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Method Statement Excavation Works

Method Statement Excavation Works

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MS NO. Revision No. Page A

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This method statement provides guidance to prevent injury to persons engaged in excavation works on the RAS LAFFAN C I !!"#ATAR site$
2.0 SCOPE: !%anning& preparation conduct and 'ethod o( excavation work$ 3.0 PLANNING AND PREPARATION:



The principa% contractor& the contractor doing the work& emp%oyers& emp%oyees and their representatives wi%% consu%t with each and determine the provision o( a%% sa(eguards$ The consu%tation process wi%% )e used during the p%anning and preparation stages to determine sa(e systems o( work )ased on the assessment o( the risks$ Structura% or geotechnica% engineers wi%% )e invo%ved in the consu%tation process when appropriate$ The consu%tation process wi%% at %east cover the (o%%owing* +a, Nature and condition o( the ground or working environment$ +),Nature o( the work and other activities that may a((ect sa(ety +c, Static and dynamic %oads near excavation +d,Interaction with other trades +e, orkp%ace access

+(, 'anagement o( surrounding vehicu%ar tra((ic and ground vi)ration

ork (orce sa(ety

+h,Type o( e-uipment used (or excavation +i, The provision o( appropriate amenities& which wi%% depend on the type o( work space$
(j) Comp%iance with a%% RLC" .S/ regu%ations



METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS MS NO. Revision No. That the work does not a((ect the structura% integrity o( adjoining )ui%dings or structures& roads& (ootpaths$ +i. The area o( the excavation work wi%% )e c%ear%y de(ined )y )arricades and warning signs$ +(. That a%% persons carrying out the work wi%% receive appropriate supervision& training and instruction$ +k. !roviding suita)%e and sa(e access to and (rom the work p%ace inc%uding the work area$ +e.3 PLANNING BY PRINCIPAL CONTRACTOR The principa% contractor wi%% p%an (or the work to )e done sa(e%y$ The principa% contractor wi%% ensure that a site speci(ic occupationa% hea%th and sa(ety management p%an is prepared and documented (or each p%ace o( work where excavation is to )e carried out& )e(ore the excavation work commences$ This p%an wi%% )e deve%oped in consu%tations undertaken with the contractor"s and their emp%oyees or representatives$ The p%an wi%% inc%ude a documented work method statement& provided )y the contractor& descri)ing how the work is to )e done sa(e%y$ The hea%th and sa(ety management p%an wi%% )e monitored to ensure that work is carried out according to that p%an and that the p%an is e((ective$ The p%an wi%% )e maintained and up to date during the course o( the excavation works$ 3e(ore excavation work starts& the principa% contractor in consu%tation with the contractor doing the work wi%% at %east consider* +a. Page A 2 of 25 !%anning and preparation wi%% )e the (irst essentia% step in ensuring that work is done sa(e%y$ !%anning and preparation wi%% invo%ve consu%tation with a%% re%evant persons engaged in the work and wi%% inc%ude ha0ard identi(ication& risk assessment and risk contro% processes$ here appropriate& the advice o( a geotechnica% engineer wi%% )e sought )e(ore starting excavation work$ The principa% contractor and the contractor in their capacity as emp%oyers wi%%* 1. An assessment o( the risks invo%ved in carrying out the work$ +).S/ regu%ations$ +j. here necessary the exact %ocation o( the work wi%% )e c%ear%y marked$ +g. !rovide such in(ormation& instruction& training and supervision as may )e necessary to ensure the hea%th and sa(ety o( his emp%oyees1 and 2$ !rovide or maintain means o( access to and egress (rom the work p%ace sa(e and without risks$ 3. An assessment o( the ground conditions and working environment +d. /%ectrica% sa(ety& inc%uding the %ocation o( underground and a)oveground service ca)%es and near)y overhead power %ines and providing systems o( work which comp%y with RLC 4 RLC". the most appropriate method to prevent any risk o( injury$ +c. The identi(ication and marking o( the %ocation o( any a)ove ground& underground or overhead services +h. Security o( excavation during work and when %e(t unattended$ .

RISK ASSESSMENT AND CONTROL A ha0ard identi(ication risk assessment and contro% process wi%% )e carried out )y the contractor in consu%tation with the principa% contractor to determine i( persons are at risk$ Sa(e systems o( work wi%% then )e put into p%ace to contro% the risk$ The identi(ication o( the ha0ards associated with excavation work& the risk assessment and the risk contro% measures wi%% )e documented$ The process o( ha0ard identi(ication& risk assessment and contro% is made up o( the (o%%owing steps* 5$ Identi(y the ha0ards$ . /sta)%ishment o( emergency and rescue procedures in the event o( an emergency$ 3. An assessment o( manua% hand%ing tasks which cou%d cause )ack strains and other injuries and providing systems o( work which comp%y with the provisions o( RLC". !roviding suita)%e and sa(e access to and (rom the work area at a%% times$ +e. An assessment o( the risks in carrying out the work$ +).S/ regu%ations +i.S/ regu%ations$ +g. The use o( persona% protective e-uipment +!!/.METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS MS NO. !roviding a documented sa(e work method statement descri)ing how the work wi%% )e done sa(e%y$ This sa(e work method statement wi%% take into account an assessment o( the risk invo%ved in carrying out the work$ +d. Revision No.S/ regu%ations to provide and maintain a workp%ace that is sa(e and without risks to hea%th (or their emp%oyees in re%ation to those matters over which he has contro%$ In addition to consu%tation with the principa% contractor in the overa%% jo) p%anning& the contractor wi%% at %east consider* +a. The most appropriate methods o( preventing the risk o( injury$ +c.5 HAZARD IDENTIFICATION. /%ectrica% sa(ety& inc%uding the %ocation o( underground e%ectrica% service ca)%es and near)y overhead power %ines and providing systems o( work which comp%y with RLC". !reventing persons entering a work area where there is a risk o( injury$ +(. That the %ocation o( overhead and underground services& i$e$ e%ectricity and te%ecommunication ca)%es& are identi(ied and c%ear%y marked$ +h. Page A 3 of 25 +%. That a%% persons carrying out the work are provided with appropriate training and instruction$ +k.4 PLANNING BY THE CONTRACTOR The contractor doing the work has an o)%igation under RLC". That supervision is provided )y a competent person$ +%. /sta)%ishment o( emergency and rescue procedures in the event o( an emergency$ 3. /g* Sa(ety (ootwear& eye& covera%%s& high visi)i%ity jackets& hearing protection& sa(ety he%mets& gum )oots& g%oves& disposa)%e c%othing etc$ +j.

