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FH Work Session Meeting Minutes - 2014-02-26

FH Work Session Meeting Minutes - 2014-02-26

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Published by: Morris County NJ on Mar 19, 2014
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February 26, 201
ANNOUNCEMENT! Adequate notice of this meeting held the 26th day of February has been provided through resolution adopted by this Board at its Stated Annual Meeting held at the Administration and Records Building on January ! 2"# through electronic mailing of said resolution to the Star $edger! the %aily Record and the Record! through posting on the &ounty 'ebsite! and by filing a copy of same 'ith the Morris &ounty &ler( and the &ler( of this Board) ROLL CALL! D"re#$%r Ma&$ra'(e)% De*u$y D"re#$%r S#a*"##+"% Free+%),er Caba'a Free+%),er Ce&ar% Free+%),er DeF"))"**% Free+%),er -r"#.u& Free+%),er Ly%' SALUTE TO THE FLA/ !00 *121 3RO/RAM! *one ADMINISTRATOR4S RE3ORT COUNTY COUNSEL4S RE3ORT FREEHOLDERS4 RE3ORTS 201 Bu,(e$ary Ma$$er& Free+%),er J%+' -r"#.u& 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 7 CORRES3ONDENCE! *one DISCUSSION! CLOSED SESSION! I,e'$"8y T%*"# 3ERSONNEL 3%$e'$"a) La9 E'8%r#e2e'$ Mer(er 3er&%''e) Re:u"&"$"%'& ; Hu2a' Ser<"#e& La9 a', 3ub)"# Sa8e$y= LABOR NE/OTIATIONS A33OINTMENTS O'e > W%r.8%r#e I'<e&$2e'$ B%ar, CONTRACT NE/OTIATIONS CO3S /ra'$& A'' S$1 /ara(e S*e#"a) C%22u'"$y Ba&e, C%'$ra#$& 3URCHASE, LEASE OR AC?UISITION OF REAL 3RO3ERTY 3ENDIN/ OR ANTICI3ATED LITI/ATION S$a$u& %8 L%$$a Le$$u#e La9&u"$ MATTERS FALLIN/ WITHIN THE ATTORNEY CLIENT 3RI6ILE/E E@Ma") U&e A$$%r'ey Re&ear#+ 3r%,u#$1
+A,,"$"%'a) "'8%r2a$"%' ab%u$ a'y re&%)u$"%' %r %r,"'a'#e $+a$ a**ear& %' $+e a(e',a #a' be %b$a"'e, by #a))"'( $+e %88"#e %8 $+e M%rr"& C%u'$y C%u'&e) a$ AB0@C2A@C0601


,he public informal 'or( session of the Board of &hosen Freeholders of the &ounty of Morris 'as called to order by %eputy %irector Scapicchio at -./ p)m) on February 26! 2"# in the 0no1 &onference Room! Administration and Records Building! &ourt Street! Morristo'n! *e' Jersey) %eputy &ler( of the Board Susan Allard read the open public meeting announcement as to the scheduling resolution and the publication of notice as required by la') Free+%),er& I' A$$e',a'#e%irector Mastrangelo 2arrived at -/" p)m)3 Freeholder &abana Freeholder &esaro Freeholder %eFillippo Free+%),er& Ab&e'$! *one S$a88 3re&e'$ &ounty Administrator Bonanni Assistant Administrator Buchanan &ler( of the Board 0etchum %eputy &ler( of the Board Allard &ounty &ounsel 45Mullan Assistant &ounty &ounsel Bush %irector Burd %irector %i6iralomo %irector $eary %irector 7into %irector Roe &84 ,ugman %igital 9 Social Media Manager Spencer

