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Hypertrophy Specific Training

Hypertrophy Specific Training

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Published by: urielm95 on Mar 19, 2014
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Hypertrophy-Specific Training

Utilizing lactic acid as a stimulus for tendon repair/health Now HST incorporate s a fe w othe r things such as highe r re ps (for lactic acid) to pre pare the m uscle s and te ndons for future he avy loads. This se rve s as "re gular m ainte nance ". W ithout it, you incre ase your risk of chronic injurie s and pain. The m e tabolically-tax ing re ps e nhance he aling of straine d te ndons. Compound Exercises HST also sugge sts using com pound e x e rcise s to m ax im ize the e ffe cts of loading on as m uch m uscle as possible pe r e x e rcise . Progressively A djusting reps to accommodate Progressive Load HST sugge sts that you use 2 we e k block s for e ach re p range . W hy? It has nothing to do with adaptation. It is sim ply a way to accom m odate the e ve r incre asing load. O f course , you could adjust your re ps e ve ry we e k (e .g. 15,12,10,8,5,e tc), but this is m ore com plicate d and pe ople m ight not unde rstand. O fte n tim e s, in orde r to com m unicate an ide a you m ust sim plify things, e ve n at the e x pe nse of pe rfe ction. If pe ople can't unde rstand it, the y won't do it. W hat good would that do or anybody? The n, ove r tim e , pe ople figure out for the m se lve s the othe r possibilitie s that e x ist within the principle s of hype rtrophy. Low volume per exercise (average volume per week) HST sugge sts that you lim it the num be r of se ts pe r e x e rcise pe r work out to 1 or 2. This is base d on "som e " e vide nce that se ts be yond the first "e ffe ctive " se t do little m ore than burn calorie s. The re is nothing wrong with burning calorie s, but whe n you ge t to be m y age you just don't have the e x e rcise tole rance that you once did. Using horm one re place m e nt (HR T) the rapy would of course , incre ase the num be r of se ts you could do without undue stre ss. Som e m ay que stion the validity of HST not utilizing m ore than 1 or 2 se ts pe r e x e rcise . The num be r of se ts is se t low to accom m odate the fre que ncy ne ce ssary to cre ate an e ffe ctive and consiste nt e nvironm e nt to stim ulate hype rtrophy. O ve r the course of a we e k , the volum e isn't that diffe re nt from standard splits (e .g. che st should tri, back bi, le gs). (se e table be low)



the e ffe cts of e cce ntric m uscle actions on m uscle tissue are one of the m ost we ll re se arche d subje cts in e x e rcise physiology. with HST the distribution of the loading se ssions cre ate s a consiste nt e nvironm e nt conducive to hype rtrophy.14. howe ve r. 2 on Fri).10. be gan at the be ginning of the HST cycle .5.3/7/14 Hypertrophy-Specific Training Inste ad of doing 6 se ts on be nch in one work out. to name a few) C le arly.6.3. HST will apply the ne w k nowle dge hypertrophyspecific. ( 1. for an additional 2 we e k s. This sugge stion is only for e x e rcise s that can be pe rform e d in e cce ntric fashion without risk of injury. you put unne ce ssary drain on the ce ntral ne rvous syste m (C NS) and invite ce ntralize d ove rtraining sym ptom s and burnout. The fe ar of ove r training is no gre ate r during the se two we e k s than pre vious we e k s if volum e is controlle d for. 2 on W e d. Ecce ntric se ts are pe rform e d with we ight that e x ce e ds the ir 5 re p m ax . those se ts are spre ad ove r the course of a we e k (2 on Mon.com/hst_II. This is done to e x te nd the progre ssion in load.html 2/4 . Eithe r way the m uscle se e s 6 se ts e ach we e k . whe n practical. HST utilize s.8. R e ce nt re se arch has de m onstrate d this. As the re se arch continue s to e x plore the face ts of load induce d m uscle hype rtrophy.9. W he n you do all six se ts at once .17. e cce ntric work outs for 2 conse cutive we e k s.4.