arising (rom the ha0ards$ 6$ 7se appropriate contro% measures to e%iminate or reduce the risk+s. are %ess e((ective and they re-uire more (re-uent reviews o( the ha0ards and systems o( work$ In some situations a com)ination o( contro% measures may need to )e used$ The contro% measures recommended )y the contractor wi%% )e considered )y the principa% contractor as part o( the hea%th and sa(ety management p%an$ Any new contro% measures wi%% )e eva%uated to ensure that they are e((ective and sa(e and that new ha0ards are not created +direct%y or indirect%y. Page A 4 of 25 2$ Assess the risk+s.$ The contro% measures at Leve% 5 +e%iminate the ha0ard. Revision No. /0: 9 su)stituting the system o( work or p%ant +with something sa(er. HIERARCHY OF CONTROL MEASURES The (o%%owing hierarchy o( contro% measures is %isted in terms o( %eve%s$ se%ecting the highest %eve% possi)%e to deve%op each contro% measure$ L!"!# 1: E#$%$&'(! ()! )'*'+.$ 9 iso%ating the ha0ard +eg$ introduce a restrictive work area.: 9 For examp%e& choose di((erent /xcavation method$ L!"!# 2: M$&$%$*! ()! +$-.$ 9 introducing engineering contro% +eg$ dust contro%.METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS MS NO.$ 9 modi(ying the system o( work or p%ant +to make it sa(er. give the )est resu%ts and wi%% )e adopted$ The measures at Leve%s 2 +minimi0e the risk.$ 8$ 'onitor and review the contro% measures to ensure continua% sa(ety$ A(ter identi(ying the ha0ards invo%ved in carrying out the work the principa% contractor in consu%tation with the contractor wi%% assess the hea%th and sa(ety risks and determine what type o( sa(eguards or systems o( work wi%% )e imp%emented to ensure the hea%th and sa(ety o( a%% persons on site$ This wi%% a%ways inc%ude e%iminating exposure o( persons to the ha0ard$ 3.$ L!"!# 3: O()!+ 12&(+2#-: 9 adopting administrative contro%s such as ha0ard warning signs and speci(ic training and work instructions$ 9 using persona% protective e-uipment +eg$ eye& respiratory and hearing protection. )y them$ 3.3 PREPARATION hen preparing (or the commencement o( work the principa% contractor and the contractor doing the work wi%% ensure that the workp%ace is sa(e )ased on the hea%th and sa(ety management p%an$ They wi%% a%so check to ensure that a%% . and 6 +other contro%s.

si0e and %ocation o( p%ace o( work1 +c.4 EMERGENCY AND RESCUE PROCEDURES The contractor wi%% ensure that& in the event o( an emergency& ade-uate arrangements have )een made to ensure the sa(ety o( workers and other persons on site$ The emergency may resu%t (rom an accident or injury& %ands%ip or other potentia%%y dangerous occurrence$ Natura% disaster inc%uding e%ectrica% storms& (%oods&p%ant or machinary (ire etc may a%so present ha0ards to the working operations$ The contractor wi%% p%an (or such matters and ensure that appropriate contro% measures are in p%ace$ The risk assessment wi%% take into account the (o%%owing (actors* +a. Revision No. access to and (rom the workp%ace$ +c.METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS MS NO. an assessment o( c%imatic"environmenta% conditions$ +). that p%ant and e-uipment is suita)%e (or the intended use and inspected )y a third party )e(ore use and is proper%y maintained$ +(. Page A 5 of 25 contro%s identi(ied )y the risk assessment have )een put in p%ace and that no new ha0ards exist$ !reparation wi%% a%so at %east inc%ude* +a. nature o( ha0ard and possi)%e emergencies1 +). deve%opment and communication o( a warning system$ +). speci(ic instructions (or emp%oyees$ +d. provision o( (ire(ighting e-uipment at appropriate %ocations$ . shutting down o( work& inc%uding p%ant and e%ectrica% e-uipment$ +(. emergency and rescue procedures in the event o( an accident& injury or other emergency& inc%uding the means o( protect any other persons in the vicinity$ 3. persona% protective e-uipment$ +g. that the %ocation o( underground& a)ove ground and overhead services are identi(ied and c%ear%y marked$ +h. appropriate medica% treatment and evacuation o( injured persons$ +e. having trained personne% to oversee evacuation and rescue procedures unti% emergency authorities arrive$ +d. deve%opment and communication o( sa(e and rapid evacuation procedures& inc%uding injured persons$ +c. %ocation o( nearest emergency services$ Contro% measures may inc%ude* +a. num)er and mo)i%ity o( persons at the workp%ace1 and +d.

