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The Bond Body

The Bond Body

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Published by: Indy Jones on Mar 20, 2014
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Table of Contents

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The Work Outs!

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Mentally Preparing Yourself!

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Cardio and Keeping Fat Gain To A Minimum!

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Warm-ups! Miscellaneous Ideas!

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What To Do Afterward!


Your Diet After The 8 Weeks!

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Exercise After The 8 Weeks!


Overview of the Plan! Conclusion! Exercise Glossary!

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Please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet or exercise program. In no event shall the author of this book and or LivingLikeJamesBond.com be liable for any direct. The entire risk arising out of the use of its contents remains with the recipient. The author of the ebook and LivingLikeJamesBond. you acknowledge that you have read. No claim or opinion in this guide is intended to be. understand and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. incidental. medical advice. special.com make no representations about the suitability of the information contained in this guide for any purpose.Disclaimer This guide is for entertainment purposes only. . By reading and following the principles in this guide. nor should be construed to be. consequential. punitive or other damages whatsoever.

impressive physiques of all time -. during his career as a muscled Hollywood actor. and left to travel the world and accomplish big. This way. for the majority of people. The first stop in my travels was Panama. I can proudly say I accomplished my goal. I firmly believe that. IS THIS NECESSARY? My philosophy on bodybuilding has changed drastically because of my experiments in Panama. he simply did light . My goal: work my ass off and pile more muscle on my body than I had ever done before.who had one of the most proportioned.Introduction In August of 2008. And after eight weeks. all-out eight week sessions of bodybuilding is all we need each year. focused goals in my life. I decided I needed some change in my life. The rest of the year. I knew it could be done. two focused. I could travel for months afterward without having to worry about bodybuilding goals. sold my stuff. I had spent months before my trip researching the best methods to build muscle quickly and efficiently.remarked that. I quit my job. he would only work out heavily roughly three months out of the year. The famous Steve Reeves -.

if at all true -. and have had no trouble maintaining it in the months after. What these marketers don't tell you is that these gains -. lost their muscle. In fact. They were able to put all this muscle back on because of muscle memory. got out of shape." Muscle memory.are from something called "muscle memory. some of the most "shocking" posts on online Bodybuilding Forums are the ones by guys who say they didn't work out for a long time. . it's amazing what you can accomplish with your physique in only eight weeks. I'm sure you've heard about bodybuilders that didn't work out for years. I was able to put a little more than 10 pounds of new muscle on my frame. WHY DO YOU SAY "NEW" MUSCLE? There are a lot of books and guides out on the market that advertise putting on 20 or 30 or more pounds of muscle in only eight weeks. and suddenly piled 20 pounds of muscle back on in a month. Again: muscle memory in action.work to maintain his frame. is the term used for muscle that you once had. He was also a big fan of what he called "power walking" to stay in shape. that your body doesn't struggle to put back on after a long period of inactivity. When you truly put your mind to it. and suddenly had a huge comeback in just a short period of time (think Arnold in the late Terminator movies). simply put.

I don't cite any scientific studies in this manual. and don't understand what went wrong." and not enough on real world results and experience.That's not to say that lots of hard work and dedication isn't involved in putting that muscle back on. I'd rather tout what actually worked for me. My experience has shown me what works and what doesn't. and aren't building new muscle. much harder. But." Now it's our job to experiment and found out what works best. as you may already know. It boils down to simply hard work and smart eating. WHERE ARE ALL THE SCIENTIFIC SOURCES IN YOUR MANUAL? The majority of lifters rely too much on "scientific findings. I value completely what science gives us. don't gain much or any muscle. Science has provided us the basis for what constitutes "hard work" and "smart eating. and it has definitely helped the bodybuilding scene. and not what an out-of-shape scientist found in lab experiments. these guys are simply getting back into shape. Building muscle doesn't have to be a science. For that reason. . But what I find is that too many lifters follow what is touted as the "latest scientific study" on muscle building. I'm now sharing my experience with you. The latter is much.