2 0 0 2 J an. 1 9 9 7 O c t.8 3 . M us c le damage from ec c entric exerc is e: mec hanis m.1 6 (1 ):1 1 7 .html 1 6 :.induc ed mus c le damage las t? Med Sci Sports Exerc . T he repeated bout effec t of reduc ed. J Phys iol . 2 0 0 1 D ec 1 . Friden J .2 ):3 4 . Sakamoto K. I will cove r the topic m ore thoroughly in the future . 1 2 . Sac c o P . 1 9 9 7 . J Strength Cond Res . E c c entric mus c le damage: mec hanis ms of early reduc tion of forc e. Friden J .ons et mus c le s orenes s .com/hst_II.2 0 . Powe rlifte rs or O lym pic lifte rs. although I have had m any athle te s from diffe re nt sports apply HST to the ir off-se ason training with ground bre ak ing re sults. 2 0 0 1 Sep. you m ust apply curre ntly k now hype rtrophy-spe cific training principle s. J Sports Sci . T he regulation of gene expres s ion in hypertrophying s keletal mus c le.1 0 (1 ):6 7 . E c c entric exerc is e and mus c le damage. 3 : P ros ke U . H ow mus c les know how to adapt. E xerc is e.7 3 . Repeated E c c entric E xerc is e Bouts D o N ot E xac erbate M us c le D amage and Repair. Res pons es of human elbow flexor mus c les to elec tric ally s timulated forc ed lengthening exerc is e.J ones D . Sakamoto K. 1 0 : N os aka K. E ffec t of elbow joint angle on the magnitude of mus c le damage to the elbow flexors .3 4 (1 ):6 3 . << Back Forward > > References: 1 : N os aka K.induc ed mus c le damage and potential mec hanis ms for the repeated bout effec t.6 5 . A c ute adaptation to low volume ec c entric exerc is e.5 3 7 (P t 2 ):3 3 3 . mec hanic al s igns . 2 0 0 1 A ug 1 5 .2 (3 ):2 5 3 .9 . 2 0 0 2 Feb.8 5 (1 .3/7/14 As the re se arch continue s to e x plore the face ts of load induce d m uscle hype rtrophy. For today. N ewton M . N ewton M .4 5 .1 8 Suppl 4 :S3 1 4 . C onc entric or ec c entric training effec t on ec c entric exerc is e.induc ed mus c ledamage.7 . 1 1 : Rennie M J . 1 9 9 9 M ar. not m uscle pe rform ance . 6 : C larks on P M . 2 0 0 2 J anFeb. I nt J Sports Med . Sakamoto K. J Sci Med Sport .5 . A bernethy P J . N ewton M . H ow long does the protec tive effec t on ec c entric exerc is e. Acta Phys iol Scand . 5 : A llen D G . 2 0 0 1 J an. if you want to grow as fast as possible . 7 : P addon. It is de signe d according to re se arch look ing spe cifically at m uscle hype rtrophy. C larks on P M . J Am Acad Orthop Surg . 1 9 9 7 O c t. 2 0 0 1 J ul. 3/4 . Med Sci Sports Exerc . C onnolly D A . adaptation and c linic al applic ations . In the m e antim e . 4 : N os aka K.4 5 .9 . Med Sci Sports Exerc . Exerc Sport Sci Rev . HST will apply the ne w k nowle dge and be com e e ve n m ore e ffe ctive .1 7 1 (3 ):3 1 1 . M orphologic and mec hanic al bas is of delayed. 1 9 9 9 O c t. Med Sci Sports Exerc . 2 0 0 1 M ar. N ewton M .induc ed mus c le damage. Eur J Appl Phys iol .5 3 5 (P t 1 ):1 .1 5 (5 ):4 7 7 .3 3 (1 ):2 2 . G leim G W.9 . I nfluenc e of previous c onc entric exerc is e on ec c entric exerc is e.3 3 (9 ):1 4 9 0 .2 5 :3 0 1 . N os aka K. M ec hanis ms of mus c le injury after ec c entric c ontrac tion. Sac c o P . 2 : N os aka K. E s ton RG . Sports Med . hypertrophyspecific. N ewton M . 1 4 : N os aka K.load ec c entric exerc is e on elbow flexor mus c le damage. and have use d the m succe ssfully to train com pe titive bodybuilde rs for som e tim e . J Phys iol .1 7 4 (2 ):1 3 7 . 1 3 : L ieber RL .3 3 (7 ):1 2 1 3 . Acta Phys iol Scand . It is not "spe cifically" de signe d for com pe titive track athle te s. including the re fe re nce s that first she d light on the principle s that gave rise to HST. 1 5 : C ars on J A .9 .4 0 .2 7 (3 ):1 5 7 . Hypertrophy-Specific Training This subje ct de se rve s a lot m ore atte ntion than I am able to give it he re . 2 0 0 2 Feb. M organ D L . HST re pre se nts the state of the art and scie nce of hype rtrophy. 8 : N os aka K.1 2 2 . 9 : M c H ugh M P .7 0 . Sac c o P . I have now use d the se principle s m yse lf. 2 0 0 1 J ul. L ieber RL .

1 7 : N os aka K. C ontac t U s | A bout | P roduc ts | A rtic les | Store | Forum | H ST | T hinkM us c le | P olic ies C opyright © 2 0 0 2 M etabolic I nnovations . A ll rights res erved.6 5 . 1 9 9 9 O c t. hypertrophyspecific. M us c le damage following repeated bouts of high forc e ec c entric exerc is e.2 7 (9 ):1 2 6 3 .3/7/14 Hypertrophy-Specific Training 1 6 :.9 . J Sci Med Sport . Friden J .2 (3 ):2 5 3 . L L C . M ec hanis ms of mus c le injury after ec c entric c ontrac tion. C larks on P M . L ieber RL . 1 9 9 5 Sep. Med Sci Sports Exerc .com/hst_II.html 4/4 .

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