vehic%e movement +j. the nature o( the strata : sand& c%ay& sha%e& (%oaters& etc inc%uding their %ike%y )ehavior upon exposure to the e%ements1 +c. Page A 6 of 25 +g. disp%ay o( evacuation procedures in appropriate %ocation+s. changes to excavation conditions$ 4. unp%anned contact with uti%ity services eg& e%ectricity +e. Revision No. the exposure time1 . the (a%% or dis%odgement o( earth and rock +). the movement and positioning o( heavy p%ant and e-uipment a((ecting the excavation +h. ground vi)ration a((ecting the sta)i%ity o( the excavation +i. any %oad c%ose to the edge or in the 0one o( in(%uence o( the excavation1 +g. excessive noise (rom the operation o( machinery and p%ant +k. 5ORK SYSTEMS AND CONTROL MEASURES The principa% contractor and contractor have an o)%igation under RLC". 4. (a%%s into excavations +g. the presence o( moisture or water1 +e. the possi)i%ity o( exposure to wet weather and water (rom other sources1 +(. the depth o( the excavation1 +). vi)ration1 +h. (ractures or (au%ts in rock$ +d.1 PRE6ENTION OF COLLAPSE OR FAILURE OF TRENCHES AND OPEN E7CA6ATIONS A risk assessment wi%% )e conducted to determine which contro%s wi%% )e imp%emented to prevent persons )eing injured )y co%%apse or (ai%ure o( a%% or part o( a trench or open excavation$ It wi%% consider at %east the (o%%owing* +a. the insta)i%ity o( the excavation or any adjoining structure +c. the inrush or seepage o( water +d. manua% hand%ing injuries +%.S/ regu%ations to provide and maintain a workp%ace that is sa(e and without risks to hea%th (or their emp%oyees in re%ation to those matters over which they have contro%$ Contro% measures to prevent persons )eing injured during excavation work wi%% )e provided and maintained as part o( a sa(e system o( work$ The system o( work and contro% measures se%ected wi%% )e determined )y individua% jo) (actors identi(ied in the consu%tation and risk assessment process$ The (o%%owing ha0ards are common%y associated with excavation work and wi%% )e considered )y the risk assessment process* +a. the p%acement o( excavated materia% +(.METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS MS NO.

the si0e and strength o( the component mem)ers o( the shoring +). sa(ety during insta%%ation and remova%$ 4. %ocation o( uti%ity services +k. engaging a competent person to supervise the progress o( the excavation work$ Shoring systems& )enching and )attering are engineering issues that invo%ve )oth structura% design and soi% mechanics$ The use o( ade-uate shoring& )enching and )attering is essentia% to contro% the risk o( a co%%apse or (ai%ure o( a trench or open excavation$ 4. that systems o( work are in accordance with any re-uirements o( the RLC".3 SHORING here necessary& a%% trenches and excavations wi%% )e ade-uate%y shored or supported to prevent a (a%% or dis%odgement o( earth& rock or other materia% (orming the side o( or adjacent to& any excavation work (rom )urying& trapping or striking a person that is in the excavation$ here such a risk a%so exists (or those insta%%ing supports& other appropriate contro% measures wi%% )e in p%ace to . the %oads and types o( ground or soi% conditions to )e shored +d. dynamic %oads near excavation& eg$ tra((ic and excavation e-uipment +(. working environment such as exposure to dust& noise& water& +i. Page A 7 of 25 +i.esign speci(ications (or engineering contro%s such as shoring support structures& )enching or )attering wi%% )e prepared )y an appropriate%y -ua%i(ied person in accordance with re%evant standards and codes$ In deve%oping speci(ications& at %east the (o%%owing (actors wi%% )e considered* +a. any previous distur)ance o( the ground& eg previous excavations1 and +j. Revision No.2 DESIGN OF ENGINEERING CONTROLS . carrying out a geotechnica% ana%ysis& +c. existing and changing ground conditions +c. ground vi)ration& eg$ heavy tra((ic& mo)i%e p%ant& and pi%e driving$ +g.METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS MS NO.S/ regu%ations +j. di((icu%ties or risks that other services may pose ie overhead power %ines& existing or proposed underground services +h. adjoining )ui%dings or structures Remova% o( soi% (rom an excavation causes un)a%anced soi% stresses which reduce the capacity o( the excavation to support itse%($ There may )e additiona% geotechnica% engineering issues that wi%% )e considered$ According%y where the risk assessment identi(ies the risk o( an unsta)%e condition& the (o%%owing measures wi%% )e considered )e(ore starting excavation work* +a. seeking advice (rom appropriate%y -ua%i(ied engineers& +). static %oads near excavation& eg$ spoi% pi%e& )ui%dings and structures +e.

3.1 REMO6AL OF SHORING SUPPORTS hen removing shoring& the support system wi%% )e extracted " dismant%ed in the reverse order o( its insta%%ation$ !ersons per(orming the work in the excavation wi%% not work outside the protection o( the ground support system$ 4. Page A 8 of 25 ensure the sa(ety o( persons entering the excavation$ A shoring system wi%% not )e re-uired i(& having regard to the nature and s%ope o( the side o( the excavation and other re%evant circumstances there is no reasona)%e %ike%ihood that earth& rocks other materia% wi%% (a%% or dis%odge (rom a height o( more than5$<m and )ury& trap or strike a person that is in the excavation$ The risk assessment process wi%% )e used to identi(y unsta)%e conditions and the risks invo%ved$ Shoring the (ace o( an excavation wi%% proceed as the work o( excavation progresses$ here a mechanica% digger is used& the risk assessment wi%% )e used to determine whether any part o( the trench may )e %e(t unsupported$ Shoring may inc%ude any suita)%e system o( temporary supports and sheeting materia% used to maintain the sta)i%ity o( the sides o( an excavation$ The insta%%ation and remova% o( shoring wi%% take p%ace (rom outside an excavation$ 4.METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS MS NO. premature remova% o( shoring . shoring )ecoming unsta)%e +).5 INSPECTION OF SUPPORT SYSTEMS here risks or ha0ards that create a risk to hea%th and sa(ety o( those carrying out the work are identi(ied& they wi%% )e contro%%ed prior to any (urther work )eing carried out$ This may re-uire (urther advice (rom geotechnica% and design engineers to review the ade-uacy o( the contro% measures in p%ace$ The risk assessment wi%% )e reviewed at a%% terms during the excavation works$ The (o%%owing conditions wi%% )e considered or monitored* +a. Revision No.4 BENCHING AND BATTERING E7CA6ATION 5ALLS 3oth )enching and )attering o( excavation wa%%s are methods o( work which may )e used to minimi0e the risk o( the soi% or rock s%ipping onto the excavation$ I( )attering is imp%emented& it wi%% commence (rom the )ottom o( the excavation$ hen )enching or )attering the wa%%s o( an excavation& an ang%e o( repose o( 8< degrees wi%% not )e exceeded un%ess certi(ied in writing )y a geotechnica% engineer$ 4. ang%e o( )atter remains su((icient to prevent co%%apse +d. shoring components not secure or (ai%ing +c.

