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~ I



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A -type c art hq uakes, :W analyticel signal, 8'1, 8,1

B -Type earthqnakes, 22 Bl,l:ckingbam~DaJ'cl' 's 1 aw, 62

cross-scalogram, 90-92

Darcy's law, 61

Daubechies ..... avclet, 94, 9(i.-9~J:. 102. •. 11.0 diffuse layer, .59

di screte WH ... clct transform (D~T}. 94.~ 110 dyadic grid ,. 84. 94

electric dOIlJ ble i~yc.l"! 59 electrochemical. 5,'. 13:3 electrokinetic, 59.119; 133, 144

electrt ... kinetic I;;Qllp] lng c{)etlkien~ .• 119., 142 envel ope, 81-83. 87

fast wavelet trsnsform (F\\"T), 96

!ugurnn,2],33,40,45,46~ 113

Helmholtz plane, 59 HHbcrt. trail sfnrm, g 1

hydranl ic conducti vity 62! 63

inverse wavelet translorm, 94. 91

1 ahar, i4.~ 33.~ 48

'1 eng period earthquakes, 22 1.nw frcq uency earrhquakes ,. 40

magtretntclluric impedance- ten sor, 66

transfer function, 5 1, 66., 68., 70, 123- 125

median filter, 72, 74, 105, 107. 108, ] 1.2, 139, 144, ]82

Morlct wavelet, S 2, :86-89. 94·

multi -phase (.M P) earthq uakcs, 21.: 40, 43- 46; 113

multi-scale temperature corrccti on, 1. 02, l. 1. 0, 1.5.1

notch filter 75, 7(;, 7 S.

poi nt zero Cb~l];C:(pZC), .(;0, 61, Ill, 13 3·

recursive (]Iter,. 75

rei ative water saturation, 62 Richard's equation, 63; 64, ] 04:, ] 15 RS.4.M,21

Savitzky-Golay filter, 73; 139 scalogram, 86, 87, 89., 9Q

SCULP, 4-1, 44. 138-14·], 144, 15+, 17&.


sorptlvity, 64, 1 n. 1.18 spectral leakage, 18. 79 Sq- variati 011.5-, 66

Stem Layer, 59

Stern plane, 5'9

strearnin ~ potential, 5 s.~ 59; (j 1.: 62. 13 3

telluric currents, 123 terral n etfects, 30

thermoel ectric, 57, 118,. 121 thermoelectric coupling coeffic lent, 57 tremor, 2],26.40,44.4.5

ultra-Joog-period (ULP) pulse; 3.1, ] 38, 140, ]4[: 143, 144t155; 179

vcry-long-perrod (VLP) pulse, 24: 25, 4U.


volcanic ex pi 0 s'i' v ity index (VEl), 33, :!-6 volcano-tectoni c (VI). 20 volcano-tectonic (VI) earthquakes, 2] , 4{).


\ ... ·l."A, 39: 40, 42, 45~ 46; 113 V'rB, 3.9, 40, ..;l~ ,. 4:5, 4.15; 1.13

wate . .I.' content, 6 [-6<1· wa v clct

central frequency, 86, 87

cceffic ients, 84" 91. 94. 97 ~ .1 00.: n 4, 132, .~ 33



ill gn:;l!~ reconstruction, 94, 97 transrorm, 72., 8+', ss, 90,97,: 102,104, Ill, 113, 114, 116

wavelet energy spectrum, ,8}6


Bl~c~n, 79, ,8,0 Hamming, 79-81 Hann, 79" 80

zeta potential, 59