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Tips for Attraction

Tips for Attraction

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Published by: mr_mahesh_in on Oct 20, 2009
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Do you like when women scream and run away from you?

Well if you're like most guys this is the last thing you want. But it's a real possibility if
you're not taking care of your grooming habits. Here's what I mean…

In almost every social situation, I've noticed there is that ONE guy who tries hard to
attract women, but doesn't take the time to work on his grooming habits. What he doesn't
realize is poor hygiene turns off women instead of attracting them. By NOT taking a half
hour each day for grooming, he's eliminating his chances of success.

Now on this website, I work hard to provide great information for being attractive to
women. It's my hope that I provide enough free information to help you overcome bad
looks, social awkwardness or a lack of confidence. However there is NOTHING I can do
to help you if you don't take the time to work on your hygiene.

What's frustrating is having good personal hygiene is the one area in which you have
COMPLETE control. Yet I see a number of guys who don't make an effort in this area of
their lives. So if you want to ensure a top-notch appearance you should do the following
EACH time before you go out to meet women:

• Shower (Using an ample amount of soap, shampoo, and conditioner)
• Clean your ears out with Q-Tips
• Shave or trim your facial hair
• Apply deodorant
• Brush your teeth and use dental floss
• Apply a popular cologne
• Trim any nose, eyebrow or ear hair you have
• Dress in a neat manner

While these grooming tips may seem like common sense, a lot of guys seem to forget the
importance of taking care of their appearance.

Just remember that NO tip or technique will work if you have a lousy appearance or poor
hygiene. As I always say: "If you look like a slob, you'll attract slobbish women!"
Ultimately if you want to maximize your ability to attract women, simply spend a little
time each day and remember to groom yourself!

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