undercutting o( the excavation 4. remova% or %owering %adders on work site +c. workers in excavations venturing outside the con(ines o( shoring& )enching or )attering +(. extra %oading +m. Page A 9 of 25 +e. SECURITY OF E7CA6ATIONS A risk assessment wi%% )e conducted in order to determine which contro%s wi%% )e imp%emented to ensure the security o( excavation )oth during work and when %e(t unattended$ The contro% measures imp%emented wi%% )e appropriate and e((ective (or the ha0ards and risks o( the situation$ Consideration wi%% )e given to (actors such as how %ong the excavation wi%% )e open& and who may gain access to the excavation$ The (o%%owing contro% measures wi%% )e considered* +a.sur(ace water or run:o(( entering the excavations or accumu%ating on sur(ace near the excavation +n. excavated and other materia% )eing p%aced within the 0one o( in(%uence o( the excavation +h. unsa(e access or egress +r. night %ighting$ . +g. exposure o( contaminated ground +s. immo)i%i0ation o( p%ant to prevent unauthori0ed use +d. ha0ard warning %ights& signs& markers or (%ags +(. cracks appearing near the edge o( an excavation +g. comp%iance with re%evant RLC". inc%ined )edding p%anes =dipping> into the excavation +o. su)sidence a%ongside the excavations +-. sur(ace soi% (a%%ing into the excavation +j.METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS MS NO. changes to soi% and"or weather conditions +%. water seeping into excavations (rom its side wa%%s or )ase +k. machinery operating within the 0one o( in(%uence o( excavations causing weight and vi)ration in(%uences +i. Revision No.S/ re-uirements$ +e. iso%ating the ha0ardous area& such as )y the use o( perimeter (encing& )arricades& screens& )arriers& handrai%s and"or covers& which are capa)%e o( preventing access or preventing the (a%% o( a person +). site security measures& inc%uding (encing or use o( sa(ety o)server+s. heaving or swe%%ing o( the ground at the )ottom o( the trench +p.

S/ re-uirement to e((ective%y (ence a%% excavations and ho%es more than 5$2m deep$ It wi%% a%so )e noted that a%% p%at(orms& open sides o( stairways and stairway %andings wi%% )e (enced$ In addition to the security measures %isted a)ove& the (o%%owing measures to prevent (a%%s wi%% )e considered* +a. . Revision No. Page A 10 of 25 Signs wi%% )e erected around the site showing the name and contact te%ephone num)er +inc%uding a(ter hours emergency num)er. o( the principa% contractor"contractor"RLC emergency num)ers$ 4. provision o( positive means o( (a%% protection such as (encing& handrai%s and sa(ety harness +).3 UNDERGROUND SER6ICES 3e(ore starting the work& the %ocation o( any underground services +eg$ e%ectricity& te%ecommunication ca)%es& etc. )ack(i%%ing as work progresses Contro% measures wi%% )e proper%y insta%%ed and maintained unti% the work is comp%eted or unti% there is no %onger any risk o( persons (a%%ing into the excavation$ 4. use o( intermediate p%at(orms (or deep excavation +).2 PRE6ENTION OF DRO5NING here& during excavation work& and excavation is %ike%y to co%%ect or retain water so as to create a ha0ard to persons in the vicinity& the excavation wi%% )e covered or (enced o(($ Contro% measures wi%% )e provided where there is a risk o( a person drowning as a resu%t o( a (a%% into water or other %i-uid& eg s%urry$ The (o%%owing measures wi%% )e considered* +a. provision o( an ade-uate (a%% arrest system +d. provision o( an o)server$ 4. .METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS MS NO. provision o( a sa(e means o( movement )etween di((erent %eve%s o( the excavation +c.1 FALL PRE6ENTION A sa(e system o( work and appropriate contro% measures wi%% )e provided wherever persons are exposed to a risk o( (a%%ing during excavation work$ It is a RLC". wi%% )e identi(ied$ herever service p%ans are avai%a)%e they wi%% )e o)tained )y the principa% contractor and a%so provided to the contractor and operator carrying out the excavation work$ The .

engaging a competent person to supervise the progress o( the excavation work +d. undertaking a geotechnica% ana%ysis +c. )ack(i%%ing as work progresses +h. Page A 11 of 25 contractor wi%% a%%ow (or inaccuracies and the possi)i%ity o( other unknown or hidden services$ Further& the principa% contractor wi%% arrange (or these services to )e c%ear%y marked according to the avai%a)%e p%ans and on site checks prior to commencement o( work$ Services wi%% )e exposed at su((icient interva%s to positive%y identi(y their %ocation and"or %ie$ The (o%%owing are ways o( checking (or underground services* +a. minimi0ing ground distur)ance and vi)ration )y taking into account the %ocation o( machinery& the se-uence o( work& the impact& severity and sca%e o( excavation +g. hand digging& using hand too%s with non:conductive hand%es$ A%% persons whose work may )e a((ected )y an underground service wi%% )e advised o( the %ocation o( every underground service$ Appropriate contro% measures wi%% )e imp%emented a(ter consu%tation with re%evant service providers$ These measures may inc%ude the protection& support or remova% o( services to ensure sa(ety o( workers$ 4.METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS MS NO. construction o( e((ective retaining wa%%s +(. using remote %ocation devices +). underpinning o( structures +e. seeking advice (rom appropriate%y -ua%i(ied engineers +). evacuation o( a((ected areas$ The contractor wi%% a%so ensure the sta)i%ity o( vehicu%ar access which might )e a((ected )y the work$ . Revision No.4 E7CA6ATIONS AD8ACENT TO BUILDINGS OR STRUCTURES The contractor wi%% ensure that excavation work which is %ike%y to reduce the security or sta)i%ity o( any part o( any )ui%ding or structure wi%% not )e commenced or continued un%ess ade-uate steps are taken )e(ore and during the progress o( the work to prevent danger to any person (rom co%%apse o( the )ui%ding or structure or a part o( a )ui%ding or structure$ In assessing the risk& measures such as the (o%%owing wi%% )e considered )e(ore starting excavation work* +a.

