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1. Unclear career path – how can I advance professionally??? 2. Unclear rules and responsibilities when working as a team 3. Lack of a clear plan for training and development 4. More objective performance evaluations or pay rises shouldn’t be directly linked to evaluations 5. A better distribution of work and more realistic deadlines

1. Water pipes aren’t always clean, so sometimes there is dirt or metals in the water 2. Children fight with each other at home 3. Noisy neighbors having parties in their backyards 4. Lifetime of (light)bulbs is too short 5. Gardens should be planted with more grass, trees, and flowers.


die died dead


You might…… Maybe, you could …… I suggest (that) you……. Try to….. I advise (that) you …. I recommend (that) you…..

“If I were you, I would….” “It might be a good idea to……”

“Have you tried …..”

My grandfather died 7 years ago. He is dead. The battery in my phone is dead. It died this morning.

talking to him, explaining to him what’s wrong, spending more time with them. “Have you considered……” “Have you thought about……”

It isn’t convenient They weren’t successful . I recommend you to spend more time at the office. Tiring This movie is so bored.I speaked with him. Spoke It’s very tired to work 12 hours every day. Boring I suggest (that) you to talk with your boss.

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