h4.~q: 1!4.i[e:J. ~.t!

Ifr ,~.~~ (f(r.t~f~ly, at f(JJ1I..e tune-f" :ttr endeavour to .gr,q."fV. "tp.ifq ~t ho-m~;i.1f I.ri!V4t( , t~~.·b) t/~ehtlftJ di~~!ga!' #ol! ~f ft4ch..t./~~i~f, !~.(ko·ItIl,~wle1g~ w.b,r-~qf yq~· 4t~4..1(e4. -r#~ 'Y.4ft. l"hQl!f, .tofi~rf ttP. re.~l1l.~-F) .. ~h9t '"'~ tl~pJ?i'(J.f y,OI~ ·9j;3Y.t}U.f~~lfflff,f\ fl(Z~'~~' 41tfp..r~b() fi~t~p.ft, '.,'-. \': .. ' \i\'~ "', '.:, w.

" r~4 ~1f-t.. \( ~'fW~(;~~.I)-~oqf!f~{\v~t 'Y~U, and fe~~~ v~ i!~", . is, ~4c; \ ~(~;V~ r~w~r4 9f Visrue : .t'Jl1ef,the Wi~dJ:~ . ?if/~it!b raif~4 '.tpofoyollr . ~re"'~(~-! ; ba'lle, li"-:. th.~Wind Cre.,c~~~) dfaw~ 1Jlif~/~ief 1tp~n theJ1tr~ltpes. . ,Wit!)

. tlltJt, .He me HiJ' Exercitati .. ons , touching the Generation ~f ,4,nj:ma1s; A wor4..fral1t~r!, an4- polifoed witb 'l!efY great p4;ill~ •.. fit

ftgbt whereof, I illjla111'lre)t;)lClnf,) [4id, I n.~w bf$7ic fJP!~!lz~d '!P-~at J ~ ., earneftly



I ~ ,I




:.; . t~~;~pUil¢ ':Dtaic,it~rlY: .fJI#.~ie,:" .t!r.l\ew~r,d}.' ·but~).w.;tlj ~~',tMmglMode.ftJ.} .. \as::if '(inely, 'cafoe .. ,llJ,,;(Jr. withont al~J.'d;JIi'C'iltie~t?fin~ . fU.eft,,~ -/{i,/J(l4 t.all.e~':l1pofl .. ; tb«. Difco~ 'IIery ,(Jf~hife 1r1'fteric6':;wbich~indeed, ~~{ {e4r:,cb,di ~1JttHwithP'.0f eft di ... ligenc~, ~i~d jil!iljl {tlde/ati gable.

,':' 'd~4< ~11!J':'IIf(~.'i.J''.'''fArg'tment, of e .. lll; ... qi~~p~4tl!!.lir .'ill ftIilit'; . tbitt, IJe lIe;. fJ.~r.;~~~~J' (h~'!'flpfllJ#i(J~ af'anyAu .. , ~h'~l.' .:I?'!11. f, l}~~fJ:', wbei'e -delisae» $. 'ih·js.

0. "l!?~i"J/&~." 1J~).'.·~,'it~~d, ~n.1·friendly .. lang~c .. -I: '!r1l"fP.~.tb. h.(m. It If Prover.-

~~!#.~" ~h~, r.h3~ C~ule is. worthy to . be.(ufP~~d,fQr .. (c'arcely'.good' .. and P~~JiMbl~\ ~hich. its Author con .. ~~~~l~~".~Wi~; \b~~w1ing and fierce~ l1e~ :!l,,(rrn[hlc;:a~'wan.t no, Patron, ,\,4.(II/.;~b.~p'.;~ .. ·w-,~ .. C4jie' tQ:him, to ~a~~,,~«~e~_thjt\\w.h~/e Web, 'front 1J/~~~t;~al.s:of ~~~!.~.w..n:" !uC!:k .. fI)M 'hh ~4r,.~{'tt: *e'I pre"e""~iQp."of £n,V) ,mat ~e·-y'~~~!~,qfe. ,tfJ follow,~h(J.ilH~ .'Of rArh_ ~():t.~~.~~d ~qu~~ndens; ,ai'. if be

\-. . \" '. . bad

.. '~,\\) ... ~_~ v. i z , .

" ..



Tb.y-:diu':ing Art fidHfaJidsher, and' dOt1i;~reed::

ThisRefcuethettce,:tho.tScience is not t;rietl •..

Wht>{ordien Age. alone doeMi~er.f:t~ft,

.: ~. , { - ~.:

PtiJIeArmollr~ not forth ~proof,'b~t f~rt.fte 'R,:;Ifi~

From BQO~'to '/('latlirl :tby :Appcale .iSlnadt~:

ThfE;qPie-~~by tMir.Archet;yjleal't! fivayd .... lhoughHigh and R,'IJOyt"d thy Allth~rsfit,: . .

,4' ,'. . ,.~.$~. 1,.thegraCe~l~~l~wnhoMa .. }~~.~

'; '.' . , . 'He StlSby them. antt tb AJQtf~ th~ ~l,fS.

. ~ , . .' .

. . \., " .. ,. " . ", ,

p'~miR' dtet~unt jull title to )arifc

Totht7.'rJMti, astOtb.~·'yq;dno'f blS 'E'~: . "

" . '( , .

lutdfac:b'i$ thyd~e clai~e~ Gtfa~ TA~~t:o~~rt,

. ~ !, '. - I ".

Who to th~ long-dim World4oft~gbti~pa,r~,'.

To thy Loud Fame for ever be applfd,

As th- c~~,j~b, to the Gl~ of our Guitlt.

While gray Anti quit) Orilculilf heares,

Not for the Truths {he brings, but for the 'teltrtSj And her fowr 'Di.Oats from the "tripod thrown, Look more to be Obt}'4 thento be Kno'IPH.

Yet the Creati4111 is thyClll!fic!tWrl.t;.

The various Colollies, whore broOd.fupplyes-:


'--";;'" .....


'To the·,~i~cq,mpaf8bl~·Dr. HA'}(.V r;,y')

. . " ' .. ', 'On hOlS.-Rc.oks'". . "~"'~!.'"

Qf:theM~TI0N of~;R~A,R'tab.l ~L9b!,i

, .,', A' d'of,the' ,,', .. ~, '.' .

:,\ '. ': . .': n ,.' ' , .,. , ...


• !. -.

Illbllbif'tf';ztsto E'( tos,.u; andSIQ~s; ~ Thefe are thy Vat;Ctzll~an~'ohe1:ythefC!! .

Are t1ry.'l~fIiUible Hil'Pocr,,:tei ~ ".1 "

Thy S;by1l4'"OltJmes; aild;'ThOli knowfrtbeni,aUli

Like their ,£irft GodJlliber,beforc the F,all. .

Their-Natures) Kinds; Djflilttliom and:Co,;celit,; 0" the Parts conteinec't):ind.P ~rts ioiltih8Ht, Their'Order; 8ubfliilct~ 1(f11tp~r,Sit~, thoir 'P~rct, B.;tati~tj and cOllfedetafe;Entercourjr,



Whad~9Uics.C16fo ~ts C,Us, and whit Dilatt. Wh~t (e.CI't'!1: Engiue'stune the· p li/fo, whore din ~y Cbimes. w;t~lIt,Strjk!s how things fare·Jr'th·

, l IH. •.

TheI:c d,idittho,uuace theBlood)an~ fidl behold' What l>reltfllesmift~~en..Sages coin'd of oU~ ,

.. ...

- ,

ltooft antlp(lrf;t;oneJ from1ifltlr N'eighlloUri.grount The NQtneroU91ntrlt!sThou:baft fiartbcd' '" "

• through,',\

M:ighc:b,oth Appeaft the Goch) lind SUffiN:ooi ;

Not in the dull Emet'it C",wca{t, whitc·~ r': : .

Tlte ShQPs remain where oncc,theWDt~eti·w~re i

And onely yield this cold McoWlt'i ,tlkie: ftantfl For till thy l'lgtlj'llf tbe folmt,,;,r~r"~t, The StuJf~ and 'tools perhlp.s)l butnot1the HlmJs. The ,ri",!on plood~.wa.s but a crimfon La~,.

Bat in t~e Living LII~OTar9rirs; when' Which {irn from Thee did 1yde and Motion gJin~~

The Vitalsply'd their task like L#b'ring tiltH; And Veins became j~s C'h"nnel,not its ChlZine.

When Lijl.and IJJduftrJ:one FounlaJncfcd, Wltq ~t~~and Cp,ndijh hence thy BlIYs is curld,

And to give over W ~~,:wa~;.tobe 'J) •. ril1~'. ::. Fam'd, e~rflilator of the, Leffer World. ,.

. . Alld now the BtaJfi Hold thcirlnfir'liw'vc l,ifc Y et tholt nofooner w.t:Qughtftthi~JP.oHtfer out, .'

Jnnobled by the cuuning of thy Knife. ' ,_, , Thouvg" r,oofbothgainft the cool .fulipenfe of .