This is simply what I did to pile on lots of muscle in an eight week time span. . The tips I lay out in this manual are what helped me actually put on real muscle in a short amount of time. I've been lifting weights for several years and always had very slow progress. but now understand. I will present lots of ideas in this book that you've likely never heard before. Use it as a guideline for your own plan. for the first time in my life. Consider it a glorified case study. or maybe heard in one form or another. I can guarantee there is information in here that you won't find anywhere else. or heard before and never paid attention to.WHAT YOU'LL FIND IN THIS MANUAL This is not made to be an all-inclusive bodybuilding guide.

the better results you'll get. and push yourself to the limit. If you exert yourself. all your results come down to hard work. most trainers overcomplicate their workouts.The Work Outs INTRODUCTION Most people overcomplicate their workouts. HOW MUSCLES GROW Most people already know how muscles grow. . screaming reps could end up giving you more value than 20 or 30 minutes of various back exercises done at the moderate tempo most people opt for. However. But what if you took the level of intensity from your exhausting 12rep set. What I'm getting at is that a 1-minute set of upright rows done for 12 grueling. Not much else. you'll grow a lot. and then applied it to 20 or 30 minutes worth of exercise? You'll grow more than you've ever grown in your life. here's a very quick. non-scientific breakdown for you. In fact. Again. The simple fact of the matter is this: the harder you work in the shorter amount of time.

When your muscles rebuild. using momentum from gravity. with proper nutrition.is eccentric motion. When you lower the barbell back down in your bicep curl. or an eccentric lift. The second stage -. the portion where you raise the barbell up is the concentric portion. This is a huge mistake.Every time you use your muscles. the "lifting up" portion of the exercise. The more you load your muscles -. When you do a bicep curl. The first stage -.and most common -. or a concentric lift. they'll actually grow bigger. and the bigger they'll re-grow.is concentric motion. It's most effective in the middle . "Concentric" simply means shortening a muscle on the lift. they develop little micro-tears. that is the eccentric portion of a lift. The third stage is static holds. This is where you hold a weight in place while contracting your muscles. those micro-tears heal themselves.with weight and tension -. or in other words. This is the "negative" portion of a lift.and most forgotten -. to be able to handle bigger loads in the future. Eventually.the more you'll "damage" your muscles. HOW TO ABSOLUTELY EXHAUST A MUSCLE There are really three stages in a lift that you can take advantage of to exhaust a muscle group. Most people focus only on one. Most people simply drop the weight back down. and completely ignore the muscle's function.

These three stages were listed in order. slow. In other words.range of an exercise -. simply lower the weight back down as slowly as possible. When doing any lift. cheat a little bit to get the weight to its "peak" contraction. you will first exhaust the concentric portion. slow -. will exhaust the eccentric portion. once you're unable to do any more concentric lifts. Most people only take a half-hearted attempt at exhausting their muscles through the concentric portion of a lift. Then do some eccentric detractions -slow. Once you can't do any more concentric lifts.and in less time -. . Think about how much more of a work-out you can get in -. To exhaust the eccentric portion.this seems to provide the most "bang for the buck" than lifting slowly. I highly recommend doing the concentric portion of a lift as fast as possible -. then after a few reps.the midpoint between a full concentric contraction. and then the static portion will become completely exhausted. you'll still be able to do eccentric lifts. You likely already know how to exhaust your muscles through concentric lifts. I'm talking spending at least 5 seconds lowering the weight back down to its starting position. and once you're unable to do any more eccentric lifts.if you were to exhaust all three stages listed above.until you can't do any more. you'll still be able to do static holds. and a full eccentric detraction.

tired muscle after this.6.Once that's done. This should all be done in a row with no rest in-between. You will have a sore.4. THE PLAN I FOLLOWED I wanted to pile on as much muscle as possible all over my body. so I followed a fairly evenly-split full body workout.7: Monday Neck press (widegrip bench press) Military press Close grip bench Pull-ups Barbell rowing Wednesday Front squat Deadlift Gironda Perfect Curl Barbell wrist curl Friday Wide grip dips Side laterals Skull crushers Lat pull-down (front) Calves (any exercise) Chest-supported incline shrug Weeks 2. simply hold the weight in place for as many seconds as you can. WEEKS 1-8: Weeks 1.5.8: Monday Incline curl Reverse barbell curl Wednesday Incline neck press Arnold press Friday Preacher curl Zottman curls .3.

that was fine as well.basically until failure again. This was done by almost hyperventilating -bending over and breathing extremely deeply. and will make you much stronger for the next portion. My goal was to absolutely exhaust a specific muscle group in the shortest amount of time possible. I was absolutely unable to do any more reps. Using the techniques described above (concentric. If I could only get out 3 reps. I just went again until I could get no more reps out. Then I followed the same 15second breathing technique. aside from maybe a small warm-up set or two if I needed it. This is a very important step. eccentric. using enough weight that by the end. I would perform first a set of reps between 8 and 12. I took about 15 seconds to fill my body with oxygen. Then I performed between 4 and 6 more reps -. Once the first 8 or 12 reps were done.Monday Leg press Leg curls Wednesday Rope pull-down Lat pull-down (back) Friday Back squat Deadlifts Calves (any exercise) Calves (any exercise) T-bar row HOW THE WORKOUTS WORK Every exercise. was done for only one long set. . static).

