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PHED 239 Module 4: High School Site Observation/Teaching Assisting Assignment

Due one day after the observation

Directions: Read and become familiar with the questions below BEFORE the observation. Submit answers to the questions on a separate sheet (wordprocessed/double-spaced). Points will be deducted for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Total = 30 pts.

Include the following general background information: Name of high school Name of cooperating teacher(s) Grade level of students Number of students in class observed Description of facilities & equipment available at school Questions:

1. Describe how students interacted with each other, teachers, and/or administrators. We did not see much student-teacher interaction because it was one of the first days the teachers had with this class. The teachers seemed extremely professional when dealing with the students for the first time, but I can tell that they will most definitely open up when the units begin. 2. What characteristics of a high school student did you witness? Give examples. The students were very social when interacting with each other. This could pose a future problem if the students in my class are more interested in socializing with their friends then actually participating in the activities. 3. What rules, routines, and management techniques are used by your cooperating teacher(s)? Our teachers explained that because it was the first day, the students are not yet familiar with the daily routines, including sitting in specific spots for attendance. They did talk about how equipment should be set up before the students enter the activity area and to use the students to collect the equipment at the end of the lesson. 4. What units are the students participating in during this time of year? How do the teachers determine what units the students will be involved in? How long are the

units? The units the students will be participating in are table tennis, circuit training, and volleyball. The units range from 2 to 3 weeks. 5. Any discipline issues? If so, how were they handled? What is the teachers discipline policy? There were no discipline issues. The teachers have a strict policy on being prepared for class. No jewelry is allowed to be warn as well as proper foot ware or points will be deducted from the students grade. 6. What are the average class sizes? How are classes divided (i.e. by grade level, skill level, etc)? The average class size is about 20 students. Some classes are smaller, like the class doing circuit training has only about 16 students while the class doing table tennis is closer to 30. Classes are divided by grade level. 7. What is/are your biggest concern(s) about teaching at the high school level? My biggest concern about teaching high school is not having the respect of the students. It will be much harder to perform as a teacher if the students do not listen or pay attention to me. 8. What are you most looking forward to in regards to teaching at the high school level? I am most looking forward to teaching students at a higher level of proficiency. It will be much more exciting to have students who can accomplish more difficult tasks and who have more success in actual games and different sports.