, 011bt, . ., A

Their F"U:lieares Sll.~jfi.'i' rtlbli'C~g(JfJJ, An~l9Hgh(r Viple'zce'o~~h'D~fPifers. tOltgue;' i But E~~(JP!'X9Jl.l~g,~itlt ~ot_c(Jnthllfl.~~~IS. ~~nlr:· 1

~~s:ffir~y ~ltDefi.~"fC rp~u.l'lg pp.h~re,~ ~I~ _ i.,' ,', ,"!' At bft a r wal·mo(q~,~4Pio9.lrl!! ,p~.~. .): .: ~ -;'

Nor is it to be Slttin"butV,,,,aer]iootl. . " There 't~y, ObforviHg.Eyefirft foundthc·Art Of allthe Whtt!$ and,C;:(ocA;worltof ~thc-fltaTt:


from Forreig" C04jlS, and to the C01Jjlil1 com .. , -,,' : ~ltleri."!'''t,~J·rllt.~.b()th t~ke ~hy, p"rt:

. . ~ .(.. ' " '. . ... :

'Some thy bold Ch"D~nger.1 ;. thy Secontls (pine. ' . JrtJ1Q~ ,arift fcape ~'hc ~Oltff'; ! . the~e's·t~eA'rt. ',


M. LL. M. D.

. ... ,.~ •



But whenExperienrt vanquilhuheir de/met, ' .

Live Modnn WOHI/er, and be read alone,

As theill InjlruBor, and dkit Viitortop. .:

Thus t'(P:ce endeer'd, t~y Secrees we a1JQW, By1rutl"r'~t fidl) and by 'Ofp,oflrs now. i,'. ~1;JQld tlij}'utei:l, and Approved filch, :,. '

. Comes M'ertl~,bllt partsTteRj1IYt fiom the 'r Olidl,

Great (JeltleratiDIt's (eIre is now tby H,irt.

, -A Calmer welcome tJ,it choice peice hcfd~ {';,' Which fron.~freJh ~xtr#~~ hath deduced ,a-U~)':

ADd for belief, bids it llo~longei' begg ,r.', : ,\' Thllt Cajt.r.cjocc'and· f~llu~ w~re iUIE.~¢',!;·.'· ;:: .-

t .. • • ~. ,

Thae boththe He?f alld-Hou!wifo'are1'o'tblttthr;,' '

Thafhel'-&ot\ Boril!1is only'HerSon f1~t'Cbti'{ '. 'fha~ when ~er!f;~miflgIi6p~'IiSve piOCp\'oliSl:li"n,


.,., ..

ye~ to <;b1ic~1l¥)'is'~l~o\~R} withi,;~

.,. ,

.:"," .

•• III1"'~ 1l1'.1II,a."IlI .• "~


, 'll tfEP', A C,E.~

Thi P~efllct •

.' ' But ~rifl(Jt/e ( Natures moll: diligent :fearcher) . affirms that the Male and ,F~~1l1e are rhe ,pril16ip/es of Ge1t~ratioll~ and ~hat fhecontributes the matler, and,h.e the firlJ1? and thaf forthwith after COItIOn, there isform'ed:inthe Womb out of the Men .. ffruous.l~loud:) the Viralprinciple, and firft parriele of the future Ftcl1H:J (namety, thc'Heal'tjin Creatures that havebloud.) , . But that·thefeare falee,. and rafh affer .. tions' will '(oon appear ; and will' like cloud~ inftantlyvanifb,(when the light of ~I'latb.mical dUlecHon breaks forth) nor <wiIl·th~ require any elaborate confutat!,;,., 011 ,.' whentlieR.eadcr,' mfrrulted by his ~\Yney'es • fh_a~ difcover the contrary by oo.ul~rtntpc!tt1on; and £hull al(o franc!; :how unfafe!)and degenerate a thm~ it'lS, ~to be tutored by other mens comwicntaries, "w~thout making rryal of the things thelllfelv~s:efpecially; Iince N(ttllru iJO.(}/{is fO'ppe",and legible. '. ,. ~ .1 I have therefore exhibited to publick vi~w, whaeirt there my Hxercittltiolf.r, I intend to deliver concerning the GcneratiM 011 of .ANlmalr '; not onely that pofteriry may thence d ifcern the certain and a ppa ... kent trut)}-:; but allo, and that cheifly.t90, that{by.reveaHng the Method I 'ufe.',in fearchil'1ginto.things) I 1111ght propofeto: , . . H:udious

~~$TnCe,inany nave, requefred~.and ~ S ~ fome have importuned mee; it :: •. 'li'~ : will nor.I hope, be unwelcome, ~T~ (candid Rcader)ifwhat I have

~ obferved concerning the Qmeratioll ef .A. nil»ai" out ofitU'ltCullical di!fetlions (for I have found the whole matter to be much different, from that which is delivered, either by Philofophers or Phyfitians) I cxpofe in thefe Exercirations, in £'lvour) and for the ufe of the Lovers' of

Truth. .

All Phyficians, following Gale", teach, that out of the seed ·ofMalc and .. Eclllalc: mingled in Coitio", according to the predominant power ofthk,or that, the Child refembles either this, or that Parent ; and. isalfo either M,z/e or Female. And fomelimes they pronounce the Male/Seed to be the Efficiel1t caufe, and the Females the .jl1,lterial/:, and fometlmes again the clean ~9.-Ptr4lry~

.. ~ ...

The 'Prqf'('~

·ftudious 'men, a: new ~an,9... (1('( aniltake not.) a. Curer,' pathto thq .. a;t~ahnn~n~,·qf

knowledge, . , ......,

. For-although it be a more newand di~ ficulr wuy,to find out the n~t\lX'CQftbini$~ by the:thirigs rhemfelves , tlw~py. rC4cj" ing:Qf~ooks,-~otake o!Jr ~n,9w~ij~e \l'p'orf truer from the oplnion5' qf: P'1ijle>fQ1' phers': yet; muft it needs, be .. ~oJlfefr fed, that the former is mUcb lI)Qr,tf,opeo, and lefie frandulenr, efpc(ii\ll.yjn t.he: ~¢,. crets relating to Nat""4l philqj'tJplU. " .: .. '

, Nor is there any reafon, . wily Any .1»:}1) . fhould be deterred by the ,tJ.'9\\hJe.:o$ i~ & if he will but ro much as ·q(:)Jlfi~" 'w.hb himCelfe, 'thatevenlife ~t felfc;!~,CQJ1tinu .• ed to himjby the never W ~ricm, .Ali~d. on ofithe Heart. Nor trnlr' wow(J,hi, journy prefent fo much of: {Q.itt.1de and dClifart to us; did not m.c)ft .men by ~he . cuftome(orfault ratherjof -the age wet live in, yeilding themu:lve,s up to Oug~ gillinetre,· delire rather to ene with die m;.tny, then with the expenfe of their pames and coine, endeavour to ' be wife with thefewr when notwithftanding the: ~lIci~lIt phi/()[opherl (whore' ind~ftry ;dfu even we e:xtoI)went a guit¢ contrary way, eo work; , and by' indefatigable toile f~at., ~hing;aftcr fevera! eX'peri1JlC)"t~~~ have ret

, . up

The Prefac~~'

up:. dear light to direCt our fiuc:liesJo.',:So, that; Whatever notable: .. and: appr~yed t~ing we have in Philofophy, it,~llifs_de:-. rived unto usby thepatnes and induflry of ancient Greece. Yet when we content our felves with their difsoveries , and catmlybel~eve -(whiCh is meer Ileepinefs) that there lS now no more place for new' invenrierrs; ·the fprit!elyedge ofour.owne wit lan~uilhtth, and: ~e,extingtiilb the lamp .vjhich "they Iigheedro our _ hands .. And certainly he.alone wil grant,that t~e whole truth was tngroffedby the. Ane! .. e~ts; (v.:ho is ignorat:'tofthe manynoble dlfcoverlC$"to plfs by other Arts) lately' found out in,th~ bufinefsofAn.tto11lJ. And this wascheifly done either by fuch,who wholly intent upon fome onething, did cafually defery fome other r or (which is more commendable).by thofe, who fol .. lowjng'Nat~r~s conduct with their own ~yes, have at.length through a perplexed, but yet a moft faithful traCt, attained to the h;ghdl:pitch ofTrurh.And in fuch:~f1. ijnde,rI!31\~ng l~ is plea.rant) pot to betyr:e~ onely, but.even tofamtaw.~y; where the Irkefomnef:s .of Difcovering ls abundant .. ly recoll)peo.r~d by the difcovery it felfe, We ufe ,.~~JQg covetous of Novelry, .to wC\np~r.fal i.~ltQ unknown-lands, thatour




Thc'~~~tc.e.:s: ftQrnrI.U1(i.'Q.e~foh t.Q·n~rti.~,~~rJ')y~uMt::.'Ve· ry co~~re~enfi?n ot'l.J1tlverfoIJ In th¢~~~ llcrft~~J8g;·(: fprtngs. ! fr.Qfll(thr, pc:;[~~~tion

:o~: .8'1Jg1!/~r.I'.J~ C?).lr:fiJlfi;. j :s(.tt~",t~oth4.~ 1..r.t.2.~. ·~ifto!les Aff~lon_s: .:n:e·~ttll(l.', ~as.:wc.l1;tb~t

,1", his pliJl!fAt;.:I.he~e..'i.~\""JVI#.'''4t;md'''''J.

