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Tips for Attraction

Tips for Attraction

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Published by: mr_mahesh_in on Oct 20, 2009
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When it comes to dating, guys have a LOT of fears. Whether they feel they're too bald,
too short, or too fat, some men feel their personal appearance prevents them from talking
to women.

So the question is this:

Is your appearance THAT important?

Well the short answer is NO. But let me explain my rationale…

As men we're primarily attracted to the stereotypical "Hot Girl". And according to
popular men's magazines all guys desire thin, blonde-haired, and large-breasted models.
(While you might have different tastes, this type of girl is statistically found to be the
most popular type of woman among men.)

Now what's interesting is women are attracted to different things then men. First off, each
woman has varied tastes in men. What they find attractive really depends on their
personality. Some love large hulking men, while others are attracted to thin, intellectual

In addition women are PRIMARILY attracted to traits which are not based on personal
appearance. Things like confidence, goal orientation and humor are all traits which can
attract a woman.

Obviously this is good news!

No matter what faults you might find in your own appearance, you can still be VERY
successful with women. If you know how to demonstrate an attractive personality then it
becomes EASY to succeed with women.

So the moral of this post is to STOP worrying about your looks. Instead try to focus on
these things:

• Being cocky/funny
• Knowing how to build confidence,
• Developing great openers
• Being able to demonstrate higher value
• Eliminating self limiting beliefs

When you develop these core traits your looks won't matter. You'll be able to attract
beautiful women through your own unique personality.

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