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(anti literature) by

Richard Alan Spiegel


2 .....•......... WORDS

3 •.... " .•.• , "., RSREVERm KH::;PRI

4, , .•...••• , .••. THE LUNATIC

5 •...•.•••....•• T(I'M)

6 •••••••••••.••• NO

7 ••...••.•••.•••• MOURNING

8 .•••••.••••••.•. CHRYLUST

this book is dedicated to Bassa

., t

o{ll'~r -world.s

of an e·re ction

~ ~ ...

. ""



~ :;. . . .,






I ,

"'. '

while flesh. ts shattered

cr..JciIieQ} ,flayed ·burned aI1Pii{ewell;

l •

,whHeim irids - S eelc

.: to ,~cal~. the. molintains

'an£l:;'tljose- outi31de (whot sought thp iC(!i)

I ,'I " ,
I • ., "
, ..
. ' ~., ~'.
H " .'
. ~ ..
" ! :.-. "

"are froten


'monumerlt~!lot Q.!' f;rail\ty ~'P,. till.1idity that eiJdurq ih p~blic ¢quares "

~. ~ III _ ~ ~ .

. ,,' '. 'p'liJlic ,refics ~,' ,!!

',1 WitlF'no p~gic tf:i,trs; ' ..

-', _wlllile' .I\~ro.e-s li:re' ~a!]ly'l's \! . ,

:, ":.~ !"\ r <! ~. ..' ,.... .E •

rI', .,1; }lJ.d.:s"la':!ls. ~1'.fi! m~lltYtrj

;J,nd go~' are madyrs

r' ,·t' ..' I.

"I"~ ,',. ,:',:.:,.::' .: • .'~ll\lt'mitt~q;J it t9_rest

alon~>·. , .. '

., ~, It. J.


'FHE It.UNAifIC (Imagine Endymion)

I g'liIl1PS2Ci her behind ',all atom of sanity; a ri?veaUng splurge of a illom:(!nt b,e~~(lre 1 COllIe! catch and con,taij1 rI1~!selr within thle' olher, Golder day, And tlren she mounted a faniasy dlllC;itlg a d~W11 that was ~tet too ambiguous fOJ; ms to'

],(;<1)j5(1, .

I have Iovad in spheres and rods; known the. mnist» uru of tho W:H'lilth 011 planes, aht! angles. Where' lias been \Vfn'Jd )IIUUg,]1 and Lime and 'R:~sses ,lighbbi o]>('l]-ing ecsl;llh: iuorucnts under a blanket of :t'm.clnpty's ray: I l"ovl- in fable [\IICr ill Iu ry .. ',Dile di\ftl wa~ ;":0)11 in:'.,

iSh· lay beside; me long tile. clay, a§, I 10.f.t the itay to re,'line \\"heJl(~ anihe r sta.rs coUitll:, and no.xma isaw IlW go: !.Ill ,r ':;[way;,; s'I('~'p ill lh~ r~dc.

Befort) soven. ;'U1 alarm sounded ill the se nif d:wkclI,iSS ad:oss l'he bedroom, Tile ·r.oom was; ~mfl'lil, containill!~ a hed, a. ('ha"ir~, and a metal closet. 'Phe a'la·1'11) was lllo[l the mota'l closnt

B~' eighL .[!i)ffee had dripp('d onto the .counten. Da)'I1)OIl ·\\;al["hml t lu: cluck above the bacon smoke. 'Ilhe dine!" was' 'l<CU\JS~ lilt' strcct b'om tile pa:~k, It was the beginnilll\" of SpI'illj.\,


\\"Jilk [lHig lhR curves of the IW'ilJpll'd 'ill my n;·ind'. my !-\\I,'sl,

The WOI1ld was happening they said along the yardstick of yesterday's commitments. l/U have -no more, It was not here wl,ier:g we know the 'worHi will happen without our time the ehjldren played discovering: . .

I waded a stream that ran and asked me 'follow. shouting its reflections 'in my racei, Myriad r'lnger sprouttng leaves upltiteCl to ,Qlympian illusions, mocked the spinnmg sphere's denying aU the SWl'S advances.

A breeze for tomorrow slipped down the meadow. I watched. I waited 'as the colors, [,ie,a and C1eE!.p dankness breath-ed wlie're once there were blues. greens and yellows.

T,his is my home. This meadow in 'the park. The cl'ic!.et sings for me. The days have done.-

Tomorrow steeps anq dreams seep up fIlom file smell and touch- of the gr.o un d. A beam gUdes past space .slup ice and smiles genbly on her bareness, '1 see yolir eyes that see me in a dream .. My handS'soft mold youi' flesh and Clraw you along my -length," and nard the room allows me enprance.

, I •

I glimpsed the pass. the jaws 'suck tlie heat into my walfs the tower rises in the"layen5\e!i,I~low while each new sense in, each ne-w pore is 'rediscove.neq moist with glee.

The sphere- grows till break' then picl'ced and lance rache rislted rejoins in joy to catch the lbubble in 'its burst.