· ed /rIJlI#Pqfo th"'c-~I f Wh..lfib, ~tS'!e 1!#Qre \ k.uq,,-~ ima ple4rci ·'t()fJU,· ttJ.. tli(Jfo lthing,w'hich. '.Art: '11IQ,e if/tellig/ble and ildA1·.~" ky 1!,JII1·~.:::.i Fw . the foti~ethiitgs:a"e not hoth.!tnin;l'"..I..IUU-1d1J.rJ jt!,lplyfoP~o·~·., whc~eflr~;rPe qf ~.ecejJifJ I1lfll

· thllt,,.DO!!eJ.; ,'0 ~It .,foo.m.,tht{e thin,'!.I1fhilh ',4re tu naIHre.mdeedm()rJ;:,qbjcure, b~t,"PI~4f~ " fieanerto tts; .·t6.·.th~[erhil1gJ whU;hft.r..e moreeleitre .~l1dirt(~Ujg;b.lebJ n4lIlre.·.· "1JHt ~ thofe .thiltgs~(Jr.cftrft ,pcr!picHoul alld fll:4i#foft :to '# '. which ,are .1I14ft confofed. ·1hq:~f~r.'e

· m~ goe. frf!HI VllivcrGtI, t!lSingularr,: ~forthe W !Jtll~;1 more. ~n.i)w;'.bJ .fo;,fl: 1l0W: a" ·vI#verfo.l.'il"ccrtaiIl.Wh()le~· As thJt in his (An.alytidt:$ .... singular.r ar.e. more 4pf.'w" by I'oft· 2.'

: 1If, ,"!!~Jdf1e.Jir.fl exift .4tcor, rJ;'!g" to fin!! : J~r

~ 1J.Qt'·;rs' 111, the tlnderflandmg, w!iif.b 'l!'al 'lIot!beforc.iIl1 the flnfl •. And altho~jgh that

· B.a'i.o.cin.lI:ti~n is naIHr.l/y ftrft. and. t)Jore (ltnplrn ; which ;t made. by sJUo,gij'1fJe.; ,t' :tbtd is 1I}"Jre con.ffiicIIPIt.$· to 1$1, whicIJ ;1 titaa?

bJ JndHfJiiln.~ aNd therefore we dejilJe Sing,,lars wifh #I!~pe eafe ,thenVnjverfals :f01 tlw', lyel morq SfJHivocalion in Ylliverfals .1vhert:;'


The' P.rBfdc~. '

fO¥4: ~eelJlHfl paJi frOl1l ~ifll*lari'to Ge~

ner.Ii.;' . .

::: :}~.hatwhi~~.we:~ave now *mvered~ hapg' \rery well eogeeher, 'though at .firtt it(e~rn ·to clafh: becaufc Generals arefirlt 'ColltCt-ed from S,i"gularl by ft"fe~ nod .fo ~rr~ . on~ly 'are fIIore lt1lnPlI to,u~ ·a9 an V .. . '1I~erfo:.l"ls a cerram '4'~o/~ ~nc;l illdijlillfJ thing., and that Whole 18 ",orr 1(1I,"",z,tO HI according to fenft.· For ·(.hough in all knowledge~ We beg~n f!om se~ft)beca:ufe~ (as ~h~. PhIlofopher.filldbefijiiC!j':8t,yibk par~lc~Ja:s are ~oJt /z1l0WI1 to,sen[e~· yet S~lIfotl0" It.felfe IS an Vlliver:fol~~hmg.·For (If y~t' minde ie w~ll) .th~)Ughf'*hJlewe perceive) that which IS In the Otitwnrd org~'tl of. fenfe'b~ a SingHlar:> as fuppofe) a yd~ow ' colour, In ~,hefight: 'yet that which ist~el!-ce abfl.rdl1ed bftl1~'iHtw"aQ

. [e~~) ~d IS J!ldgeQ and appre~~mded by It;'. is-an Vnt-qei'fal; HenceIe '¢omtsro

'pafs~ '~pat' feveml'perfons, do 'at ,ehe fame lD;fta~'t'~; "Q~ttraa: .di1J~rIJjeciel, .and falbion fev~rlt~lnot,o~/, .. ev~n of ~lIe dlid:'lhe pm, .. O~jfrJi.'" As It IS e'Vuilent In P4eiijand P~in'fen: who, though at the foill'c·tit/le "nn'd In:the fame place, allcircumftancesbei~g alike, they behold one and thefliJiJe'objeg~ yet each of the m, 'be. they ne":~t fa many: exprefs and defcrlbe It a[everal rlay, ac-



.'fb.e,'Pfeface• 1h~ ,frefan.

J»'hD>~l.j iH;n~e tal<ls a rep~efehtat)OIl1*/Jjc.~ work; implanted ill Me. 4rtifts. mi.nde.: And JlJe:illdeavour.etbt~ pa!terll'~ he~'w.ur", .. ':.8j the lame way: by whichwe game an Art~' ih~n'DRr face;frJh'lcb IS my dtrel1or, ~&.1l'h'~" I>y the very fame we attain; any kinde of 'z/abollr to reprefent) 'is the Iae{to' ;·And·a'}.. [cicjjc~ ~r /(1.!owledgewh:ttever: for as .Art tie after, he ,(aith~;' In 1Jly ili{cPlvJi. ,."t" is a habit whofe~bjeO is fomething tobe t1DWltJIade 11ft of" pi{llWe.drawer~to ,,!Ullf! aOlle ~ f~' Science is a habit, whofe objeO is ftrtltewh~' IW~I .(pe4f<j~gof.: .;JIe;.'lPh;tI!'~a fomething to be ~"o»'n: and as the forfPotJd pAmt yl~gl~, hl~ eJ~ 1.1, lIP~" ,Virgil mer proceedeth from the ilJlitatioll Of Ex-

/Jilllftlf··: Vlrgtlsface H·b,l: liett)~ alld the emplar.r; fothis latter.fromrhe /tHow/edge. Exemplar of his fotltre Jep(l,ne!.~ :h()ffI that of things 'JatliraU. The SourCe of both .is 1f1hich the oArtift' tak.,c.r (rtJIIJ this Iaetl ,. an~ trom fcnre and experience; .Un.ceit is .imfr10rteth off, ;s the ritlure~ , If Y0l! ~11J4~~ p.offible that Ari lhould rightly be purtbe ai/ferencebetJ¥Jct'" theft· tWO'if It tI thl~ ~ .chafed by the one, or scieuce by the other) the. one if the l'''tkrll~ the ~ther. is ~he.i:"p"t~' without a direction from Idea!. Yet ill ~tJ hj thl Pattef~ 'pel 'a,eJNpo1t:~h~/1Ppr4.~,both A~t & Science too, that thingwhich 86 imitates theolle, ana ma/tts 'he;tht"~, ".,4 in fepfible objedsweeperceive , differs ~I,tttHe. hath a face',hHt th.l#fit~ill;.~th' from the perception it felf~ which is kept {dos, orrepreflntati,,, :B1I' ihe,,,*elllplar in the lpe1lJ.or,y , or ;maginatio."' That, is ", the 8fat""'1'copies tlHt,hath·,'4flJUJl~'a.d. the exe~plar, the Ide", thefor"e inform'hat face is thtIiLea. 'Voe,ON;JejrNf.r• iflg:' tbis;) the Repr~fi"'(/tiOfl) the Idof)the ther explicatioN I ttt4! it thlU.',:~ he-Idos iI abflrdl1ed Spe"Ci~f. That) isa nat'~ral thiNg; that which 'DBfit in the piece :,,·th~ Idedil .a real entil!; this~a refem~/~"cc,»,ti!i.:. quite without the piece, ""d: not. ~ne.!1·,2l';th1' tude, and an tll.r rtltioNis:~ That, is irn ploy-

.. QNt ie:, bNt'a/fo'had a beiilg/Jefore"be piece ed about fome part;clIlar thing) and is it ~a.r ({t aU. For thofe things;:tha~ hav~ relfe a pnglllar!j and an i,,4ivid,lal; this, is 'been formerlyobferved , and: either by i1 kina~ of univerjdl and c~!lJ.IJJon thing. ufe, or cuftome have taken deep rootin That, i~. in every ArtiJl and ~b#ofopher., a, the minde of the Artificer,:doecoDfti~[enjiblelhing, clear; ql)dpe~fel1" thi8~e-: tute art it felfe,and t~e O'perative'Habit:, longs t~jt~e mihd, and i$obf alre. For what for Art it [elf;/ ilot!Jing bill the 'reilfoll tJjlk4. wect difeover by flbfei) is much more for~ . ., . #'or4, ~ and


. the ,pr~frice. ! . • • The, Prifdce.

