Colegio Internacional Montessori Spelling- Grade 1 Short /e/ 1. tell: tos ay. Can I tell you a secret !. get: to ha"e.

#or my $irthday I %ill get presents. &. ten: the num$er a'ter nine. My older $rother is ten years old.

Name: __________________ Date: ___________________ Section: ________ Code: ___

(. set: to put. I %ill set the ca)e on the %indo% to cool. *. let: to allo%. Can you let me play %ith your i+ad ,. sent: past o' send. -o ta)e 'rom one place to another. .e %ill send our $oo)mar)s $y mail. /. $ed: the place %here you sleep. -onight I %ill sleep on my parents $ed. 0. red: a primary color. My 'a"orite color is red. 1. nest: the place %here $irds li"e. 2oo) at the eggs in that nest. 13. end: the last part. -hat %as a nice end to the story.

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