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Rebellion 540 Magnum Tourbillon

Rebellion 540 Magnum Tourbillon

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Published by Meor Amri
Rebellion 540 Magnum Tourbillon
Rebellion 540 Magnum Tourbillon

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Published by: Meor Amri on Mar 19, 2014
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Rebellion 540 Magnum Tourbillon

By Meor Amri Meor Ayob Photos from Rebellion website and from the internet Wednesday, December 04, 2013

A new–kid-on-the-block in the world of high-end horology, Rebellion has taken the recipe of combining high tech, spectator sports and design art to create desire for its offerings. Established in 2008, Rebellion has a full fledge racing team that competes to win. Since then, this team has captured the following silverware; Two-time winner of the FIA LMP1 World Endurance Trophies; two-time winner of the Petite Le Mans ALMS race; winner of the Le Mans Series LMP1 Team Championship; and winner of the Le Mans Series LMP1 Manufacture Championship. Using the same technology and lessons learnt on the racing track by using space-age materials, Rebellion has come up with a watch that is exciting at many levels. Carbon fibre is the key material used in its construction.

Figure 1 http://www.rebellion-timepieces.com/collection-540-magnum-tourbillon.php#1

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Since the 540 Magnum Tourbillon is constructed from high performance carbon fiber, weight is not an issue for wearers. However, with dimensions measuring 46 mm wide, 56.7 mm long and 19.6 mm thick, this watch is definitely a massive timepiece. Only those with the necessary wrist size could carry this piece elegantly. The 540 Magnum Tourbillon is designed to impress visually. The skeleton dial reveals the innards of the watch that is also visually stunning. The tourbillon cage is visible in the lower right corner of the watch while the chain driven power reserve indicator is on the left. Other features include a retrograde second counter at 6 o’clock position and a massive crown.

Figure 2 http://ablogtowatch.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/540-magnum-tourbillon-side.jpg

What powers this piece is the Caliber REB T14. This movement contains 38 jewels and is made up out of 490 components constructed from aluminum, magnesium, titanium and carbon fiber. All of this also visible through the sapphire crystal case back. Coupled with two main springs, this watch has an astounding power reserve of 14 days. Water resistant is rated to 30 meters.

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Figure 3 http://ablogtowatch.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/540-magnum-tourbillon-back.jpg

This watch is mechanical art. However, not many can appreciate it. The ‘busy’ looking dial makes it hard to tell the time which defeats the purpose of it as a watch. Nevertheless, I believe Rebellion designed this watch to go beyond that basic requirement. It is more of a statement of its capabilities. Having this watch on one’s wrist definitely attracts attention and for the wearer, how the gears interact is more important than the time. Technical specifications Case Material Sapphire crystals Dimensions Water resistance Movement Carbon fiber Compound curves, beveled edges, anti-reflection treatment on both faces; case band window; display back 46mm x 56.7mm x 19.6mm 30m

REB T-14 Proprietary movement developed for Rebellion Timepieces by David Candaux/Du Val Des Bois Dimensions 36.7mm x 36.7mm x 9mm
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Components Materials

490 include aluminum, ceramicized magnesium, titanium and carbon fiber Tourbillon cage ceramicized magnesium Tourbillon diameter 17.2mm Mainplate aluminum ¾ back plate in carbon fiber Mainspring barrel 1 relief engraved "Passion” "Speed” "Rebel” Mainspring barrel 2 relief engraved "Extreme” "Victory” "Glory” Bridges double-braced titanium Power reserve 14 days Straps Natural rubber strap with titanium double folding buckle


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Meor Amri is a Malaysian working in Malaysia. Having bitten by the horology bug in 2010, he has written extensively about the watch scene and has assembled a large collection of watches (excessively!!) on his own free time. His blogs on the same subject are: 1. 2. 3. 4. http://myhorologicalphotos.blogspot.com/; http://watchcollectionhobby.wordpress.com/; http://westernwatch.blogspot.com/; and http://easternwatch.blogspot.com/

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