and 'minifeft "tlt~'n whatWe·cHfcatrer'\by. ";n'r.i,ltfI~ which it finds out by 'senft~· we ',the'In'e~fetJ .... be~a~f~. t~e .1a-tt'e.~' ~~nrig$ ·mu~ Hav~ a Ipecial care,that by cuftoma ... frorilthe former, and tsdlufrratedBy it. ry ~dleCl:~ons, we be, fure thole Principle» To conClude,)senjibteObjectsate·ofthem. arc fafely ground~d~ If we do oeherwife, felves, and befote'1nfeIJigib/~ ; 'but tlltelli. we may get a tumid and floating opinion: gibte' are after the~,: and ~a'f1fe'frdm, t~em: ,bu~ nevec a foJid and infallible /tnowledge: ner can We attain 'to themat all, 'without As It h~pl'enet~ to thofe, who fee forraign their help.· . . countrles'onI}' in Mapp:r,and the bowels of

Wherefore it is, that-our ju'tlgbiient'er.. menfalfiy defcribed in Aniltolllicaltablfm, retha~out, phantll~mes and a PJ'~iti~i~n~ -And hence it comes abour.thar in thisrank 'Co~prlfed 11;1 our mm~slI tm"e~sJe~{e'glve ,age, we have many 8ophifler.r, and Boo/t'a rlght verdier, efrablifhed upon (rf!quent wrighlJ; but few wife men, and philofopher.r:. obfervarions, and infallible·exp~etiments. . ,And thus much I thought fit to pre-. 'For in every Science!) be it what it 'Will, .~ mlfe as a Taft, that you may underfrand; ,diligentobfervation;js·requifite,andsen.!e ,by What helps I my-fdf was affified, and it felf muf] be frequently confuited.We upon what confiderarlon I was induced to ·muit not ( I f.1Y ) ,rely upon 'otlier1mens communicate rhefemy Obfervatiotis,and . experience, but on oU'r'owne;'with:out Experiments: and that you treading the

which,' no man is a' ptbper difcitle:ofa. fame path) may be able not onely to be . ny part of .natura~'kn~wledg~; -;,; ri~r. a an equitable Umpire between Arlflotle~ & competent • Judge of what I· (ball ,deh~el G4letl,but aIfo forfaking al fiibtleiies, and

. concerning Generatio1l; :(01" withoufeCpe. probable con jetl:u,res,and viewing Nature

rimenrall skill in Anatomy) 'he'!will on ·tn her own glafs, may fearch out many o., better apprehend it, then aman''htJ''n'blili ther things yet unrevealed, and perhaps can judge of the natureand dHfe~ence" more precious.

colollrs:.~r~peborn d~af,0~80H1I~$: T~ere .. Oftbe fi'.'ormel' l1iatters' sccordin«. ftJ

fore (dlfcreet Reader) trufi:; nothIng I· '.. . . ... , 0

.. fay, about the Generatioll ~f'AhiiJt4/J ;1 Af1fiotle~.

appeale to none b~t:thjn~ ~yes •• '~or~n.ce 'N' 0, ~ind ofkrt. dwiedge is irinate tous,

every perfect Suence ,builds upon th?fe. atcdi'dihg td j1Jriflotle; For neither

. . I' m» ~ ~ opinion

. Tl3e .

. 1 'he Prefllce. manner how knowledge is acquired. F01'

opinion, nor Art)~or Vnaer1!atlJ;llg, nor having;.raught, that all certllillltflt1w/edge is speecb, nor Reafon It felf,· are lOUS by: 1I4~ gained by syUo,-e.i[1JJ., and Dem()1Ijlril/ioll). 'lure -and from our birth; but all thefe are and that all demoifjlrative SyUogi{mer, are of the linageofthofe things, which hap. built upon fame jlrft, true, and ncceffary pen to us foODI 'Without, accordill$,,/o tlalNre; principles; he at Iaf] inquires, htJtf1 princi:

As alfo all thofe ,qualities and·' habits, Ilet bcclJme k.!JOW11, ana ",htttis that 1It1tifj .. which are efteemed to be fpontaneous, & ing habit; as alfo, whether h4bits are bcgo..t. placed within our own. power; ~~ch a~e ten, .tlnce they were not in 114 before; or elfo, Vir/uel and Piceslor which we recelven~l. whClbertheJ'/llr/zed conceatd,i1tcafi they were ther commendation, and reward, or d1e. ill In l We have 1I0t, faith he, thofe ha~itl) grace,& punifhment, The kno:wle.dg there for it happell!'. that they are hid .from tho(e fore of any thing mufl: be our tlho acquire more exqui{lte /tllo'lf'ledge by Je. proper purchafe. But which ~l'e the firft 1II0npration. BI# if we receive them, 'lPhelt principles of this knowledge, 1 s not the JPe !ad them not ~6fore, ho~ fl,qltld R1e matte Icope of this difcourfe, '.. it k.,no'n,", alld how jbollld we learn 01tt of «

Yet I fuppofe It will not be.amifs, to "on-prtceding kllow/ed,ge? Ins plail1.e there .. _premife here, Whence, and How we come fore that 'If'e have them not, and th4t they are to know that we may attamto a more 1I0t iN IH, and we not ~!10W of them; and . perfett u'ndcrfranding of the Get/eralion ~ that they cannot be beeottes in "Ien that have . .AniNtal.! and alfo take away any feruple, Jet 110 habit at all., Wherefore it 'neceJl4ri/y

which a~y man might raife abOutAriftolkl [OYoN!, that we have (o11le pOrf'er to alta;'/.

.A""~t. ••. F h ffi U .:J ~ 'e na h d r: h . I

,oft· 1.1.. -opmron, or e a rms, a "()""rm,~ a t cnt, an Jet nOIJuc a one M" more exce _ .

e r, . Ditltloetical difcip/ine to be fr~1»e-doNt 8f Pre- lent, ana exqllifite tbe» thl!J. Now thh [eem« ~edellt k...,nowkdge: Whenc~ it feems to m- to be It C01lllJtJJn thing to aU creatures -living r fue that there is either no firl1: knowledge, to h4ve.A-COnnate potf1er of Y"aging J which

or ~lfethat that lir1l: knowledge i s bo~n js cttl/ed Smfe. .

with US; which is diffonanr to what is raid Now.flnce they httve sesfe, flme of them

Lefore. .' '. tela in in Ihmt the things they perceive by

.fb. I. 2. This doubt is hereafter. clearedh bhy .Ah" fellfe, and follte not. They f1Jho relain not, ~4t, ldt·.rijlotli: himfelf; where he teac ee t e ~ ~ have man ..

the Prefdce..,

'have .either no kJtowleeige at aU, 0,." elfe n(J. 'A1!o'I¥Jled.~eqf what th~J do notrettti".",- beJo~4

• 'he bare fenfation # J c/f.ofherl ,10 reta11le in their sOlll[omethillg 'of 'What they pe,.ceivt~ A1fd Jintc there art? manyfilch, t~ey, arc thlH di!ferc1fcc4; thatinfoole there dotb rrji~lta ~ertain difcourft jrOIJl the 1JtC1JJO''J of thmgl, rets: ned, and ;11 [oole not. ' F1 S en,(e f herefore I»cmfJry it made, tH we (tty; a1td'~IIt of ~ freq,tent remembrence of the fo,lIJe fhl'llg, 'II experience made: {for' mall} nUlJlcrical Re .. tnembrallCcf'J. are one Experiencc) bll;t o"to/ l!~xpericni:e,or: an V}ji'l'e"faI1~i.:(ling iN thefoNl(n(lmcfy out of 011C, which if diflinl1 from t~e man) partim/ars, and is one alld the [anle 111 aU of them.) is, raifld-a principle ()f Art, "ltd Science ~ of Art, if it relate to Gelfcration; (that iI, to doin~(!,) or efJef1i11g;) of Science, ~f it appertain to th;lt rrbich is, (t~a.t 1r,tn the, k.1Jow/edge of aI/ Entit)' flmply; ) fo that the J,'lbitl we fpea/z (If, arc neitber "atltrally in, II!', neither are they ?I/tIde (Jilt of otber ~t1b;:s mrre l<,tOl'YW, hllt they proceed fro»l.8e"fe~'

By which words ofArijllJtlc, it evidently:.ppe:us, by what OrdCI' the knowledge Vt any Att;or'sc;em:e is attained: Namely, bv 8e11Ji' there remains an ill1pr~(jlo" of the thing perceived: by that ll11prejJ;rm is made a rfn1t'~)hrt711Ce of it, 'and f' om 111111- i.iplieJ. mCliltu]{proceeds Experience : from

", Ex-,

,1.lli I:r4Jra~e..