Page A 12 of 25 4. provision o( pumps 4. %owering the water ta)%e +eg use o( spear pumps. +d. reducing the num)er o( trench shie%ds stored near excavation )y pu%%ing a%ong trench shie%ds and )ack(i%%ing as the excavation progresses . provision o( exp%oratory or warning ho%es where water (%ows at a reduced rate to warn o( danger +). moving and storing %oads outside the 0one o( in(%uence o( the excavation +c. Revision No. increasing exit points eg increasing the num)er o( exit %adders +e. provision o( whee% stoppers to %imit movement o( mo)i%e e-uipment adjacent to the excavation +d. contro%%ing access to exc%ude persons (rom ha0ardous areas& eg re%ocating means o( access +). IRRUPTIONOR INRUSH OF 5ATER OR MATERIAL The contractor wi%% ensure that where there is risk (rom rising water or (rom an eruption o( water or materia%& the means to ena)%e every person to reach a position o( sa(ety wi%% )e provided$ I( a risk assessment revea%s a risk o( rising& irruption or inrush o( water or materia%& appropriate contro% measures wi%% )e provided$ These may inc%ude the (o%%owing* +a.9 PROTECTION AGAINST RISING.METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS MS NO. provision o( sumps +c.10 MATERIALS AND LOADS ABO6E AND NEAR E7CA6ATIONS To reduce the risk o( excavation co%%apse& excavated or other %oose materia% wi%% )e e((ective%y stored or retained away (rom the excavation$ /xcavated materia% wi%% )e p%aced outside the 0one o( in(%uence$ A%ternative%y the support system wi%% )e designed to accommodate such additiona% %oad inc%uding ground water pressures& saturated soi% conditions and saturated materia%s$ 'echanica% p%ant& vehic%es& storage o( materia%s or any heavy %oads wi%% )e prevented (rom approaching within or encroaching on the 0one o( in(%uence o( the excavation un%ess the support system has )een speci(ica%%y designed (or such %oads$ here the risk assessment has identi(ied a risk o( co%%apse as a resu%t o( %oads or materia%s a)ove or near the excavation& shoring wi%% )e in p%ace )e(ore any person enters the excavated area$ The (o%%owing measures wi%% a%so )e considered )e(ore starting excavation work* +a.

enc%osed wa%kways +e. (ences +). use o( %anyards to secure %oose too%s +h. a system o( %ock out and %ock out tags +c. overhead protection +d.METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS MS NO. provision o( sa(e means o( %owering and raising p%ant& materia%s& spoi%& etc +g. %oads wi%% )e %i(ted"suspended within the sa(e working %imits o( the machinery %oad used$ 4. hand digging using too%s with non conductive hand%es +e. wearing ru))er )oots and insu%ating g%oves . sa(ety he%mets and other ade-uate means o( protection +(. de:energi0ing and iso%ating the ca)%es and o)taining documentary evidence o( the continuing iso%ation o( the power supp%y )e(ore proceeding with the work +). use o( e%ectronic survei%%ance prior to excavation to determine %ocation o( services$ +d. hand rai%s and toe )oards +c. Revision No.11 PROTECTION FROM FALLING OB8ECTS The risk assessment wi%% )e used to determine appropriate contro% measures to protect persons (rom accidenta% (a%%s o( o)jects inc%uding too%s& p%ant and other construction materia%s$ As (ar as practica)%e& %oads wi%% not )e suspended or trave% over a person$ The (o%%owing contro% measures wi%% )e considered* +a. Page A 13 of 25 +e.1 UNDERGROUND ELECTRICAL HAZARDS A sa(e system o( work wi%% )e devised to address e%ectrica% ha0ards associated with underground services as the (o%%owing* +a. securing a%% %oose materia%s in p%ace$ hen working on a s%ope& a risk assessment wi%% )e conducted to determine the sa(est side o( the excavation to dump soi% and excavated materia%$ This wi%% o(ten )e on the %ower side o( the s%ope to reduce the risk o( wa%% co%%apse or materia% (a%%ing into the excavation$ Site (actors wi%% )e considered$ 4.12 ELECTRICAL HAZARDS Speci(ic contro% measures wi%% )e imp%emented when work is done in the vicinity o( power %ines whether they are overhead or underground$ A power %ine or e%ectrica% conductor wi%% a%ways )e assumed to )e energi0ed or ?%ive@& inc%uding when a communication ca)%e or wire is encountered$ 4.12.

14 ACCESS .METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS 4. A thorough examination o( the approaches and surroundings o( the site wi%% )e carried out )e(ore taking an app%iance to the site or setting it up$ 4. where manua% hand%ing invo%ves repetitive )ending& twisting& over:reaching& work overhead or where persons have pre existing injuries& these %oads wi%% )e (urther decreased$ A(ten used items such as too%s& etc& wi%% )e stored at waist %eve%$ here possi)%e& most common%y used items wi%% )e stored )etween thigh and chest height$ +e. Revision No.12. providing appropriate training to emp%oyees in sa(e hand%ing techni-ues$ This training wi%% a%so inc%ude the prevention o( manua% hand%ing injuries )y an approach )ased on a ha0ard identi(ication& risk assessment and contro% through jo) and task design$ /mp%oyees wi%% receive appropriate training in methods o( manua% hand%ing invo%ving team %i(ting procedures& correct use o( the mechanica% aids and !!/$ +c.13 MANUAL HANDLING 'anua% . ensuring that work areas and passageways are kept c%ean and c%ear o( de)ris$ S%ippery (%oors and sur(aces and trip ha0ards wi%% )e contro%%ed$ 4. Page A 14 of 25 hen cranes& excavators& earthmoving machines or simi%ar app%iances are operated near overhead power %ines the (o%%owing provisions wi%% )e o)served* +a. weights that are manua%%y hand%ed wi%% )e minimi0ed$ Furthermore persons wi%% not )e re-uired to %i(t& %ower or carry %oads a)ove 2<kg& un%ess mechanica% assistance and"or team %i(ting arrangements are provided to %ower the risk o( injury$ +d. the rotation o( work duties wi%% )e considered in consu%tation with emp%oyees so that emp%oyees are not su)jected to the same task (or the who%e shi(t$ +g. designing or re:designing the manua% hand%ing task to e%iminate or contro% the risk (actor$ here re:design is not practica)%e& the emp%oyer wi%%* 9 provide mechanica% aids and"or persona% protective e-uipment$ 7sing powered mechanica% e-uipment to %i(t and move materia%s may contro% manua% hand%ing risks$ Li(ting e-uipment wi%% inc%ude cranes& (ork%i(ts$ +).and%ing re-uires engineers and supervisors to design e-uipment& tasks and work environments so that manua% hand%ing risks are e%iminated or reduced as (ar as reasona)%y practica)%e$ The contractor wi%% assess and contro% the risks invo%ved in carrying out manua% hand%ing tasks$ This wi%% )e done in consu%tation with emp%oyees who are re-uired to carry out the work$ The contractor wi%% contro% risks )y* +a.2 O6ERHEAD PO5ER LINES MS NO.