But if you've got a better exercise selection. brief. go ahead and follow it. Between exercises. Each exercise should last about 3 or 4 minutes total. I rested for upwards of 3 or more minutes -.Finally. not at all. . And that's it for each exercise. which will provide better instructions than I can. DO I NEED TO FOLLOW YOUR EXACT EXERCISE SELECTION? No. Simply use the guidelines I give out above to maximize your reps and sets and you'll see amazing results. This was typically around 3.until I was ready to tackle and destroy the next body part. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO PERFORM SOME OF THE EXERCISES YOU LISTED! Every exercise I've recommended is possible to find quickly and easily through a Google search. and will slaughter your muscles. I highly recommend the workout I did because it's very effective. See the Exercise Glossary at the end of this manuel for quick and easy links. I got out as many reps as I could. but sometimes I could push myself to more.

and will likely only make you pack on a couple extra pounds of fat. I agree completely. It's simply been proven that testosterone and other growth-inducing hormones are created ideally with a combination of lots of fat and protein. great "Iron Guru" Vince Gironda used to always say that bodybuilding is 85% nutrition. Of course. I actually ate almost exclusively only carbs for about four weeks. You can work yourself to the bone in the gym. the ideal is to have killer workouts combined with great nutrition. But you could also eat lots of great. I am not against eating carbs. HOW TO EAT The absolute most anabolic.Diet INTRODUCTION The late. With these two. Adding carbohydrates into the mix is entirely unnecessary. you'll have unbelievable results. I actually lost weight and . hormone-filled environment you can create in your body is with a combination of fats and proteins. anabolic foods and only half-ass your workouts and still get some results. (As a side note: when my program was over. but without the right nutrition. your body simply will not recover correctly.

I am a firm believer that the most anabolic. but for this experiment and for putting on pure muscle.5x my body-weight (in pounds) in protein in the first week.retained all my muscle.in fact. much slower. Egg whites will do almost nothing for your body -. instead.) Thus the only time I really “calculated” my protein intake was in the first week -. it would likely make the process of piling on muscle much. . and got the rest of my fats naturally through the foods I ate to reach that protein goal.) I did not count calories. was a rough amount of protein in grams. This may seem counter-intuitive to many people. SUPPLEMENTS I did not touch a single supplement in this experiment. (This started me off at 250 grams of protein a day.the rest of the weeks simply built off of that initial calculation. as I labored over every calorie in every gram of food. I am not anti-carb. with a body-weight of 165 pounds. Drinking a protein shake with olive oil added to it will not compare to the anabolic benefit you get from the fat and protein from a slab of beef. Supplements are absolutely unnecessary if you get enough nutrition from whole foods. fats and proteins provided the best results.you need to eat the whole egg. I aimed for roughly 1. nutritious. What I aimed for. This experiment only reaffirmed that belief for me. and then naturally added more protein-rich foods into my diet as the weeks went on. but it's not necessary at all -. beneficial foods are whole foods.

Beef. tops. would you think just eating 1 egg a day would satisfy the recommendation?) WHAT FOODS TO EAT My primary two foods were very simple. However. (For those of you who are shocked by my "high" recommendation -. If you've got other favorite foods. I recommend using a liquid source. and also very inexpensive. Keep them to a minimum. If you were told to eat protein from eggs to help your muscles grow fast. as long as they don't add too many calories. (You're literally eating little chicken fetuses. You should aim for between 15 and 20 grams of fish oil a day. yogurt. will give your body little to no benefit. Eggs. "Secondary" items -. but I only had capsules available to me. ground flax seeds. feel free to stick them into your diet. I don't consider this a "supplement" but rather an additional food source. Eggs are like natural steroids for your body.The only supplement I recommend while on this diet is fish oil. How can it get much better than that?) Beef is also the most anabolic of all meat sources.used in conjunction with the eggs and beef -were heavy cream. and lots of vegetables.only 5 or 6 grams of fish oil a day. .