E~:perieI1C~,'lJni~et{aI~~,~fo1f,p'efi'!itio~/')1tIa,~ xj11l~J, '1r. COIJ!1ItOIl.Ap';lo,m~') which an: th~ ,maft. certain priltp!ll~/'~f'lttlortJler1$~. 1 ~,~ fo~ c~a~p.1~, ?he .lf1(~e th~"g, 1#!d~r.t~~ f4m,~ t(llqc~,J. c~~n.f!~ pojJf.b","be.,,~#~ not':,bee. E:1J.erJ 4ffir~atl0"~ IJ~,a(I01t, IS. el~he~ tr~~ ~r fa!fe; and fo forth. ,., : '

Wh,e{efo~e,as w~, (~i9 before, no perfea .{t,QPw.l~dge, whl~~,.l?ay be ca.11e~ Qll~$, is ,nm; but f\.len a~ '1S in fomefo.~~ der;vt:dt'!. 'I! from Exp~r~e11ce, ands~nfl.~ or isat leaf] examined, ' al~(l approved l?y

them, a'~d, Ilrongly g.~o,u~ded'upo~ fom~ 4n.o~l~dg~pre-e~ijt~nt ItJl\~'" F or, w~thOl~t memory, ~hC'.re can be "no eXre~Jence ~ which is nothing elfe but a mUlt1p~led memory: neither can "i~11l0ry bee, Wl!~out ~ rema;nlng illlpreJjion of the fenfarive ob ... }efr,~q~ the objett: cannot remaine, where

It never was. ,

Th~ great Dia:a~or,Qf.Ph.ilofophY hath ~~.a:~,',

another p:tff'age to thl,s purvofe. ..A~ .

,m,cn 1Jatll1~a'ly dijlre ft~0f!?(ee!ge. AlIt{ thl~ 11 evidmce4, by the love oJ 0111' Swfes : ~1JIOI~ .. cft

which ~e pr~te,' the .fight:, b.ecat{c t~~1 ~h,lef:~

\ Iy conv.eyethknow,lcd;ge to tet~ a~d"I~ jhcth J,eflofthings."· ',',:" ,;

, Nf!W nallraUy Alti,,~a1.s arc (enfotll.!c : ' ku..t

fl,l/l.e oJ t, henl "e11lclIJbern,ot w,liat thtJ ~erce1'lJ,e 'hyfenfe, d1Zd fome 40. .And for ,thu Ct1Nfo " .,:.' ,-, ,,. 4 ' 't?)fJ1t

=. IS '



,Apl/d, Plat, ill ~orgia,

, . ,,-', rhe Pt~fdCe., '

.(ollle are pl'lId~1Jt,'jO,m~,\,are ~",.e·c~p4h1t '1 qi[cip/ine th.en re1Jlell~~r,"tit. P,,~ !leiit~ .,#~o"t be;,ig ,tt,lHg~t; al al/ tb~ t~a( ~ave 1101 theflnfo of .hett,pinE, al 'Bees an4 other l<j"dS ofc~eatMrel ;.B~t '4D cre4- t1ir,el1Jl4J be tallght which have bOlh memory, "tid hfllri~g too, , ' ., .. ' , ' . ~- 1~erefo,.e'ltbc.;' r..rr(fill:fe.r F;ave ph~Me!,4!I4 ~1!"lpr;CI ~b",~ ~a'Q~ ~Q. 'itl~ t~ exp.e~i~1ce. BNJ, {If~?t,pa'P~ .Artl1 ~~4 ~attOC/~l'ttOn,. .And to t~~m eJfP'e.r;el1ca \~(I/!Ies hy r~l1Z~fJtkra1(cc' .. for #fjl1l) r'~9rd,iio1tlof the j:tf»~ thi",g~' 1!lak,.e p~e. Eiperi,ence. 'Ir~~refore. experience fit;1JJI Nlllih'o!kj" to 4t;t~~n4Q.cience.:F()rhJ fxpe~ifltc~ 1IJf(t g4.inbiJt~ 4rt and science. Fo~ experieilcfl beget.r4ft(as p~lf!:1' r~g~#y notes) ~q~ Inexperlence.Chance, . "

¥y W1iich he clearly fhews, that no men can be trueJy called prudent; o~~ ,ltno~i~g, Wh9 doth Dot by': his. own experience Ca~rained by m~nif~fa .remembrance , fr~ .. RU~l1~ fenfatioQ,. and dH~ge!lt obfer'va~lOl1:) k~q", ~hmgs. to be fo~ For ,withQut that, wethink onJ~IY2 or beleive: and fU.,C~l ~ knowledgeas that, '~s to be re., p~te~ other men's) rather ~hep. ' our owne, I wher~f~re fond ~n.d erroD:eo~,s is that

,M~~ho4 of feeking,tr\1t~) in ufe in our ,~~m!!$,:' ",h,\le ~no~ men diligently inquire, ·tlo.~ wh~t ~h.e tfutl;l is~but w~atother men


, The "refact. .

fay it is: and i~ferriDg l~!verfal conelulions frOIJl particular premifJ;es~ '& thence fbaping to them~elves irra~ional, dedulH. ons~ tpe] .tranfmn to us things like trurh, for truth it felf. . '

Hence it is, that Sophifters and halfe .. ~nowing ~en~. polling other mens in:ven-. nons, faucdy Impofe them upon us for their own ; (fuifting onely the phrafe and order, and adding fome impertinencies of their own) and render PhiIofo,Phy (which ought to be clear and perfpJcu" ous) obfcure, intricate, and confufed. For whofoever they be that read authors, and do Dot ,by the aid of their own Senfes,ab~ ft~afr~ue reprefentations of the things th'emte ves(comprebend¢d in the authors e~pre. l~p~)~~ey do not refent true Ideal, but deteltful Id()/rlxphantaf»u5 by which means they frame to themfelves certaine fhadowl and Chi1lt£r,cs, and all their the0'7 andconremplanon (which they count' $ciellcc ~ :re.rrefents nothing but 'lfJa4ing ~enl dre4~J,and JicltmclIs phrenfie.r.

Give me leave therefore to whifper this to the~frien~I'V Reader )that thou be fure to weigh all that I deliver inthefe Exercitat.ionJ·, t01lch~lIg the Generlftion of living Crea/W'e.r, ,in ,thefready fcale of experiDle~t) -and give no longer credit to it,

, then

s I.i1ce re in the Q~~~fation of,A-

. nimals (as in all other ~h1Dgs of ~l11C.~ we covet to know any t~1Jpg)~very lI~qlU' fition is to be derived from ItS Caufis, ~n~ chiefly from the Materi41 and Efficient; It feems fjt to me, looking back on perfc# .animals(namely DY what degrees they-are .begun 'andcolDpl~a~e~) to ~et~eat,~s It . wcre,frQm the end to thc;.~eglOmng ,:tha~

(0 at;'l~ft whell t4~f~ ~~I.1q p~acro; f<?r fa,I(~~lCr~ . .. re-

The Preface".

retreat, we maybe con_fi~en~ we havearrived 4\t:the principles thelllfelve~: and then it will. ap~.e~r, outbfwhatfirfllll4t. ler, by what ejJJcieitt, and what procejfio1f the pl4th'k power hath its original; and then alfo what progrefs Nature makes. in this work. For both the, firfr, and remorer matter, appears the clearer (being {tripped naked as It were) by Negation; and whatfoever is firft made in (7eneratioN, that is, as it were, the m4terial ca1l{e of that which fhcceederh, So, for example, Pi. M,n, was firfi a Boy (becaufe f'tom a lJoJ he grew upto be a Mtm;) before he was a 'oy, he was an ["[41ft; and before an 111- tpnt, an Embryo.

Now we muftfearoh farther what hee, was in his Mothers W ornb, before he was thisElllb'ZYo,or F~tlls~whether three bubbles? or fome rude and ind;geffed IIIIII/,? or a. fOllcepti(in, or cQ4gul4tion of mixed feed j or whethenmy thing eIfe? according to the opinion of writers ..

, in the fame manner" before. a Hen. or foc4 came to perfection, (and that is ~~l-' led a perfea: Anima), that can beget ~t!l, like) there was a Chitk,en;beforet:hat chIC'., ~11, there is feen in the egge an EIllbrJo, e r. Ffl/~tJ'; and before that Embryo, Hie~o~~mll" fa.brici'!!. Aqtlfl.pc1fdem hath defcried tdh: e

, rll 1 ...

. The Prefac,.

r,,;aimellts of the: Head;EJef,;uid Spine of the ]Jack.: ' But where-he: affirms, that the Bllllel a,r~' made before the MlIfllet ,Heart, 'liver; !~gl, and all the Pi{cer4; ar;td that all t~e Inward 'l'arts ought to exdl: ,before ehe outward ;:h~ ~lieth upon pr<?bability,ra .. t,her then experience, al)d'layang afide the 'V~rdi~ of fenf~~ ~hich is grounded upon ddfelhons; he files to' petty reafonings borrowed frommechanlsks : which is very. unbefeeming fo famous an Atiato~ mif], Fot: he 'ought to have told-uswhar daily changes his owa'eyes had difeovered in theegge, ereeVertheFe'IHI'c~Qle to perfefrion.Efpecially feeing he profelfed. 1 y~rote ~h~ Hi{iory of th.e. Ge.eratiOll of the ~hlc'f.!n01tt (lftlie Egge ; and harh defcribed In plaures what progre{s is mad~ from d~f. to day.It was, Ifay, ~efitting fo much: dl~~gen.ce, to h~ve acquainted us from.the allegarion of his own light, what things in, the egge are made, what la(t;"and what happen together: and not to have ~onfined .himfelfto the example of build .. lDg of, Sh1j>s, and Houfqs, to render a cloudy conjequre and perfivafion only, of the

, ~rder) and' manner offorming the 'parts.