proper storage o( materia%s and p%ant +).3 LADDERS when %adders are used (or access the contractor wi%% provide the (o%%owing* +a. sa(ety (ences and warning signs$ 4. remova% o( ru))ish& inc%uding construction waste and excess excavated materia% +d.14.2 RAMPS hen access ramps are provided they wi%% not exceed 5*2$B +2C degrees. wi%% )e provided to ensure the work areas and access ways are we%% %it$ Ade-uate %oca% %ighting wi%% )e provided (or detai%ed work& (or dangerous processes and where machinery is )eing operated$ hen arti(icia% %ighting is used& inc%uding %ighting (or night work& the contractor wi%% ensure it does not create excessive g%are or shadows$ 4. tra((ic and p%ant contro%s +(. meta% or wire rein(orced %adders wi%% not )e used where there is a risk o( contact with e%ectrica% conductor wires+power %ines. Revision No.$ Ramps steeper than 5*D +B degrees. the %adder wi%% )e secured at )oth top and )ottom against disp%acement$ Ladders wi%% have non:s%ip (eet and whenever practica)%e wi%% )e set up at an ang%e o( 5*8 +B<degrees. the sti%es o( the %adder wi%% extend at %east one meter a)ove the %anding p%ace$ +d. keeping work areas and passageways c%ear and (ree o( o)structions +c.METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS MS NO. use o( handrai%s +e. Page A 15 of 25 An assessment o( access re-uirements wi%% take into account the num)er o( persons using them and any too%s and e-uipment that they may )e re-uired to carry to and (rom the work site$ Contro% measures may inc%ude* +a.14. wi%% )e c%eared& grated or have sur(aces which a%%ow ade-uate (oot grip$ here such ramps (orm part o( an excavation& a risk assessment wi%% )e conducted to determine the maximum sa(e soi% height a)ove the ramp )e(ore some sort o( soi% support +eg trench shie%d. a sa(e and ade-uate%y si0ed %anding p%ace when stepping o(( the %adder wi%% )e provided$ +c. or o( e%ectric shock$ Non: conducting %adders wi%% )e used or a c%earance o( at %east 8metres (rom conductors wi%% )e maintained$ .14.1 LIGHTING Ade-uate %ighting +natura% or arti(icia%. is provided$ Ramps wi%% )e designed and constructed to e((ective%y withstand any anticipated %oad that they may )e re-uired to support during use$ 4.$ +).

securing the area where moving p%ant is )eing used eg$ (encing& )arriers& )arricades& temporary warning or contro% signs or a com)ination$ +c. STAIR5AYS AND LADDERS Fixed p%at(orms& wa%kways& stairways and %adders wi%% comp%y with the re-uirements o( RLC".14.METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS 4.14. p%anning the direction that the p%ant moves so that the visi)i%ity o( operators is not restricted$ This wi%% a%so inc%ude an assessment o( the visi)i%ity o( p%ant and tra((ic (rom a%% areas o( the work site$ +d. Page A 16 of 25 Sca((o%ding wi%% )e used to provide workers with a sa(e temporary work p%at(orm$ It wi%% )e p%anned& erected& inspected and tagged )y competent persons and wi%% )e regu%ar%y inspected to ensure there are no risks to sa(ety and wi%% comp%y with the re-uirements o( RLC". iso%ating vehic%es and p%ant used in or around the site and work area (rom persons on the site or work area& eg$ vehic%es or persons may )e guided around or past the work area$ +).5 FI7ED PLATFORMS. 5ALK5AYS.S/ regu%ations$ $ 4.15 5ORKS NEAR TRAFFIC OR MO6ING PLANT $ !%anning and preparation wi%% a%so inc%ude the deve%opment o( a vehic%e movement procedure (or each worksite$ Eehic%e movement procedures wi%% identi(y the pre(erred trave% paths (or vehic%es associated with a work site entering& %eaving or crossing the through tra((ic stream$ A vehic%e movement procedure wi%% inc%ude persons& moving e-uipment& p%ant and vehic%e tra((ic in the work area and a%so identi(y trave% paths (or trucks at key points on routes remote (rom the work site& such as p%aces to turn around& accesses& ramps and side roads$ A vehic%e movement procedure wi%% )e a documented procedure& a diagram& com)ined with or superimposed on a Tra((ic Contro% !%an& or may )e ver)a% in(ormation and instructions speci(ic to the particu%ar construction workp%ace or site$ The risk management process wi%% )e used to determine which is the most appropriate$ A risk assessment wi%% )e conducted to determine what type o( sa(eguards or systems o( work that )e imp%emented on the site and wi%% inc%ude e%iminating exposure o( persons to moving p%ant$ Eehic%e movement procedures wi%% )e deve%oped )ased on the risk assessment and wi%% )e deve%oped each time the conditions on the site change in a way that may a((ect the hea%th and sa(ety o( persons$ The risk assessment wi%% consider at %east the (o%%owing* +a. Revision No.S/ regu%ations 4. the use o( spotters"sa(ety o)servers to contro% tra((ic movement +e.4 SCAFFOLDING MS NO. imp%ementing sa(e working distances .