Freeholder $yon Freeholder 0ric(us Freeholder Scapicchio

O$+er& 3re&e'$,he meeting 'as open to the public and press 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 ADMINISTRATOR4S RE3ORT Mr) Bonanni reported that the ne1t 8nsurance Fund &ommission meeting is this Monday at / p)m) :e than(ed the &ounty essential staff! 7ublic ;or(s staff and the 2 <hour facilities for doing a great =ob during the sno' and ice storms) ,he potholes continue to be a big issue for 7ublic ;or(s staff) Mr) Bonanni has been in constant contact 'ith schools and facilities that had solar panel issues) ,he &ounty &ollege of Morris has been able to get nearly all their solar panels bac( into 'or(ing order) Assistant Administrator5s Report Ms) Buchanan reported that the Morris >ie' Advisory &ommittee meeting 'as rescheduled due to sno' to Monday! March #"th at 6-." p)m) ,he &ounty *ursing :ome group 'ill be having a &ounty *ursing :ome %ay in ,renton organi?ed by *JA& on ,hursday! March 2@th) More details 'ill follo') DE3ARTMENT HEADS4 RE3ORTS Mr) 7into reported that the 6overnor introduced his Budget proposal) :uman Services seems to be 'ell funded) ;ith respect to county nursing homes the plan is still to move to managed care Medicaid effective July #! 2"# ) :o'ever! Medicaid residents in facilities prior to July # 'ill remain part of the fee for service program) Any ne' residents after July # 'ill be under managed care Medicaid) ,hat means that 7eer 6rouping funding 'ill continue beyond July #! as initially scheduled to be eliminated) ,his should enable counties to receive some 7eer 6rouping funding for the ne1t couple of years) Mr) ,ugman reported that they have installed AB users onto the >487 system 'hich is ..C of the &ounty offices) Morris >ie' and the 4,A 'ere done in the past 'ee( and by this Monday 'e 'ill have //# users installed on the system) :is department is starting to roll out ;indo's @ and install 4ffice 2"#. throughout the &ounty) Ms) Burd distributed an 8nsurance Fund &ommission professional services contract list that gives a brea(<out of 'hen contracts e1pire for 2"# 'ith rene'al process due dates) ,he safety consultant contract is the first one up for this year) COUNTY COUNSEL4S RE3ORT :is department has revie'ed thirty<three resolutions for tonight5s meeting) ,here are no ordinances scheduled for the agenda) FREEHOLDER -RIC-US 2"# Budget 7olicy :e reported that 'e are introducing the budget on March #2) ,he &ounty5s e1penses remain flat) :e e1plained that

some of the state funding items 'ill need to be paid first by the &ounty and then reimbursed by the State) :e gave some e1amples such as psychiatric care and developmental disabilities) For psychiatric care the &ounty is responsible for #/C of the cost) 4f the total D2")@ million in human services costs! the &ounty is responsible for DB/A!""" of that total) ,he D/)@ million in grants is offset by the State and 'ill not impact the budget in any 'ay) :e also noted that the &ounty is doing better than anticipated and 'e may be able to fund ta1 reduction or put the funds to'ards paying off more of the debt) :e as(ed the Freeholders 'hat their choice 'as) %eputy %irector Scapicchio along 'ith Freeholders %eFillippo! &esaro and &abana felt that the ma=ority of the funds should go to'ards debt reduction 'hile Freeholder $yon 'anted it split /"</") Freeholder Mastrangelo arrived at -/" p)m) Freeholder 0ric(us distributed some notes to the Board on the $a' Enforcement Merger that he 'anted to discuss in open session) Freeholder &abana! the &hairman of the $a' Enforcement Merger &ommittee! commented that in fairness to everyone on the Board! they needed to have a fran( discussion 'ith the la' enforcement professionals during closed session to hear everyone5s vie'point and then reach a consensus) Freeholder %eFillippo noted that she is ne' on the Board and she felt all seven Freeholders needed the opportunity to as( questions and have the same level of understanding before ma(ing comment to the public) 8t 'as also felt that the Board needed time to revie' the notes that Freeholder 0ric(us had =ust distributed) After hearing Mr) 45Mullan5s opinion! it 'as decided by the ma=ority of the Board to discuss the merger in closed session and then open the meeting after'ards to spea( about 'hat 'as decided in closed session) FREEHOLDER LYON :uman Services F the State %ept) of :uman Services5 annual inspection of Morris >ie' started today and 'ill last for about five days) ,he Board 'ill be updated 'hen 'e receive the report from the State) ,han(s to Ms) $eary and her department <<everyone is doing a great =ob in clearing the roads during the ice and sno' storms as 'ell as dealing 'ith solar panel issues and the Ann Street garage pro=ect) :e than(ed %irector Mastrangelo and &84 ,ugman for 'or(ing closely together 'ith some of our 8, relicensing F the D2)# million pro=ected cost 'as reduced by about

