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Team Building Remember the Titans

1. Level of Conflicts that influence the performance of Titans: Dysfunctional Relationship Conflict - In the movie there is a struggle about race. The White players do not want to play with the African American players and vice versa. This hinders the teams ability to play together which in turn prevents them from being successful on the field. Dysfunctional Process Conflict - This also plays a role in the beginning when Coach Boone gets the head coach job. The White players on the team do not want to play for him and Coach Yoast declines Coach Boone's initial offer to work as the Assistant Head Coach because he does not want to work "beneath him". 2. Wageman & Donnenfields conflicts intervention model used by coach to reduce team conflict: The following things were done to bring about team unity : Holds football camp away from the hostile Alexandria area. Separated players by defense and offense instead of gender for the bus rides and rooms at football camp.

Instead of punishing the players for fighting, he speaks to the team about controlling angerharnessing that aggression into a team effort to achieve perfection.

Presents a motivational speech at Gettysburg. Requires that players interview each other to learn more about each other.

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