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Tell us something about yourself Too long, too much detail

education Too much detail A little arrogance Say I love doing what I do, but a managerial perspective would be imperative for me to progress further knowing that was a simple and clear choice

Why fashion Good - perfect answer

E-commerce vertical Needs to be more structured Need a flow overview of3-4 major processes Try and include the e-commerce merchants you negotiated with

Only E-commerce Dont be defensive

Biggest challenge Team Management A little arrogant

3 things youve learnt Insights into consumer behavior Understanding economics of supply and demand Managing organizations on a human level

Misunderstanding with your colleague Clear the air

Situation with which you were not comfortable Remove lies wala word Gyaan nhi

3 key strengths Good Include adapatability

Strength/ weakness No explaining the weakness and what it means o Exemplify

Why AND Structured too many times 3 points Contemporary fashion firm Growth path My industry

Case questions Break down into supply and demand

2 key trends Good