, We therefore (according to the 'Met~od propofed) will explairie, tirft, in an Egge, and 'afterwards in other 90NcepliQnf,

", , , f

. 0

1/Je Preface.

offeveral creatu~es, what is conflituted flr./!, and what I,ift, in a mofb miraculous ' order, & with a moll: inimitable prudence andwifdome,by the great God ofnaturc· and at length we will difcover, what w~ have found o:ut,concerniI)g, the jjrfl, ~;~t- ' ler ?ut of'fhIcb"and the.l11ft rjJi~jellt by which, the [telNsis made, as alfo of the order &; oeconoll1j of Ge.llera.No~:~hat thence we may attain to fome infallible knowledge: of'each.faculry ofrheformarive ,a,nd v:eg(:tatlve S~f)l, by theeffeds of it; and '.of the na ture of rhe SOIJ!jt fdfe,by ;~h.e parts, or organs oftbe ~odJ,~Qq. their funa-i ...

ons. , '

. Now: this indee~ we cou'td not perfor.ri' .m all .kind of. :4N("JII11; be~aufe fame of .them cannot?e gortenj and others again are fo exceeding Iinall, that .our eyes can

hard~y difcern them. " .

Let it fuffice therefore that we have done it in fome creatures which are.more known to us ; ,tQ whofe platform, the firft ongu,lals of all.other creaturesmay bereduced, Weh~ve made choice therefore o~f\)ch, as might render thecredit of our experiments Ieflequefrlonable ,"namely larger, and perfecter crea tures, and firch as a~e within our own .power, , For in the )arg~r creatures, all things are more con-

, fpicu ...


t .



The Reafo. why we begin with a HelllU Egge.


E x E a CIT A. T ioN I.

'[he reafon whJ -a;ebeg;n JPith EXEll.l. known to us) may cnlig~~C!n, lls "to Cantdl'l~~~~c the GeH'ef~iion of anY" omef:,'!4ni~alf~,: ,F9~.firi~e Egg's afe a cheap merchO\odize,'a(1d a~~ at h~lidat all tlmes,and in all plac{'s';it Is ail' eafie th'tfttcr to obferve out of themjwhlch are the ~rft evident.and diftin8: grol1nd-worksofGenerllti"n; w~at progre(s nature makes in/Or»l)tfioN,~ and',:wltf\ what wonderfull providenc:e {h~,n?;overm:s the ;"hole

work". .'

F IibricilH goes on: 1hat the cOlltcHfpldti", offra. miHg tbe f(rtus 'W' of'k 'he lllrg,}! of all, liP' 1,,,r,s ;n thH, that tllegrelltejl port of Ilnlmals are "; gott", of egg's. For to paflby al11loj~ the wh~le ~ace ,of InfilJs, ll'lldi11lperftl'l Creldum, whIch fenftltJelf dif coverit~f}tingfrom 'tggk ; ev,." the mol! p~rto!perfta produa,ons are of ~hllt extr~lJlo~. ,Huha' h~, referI:cth,All[ortsofB,rds; IIHd'ofF'ijJes:t~o ~fb,,,.,,,,g6H~ Whittle's) Rifo CrNjled-fifh,'Sbell-/Hh, 41t~,11U1?t1·~~fi:. !Jut [cales,5 'ft.nd, Rmoit$ft ... rtrrt'Jlria~f,rl~ll.'leet,; !"g t~;HgS, Creatures tlJllt hllve'lt~errol«;~~~lfo

all k.f.ndesof Stryt, nts; 1l1zd ~1Ho~g{l fiJiJt;;,~,' ~,e, t{Hr, Iitures ttllJOrtsoJLizllrds. ' , lr.i""\'~~~~) ,rb)

, B~t we pronounce (as {hilW:appear'~ff~' all ItHima!s' whatever, ' even Vivipirrm~,lAS,~4y mtin himfelfto be made of an Eg,~e': alld thatthc fid1: conceptions of alllivingcrellJ1Ires whlbh,bting forth young~ are certain Egges,juft 'as the!. 6I!fttl"'~ ceptw1IS of all Plants are certainfteds.~' 'Andtherto fore Empedodes rightly fiiled,the .{teds of PlRnrs, A fort of Egges. The hiHory th~rtfore ,Qf EggeJ is

moil fpacious, becaufe it yields an in~g~tjnto aU

, ki~h~;cf:;::Zf!~Egg~,W~: fhali 6rft'~e~,~IY;' ~'Ic':"

:",hen(,'t'~and how\it is, ma4e.::', AndthCln,p1.;wh~' ffl~ans,orJ.r)and '4egr'i~, 1:hc ftltus or. &hick..fjI;~s ~~ .: ..;;;,

flnonrd;apcl,plllf~tdu~ tac;Egg,)aDd:.~U~,', .' ,~,' .'. '

, .r -; (·f H(r~

EXE:1\.~J~ 4 HelllllS Egg"", " ;, ,

Here again Fabricius : The production"'; of.Ai " wnlsdQjol1t.t of tbem j}rillo Ol/t, ~I'E(JIots 'fo"" IttSeed,. IIHd jOI1lt! out ~f PutrijllctioJi; ~l he;;;: 1J::t ;1 that JOllie are, ':illltd O'tllpar61lS fome ViVl;" ....r..)

h .m f' ;/:' lJ' , r arONS, otners t e IJJllfS ~ Plltrl) /lctlon, or crcillmes horn ft!., , , " -1 b l G 1. • I 0 .ttYown accora ; )' r 'JC ret ... s, ttflTO(lfZ.Ta.,

Bu~I di!like this divifion , becaufe all.lbti 1ttii may In Iome (on; be ,laid to be hor 1. f' f. d" , ' orn out 0

~J:'ej? an ~I~ Iome (o~t.out of Sred: beIider, tile arc lhled OViparous, V'VtfJllr01tS 01' T' ,Y I fj I' r)" fYlllljMrollS rat ier 1'0111 t .le, iffUe5 themfolves hrillg forth, tiltn

&om the or1f;t1l1l1 matter 0" »'hich th If I

ud, I b r. 'J t111;t'V6S were

/I; e; n;tm~ )7), ecaure they produce an E ee It

11,or11l, or a ltvmg Crtllt~re. Some of them a:r~"airo raId to-be j}onte 1t1l(cellttll, creatures born of thelr O~VIl accord, not beC:lIl(a they qUicken OUt of u. Wid matter, bu t ,becaufe'they are' begotten Pb banet', by J~atures OWn accord, and b an e liTi'N:lltp.,t'lleNtloH, C~s they call it) and 6y par!nts f,a,dliferent !lee'u.j from themlClves F I'

, I ICc db, ." or ot lei'

,tmn~ r.a 0 ? rill~ forth an E'g(e, or It 'frorm,

s their COllceptto,t,and Seed' OUt of w hi r c.'

h fed I , . tc 1, alter

@y., "v~cxpo ed It to the Wide world they ro-

~ce afl1jl;u.r,and fo are ll,a~lcd Ovipar:us, or ~r:

IPIlr,OTIS. But now the V1Vljhirous are there£ ' railed, becaufe they retain and cherifh thei 01 e o rion 0 t; d r. 1 " r conce ..

h' , r Jee , ,0 ong wIthm their OWn bowels till

ef,aul eome forth iliaped~ and alive. ,)


" . , .

., EXERCIT ATION ,11.' .:' .

ESER.I{I. Oft/MOp"-",, fJt'P.Pper.pat'#&'C; fl'~ of l~fells (Wh. jc~ Arl,iflDt1e, faith Is a Worme) which b~~~g, ,e~JlQfe4 l.nco~pl~te arthe fi~ft" feek oWh'foOd,-and f9 thrlve,and\ellIarg~, from an Imperfelt: t.C!ge, eo aperfelt: tgge, andfoed. But the Hcm~e, an4aU oth,e:l" C!v;p(lrolK:~rea.tures, doe lay a peJ fea egge; of 'WhIch, f.·om Without the worpli, tPF.R,\ ha~cb a ,fil!tlll. And for this caufe 4qllf#J!.t~~,!$,melltio,"s two places affigncdto genera~I(J?t,,{ol1.eI1tJer1lf1I,n~mely the womb; the other i~tetnl!l, whlch he calls the Eggr. But (in 'my 0- p~I)I~).n) he mJglu"upon, better grounds, have callcd, (h~ Ntfl) or Repojitory, the e~tfl~~l pla.ce; bemufe In that the .expo(ed feed IS chel'iflied. ripened, an~ hat.ched into aJ~tH!. For the ,Generation of eV~'4'wl( . .:r~a~~Ire:s~' is mainly :oUferenced by t~e,J.'r .' ~fl:.Norls l~ lefstlJcll ad?lirttblc; that firch bt*'.'l\e~tures(h~uld n]~ke choice, of there receE~c;Jt:S'W~dJ, {uch Cxquifite prud~nce. s 'and fhape, .~Ilcll gua'~d;J and, conceale ilictn., wah fheh uni-

pl!~abl~~ ,alit, and co~trivance: whence We mlllfi ~1:t4s ~9rcJu~~ (with the .Poet treating of Bees) !lt~~.fJ1.~Y. .are. cndowcd.wuh a por~ion of divine ·,JIl,~PIKa.qQ'~: and that we may eafier admire their

un~nUF~a~a art and prudence)then attain unto it.

