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A young lady who was on holiday in Brighton went into a bank to collect some money which had been sent there for her from the town in which she lived. The clerk in the Brighton bank did not know her, so he said What proof have you got that you are really the lady who should collect this money? The young lady looked worried for a few moments and said, I dont think Ive brought any proof with me, but then she suddenly looked happy again. She opened her bag, took a photograph of herself out of it and showed it to the clerk. Heres something, she said. The clerk looked at the photograph carefully and then looked at the young lady. Yes, thats you, he said, and paid the money to her without any more trouble. QUESTIONS 1. Answer the following questions using your own words. (2 points) a. Where did the young lady have to collect her money from?

b. Why did the bank clerk want her to show proof that she was the one whom the money was for?

2. Are the following statements True or False? (1 point) a. The girl proved that she should have the money. _______________ b. The girl was from Brighton. _______________ 3. Find a word or expression in the text which, in context, is similar in meaning to: (1 point) a. Believe: _______________ b. Not happy: _______________

4. Choose a, b or c in each question below. Only one choice is correct. (2 points) 1. The girl on holidays a. needed some money. b. didnt need any money. c. had lost some money.

2. The clerk wanted the girl a. to ask her if she was cheating. b. to prove him that she was not cheating. c. to prove him that she was cheating. 3. We know that the girl had a. one picture of herself in her bag. b. several pictures of herself in her bag. b. no pictures of herself in her bag. 4. the clerk was a. a clever man b. an intelligent man. c. a silly man. 5. Composition (100-150 words). Can a beautiful person get all that he/she wants? (4 points)