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Father name: is studying 5th std. There are 7 member


in family . They stay in joint family. The family used to stay in Byculla. They use to have a steady income & even they were satisfied with their work and they were having good facilities like proximity to market, school, hospital etc, They were shifted to Mankurd due to rehabilitation process. Now they are facing more problem like proximity to market, school and even hospital . But the main problem is job for unskilled labour. Many of them lose their job and other have to travel a lot of distance for job. The father works in construction and mother work on per set basis preparing bangles. Children cannot be looked after because of her job. Family not earning more than 5000/- has to spend around more than he earn. This family cannot afford to educate their children in private school due to sky rocketing fees. The only dream of each poor family is to educate their children and overcome their poorness. The child has to become pilot in future & and even he want go to English medium school. The parent are ready to educate their child in Urdu medium .but the thing is they have start from primary section because of these the child waste a 4 year.

Case Analysis The case is about income ... this problem can be sought out by 1 the woman in the house can start doing some kind of work 2 saving should be encourage 3 Proper jobs