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Daily Lesson Plan Date : 25 Feb 2014 Class : 4 Efektif No. Of Pupils : 35 Time : 8.00-9.

00 (1 hour) Theme : World Of Knowledge Topic : A Ride In The Safari Park Focus Skill : Grammar Content Standards : 5.1 Pupils will be able to use different word classes correctly and appropriately. Learning Standards : 5.1.5 Able to use prepositions correctly and appropriately. Learning Outcomes : At the end of this lesson, students should be able to : 1) Use preposition correctly in the context. 2) Identify the correct preposition to the correct picture. 3) Match the correct preposition to the correct picture. 4) Write the correct preposition to the correct picture. Educational Emphases : Constructivism, Thinking Skills. Moral Values : Love The Animal Teaching Aids : The flash cards, the picture of a tiger, a ball, a small box, worksheet, glue. Assessment :

In Front Of 2.Steps/Time Set Induction (5 min) Content Teacher Activities 1. Students can identify some types of prepositions 1. . The students follow the teacher singing the song and identify the preposition types by observing the tiger showed by the teacher. behind. Student listen carefully and identify the prepositions that present in the song. in front of with singing the song for second time. 3. 3. Students watching the video and note down the content of the video. Teaching Aids Remarks/Teaching Skills EE : Thinking Skills Presentation (20 min) Word list : In. Teacher explain the song to the students. 1. Under. in. Teacher replace the tiger with the ball and the song is sing again by replacing ‘tiger’ with ‘ball’ 2. 2. Teacher shows a video on preposition in place. Students Activities 1. 4. Students sing the song and identify the positions of the ball now. Behind. Teacher asks the students to guess each position of the tiger and explain the positions. Teacher starts singing a song using the lyric of preposition that have been prepared using the the rhythm of the song ‘Are you sleeping?’ 2. Teacher shows an action of a tiger that is in different positions in place such as under.

Teacher asks the students to present their group work in front of the class. Teacher checks the students group work and check for any error. Students are seated into 5 groups. Students try to complete to test students the worksheet. 3. 3. understanding about . strips with the correct pictures. 2. All groups are presenting their group work in front of the class and paste their works on the board. 2. Students are divided 1. Teacher explains 3. EE : Constructivism.Practice (15 minutes) Activities on prepositions 1. according to their groups. Thinking Skills. Student are doing the that each group must task with group members match the prepositions’ and try to solve the task. 2. A worksheet is given 2. the pictures and the prepositions’ strips. 1. Students are given 10 minutes to complete the task. 4. 4. Teacher explains the correct prepositions for each of the pictures. Teacher distributes each group with mahjong paper. Each group make sure they got the materials given. Production (15 minutes) Group presentation 1.

the topic on prepositions. Teacher asks the students to conclude what they had learnt for today lesson.Closure (5 minutes) Making conclusions of the lesson. Students re-explain each prepositions with the correct answers. Teacher sing the song with the students. . 1. 2. 1. 3. Teacher tells students to love animals. 2. Students conclude that there are 4 types of prepositions that was learned today.