. :.~' 9f' jhe plllciiJf GtiitriltioN. E~E~':' ITr

• ~.'. •• • ." -"": • ',' :- 'J : ,.,~

N' . Atlire ,(faith" F abril:il«) , w:wji rft Jtfi~~iib)H 4 , 'tbe plllce,which foe at ltn~th' decrte(ft?''bi~ithtr within r1je .Ani1)ial, or wit/ffo;it it 1 1i'It,d '(ippo/tlred the womb robe ,~.h,e p{llce,'R'i~"in tht"rclltll'reJb:l~,t ~ilho~fJ tJJC eggt : ,m the womb, nature generllus t;fjted ifnI

, blo~d ; but; in 'the. egge~ "f jilch par~s II!' th(~#tis

111lZde of.' . ' -' " ' t • .. • I

Fur'~ha,~(oe~~r is be~citten' of ieedr.t~EhJyiFo called, Is ,~~gun~ a~d perfc:tled, either ilr.~el"1/I1 pJace)or in a "f,iil..etje. All Vh'iplJr~urcl'e~t?t,es,~a.e bo;t}l their orJgl~;tl a.ndp~rfetH~ri' it)~ ~~e w6~.V11 (elf;, bue ~1l'Ovipllr()ur., a~ .rh¢}" ha \'C ~h~!,ro\i@.* tlon within, their plZrlllt, and ther,~ ll)~~e,~ '; (0 a~~ .they complt'~ted jn.t~:.ar1t"f<~)rm they arc divlded from theIr, p,mnt. A.n~>.I~:tHe Catalogue of there, (orne creatures c:ontirittetb'tIr tl§1! long ~it,hin ,t.heoiielvu, ~iI1' ~t~pf~?il!sbe rIpe, and accomplifhed • andthtli·llue'~h'ds and Benfts too) as many as bring forth ~ggt ; and

jirpcHts llkewife, Bm others agaille (XPOk their i!l"-----.." ... , -~-----_, ~ _

fled whiles it is yet unperfe8: and immature, to J' acquire its growth, perfe8:ion, and ripenefs from abroad: and thus do many forts of FiJhes, Frof,gfj alfo Fi.Jhes without fcales, and both forts of Shell· ftjh,an,d. SlMils, w~Qfe eggs, when fidhxcludcd,

are but deftgHts or beghmings, bejngJol~ on ely, " Ex E R. CIT A T ION, ,1 I I.

which do afterward inveft ihemfelves widi whittl, ,,;';;" ,':. . ' ,', and by degrees at~ramng, cohcoaingj':art~flix' '~fI~womb of the Henn is divided byF ttbric.;,tI jng' aliment to thcmfelvcs,bccome peifca1retl~'nd 'J..~n~,~he Vpper, and the Low,,/") the'Vpperhe:

acompleat egg,t, And of this kind~ ralfo'is'th ,na~ne,~,.~h~ 01!dY)'. , '

.. Ot .: B 3


Of the Ovary, or Ilpper'part of

, the Hesns W011lb.

Etf;~11I~. 9/ ,~~lS"~,!C$. P'p,,~ •• \ (, ,

. 'ZI';~~ W~ "a~~ c~e~rly.: prayed. : And, to fay no more ,at,~refe~t~ ,B#.rdf ~.? ~ot~nely refpire with l!1~ch.~~J:'~f'l~dl~y,~~en p~er cre'tl,l(es~~ 'but in d,~i-.: (;mgs.d?etun~ ~n9, ~c~.e~t thd,r .voices with ~a~lfo.~:V~l'le~ ,;!.y,~, pPtwJ~~andrng:~1I this~ their Lu1tgf, ~J~l'~~1 kn~t ~~ ,heu' :l~~e$' a~d fides. that ;t~~y c~n .~',bl!Jt very h~tle dllated, raifed up, orwl1tf!1.~ed~'Befi~~~~1 thls,.cthough no man to my'rqp.embrancc hath ever obferved fo much be .. fore) th'eJr,pronchi.~>. ~f; ;~,:Ktrell1ities"bf, ~he rough iJr~e,ry are hollow as far as the very If.bdonien, and they treafiire up the iJi[ph~ed nh'e-i~ the cavities of theiqnel/,I,Yllltes. Even a's·fi./bes,and ,Serpents draw the alreinro large ,bla4tiers, which ,are: (eated in their abdomen' or ,~e~!y~ and f~ ~ef~rydt, and by rhatjneans arc conceived to fwJtn the betrer e and a,~ fr6;,gs~an~ totitj!p.lp t~6~~Ullllilert~nte'!"hell they brcam~ Jllpft.' 49~ 1~~)~i: ~~chmg.t:~ ~l~~ then a;t ,9tbfr~J\W~ ~~to .K~~r,~umero".s fefi~l~s, (which ,()cc.~fi(Jtl~, di~lr, w~n#~us [welling) that fo they may, ~tfQr!i~o!e, li.~erall ex{pii'ation~' In ~hei! ~rQ~4l"g:' So m BlrdJ; the L1Ings feern rather a rhor'o!~g1ffd,re, and" a p.{ZfTll~e for bre:u?, then the (l(ljfq~a.t;"rglln of ~t.Wnich had F abrlCLUI obferved, be \";;oiild not then have denycd~ but that rhofe membranes (at left with the afliflance of the 11I1lfcles ofrhe belly) doe Ierve for reJpiMtion;.ano execute the office of a di''l:!mrgma: lince even not a rcfpiratory organ)without the help of the, mufcles of the belly, though, it have alfo another lmployrnent in thofe creatures in Wh0l11 it is rnufculous , andile(hy; Namely, to dcpref the}7omad(Clllargc;d with .meaes.and the guts diflended With win de andexcrements ; ~cft the heart and IwtJ!.s fhould be Uraltntdby thelr.Incrufion, and the clofet of life it fdfdnvaded, Now,fince there is no fcrar of any

. B 4 fuch




.. ".


offlJ' O'fI",~'';'''0i~r. ,ari r I B;c~ IU. ru,~ mift:hancdn Birlis:. ,dlfir lIIidritfe i, _61'". ,mK J an.d, e",«ding t'~,i. .. nta.!lous to the ~work of relli'4,Un ; and for this came'they are aid to &a\re ~ iJ;itphMl,~Il. MoreonT;\V~ ~irds.~te ~efti;, Cute Of a' fl.apbrl1p'!1 yet drfJlotk W~; notto be ~!amcd/or fayigg,-'hat E"sre~et,'fe thoeil' lira ru-

, " 4imCJlt a~ the ftptUlII trIVlJV"[H'" ,for "i" tiffs 'n'arm .'he qnely points at the place where the dilfphNpta is ~mJitoply found in other .Ani11t4:s.So,wealfo fay,thauhe·Ovary is fcituatca.t the beginning of the preptzrinl. j}trntllticti/ tJcfi(/s, though 'i1 He,,1I, ,

hadinofucbvdfelsataU. ' '/',' ·1

The PerforatioH of me ~lIgs, byrne firfi·dirco~ Vtr~~ (of which l made mention but now}!s in no fort dlick-and obfcure; but, in Birdsefptcia.JJy, very. pac~t;; fo ·that in an Oftrieh I fou'ndmany ,erJiJTIzriQItS, i~to . which I could earlly t~t"~ ~~0f.myDngea:. In a7:m:k~y, nayJDltil~;"I#J du;,ghiU CtJCi.!, and almotl all B~rJs whMfOeveJ)" probe being pur mto the "'iltt1,~pjpt, ~a', finde an 9pcn and.wiijeEaifagc,cJean 'through thiltlllgl 1)1- to the c"v.,ities of t~e Ilbdoni~,!)or lo,!cr beHy..BJo\Y thealre mto thel~"'l,I'g$ WJtll a,palr ofbellowcs, andyo~ ~lr~n!ie It haften into the IOi;v¢r,'partS~ and that not wicboU'ta fenJibleforcC'; I ::.:, ,,' , ~ay),\'e may verr'well quelHon whf1,hcr., even [n 1n1tif' whUc~ he l~ living, ~h~ air doth no~\pcJie~ frate .meo the ,,,Vlt;) of thec:l,tft) by the aforefaid raf'gcs-.f.0r ~oql~ orherwlfethe putr~~ mat~ ter. of.~l1Ipojlumllted, ~nd the blood Clint oLlt of the v~ns of PleNritif~ penon!, floiv fr~m thence ~ ~o.w'. cOl.lld. 'he alre, when the brtt!ft U wOll-nded (tho~g~ t~e lllllgs be Unt~4ch,t). ruth OUt ef·tI\~

. wound ? or how could injel1j()lts ~a~ .into the, C4" vit} Qf the chefl., be returne~ '4gain With the (pit·: ele ? Bqt of this at large in Q~l' ~trc.itllt;OIIf, of

. . the

IXEIl.lIl., .f '''t,Hmn4t ._~'; " thc,C_~'I,·:mftrNnmtI' II. ~1nd:Vfo ./ ~J}#.'4t;I)X.