D ""!""" 'hich helped our 2"# budget that 'ill be introduced on March #2) ,he Budget Subcommittee received a lot of assistance from the staff in developing the budget) ,hey 'ill meet tomorro' to finali?e it) FREEHOLDER DEFILLI33O She 'ould li(e to set up some time tomorro' to discuss concerns she has regarding the :eritage &ommission) Freeholder %eFillippo recently attended her *J,7A committee group meetings) 8n a couple of 'ee(s all the groups 'ill =oin together for a meeting) She attended a Gouth Services Advisory &ommittee meeting and has continued ta(ing tours 'ith Mr) 7into of the :uman Services department) She attended the 6reat S'amp maple sugaring program 'hich 'as sold out) FREEHOLDER CESARO :e reported that the ,ransparency ;or( 6roup met on Monday of this 'ee() ,he group 'atched and listened to an e1planation of the 8HM2 soft'are pac(age that 'ill help in preparing the Freeholder Board resolutions and ordinances as 'ell as agendas) ,his is again another pro=ect that 'ill continue to ma(e Morris &ounty a premier transparent county 'ithin the state) Shared Services F *o meetings have been scheduled since the Roc(a'ay ,o'nship meeting) ;e are al'ays loo(ing for ne' pro=ects to 'or( on) Employee Resources F the 8nsurance Fund 7rofessional Services &ontract chart distributed by Ms) Burd helps to maintain our integrity 'ith the RF7 process in the &ounty) FREEHOLDER SCA3ICCHIO For 7lanning and 7ublic ;or(s• All intervie's for the 7reservation ,rust Strategy Report have been completed) Staff and the consultant are moving on to analysis and mapping of all information received from the municipalities and non<profits)

• ,he county is 'or(ing 'ith Morristo'n
to ma(e improvements to James Street) 4ne aspect is ma(ing the speed limit for James Street consistently 2/ miles per hour throughout the ,o'n) Adoption of resolution I. 'ill allo' speed limit revisions and sign installations)

• &ounty cre's 'ere out on both Saturday
and Sunday repairing potholes and 'ill continue to do so 'henever 'eather

