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Finland Quiz

Finland Quiz

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Published by Lamont Mccoy
Quiz of Finland
Quiz of Finland

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Published by: Lamont Mccoy on Mar 19, 2014
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1. Let's start with an easy one: What are the two official languages of Finland?

Finnish and Russian Finnish and Italian Finnish and English Finnish and Swedish 2. What does the Finnish flag look like? Three sections, two red, one white, with a red maple leaf A blue cross on a white background Union Jack Stars and Stripes 3. What is considered to be Finland's national instrument? kantele harpsichord sousaphone pipe organ 4. What is Finland's largest lake? Saimaa Oulun Alanda Etela 5. From the 12th to the 19th centuries, Finland belonged to a different country. Which country was it? Sweden England Russia


How many Regional State Administrative Agencies of Finland are there? 9 11 16 6 7. In what year did Finland's capital hold the Olympics? 1988 1968 1952 1944 9.Spain 6. What is the currency of Finland? Krone Markka Euro 2 . what is the title of the Finnish national anthem? Our Home Our Beautiful Land Our Hearts Belong to You Our Land 10. When translated into English. What day is the Finnish Independence Day? June 6 December 6 May 6 August 6 8.

Which of these corporations is NOT Finnish? Neste Oil Vaisala Nokia Arla Foods What is the national animal of Finland? Elk Gray Wolf Brown Bear Wolverine With which country does Finland share its longest land border? Sweden Russia Norway Denmark 3 .

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