CONVERSED MORE. I sometimes wish we conversed more you and I, but we rarely did. e both !

re"erred the silence to over tal#$ each shared a Stoic !hiloso!hy, S!artan in our ways, even in our "ormer days. Sometimes, my son, I wish I had said more and you to me, but it wasn%t our way$ I &uess we were more ali#e than I thou&ht, !re"errin& reason, to emotional turmoil, !re"errin& the calm be"ore the storm, our 'uiet hand u!on the helm o" shi!, our steadiness a&ainst the tides o" trud&in& time. I wish that we had said more in words to each the other over the recent years, be"ore your death had silenced you, be"ore the &rie" set in and tore at soul and mind.

I still converse with you, my son, but in a di""erent manner now, more o!en, more e(!ressive, #nowin& you will hear in your 'uiet way, even a"ter death, a"ter days, months and years, a"ter hurt and !ain and tears. I wish sometimes we conversed more you and I, that we had said the thin&s that now I wish to say, but we were more ali#e than I thou&ht then, not )ust "ather and son, but #indred !hiloso!hical &entle men.

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