Creative Response Project

This assignment is an opportunity for you to express an aspect of rhetoric creatively, using any media of your choosing. You can, for instance, write a poem or a short story; create a photo essay, a website, a painting or drawing, a digital remix, a poster, a cartoon, a collage, or an article of clothing; compose and/or perform a song; make a food item; or almost anything you can think of. Overall, the goal is for you to use your imagination to respond to your unique view of rhetoric in a way different than you would in a more “traditional” scholarly, text-based assignment. Examples of previous Creative Response Projects will be displayed in class to give you a better idea of what is expected, but I encourage you to make your Project unique for you.

Suggested Process:
1. Think about ways rhetoric influences your life. What ideas come to mind? Are there any specific aspects of rhetoric that appeal to you most? Consider ways you can uniquely express your conception of rhetoric. What skills do you have? Can you paint? Draw? Write poetry? Capitalize on those talents to create something that relates to your responses to question one. Create your project. Do not stress over it; try to keep the total creation time under 10 hours. REMEMBER: Use your imagination! Since this assignment is extra credit, you have little to lose and an opportunity to use the right side of your brain for a change. If your project is available electronically, email it to me prior to the due date so I can project it to the class on the presentation day. Briefly show and explain your project on the final day of class.





Due Date: Thursday, December 3

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