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Town of Highland Park News Release

DRAFT- NOT FOR RELEASE Sgt. Lance Koppa: Public Information Officer 214-559-9487, 817-891-2573 (cell), Town of Highland Park Partners with Dallas Arboretum for Horticulture Consultation
(Tuesday March ??, 2014) The Town of Highland Park is proud to announce a new partnership with the Dallas Arboretum, an organization nationally recognized for its beautiful gardens and horticulture excellence. Beginning in March, the Dallas Arboretum will provide consultation, review and design services to the Towns Parks Department for the display beds at Flippen Park. Items to be reviewed include plant and flower recommendations for each display bed to enhance the overall landscape of the park. The park areas within Highland Park make up 20% of the total land mass, each one an important connection between the community and nature, for recreation or relaxation.

Dave Forehand, Dallas Arboretum VP of Gardens, added, We are pleased to have this opportunity to reach out and share our expertise with our friends at the Town of Highland Park. It will be fun to watch the fruits of our collaboration many years down the road!

Each park within the Town has its own unique feel and setting. The Town of Highland Park is very pleased to enter in to this agreement with the Dallas Arboretum.