. I never had any health issues and remained completely healthy throughout. (The truth is. Here's what my daily diet looked: Week 1: Meal 1: Six eggs Three tablespoons heavy cream 1 banana cut up into eggs Two tablespoons flax seeds Post-workout: Same as meal 1. My cholesterol levels have been tested as very low. I suggest eating how I was eating. and an orange on the side. If most people saw how I was eating. they'd expect me to have a heart attack by the first night.) If you really want to grow in a short period of time. Meal 2: One pound lean beef Broccoli and spinach Meal 3: Same as meal 2.HOW MUCH TO EAT I ate a lot. but with unsweetened cocoa added and made in shake form in a blender.

but with unsweetened cocoa added and made in shake form in a blender. Weeks 2 and 3: Meal 1: Eight eggs Four tablespoons heavy cream 1 banana cut up into eggs Three tablespoons flax seeds Post-workout: Same as meal 1. and an orange on the side. Meal 4: Six eggs Three tablespoons heavy cream Three tablespoons flax seeds .Meal 4: Four eggs Two tablespoons heavy cream Two tablespoons flax seeds Three fish oil capsules with each meal. Meal 2: One pound lean beef Broccoli and spinach Meal 3: Same as meal 2.

Meal 2: One pound lean beef Broccoli and spinach Meal 3: Same as meal 2. Meal 4: Same as meal 2.Four fish oil capsules with each meal. and 6: Meal 1: Ten eggs Four tablespoons heavy cream 1 banana cut up into eggs Four tablespoons flax seeds Post-workout: Same as meal 1. but with unsweetened cocoa added and made in shake form in a blender. Weeks 4. . 5. Meal 5: Six eggs Three tablespoons heavy cream Three tablespoons flax seeds Four fish oil capsules with each meal. and an orange on the side.

Meal 4: Same as meal 2. but with unsweetened cocoa added and made in shake form in a blender.Weeks 7 and 8: Meal 1: Twelve eggs Six tablespoons heavy cream 1 banana cut up into eggs Four tablespoons flax seeds Post-workout: Same as meal 1. . Meal 5: Twelve eggs Four tablespoons heavy cream Four tablespoons flax seeds Four fish oil capsules with each meal. Meal 2: One pound lean beef Broccoli and spinach Meal 3: Same as meal 2. and an orange on the side.

this is a form of release. NOTES Yes. not a replacement for anything. other days it was rice. but it'll give you an amazing pump in the gym. In fact. Did I get results from eating this much? Definitely. I can't quite explain it. other days still it was a sandwich with lots of fruit. and chicken. I ate the carb meal along with the rest of the day's meals. Knowing that you'll be able to "relax" for just one meal every four or five days is quite a treat. I was eating 36 eggs a day in the final two weeks. Most importantly. By the final week. . but it was only two weeks and I was experimenting. vegetables. It was an added source of calories. But it all paid off. I would have one small pastry with my meal as well. Was it too much? Possibly. I went out and had one carb-heavy meal. Some days it was a whole pizza (but preferably something healthier than Pizza Hut or Dominoes). one carb-heavy meal seemed to make my body very happy. This will not only refill glycogen stores in your muscle. but I feel it also kept my body "surprised" -. I was struggling to get down all my food.after so much protein and fat.ONE CARB MEAL EVERY FOUR OR FIVE DAYS Every four or five days. immediately after a grueling workout. I couldn't wait to go back to a fairly "normal" diet and calorie level.

etc) and getting most of my protein from protein powder helped me pack on some muscle in the past. I had my cholesterol tested recently and my scores are above average in the healthy range.keep in mind you'll be doing it for only 8 weeks tops) but you've never had luck with any other diets to pack on muscle. legumes. Most people are severely misinformed when it comes to the right kind of nutrition to pack on muscle. Yes. working out hard as hell and eating like a pig. I would much rather bust my butt for 8 weeks. Yes. and although I had some fat when it was all done. As long as I continue to work out -. I respond: I put on about 10 pounds of muscle in 8 weeks. As long as you eat enough food and work out. I eat . then good luck making any kind of change. it took me about one month to drop a lot of it. it took a few years to put on that little bit of muscle. than have to suffer for years on end to get the results I got. I eat out at restaurants with friends. If a diet like that mentioned above scares you out of your mind (and it shouldn't -. Now I don't have to do much to maintain my muscle mass. and I can eat a regular diet. Isn't that too much food? Aren't you going to die of cholesterol? Why would you do that? To them. Of course. rices.A lot of people look at this diet and gasp. and I had a lot of fat to get rid of afterward as well. I only spent 8 weeks to put on 10 pounds of muscle.even lightly -I can maintain all this muscle. With my 8 week experiment in Panama. you'll put on muscle no matter what you stuff in your body. Eating lots of carbs (breads.

carbs. then you won't have to worry about being a social hermit because of your muscle gain diet. although I do try to limit them. As long as you focus for eight hard weeks. .

