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Jen Dougherty EDA 416 Subject: Writing/Grammar Grade: 2nd & 3rd Timeline: 1 Week Friendly Letter/Verbs Connor,

Jay, Evan 1. Learning Outcomes: The students will be introduced to a friendly letter and use a graphic organizer to gather their ideas. They will write a rough draft of their friendly letter. After, they will publish their friendly letter on lined paper and draw a picture based on their letter. The students will practice working with verbs.

2. Common Core Standards: Writing: CC.1.5.2.F: Add drawings or other visual displays to presentations when appropriate to clarify ideas, thoughts, and feelings. CC.1.4.3.F: Demonstrate a grade appropriate command of the conventions of standard English grammar, usage, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. CC.1.4.2.T: With guidance and support from peers and adults, develop and strengthen writing as needed by planning, revising, and editing. Grammar: CC.1.4.2.R: Demonstrate a grade appropriate command of the conventions of standard English grammar, usage, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. 3. Lesson Objectives: After completion of this lesson, the students will have written a friendly letter and drew an illustration based on their letter. After completion of this lesson, students will have also completed the Fill in the Verb worksheet. Anticipatory Set: Begin this lesson by asking students if they have ever received a birthday card in the mail? Explain to students that a birthday card is similar to a friendly letter. Then, introduce the students to a friendly letter and what a friendly letter is. A friendly letter is just what it sounds like, a letter that you write to a friend.


5. Procedures: Monday (30 min) Writing: After introducing what a friendly letter is to the students, the teacher should share a model of a friendly letter that they wrote. For example, I wrote a friendly letter to SpongeBob Square pants. Together, the teacher and students can brainstorm people that the students want to write their friendly letter to. Write the list of people on the board. Then, give each student a graphic organizer. This will help students organize their thoughts and how they want their letter to sound. Tuesday (30 Min) Grammar: The first 15 minutes of class will be spent on the students completing a fill in the blank verb worksheet. The teacher can assist students if needed. When students have completed their worksheet, they must hand it in to the teacher. Writing: On Monday, the students should have chosen a person to write to as well as completed their graphic organizer If not, students can have a few minutes to finish. Next, they will begin writing their rough draft of their friendly letter on loose-leaf paper. Wednesday (30 Min) Writing: If students have not finished their rough draft on Tuesday, allow some time for them to complete it. When they are finished, the teacher will look over their writing with the student and make sure their writing has capitalized letters, punctuation, spelling (as best as they can), and grammar. When the students rough draft is approved by the teacher, they may begin their final draft. The teacher will give a friendly letter format for the students to write their final draft on. The final draft will be glued to construction paper. Thursday (30 Min) Grammar: The first 15 minutes of class will be spent on the students completing a fill in the blank verb worksheet. The teacher can assist students if needed.

When students have completed their worksheet, they must hand it in to the teacher. Writing: If student has not yet completed their final draft, allow some time for students to do so. However, if students are finished, the teacher will give them a clean sheet of paper in which each student will illustrate a picture regarding their letter. Friday (30 min) Writing: Allow students a bit of time if they have not yet finished their illustration. When all of the students have completed their rough draft, final friendly letter, and illustration, they will share with friends in class. This is will be like a small group authors chair. Each student will receive a turn to read their letter and share their picture. All of their work will be turned in to the teacher for a grade and to hand around the classroom. 6. Differentiated Instruction: This lesson was created for a special education population. However, depending on the student and their disability, the teacher can assist them through the writing process and help them brainstorm. The teacher may script for the student if their gross motor skills are not good. Writing can be difficult for most students. Therefore, the teacher can also allow the students a brain break when the students seem to be frustrated or distracted. During a brain break, students can bounce on an exercise ball or play on the I pad for three minutes. Closure: The lesson will wrap with authors chair. Each student will share their friendly letter and illustration with the group. Their final piece will be posted around the room.


8. Assessment (Formative and Summative): Formative: Writing - The student will be assessed informally by observation of the teacher. The teacher will observe the students rough draft and final draft as well as the illustrations the student draws. Grammar The teacher will observe but try to let students complete the worksheet on their own. Summative: Writing - The students will hand in their rough draft, final piece, and illustration

as a grade. Grammar The verb worksheet will be handed in as a grade.

9. Materials/Equipment: Writing: Friendly letter paper format Lose leaf paper Pencil Crayons Construction paper Graphic organizer Grammar: Pencil Verb worksheet 10. 11. Technology: Technology is not used in this lesson. Reflection on Planning: I was excited to take over the writing group because I know that one of the students does not like writing at all. So, I wanted to try to make writing fun for this student, as well as the others. I included the illustration part of the lesson because I know that all of the students benefit as well as enjoy drawing. My biggest difficulty with this lesson was that my cooperating teacher told me that she includes short grammar exercises on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I added them for the students but I wasnt sure how the written lesson would turn out. However, I think it turned out to be a good, weeklong lesson. Hopefully it goes as good as it sounds!


Reflection on Instruction (once the lesson has been taught): This lesson was taught the week of February 10th to the 14th. Monday Jay and Evan were not in writing this morning due to PT. Connor was here and he did excellent. He finished his graphic organizer and started his rough draft, he is ahead of the game! He had some really great ideas for his friendly letter and what he wrote was funny as well. He worked very hard and is very knowledgeable about the topic of frogs that he chose to write about. Tuesday For the first 15 minutes of class the students worked on a verb worksheet. It was kind of difficult because one student, a third grader, finished all of his work really fast. While the other boys, were still on number two. It was hard to keep the third grader working because he also finished his final copy of the writing. Although, the other two

students began their graphic organizer and they are really excited about who they are writing to for their friendly letter. Wednesday Today Connor was an artful artist and illustrated his drawing his friendly letter, he literally drew each part of his letter. As Connor was drawing, Jay and Evan finished their rough drafts. The boys are very exciting to begin their final piece because they really liked who they chose to write to. For example, Evan is writing to Lightning McQueen from cars. He is thrilled. Thursday Snow day Friday Snow day *Due to not being able to complete this weeks lesson because of snow days, the students will complete their work next week. Continued this lesson the following week: Wednesday Connor is absent today. However, Evan and Jay finished their rough draft and began working on their illustration. They worked hard. Thursday For the first 15 minutes of class, we worked on verb worksheets. In the last 15 minutes of class, we shared our writing. All of the boys have completed their friendly letter with a graphic organizer, rough draft, final copy, and illustration. Today, they shared during authors chair and did a fabulous job!