To spray her kiss with atoms in their flight, colliding stars deep 'blue l'iur§t gray and red lagaUI the \{iss against the night and supple bodied sl'eep' caressed the dream.


./ "~.,,I

I :'.; r , ..L

, l·

~r.~ ' .. ,

- f~~J • !~.l d.HHt- !~ I •

. l' lr]""J!l.. -;:- ·r: c. J. ...


,.t ..


Lanced wax ,pil.per

it 'br6~eint9 holes, yesterday~ , we CIa iLagain,

ill a stlve 1" space Iiay

Th.e ground was 50 far

when we star

tea to st;J,nd

(a moment drowned in the womb of the "j; sp~9~ral Ditch - gad'dess)

Lar iat; LUSt' '

hey the rusl

hey thereigill'

and the ray that l"idClles refloetions in f~~sh •

begat my' phlegm

I know

tlie fluid fl esh

felt in the whim of the "heJ: 'Pm in.

caught on the back -of a speck of' dus~

Ana I spoke with Jove with tftlS ~ongue these words

(a moment drowned 1!1 the :!lea of song sperms)

'Now tlw moments

oj going 2Qer, TOUna the .y.ears and dri;Jping aftermath,

, to Iaughter. mass

awaKens behemoth

. ~before I sight tomorrow

\ J

aug the-

slow 'lem,ontwist: tomorrow


ea rth eatcri )


t (I


to begin but in the pairr

tne crack of exploding eyes and bwist.ed Iingens the y~ll to he.l'l 'reverberates to inlerfiity

caugnt in maternity

(ehild Roland to the Dark


to go awak~tli.lg fl' the shock

of fa Billion Iractured crys~als (refiectlng, .refv.ac.t;lng) the coal ,grows heavy

- suffocates· the botly

i scream e'reclion cast H off, with Volleys .of bullets fell and swell lhe bel\

gut butstiJIg


·and eve'rward plunging 'inlu the lar,c

Of ever now

the ctrnle

the. egg

(a ram'Riar [ace in love)

unkiIown god [hild' 5 tilOD'd .. ~. :

1 I

.' , '.


1 .u,

1 ,





Caught willi crude sounds imbued with fan.tasi~s creating for wont of else: a blank stare. "can't say, 'we're almost t1!ere." And if 1 could turn to you, tum and see you (not giving a damn what where why or whatever's wHpin but just seeing and then all' the knowi,ng in the touching srneUirtg tasting again and e,ver UnU! there is no knowing .what would we be

doing . • . . . • . . . • . . . . : . . • . .'

caught with, a blank blast o~: a white sunI::;l.Y into [a-lei~-' I dascope awareness', pr ismed prosoncrs of wom;ie.rlano still wandering in labyrinths supported by Titan Atlas I

and .sea by yon shore the natives! on the beach sunning in illusion.: so what are you goi:ng to dq' v.:hail you know.




, heard the dawn yawn its belch of sun., rplled -ovarand went back to sleep (was i~ t09 cold for the insects ?) to waite lip again and the Hell with it return lo«he' dream. and sometimes its late going in the circles of a clock"'filfing the egg

in to the sCLuare ~ .' ,

aIr smells of sulphur ana have to .{~ght th~'·'dr.,eam away. why ever is the grass gr.oWing sicke'r around the suffocating globe •

. where have you been Odysseus, souL. dreamer: have you seen the soul of 'Dante sold by some Ehoenioian in the market

place" .' .'

of cours-e we eat the dream through breakfasb,

daylight damns the .world (resolution: of '~e' day night confliot ramains endless space nig~t--'':- ,'.' ,Ught 's' witJiin p.ot without): pursUng forth tJrqak light ,blo9m: 'don't ge,t 'caught ill the light

the fight- bcteen dank and dar,: r.q%o,1V~a 1,n,..yeUow red elec=

tron explcstcrn- the chaiI:. the hornb: "., '

~ ,.:. .




e,ye and thou. hilI' voyeur. unwelcome res,ident 'of the publIc domain. innocent infested bodies inhalingllutJerao.ti.on.

the IUller looks up. who will start the HghB. I,i-rs): to grab their pellis pistol r.uptures air, Sir dawn jousts Sir knight whose throvm off ,Inis horse. arid don't ask me where he .lands

grab your, glands and .nun,., ,




an ancient grca traveler re.tur.ns from the cast, oon't seek wisdom 'herE\{ with tlta afrernative society , s~ill shock With pidy,: believe or. die in the Bauchl Ieasb,

I. spilt egg ran onto tIlel,lftying ,Ran (tlying'U~'l) ·~ll '"

smrlcs, whene ever the light is tnere lights she (!by the way blinded·).

Th\ls spake Zarathystra: haven't you Iward dawn is dead,

back to sleep.