minimi0ing the num)er o( moving p%ant working at one time$ here mu%tip%e p%ant is )eing operated around the work site a competent person wi%% )e used to direct the p%ant* 9 when operating in c%ose proximity to each other1 9 when reversing1 9 where persons are on the ground1 and 9 in other situations as indicated )y the risk assessment$ +i. where construction vehic%es or p%ant enter or %eave the work area )y pu)%ic roads& systems o( contro% and notices wi%% )e p%aced at a%% entrances and exits to the work area to protect and warn a%% persons approaching or in the vicinity +j. designated de%ivery and turning areas$ The movement o( de%ivery vehic%es on construction sites (re-uent%y presents a ha0ard particu%ar%y when reversing& %oading and un%oading$ !rocedures wi%% )e imp%emented to warn a%% persons a((ected )y the potentia% ha0ard$ These procedures wi%% inc%ude* 9 the re-uirement (or truck drivers to report to a suita)%y signposted area on the site1 9 the re-uirement (or a designated worker to act as an o)server to ensure a%% persons are c%ear o( the reversing vehic%e1 and 9 a system o( communication and warning to persons near de%ivery point$ A%% personne% on site wi%% wear high visi)i%ity garments$ 4. where p%ant is )eing operated near persons& near underground or a)ove ground services +any other workers& soi%s technicians& surveyors& visitors etc. the use o( audi)%e reversing a%arms and"or other techno%ogies or other sa(e work practices$ Note* reversing a%arms may cause con(usion where mu%tip%e p%ant is using the same area and other systems o( work may )e re-uired$ +g. Page A 17 of 25 +(. +k. Revision No.METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS MS NO.1 NOISE Noise management provisions wi%% )e carried out )y the contractor doing the work and wi%% ensure noise %eve%s (rom machinery or e-uipment )eing used do not )ecome a risk to hearing or hea%th$ An appropriate%y -ua%i(ied person wi%% conduct a noise assessment to determine the %eve% o( noise that emp%oyees are exposed to$ here the noise is in excess o( the noise exposure %imits& engineering contro%s wi%% )e imp%emented$ here this cannot )e achieved or work cannot )e organi0ed to minimi0e exposure& appropriate hearing protection e-uipment& hearing protectors& wi%% )e provided to a%% persons in the vicinity o( the noise$ The contractor wi%% a%so ensure comp%iance with RLC /nvironmenta% !rotection re-uirements in re%ation to noise$ .

FLAMMABLE AND ASPHY7IATE GASES .:2. visitors to the site +(or examp%e& couriers.&. Car)on dioxide& hydrogen su%(ide ground T0<! 2: Fi%%ed and made TABLE 2: TO7IC. any persons on site& inc%uding other contractors or persons working on the site1 +). Page A 18 of 25 The contractors wi%% ensure that a%% necessary prevention or protection measures are taken to ensure the hea%th and sa(ety o( persons who may )e exposed to excavated materia%$ here there is a risk o( inha%ation o( harm(u% air)orne su)stances such as si%ica dust or contact with harm(u% soi% contaminants& the contractor wi%% ensure a sa(e system o( work$ The risk assessment process wi%% )e used to determine the engineering contro%s& work practices and site& atmospheric monitoring re-uired$ Appropriate assessment o( the exposure %eve%s wi%% )e undertaken )e(ore se%ecting the contro% measures$ The assessments wi%% consider* +a.1 and +d. persons conducting the assessment and site remediation& inc%uding su)contract workers1 +c.$ The contractor wi%% a%so ensure that exposure to nonha0ardous su)stances such as nuisance dust is at a %eve% not greater than that esta)%ished )y sa(e exposure standards$ In dry conditions& (re-uent watering& where practica)%e& or other simi%ar methods wi%% )e used to reduce nuisance dust that wi%% not exceed 2Cmg"m6$ TABLE 1: TRENCHES GASES COMMONLY FOUND IN E7CA6ATIONS AND G'-!.2+ :. =+2.&. site neigh)ors +as appropriate.METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS MS NO. Revision No.%!.

air)orne contaminants 5. speci(ic contro%s to prevent entang%ement or workers )eing trapped )etween moving parts$ A%% p%ant such as excavators& tractors& etc used (or %i(ting wi%% have their sa(e working %oads disp%ayed and maintained$ I( the (unction or condition o( p%ant represents an immediate risk to hea%th and sa(ety& operation wi%% cease and the p%ant wi%% )e withdrawn (rom use unti% a risk assessment and appropriate contro% measures are imp%emented$ . oxygen de(iciency +).METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS G'A-<)0>$'(! . are (itted +). INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE OF PLANT AND E?UIPMENT A risk assessment wi%% )e conducted )e(ore operating p%ant to identi(y any ha0ards that may arise and the contro% measures to )e imp%emented$ The risk assessment wi%% consider at %east the (o%%owing* +a. that the sa(e working %oad is disp%ayed +c.ydrogen Su%(ide Car)on dioxide T2>$1 MS NO. Revision No. record o( testing& maintenance& servicing and repair +d. Page A 19 of 25 F#'%%'/#! /mp%oyers wi%% imp%ement a suita)%e system o( work so as to ensure a sa(e repaira)%e atmosphere and e((ective venti%ation and wi%% protect persons against the e((ects o( insu((icient oxygen$ These may )e encountered when carrying out work such as excavations (or (oundations& in addition to trenches$ here the risk assessment indicates the possi)i%ity o( air contamination& the work wi%% )e examined )y competent persons using appropriate detecting e-uipment and wi%% inc%ude air testing (or* +a. that appropriate guards& inc%uding ro%%:over protective devices +RA!S. the genera% mechanica%"e%ectrica% condition o( p%ant& especia%%y any wear or damage that may a((ect sa(e operation +e.

METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS 5. Page A 20 of 25 Regu%ar p%anned inspection and ade-uate maintenance wi%% )e carried out to ensure sa(e operation o( a%% p%ant used on excavation work& whether %eased& hired or owned$ 3oth mechanica% and e%ectrica% testing wi%% )e done$ The (o%%owing checks wi%% a%so )e carried out* +a.4 LOG BOOKS AND INSPECTION CHECK SHEETS The contractor wi%% keep %og)ooks and inspection check sheets containing a (u%% service and repairs history o( the e-uipment$ . Revision No. TRAINING AND INSTRUCTION 7nder RLC". .2 REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE The contractor wi%% ensure the p%ant repairs wi%% )e carried out )y a competent person and in accordance with the designer@s or manu(acturer@s re-uirements$ 5.3 REPORTING DEFECTS Any de(ects to e-uipment wi%% )e reported immediate%y to the person responsi)%e (or maintaining such p%ant$ here a de(ect is %ike%y to pose an immediate risk to hea%th and sa(ety the e-uipment or p%ant wi%% not )e used unti% the de(ect is recti(ied$ 5. Regu%ar checks* the p%ant wi%% )e inspected )y a competent person on a regu%ar )asis& or at %east every two weeks$ 5.ai%y checks* genera% condition and maintenance o( the p%ant wi%% )e checked dai%y )y the person doing the excavation work$ +).S/ regu%ations emp%oyers wi%% provide training& instruction& in(ormation and supervision& as may )e necessary& to ensure the hea%th and sa(ety at work o( their emp%oyees$ This wi%% )e provided )y a competent person$ A%% persons invo%ved in any excavation or associated work wi%%* 9 )e trained to (o%%ow systems o( work and work practices that ena)%e them to per(orm their work in a manner that is sa(e and without risks to hea%th& and1 9 ho%d appropriate certi(icates o( competencies where re-uired& particu%ar%y in the operation and use o( %oad shi(ting e-uipment$ An%y persons who have received training and instruction wi%% carry out the work$ The training provided and the instruction given wi%% at %east inc%ude* .1 ROUTINE INSPECTION MS NO.

1 SAFETY HELMETS The use o( sa(ety he%mets may prevent or %essen a head injury (rom (a%%ing o)jects or a person hitting their head against something$ here there is a %ike%ihood o( persons )eing injured )y (a%%ing o)jects and overhead protection is not provided& persons wi%% )e provided with and wi%% use an appropriate sa(ety he%met$ Appropriate sa(ety he%mets wi%% a%so )e provided and used where a person may strike their hand against a (ixed or protruding o)ject or where there is a risk o( accidenta% head contact with e%ectrica% ha0ards$ .1. the use o( p%ant and associated e-uipment& inc%uding e%ectrica% sa(ety and ha0ardous su)stances$ +e. induction training which comp%ies with Construction Sa(ety 4 RLC". procedures to )e adopted in the event o( accident& injury or other emergency& inc%uding evacuation$ 3.1 PRO6ISION OF PPE 3e(ore commencing any work& the principa% contractor and or contractors wi%% identi(y any conditions %ike%y to a((ect the hea%th and sa(ety o( persons$ I( other means o( contro% are not practica%& the provision and use o( appropriate !!/ that comp%ies with the re%evant RLC". Page A 21 of 25 +a. the work method to )e used (or the excavation or associated work and the manua% hand%ing procedures (or the work to )e carried out& inc%uding contro% measures )ased on the risk assessment to prevent injury$ +c.S/ regu%ations wi%% )e arranged$ /mp%oyees wi%% )e trained ti%% they are competent in the proper se%ection& use and maintenance o( the !!/$ There wi%% )e su((icient supervision and monitoring conducted to ensure comp%iance$ 3. Revision No. the correct use& care and storage in accordance with the manu(acturer@s recommendations where appropriate& o(* 9 persona% protective e-uipment1 and 9 too%s and e-uipment to )e used$ +d. PERSONAL PROTECTI6E E?UIPMENT@PPEA The use o( !!/ to contro% ha0ards and risks is the %east e((ective measure and is %owest on the hierarchy o( contro% measures$ Contro% measures wi%% )e se%ected (rom the highest %eve% possi)%e and )e adopted where practica)%e$ The measures at the %ower %eve%s are %ess e((ective and they re-uire more (re-uent reviews o( the ha0ards and systems o( work$ They wi%% on%y )e used when other contro% measures are impractica)%e or when& a(ter imp%ementing other contro%s& a residua% risk remains$ 3.S/ regu%ation +).METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS MS NO.

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY hi%e the o)%igation (or each person is di((erent& a%% persons wi%% ensure that the way they carry out their work wi%% not inter(ere with the hea%th and sa(ety o( the other persons who are present at the workp%ace$ A%% work practices must comp%y with RLC".5 SAFETY GLO6ES here there is a risk o( hand injury hand protection that comp%ies with RLC".1.1.METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS MS NO.1.S/ regu%ations wi%% )e provided and used$ 3.3 PERSONAL HEARING PROTECTION A noise assessment wi%% )e conducted to determine the %eve% o( noise that emp%oyees are exposed to$ here the noise is in excess o( the noise exposure %imits& engineering contro%s wi%% )e imp%emented$ 3. Page A 22 of 25 A%% persons on excavation sites wi%% wear head protection that con(orms to Accupationa% protective he%mets$ 3.S/ regu%ations wi%% a%so )e provided& where there is a risk o( eye injury$ Se%ection& use and management systems wi%% comp%y with RLC".S/ regu%ations 3.4 HIGH 6ISIBILITY GARMENTSBSAFETY REFLECTI6E 6ESTS !ersons working near tra((ic& mo)i%e p%ant or e-uipment under operator contro%& wi%% )e provided with and use high visi)i%ity garments$ Ather c%othing not covered )y the high visi)i%ity garment wi%% )e %ight co%ored and a%% garments wi%% )e se%ected (or )est contrast with the surrounding )ackground$ 3.2 EYE PROTECTION /ye protection comp%ying with RLC".S/ regu%ations$ CONTRACTORCS RESPONSIBILITIES The contractor has an o)%igation to take reasona)%e care (or the hea%th and sa(ety o( the other persons in the p%ace o( work and to cooperate with their . Revision No.1.2 MAINTENANCE AND USE OF PPE The contractor wi%% provide such in(ormation& instruction& training and supervision as may )e necessary to ensure that !!/ are used and maintained as intended$ A%% !!/ used )y persons during excavation work wi%% )e regu%ar%y inspected and rep%aced as necessary$ 4.

Revision No. Page A 23 of 25 emp%oyer in the interests o( hea%th& sa(ety and we%(are$ /mp%oyees wi%% use appropriate protective e-uipment (or the work )eing per(ormed$ .METHOD STATEMENT EXCAVATION WORKS MS NO.

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