This will make all your subsequent workouts very difficult. If you don't sleep enough.Rest I don't care if you have a difficult. and rest a lot. is that your body repairs the damage you've inflicted on your muscles. without an alarm clock. was sleep exactly 8 hours. and you'll have lots of issues recovering properly. If you want to gain lots of muscle in a short period of time. or if you've got a ton of responsibilities and what I'm about to ask of you is difficult to pull off.something you may not have -but I always let my body sleep as naturally as it could. hectic job. I had the liberty of waking up whatever time I wanted -. The cycle continues. The most important thing that happens in your sleep. What my body chose to do. HOW MUCH SLEEP DO I NEED? I never got less than 8 hours of sleep a night. though. and long story short: you won't get the results you want without enough sleep. This is the amount of time your body needs to repair from the actions of the day before. but the average that I've found is right around exactly 8 hours of sleep. Different people have different needs. on and on. then your body can't do its job. . you need to rest. every single night.

consider investing in an eye mask and ear plugs. find out why. Again. My naps lasted anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour. The "Iron Guru" Vince Gironda called these "muscle naps. When I woke up. .BUT THAT'S NOT ALL I also highly recommend daily naps. and you'll be able to get 8 hours without any problems. Cut out some of the time you spend on Facebook or other time wasters and use it to nap. What's taking up your time? What's distracting you? If it's simply that you can't sleep 8 hours continuously. Block out the outside world while you're asleep. I just let my body dictate how much time it needed. I generally opted to nap 20 or 30 minutes after a workout. I know that you have at least 20 minutes to nap every day. I woke up... I took one every single day while doing the 8 week experiment." because they are a huge help to recovery after a workout. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF ALL. And if you struggle to get 8 hours of sleep at night.

and how much stronger. follow the tips in this chapter. on your next work out. and mentally preparing yourself for every workout.Mentally Preparing Yourself I'm about to go over with you the absolute most-neglected aspect of a successful bodybuilding plan. It's the mind-muscle connection. AN EXPERIMENT FOR YOU If you still don't believe me that the mind-muscle connection. work out one day as you normally would. Frank Zane was absolutely nuts about it and attributed most of his success to this. Then. head to the gym. First. either. I want you to try an experiment for me. This isn't some kind of hippy bullshit idea. I've realized now that I wouldn't have performed my workouts very efficiently had I not mentally prepared myself for them first. Arnold Schwarzenegger attributed most of his results to this. Just pack up your stuff. is of absolute critical importance. . relaxed. as well. See how your workout feels. and then head back home. and prepared you feel.

Make the visual very clear in your head. make the amount of weight you're lifting absolutely clear. WHAT THIS DOES The mind is a lot more powerful than most people give it credit for. you're completing every rep. Keep picturing yourself doing this with every exercise you have planned for the day. your mind sends out signals that make your body feel like it actually did the lifts.I simply cannot have a good work out anymore until I've followed the instructions in this chapter. and imagine yourself lifting the weights. The most important part of this is that. you're hurting -. You strain. I did this on my bed before I headed to the gym every day. in your head. Although you're only imagining your workouts. If you're doing bicep curls. Then you get under the weight. along with every weight and how many reps you could pull out with that weight. quiet place where you can lay down. .but you're lifting the weight perfectly and successfully. and you start to lift. Picture yourself loading all the weight onto the bar. you push. and PUSH through each rep. close your eyes. What you need to do before every workout is take about 10 or 15 minutes and find a comfortable. PICTURE YOURSELF LIFTING THE WEIGHTS Hopefully you're keeping a log of every work out you do.

this whole concept is very difficult to explain. I attribute the majority of my results in the gym during this 8 week experiment to my mental preparation beforehand. you'll still need to warm up properly before the work out so you don't pull any muscles. . you'll be prepared to slaughter every lift because your body thinks it's already done a few warm-up sets.) Honestly. Once you do it. I absolutely guarantee you'll never be able to work out efficiently without it.Once you hit the gym. It's something you just need to try out and experience. (Of course.

they suggest. you've got to perform cardio in some form. The other half of the community says that if you want to keep fat gain at bay. and continue to use almost exclusively this form of cardio to this day. Half the community says cardio is a no-no when gaining muscle. Of course. because it inhibits the maximum amount of muscle you can gain. thus eating away at the muscle you've gained.as long as you are OK with losing lots of muscle as well. You're still going to have to work. Most of us are programmed to think that running is the ultimate weight loss tool. but I only performed one very specific type of cardio in my 8 week experiment. and this is true -. I don't recommend a light walk outside for ten minutes to lose weight.Cardio and Keeping Fat Gain To A Minimum Cardio is maybe the most controversial subject in the bodybuilding community when it comes to gaining muscle. Performing cardio. I'm in agreement with the second group. . uses your muscles as energy. WALK TO LOSE WEIGHT Walking is the absolute best way to lose weight.