,1 remmnGWiotlle Ou~jBnd theupp~rpart,of the' ~J)[ dtd(dtlle-;in:,'tthich ~efirft ~i" ment!_dlC~~S arecQnte1ve4;whic;h ~~ C.cCordin~to .Ar(flotla") fll.tall at iirl:t"and white; but hicreafing~ afterWards~~me of., paJcyeIlow.'

" As fot ~itr*r 7Pomli,mentione4 by F ttbricilll, the trUthi'.,~1tiere' is no (llch thing at ,aU" "till the Hen1l" hate t'oneeived~ and . hath the ··principles of Eggs within her-; whick. may the!) be properly cal .. Jed a dujltr,of wheals. And.,lIhereforehe faith .very rightly: ~he foperiour ,,'Itt.yiN i4" nothing elfo· hut "l~ ",qP all injinitecrowd'f jol4!., which arl· ~mafsed in one heap tog~thtr,htjng of a rotmd figure;' lind oftliverfo ",ltg"it.d~. "tHOIlgft. which .. t~ere, illl./i~ tliif,.. reHc~frOH1.·the t!I"llttft to th.e lell. ifl,. AI betwtt" ~g .. fitHe oftmfftn,j.~MlJ II, ... bu4tior" ,,"J/4r. ~ ".,;t- .. tituaro{ .1"'!t!a;~ unitielliHtl.k,ttit ~(J",h~t}I it ~~ '!PD" .~Jninq}r:i!"tJ r/inl/WJ I call ~, " Y'f~lt1J, 0,. 4 buch '~ j.ti\t;( ;'''Wltp· it'~h "jiHl~I,s" .~~" oJ glWpts.'AI~:Arijlotlealfo {aid offifhesthat ~~nt fcale~,wha!e he',writes, 'that thei~.eMs afeil#ilfH if thty"ir.e ~1;JI'eJ, togetlt"lik.!. gt'lZ~r;fo"M :;it " hUHe!, ofgTNP~I,''''l'!te';it.l IIrefomr.btggtft, fl11lc'tJ!, "",4 fome I tl1jl of all, MId eltCh it tyl.el *0 its p'loper fpr;g~ . fo

if it;x the-VitelJarj. , . .' " . ~

Burnow in FHhes,Frogs; harder eruftedShell ... fiIh" an'd Sna:ils,the mltter is much ot1,ter~i(~; ,for they conaln in th~m Egg. 6f rhefelf-fame ~i. tude ~:wlliclt being dif(hargCld~ do grow .1,Jc.c, a~ perfeltutaUb,;tnd at the fame time prodll(c y~& ones. But in the OV.lZry of a Em"". and aJ~()ft of all other (ihriparous creatures, there isadUlintt increa(e ofth~ ~olkes, . from ~lmotl an. invifib!e fmalnefJ;' till they. arriVe! ~(). a complete ~~~lr tude :thOll,;h the Eggs orH'IJ1~e~ (not unlik.e th~


ExEkaII~ 6/,the lle""e!.,·,"I11"~

this (JVltr; fon.rePines {ot~rongtd'withiit~;; that MIl' exc:tcdrthtbtillt of tlie VJholebodybdidC$~ . . Of the' ~arfe! ofthefe,Clrrjs and MkOeti, amat: fed togcth,t!, andfalte4 " ~~d hardned ~~: tkt (nloak, is·ul.ade1tltatkln(ft of mearfo mucH!'n reo:'

quefi wi,th 'theqre~~ an~ !tJr~i~ns{ calIe~ byt1t~fe Botl1rcha, by·the-Greik!QliII;7rAet,t4, that IS to fay, pick led eggs)f~ch as is. that which is found in ~our red Herri1t~s? -& the red and compacted feed within a LohRe....That meat which is made of the £\Ited eggs ..ofStttrgef)ff,is :cal!ed Cflvi~re; whichre ..,fope; and 'ls*edehght'ofgfut-

cons. ~. . "

. In aIIfi./hts(which ha~e.":rnl1merous·o,ffipringJro greatabun~al1ce of tgs IS general:ed,that tl1ewho.le capacity·~f' th~belly can' hardly eonrein tQ,em', when they are -'neWly eoneelved, much 'lcfs'w~ ~ey are ?f~nygro~th •. And th~refote in 1iJ!?!* ,f~ ving their Ovitf'J~·therc IS noother part dcdl~~\ted to gener~tiotfF~r,thejr egg-Hake gro\Vt~!~bfoa~J:; nor needtltey ~~Y"'41o",b for that ~ffice.And t~is (J'lItltJ' (eents to carry fome Analogle to the teftwlt!s) or lirle ~Il'linalbladders)not only becaufe tl\eyat:e found inthat .place where theflo~es are"lJtedin males ; (fat theftones in Coe~ are fcitu~te, aswe have faid,clt the ingrefs of t~er;iflillclrl tTrtery,!leerc themidriff;(\Ild'theredle Hens Ovitry'is fou\1~) bitt alfo becaufe ill .both (exes of fi)hes,at the'drrie-\Qf generllti()Ji)th~re are t.wo.,Iit,lc bags, pailing. th.r~llg~h the whole belly, alike InIire, figure, and magmtude; which increafing a~ th~ . fame time, are'61~ led} in milles with a fimllaey, rpel'macical,-allQ milky filhftince,., (whence it is called jjhes';n;~1) and in the-females, with Iltle-iavifible grabH~$·or fands ;(o tBat in ;the beginning of conc~tion-Cbv reafori ~f tht'ii"dofefabrick)· they loole like·~i{i. . Il1IJar

• '''!a

EKElt.·-nI."tiftbe 1t~_j ~ilhb." ~ " ' i3 is' call i:~Ptt!w.liI6:;JflJe .1',-d~cllllf4 i dt ~ ft~ll(,b~~I~re byr~~~ '~C!ahs~·· a~' fh~' fr.utl:~ draW~thl:1pu~lfhm~ht

and- mcrtafe -fromthe:tret',fodoth th'eyol • ..rr~rn

the clufter. F lir rh~ ftal~ i4 It me11lDrllHOI!I hoUb'll'fItJlHiitg,whith:;; ,'::itt,;dea It'dni ~he bon~l1(of the clufl~'

to the J()l~ :'Whi~h fo fC'On as it arrives at,;t it (lilllfe(1, ,

i11(J (jlift (J(th80p~ic~ IUrve H bread in the ,'Je~ C~ veretli the J()/~ 'I#,th till but'll'artl. CO,!-,t. Hence Anfto-

tic rrObtZD?i caDe/lit ni()~ S~1d-~oiJltl. ) ~~at h, the '!~ De Gen. tle Ulllh~liC'1ll tZppeH~ix, ~plP'. 1h14 htl~ .fl,II~1t c~,,- An.I.J. e. veighs '111lth,it nI~!. vefl.tls '1!to the Jol~!,ftn:6ilgqW'"ch I.

they Ilrt''''~n1YliIl~ts d,vltrtcated. '

, TheCethings are indeed truly delivered by, r 4-

brieilit, b~~lte,mjftaketh,wheJ~'he' faith, 1;hu. coat

i:Mrh Ha't'eitflirm' the w~oleJ(Jlli.!, '~Ilt o.nely tI. MIt m(Jr~

thm hal! ofit,jufl fH the covlr'.oJ lilt aeor. n, cilll,tl ~he 9!P\:'!~'e1t~'i~ eO'r'tth, to pap, thll,~ 'heDu~warti 14~t

D'fi'!t .i(Jrll,!)~el1lg,iJefer'e.r{bytb~ forf~,.e1f.t,u)lIed ",,,,,h~ant,utXJD.ifC~ to'th.' .v.ze~'JJ'~t~out ~el1l's,- mId apjJel1rethHiI",d~· For It embraeeth aJ~ the yoUt ;

but Tn the 'outward: part of the yolk, it is not' eafi-

ly difC:h-n'ed from i~s own coat, becaufe they' b,otb

are ,''Ht'th'lh:'\I3l,lt;ill t~e fort-part)where th~c y()~k ~~erp~aer~ '~htfoundatlon of. the chdler., this coat adllereth hot to the yolk, neither doth It fend any

"dries 'into it, but only begirts irllke a bag .. ..

, ' "Every yolk.. aff'umeth ;1 particular co~t fr~m. the fame 'foundation; and therefore this place is not' to' ,bt!- reputed the COIHm01J womb" finee . no« thihg is hereto be found, befide.the cluft~r) or hea~ elfmany!'· gs, of-different ma~nltude,ardin. from

tb'e fame ormdtitioll. " , ... '

;i NOW,t lS'iFoimtJ~tiDn·is a p~rf;clllltr hO~J of it felf; ari{iWg) -at thetp'iile of th(: F ow/e,' annexed to 'i:he:gre~rArt,d'YJl1luIYeiH, being l~ofr'fQ~o~" ~d f"*toiil, thatfbinitayproduce divers yolk!. out ft