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org Funding from STARS Foundation, UK’s IHLEFS, LEVE, WSF…20 Oct 2009 Newsletter: Fundsforngos.org
The STARS Foundation’s STARS Impact Awards for NGOs working with Children Deadline: 19 January 2010 Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, South East and East Asia The STARS Impact Awards has awards in three categories of health, education and protection for NGOs which are working in these areas for the benefit of disadvantaged children …[more] Small, Medium & Large Grants for under the UK’s International Health Links Funding Scheme Deadline: 30 November 2009 UK and Developing Countries The Scheme supported by DFID and implemented by the British Council and THET provides grants on partnership basis between health organizations in UK and developing countries to strengthen health systems in the latter…[more] LEVE’s Call for Proposals for Seed Funding Deadline: 10 November 2009 All Countries LEVE (“Livelihoods in Developing Countries: Health, Environment and Poverty”) is requesting proposals for research or project development or workshops or seminars under its Call for Proposals to Seedfunding for the LEVE Research Network for 2010…[more] World Society Foundation’s $10,000 Grant for research on the Global Economic Crisis Deadline: 15 December 2009 All Countries The World Society Foundation is inviting proposals to undertake research that can lead to understand the impact of the global economic crisis on the world environments…[more] Right to Livelihood Award Deadline: 1 March 2010 All Countries The Right to Livelihood Award provides grant and international recognition to organizations that are working against poverty, pollution, conflict and human rights violation…[more] Carbon 14 Environment Award Deadline: 28 February 2010 All Countries The US $50,000 Carbon 14 Environment Awards is seeking nominations for organizations working for the preservation of the environment…[more]

UNESCO Scholarship for Research in ICT, Peace and Environment for Developing Countries Deadline: 8 January 2010 Developing Countries The UNESCO/Keizo Obuchi (Japan) Co-Sponsored Research Fellowships Programme offers 20 fellowships to individuals from least developing countries to undertake research on topics such as ICT, peace and conflict resolution, ICT etc…[more]