This will work your whole body more than walking with poor posture. set the incline to 8 to 10 percent. If on a treadmill. DO NOT EVER TOUCH THE HANDLE BARS. This should result in your abs being almost slightly stretched. Walk with your back completely straight and your chest sticking out a bit. (Trust me -. I went for a 20 to 30 minute fasted walk. still use these methods to this day. that's even better since it can provide a more consistent challenge. You shouldn't be gasping for air like you would be after a run. My walks were performed outside. • • . In the mornings. After my workouts. If on a treadmill. but if you have access to a treadmill. I aimed to walk for five to ten minutes at a brisk pace.you will feel it much more afterward if walking like this. match the following requirements: • • You need to walk uphill as much as you can. This takes your midsection out of the walk altogether and gets rid of just about any positive effects that walking has on losing weight. and like I said. In each of your walks.HOW TO WALK TO LOSE WEIGHT I used two different methods of walking to lose weight.) Aim to walk heavy and fast enough that you're sweating and lightly panting when it's over.

. However. if done properly (with back straight and chest sticking out on a high incline). And. That's how I felt after years of running.I haven't struggled with fat gain for some time now simply because I've picked up the habit of walking for fat loss. A bonus is that walking is also very meditative and relaxing. my results speak for themselves -. this may well be the only ab workout you ever need. which will help your workouts and stress levels.YOU'LL FEEL THE DIFFERENCE At first. you'll feel like you're not working yourself hard enough.

Warm-ups Warming up for each workout is very easy. A good guide for this is available here. and will prepare you for an amazing workout. I went on an incline walk for about eight minutes. like my shoulders. . I was also prepared due to my mental exercises beforehand.swinging my arms and legs to loosen them up. so that they were completely loose and flexible. which helped me build up a nice sweat and loosen my muscles. These are absolutely crucial in the warm-up process. I was ready to lift at my maximum weight. I then performed eccentric stretches -. as covered in this manual. Of course. After one or two very light-weight warm up sets for each exercise. I then used a tennis ball to quickly massage "trouble" areas for me.

warm up. DON'T FORGET TO REST AFTERWARD If you work yourself hard enough in the gym for these 8 weeks. Once the eight weeks are up. Considering that most people spend an hour or more in the gym for every session.Miscellaneous Ideas Here are some of the odds and ends that I couldn't fit in anywhere else. WORKOUT PARTNER Following the plan I've laid out here is most effective when you have a workout partner. and screaming at you when it seems like you're mentally giving up. . It's easier to work yourself to the bone in the gym if someone is there. I'd meet him there and push him through his workout (each workout only lasted 30 minutes tops). you will be desperate to be done and have a week of rest when it's all over. this worked out just fine for us. He would head off to the gym. then he'd have something to eat while I warmed up and he'd push me through my workout. you need to take a week off. You need someone who is just as driven as you. if not more-so. watching your every move. What I ended up doing with my workout partner was work out in two separate cycles.

walking. something -. so enjoy it. . you've earned this week. light calisthenics.Make sure you get some exercise in your week off -.but overall.

I was exhausted." . When you end a session having trouble thinking straight and unable to lift more weight. "[Bodybuilders] should train until they're literally depressed. When you come back into the gym. The truth is. I rested and enjoyed myself. This ended up being absolutely true for me with this program. If you aren't mentally drained.What To Do Afterward After the eight weeks were up. and your results will be jeopardized a bit. The first week after this experiment. you end up absolutely spent. In other words. I'll tell you exactly what I did: Almost nothing. your body grows the most in the weeks after heavy workout programs. When you physically work yourself as hard as possible in the gym for eight weeks. Super-coach Charles Poliquin once said. you'll hit new personal bests. then back off. so I let it. that means that your body is ready to overcompensate and build muscle in a week of rest. I went for the occasional walk to maintain some form of exercise. then you didn't work yourself hard enough. but my body was telling me it needed to rest. if you're not making progress in the gym. cramming your body full of tons of food. smash yourself into the ground for two weeks — purposefully overtrain until you're mentally depressed and your body is about to shutdown — then take five days off.