permits) ,he three ne' hot bo1es have been order and receipt is e1pected by April #"th) ;or( on the 2"# capital budget is complete) ;e 'ere able to come in under our goal of D2/ million) ;e have had to fund for additional potholeJpaving repairs) ,he MKA reorgani?ation meeting recently too( place and the &hairperson is Mr) %our 'ith $aura S?'a( as >ice &hairperson) ,he MKA has moved from ."" Mendham Road to their ne' quarters at %alyrmple :ouse in Randolph ,'p) ,he 7ar( &ommission 'ill move into the space vacated by the MKA) A household ha?ardous 'aste pic(<up sponsored by the MKA 'ill ta(e place at the &hatham :igh School on 4ctober #B) ,he MKA5s Recycling A'ards dinner is scheduled for April ##) %eputy %irector Scapicchio presented t'o proposed resolutions to set the 2"# ta1 rate on open space and historic preservation) ,he recommendation is L of a cent per D#"" of total &ounty equali?ed property valuation 'ith M cent per D#"" of that being used for historic preservation) ,he second resolution is for the 7ar( 4pen Space ,rust Fund at M of a cent per D#"" of total &ounty equali?ed property valuation) ,he Board discussed the funding) 8t had previously been brought up that a study is being done 'ith municipalities to get a better idea of 'hat future funding needs 'ill be) Because the study is not complete yet! it 'ould not be a good idea to reduce the funding more than the recommendation until the data is revie'ed) A poll of the Board sho'ed the ma=ority approved going ahead 'ith the recommendation and the resolutions 'ill be placed on the agenda for the evening meeting) FREEHOLDER CABANA For $a' and 7ublic Safety Resolution *o) .2 is a memorandum of agreement 'ith seven police agencies in the county to participate in the Sheriff5s 4ffice SER, team) RESOLUTIONS ,he Board revie'ed and discussed the resolutions) At /-." p)m) Mr) 45Mullan suggested that the Board go into closed session to discuss the $a' Enforcement Merger and then come out and into open session to revie' 'hat the outcome 'as) ,hen the Board 'ill go bac( into closed session after the regular freeholder public meeting ad=ourns) :e also suggested that they go into closed to discuss 'hat sta(eholders should be present

in closed 'hen the $a' Enforcement Merger is discussed and then notify those representatives) Mr) 45Mullan read the follo'ing;:EREAS! pursuant to 7)$) #A@/ &h) 2.#! the 4pen 7ublic Meetings Act! the Board may e1clude the public to discuss matters as are provided under the ActN and ;:EREAS! said Act provides that this Board e1clude the public from the discussion of such matters! *4;! ,:EREF4RE! BE 8, RES4$>E%! that this Board hereby e1cludes the public in order to discuss such matters) ,he general nature of the sub=ects to be discussed is as follo's#) 7ersonnel 7otential $a' Enforcement Merger 7ersonnel Requisitions 2:uman ServicesJ$a' 9 7ublic Safety3 Appointments 4ne F ;or(force 8nvestment Board &ontract *egotiations &47S 6rants Ann St) 6arage Special &ommunity Based &ontracts 7ending or Anticipated $itigation Status of $otta $ettuce $a'suit AttorneyJ&lient 7rivilege E<Mail Kse Attorney Research product

2) .)

) /)

,he closed session 'ill be conducted in t'o parts7art 8 7ersonnel F 7otential $a' Enforcement Merger Appointments F one to the ;or(force 8nvestment Board 7art 88 'ill be the balance of the above agenda) Respectfully submitted!

Susan Allard %eputy &ler( of the Board ,he meeting returned to open session at @-#" p)m) ,hose present 'ere Freeholders Mastrangelo! &abana! &esaro! %eFillippo! 0ric(us! $yon and Scapicchio) Also present 'ere- %an 45Mullan! &ounty &ounselN John Bonanni! AdministratorN Mary Jo Buchanan! Assistant AdministratorN Randy Bush! Assistant &ounty &ounsel)N and 6lenn Roe! &ounty ,reasurer)

At @-#2 p)m) the Board ad=ourned to go to the public meeting room to conduct the regular public meeting) %ue to timing! the Board discussed the outcome of the e1ecutive session la' enforcement merger in the regular public meeting 'hich occurred at @-#/ p)m 2refer to those minutes3) At the conclusion of the regular public meeting at A-" p)m)! the Board returned to consider 7art 88 of the agenda) ,he meeting returned to open session at A-./ p)m) ,hose present 'ere Freeholders Mastrangelo! &abana! &esaro! %eFillippo! 0ric(us! $yon and Scapicchio) Also present 'ere- %an 45Mullan! &ounty &ounselN John Bonanni! AdministratorN Mary Jo Buchanan! Assistant AdministratorN and Randy Bush! Assistant &ounty &ounsel) At A-.6 p)m) Freeholder $yon made a motion to ad=ourn and Freeholder 0ric(us seconded the motion) Respectfully submitted!

%iane M) 0etchum &ler( of the Board

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