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Name Connor McLaughlin_____________ ______ PHED 239: High School Module Worksheet Chapter 1

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List and describe two (2) characteristics of a successful secondar ph sical education program as discussed in Chapter !" #e prepared to share our responses in class"

!" $ne characteristic of a successful secondar ph sical education program is the e%istence of a positi&e learning en&ironment" 't is important to (eep reactions to student failures to a minimum" )ather then *ust correcting the student+s performance, it is important to gi&e instruction that forces feedbac( on positi&e student beha&ior" -ood teachers use positi&e methods to moti&ate students" .%ercise should ne&er be used as a punishment" This gi&es students who struggle with /h sical .ducation the idea that participating and failing is worse then *ust learning how to a&oid the en&ironment altogether"

2" 0nother characteristic of a successful secondar ph sical education program is ha&ing a wide &ariet of acti&ities a&ailable for the students" Man different students en*o man different t pes of acti&ities that (eep them ph sicall acti&e" 1ome students ma en*o team2based sports such as bas(etball while others ma en*o solo based sports such as tennis or trac( and field" 0s /h sical educators, it is important to incorporate multiple different t pes of ph sical acti&ities to incorporate throughout each semester" 'f possible, incorporating $utdoor 0d&enture acti&ities such as roc( climbing and &arious ropes courses can moti&ate the students who struggle with coordination including dribbling and hitting a

ball" This can not onl (eep students interested in /h sical .ducation, but it gi&es them e%amples of acti&ities that can (eep them ph sicall acti&e later in life"