your body needs time to adjust.) I tried to keep my calories high so that my body had energy to rebuild my muscles. A "light" workout means that you're simply working each muscle group for three sets of around 8 reps or so. This means I went out to restaurants a little more. I started back up into a very light workout routine. yes. All you need to do is maintain at this point -. and try to rest for only 30 to 45 seconds between each set. but I also threw in more "standard" meals. focusing on mostly beef and eggs. and even.3x8 Bicep curls . you've already packed on enough.My diet in this week off was still heavy in proteins and fats. a routine one day could look like: Back squats .3x8 Wide-grip dips .don't start working out trying to pack on muscle again. For example. And a routine the next day could look like: Straight leg deadlift . Once this week of rest was over. and not pushing yourself to any kind of extreme with each set.3x8 Pitcher raises .something light. I recommend full-body workouts three times a week -. (But don't go overboard with them just yet -. Assuming you worked yourself hard enough in the eight weeks. ate some more carbs. but the calories were a little lower than the previous weeks.3x8 .3x8 Don't overload yourself on each set.3x8 Pull-downs .

3x8 Pull-ups . I still prefer to eat largely fats and proteins. but your body will reward you greatly if you constantly surprise it.and I lost all my extra body-fat in about one month doing so. I followed this workout routine while slowly tapering down the amount of calories I ate and the types of foods I ate.Neck press .3x8 Again. I've discovered it's also true for your diet as well. In the weeks following the 8 week experiment.3x8 Rope tricep extensions . I had transitioned to a largely carbohydrate diet -. don't overload yourself on each set. and try to rest for only 30 to 45 seconds between each set. .3x8 Pitcher raises . While I know you've heard this before in terms of exercise routines (constantly change the routine to surprise and shock your body into new growth).

until finally. you'll soon find the results wearing off. Keep your body guessing. . your body eventually adjusts to that diet. The solution is to cycle different dieting types. and you'll be primed for constant muscle growth. and doesn't have the same musclegaining effects it had originally. If you have unbelievable results in the first few weeks of any diet.Your Diet After The 8 Weeks Like I alluded to before. day out for years on end. your body will reward you greatly if you constantly surprise it. I'm pretty sure almost everyone has experienced this before. If you eat only fats and proteins for months on end. your body adjusts to eating hundreds of grams of protein. This is especially true for protein. Eventually. there are no new results to speak of. The same applies to really any diet you follow. and they wonder why they struggle to gain muscle. The only way to get new growth out of your diet is to eat even more protein every single day. Simply put. Most people looking to gain muscle just cram hundreds of grams of protein down their throats day in. you reach a point where it's simply impossible and unhealthy to do so.

for a short 8 week burst of muscle growth. I don't mean I ate pizza and bread all the time. and high-fiber whole grains. I didn't count calories. I feel that. I'd say eventually you want to be at around 12x or 13x your body-weight in calories by the final week. lots of fruits. It creates a super anabolic environment inside your body. I ate the following diet to do so. with some protein and fats. but just switched my food sources. I had chicken and olive oil in my rice plates. My goal was to lose any extra body fat I put on during the eight weeks. for example. but from different sources. Your goal should be to slowly taper off the amount of calories you're eating. a diet high in protein and fat (with almost no carbohydrates) is ideal.AFTER THE 8 WEEKS Like I said before.it becomes anal and precise. like oats. I still ate healthy. though. I don't recommend counting calories -. I ate three big meals a day instead of seven or eight small ones. I also still ate protein and fat. and can actually hurt your results by thinking too much -but if you want an estimate. . Now when I say my diet became carbohydrate-heavy. and ate lots of fruits between meals. while still losing weight. Again. After the 8 weeks were up. week by week. but since I was only eating three big meals a day (with low-calorie fruits inbetween) I knew that I was getting far less calories than I was during the 8 week experiment. I spent about a month eating primarily carbohydrates. I instead had plates of rice and vegetables.

whatever fruits I could get my hands on . I feel it will only hurt your progress by counting calories and grams. if you just aim to have three big. lentils. apples -. again. and 20% fat. These are only rough guesses because. and shredded chicken In-between each meal: Oranges. or small piece of meat for protein Afternoon: Soup Boiled plantain Rice Beans Small piece of meat Night: Huge plate of rice. An example of my daily diet: Morning: Bowl of oats with cinnamon Orange Banana Shake made with fruits and veggies and two or three raw eggs and yogurt Small piece of cheese. you'll hit your calorie goal no problem without having to resort to counting every morsel you put in your mouth.Your diet should be roughly 60% carbohydrate. 20% protein. filling meals throughout the day. However.