";u.e you awake?;l! sonr'sfi~king moments replied witl1 il moan, \lgetting up?" unge,ntly into her still m~o\jile ",oiae.

have, you heard 'it? "getting up'?': !,_.~", ' r .:',

"hot today," ana grabbi.ln~ her into, the dream injection (all ill'e welcome~).dfil1ing tgetti.explOSIon' cracks 'enamel into

senttmentalfty (tasteless. s(msuaUtyl.,. -s .'~, • •

good morning Tips awake audo,kiss' around tI)e lake Iove+s

life drips ~

beUevfi]g 'is bleeding. "let's slaiY an day Tn 'fled. "

t * r, t
I. in eden .nourfshcd
man was
,ct *' '" paradise is vet rel'rieNao](i.: scheme 'along; with me, So wake and sleep, (hi/' iilai'chers\vatuh

ana to their sur:prist' we wak .. , to the ,slap of life and do that was lw,{er do!'!l'. bdoJ.:e:

save love from the zombies graSIlS for tht1 s~akt' of llatth's goree!) bush burdened L~rtHity

(would they dare 'shan'?)

.and still ;i'm hurt .by till' tulip petal's barking in tim fit-Ids.

only remerilb"l'ing the down oflier SKin ' dnit?p"mg .still, I

f!.l1noLiiu;e .my wHol: "posterity:'.' -;

• r


I I,ll, I'

I • ,I I··

ttl.is is [he hungry' season

the opened ~niouth gnaw In ·the gut 'the grave yard of god 'apd 'man

the vultures and wolves too are in. hiding there is no way out

Jhis is tl'ie 'hungry: season

Pho~bu9 f~ll he}l ciir. 'lis. chal'ioJ ,!h~d revol~tions ;l!1a rotatl-o]ls "we destroy thel..problem" . .

- the proOlem is prometheus

, , .'. me problem fa. ,Ill!tll," '.r:

Prometheus', fri~nd"fo' man delivered tlie myste~w

'. ,

it, .~1l. makes no)~~s.e !:low -, ther~- is no salVation 'il,! ,myThology' . r;" ,~!

~~. ,


it is ti!lle fc,ir the poeJs to .r;ecreate

arid I say We must 'burn the bush to :plant. the 'se'ed anew.

but the tii:l{ t(19k ticIq.ng and why, the ,destruction with ,all .the art behind us let it be • • .

"so 'WD:at of me"

"th~)U, art one of the, sons of adam" Fuck ~0U

'all I Jiave ~s ti,eatQ ., anCilife· 'life

,life Ufe:rue lIfe




. iife


, I'

I,' ,

l~t :ii)ST







L U S '11


. ;

One hazy dawn as barely thegl'een came back to' the grass, the shepherds still asleep, these soldiers came with their backs to the sun. They were (:h.irteen ill nl1mber and

they diagged their feet as if their m!l'r.ch,had la.ate"d years without respitti!" A:ll were privates, .except for qnewho seemed

, I. to \;le of hfgh~l{ ,rank for he walked al1E~ai;l of the rest With a map ill his' hands. They were covered with the, dirt of their march, which some seemed to wear as a badge, Perhaps,

I I, it was l:hm,lghl, they were going to war in some distant land, 01'1 y,e~, whrclI seemed more probahle , they were deser ing the' 'field lof some battle still being waged. '

there will be many wasted pages

¥l'" ~

then what the use?

tlie)1e ;will be (many wasted days

perhaps if there ware a ca~se;~ ,_ .. 1.,

things, WOUld. be easter -yet ilow'-l laugh at your desparatlotr


i know' its absurd and what do you do nothing,

I tell you- it's not that: bad. .Try not=to lliink about it

n's f.ucking thel'e when 1 open my eyes and when I goddam shut them when I reach out' to love or smash When, I'm lonely and hungry

. and sliitting on the stool - G

. gnash of 'teetJ:b clJ::ip "of blood

hanging gutl!!

this -body 1'5 green black, and rancid

discover the

love ,

, and that is allllllllllllillllll

, i have learned


..- ~,.

rain dr:op'" 'pi .~ -

snow ,flake, leaf of petal 'the sOftness of your eyelids

,I,ahd let me drown i!l my flood love .rh I I ~ let the Ught'l1ays spectnate 008 Igoddain ,wontal·i I .. If i inhale the scent of life in the breeze mud earth mother earth i p.lunge into your womb how ·long must i wear'

theae chains I

r ,,~ 1 , II that t:inspiration seldom,

bneaks befCire its callght in Ifhe '\Neel ot 'oth~rs cnafHs. ,. I I ' I


this 'is the Iunacy of the world the lunacy .of the word

i am only ita instrument

though it haa a rationality (not in my wrttmg) it is a sense Ie ss

rationality . • .

( would Pd write a banquet 6f words give semblance to this madness

but it doesn't come

i defeat myself

forsake my loves

and don't know whY', •

this is the song of my. youth and i will not deny

myself today . . . tomorrow to hell with a blast

this ia the end of youth on earth

(and if not all it is my youth that dies fucked. on .the spire

spat in the fire

i would I'd let it pass perhaps it will

if i wait in the torrent of defeated selves forsaken loves

and shut my ears to the unheard cries

of the

. still born child


I r

seldOm I


<1 b

d- b

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