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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JOINT MEDIA RESPONSE BY THE UNDERSIGNED MISSIONS CALLING FOR TOLERANCE AND AN END TO ALL POLITICALLY RELATED VIOLENCE IN MALAWI We are deeply disturbed by the deaths of two people and injuries to others at an incident in Thyolo on 16 March and the potential for tit-for-tat violence. We send our condolences to all those affected. We urge all Malawians to shun violence in this election period and for politicians and the public to focus on the issues that matter to Malawians. Maintenance of public order is not solely a police function, but rather a joint effort in close coordination with community leaders, party supporters and local officials. We call on all candidates and representatives of political parties, as the prospective leaders of Malawi, to refrain from the use of language or actions that risk inciting violence. Delivering a free, fair, safe and credible election is important to Malawis democracy and international reputation. We encourage support for those working to achieve that goal, such as the Malawi Electoral Commission, multi-party liaison committees, the police, media and other stakeholders. As the official election campaign draws nearer, we urge all those with authority and influence, including traditional leaders to use it for a violence-free campaign where all parties can campaign on an equal footing in all areas.

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