. healthy diet indefinitely.simple as that. Find a balanced diet that works for you and your body. proteins.) If your body is able to handle carbs better than most. fats. and it is out of the scope of this manual to recommend only one. like mine. your body doesn't like them very much. if you feel bloated and gross after eating lots of carbs. and stick with it. aim to eat your carbs only in the morning and immediately after workouts. This means lots of fruits. There are many diet choices you can follow indefinitely after this plan. If your body is more carb-intolerant. and carbs. then eat more carbs -. (How do you know if your body is more carb-intolerant? Simply put. then just eat a balanced.AND THEN MAINTAIN YOUR DIET Once you're at the goal weight/body fat you want. vegetables. Any food that makes your body react poorly is one that you should generally avoid. Also try to make them only healthy carbs.

3x8 Bicep curls . . all you want to do is maintain your muscle. and try to rest for only 30 to 45 seconds between each set. Day 1: Back squats . Really.there simply aren't enough calories in this diet to support a "muscle gain" plan. Friday) Alternate "day 1" and "day 2" so that you perform "day 1" two times the first week and "day 2" two times the following week. This is especially true because the diet afterward is focused on losing weight -.3x8 Don't overload yourself on each set. Wednesday.3x8 Pull-downs . In another chapter I gave you an idea of an exercise plan. but here it is again: To be performed three days a week (Monday.Exercise After The 8 Weeks I've already given you an idea of an exercise plan after the eight weeks are up.3x8 Wide-grip dips .3x8 Pitcher raises .

is the cardio you perform after the 8 weeks. .3x8 Rope tricep extensions .3x8 Pitcher raises . if performed as I describe it in this book. in my mind.3x8 Neck press . While the gym workouts will help you maintain your muscle. Do one walk in the morning. your chest is sticking out. and you're walking at a high incline. Again. heavy walks every single day.3x8 Pull-ups . make sure your back is straight.3x8 Again. it's properly-performed walks two times a day that will really help you lose any excess fat. CARDIO The most important exercise. and one walk in the afternoon (possibly after your workout). and try to rest for only 30 to 45 seconds between each set. Continue to take brisk. don't overload yourself on each set. Walking is really the only cardio you will ever need.Day 2: Straight leg deadlift .

with both your workouts and your diet.Overview of the Plan Here is a general overview of the whole plan I've laid out. you should be absolutely exhausted both physically and mentally. you need to transition to a completely different diet to surprise your body. By the end of the eight weeks. but after that month. and lots more carbs. In fact. since the amount of information I've given may be a little overwhelming. This is absolutely crucial for your success. This is a good sign -. You'll go for incline walks every day for cardio. your diet is going to be only made up of lots of meat and lots of eggs. very little carbs) for eight weeks. and no supplements. This is meant to kind of tie everything together. Relax on your workouts and diet. It'll take about a month to lose any extra accumulated fat. Before every workout.meaning. Your exercise should be relatively light at this point. you can put yourself on "cruise" mode -. and enjoy life. maintain your muscle and enjoy what your hard work for eight weeks brought you.your body is ready to overcompensate and pile on muscle. Your workouts are going to be designed to be brief and intense. When the eight weeks are up. . This means less protein and less fat. you'll relax and perform the workout in your head. You are going to work out hard and eat a lot of food (eggs and meat.

and could only do the occasional push-ups or walks. I recommend giving something like this a shot. But now I know that I can bust my balls in the gym for eight weeks. This is the entire idea behind this experiment. I was lifting the same weights as before. four or five days a week. when I had no way of getting into a gym. I plan on going through about two eight week cycles a year until I'm completely happy with my body. and I've got time to live more. I used to spend an hour or more in the gym. and you're sick of spending so much time in the gym. As cheesy as that may sound. get amazing results. My body held onto all my muscle.” The results? I've had periods of more than a month. . it's the truth. following a plan similar to mine could be exactly what you want. If you've had trouble putting on the muscle you want. When I was back in the gym. and be able to relax for a couple months. every week of the year.Conclusion I've had several months pass me by since the conclusion of the “Panamanian Hypertrophy Experiment. I had a little bit of muscle to show for it. I'm closer to the body I've always wanted. where I was continuously traveling.

Barbell rowing BICEPS Bicep curls Incline curl Gironda Perfect Curl . .Pull up to your chest not chin. If you can’t feel them while you’re doing these exercises. It seems to work my biceps more. CALVES Calves (any exercise) . slow down and take off weight until you do.Scroll almost to the bottom where it has the description. Lat pull-down (front) Lat pull-down (back) When working on back width (lats) try as much as possible to ‘feel’ your lats working. BACK THICKNESS T-bar row Chest-supported incline shrug .I try to keep my elbows inside of my hands.If you have trouble building your calves try holding each rep at the top (extended).Exercise Glossary The majority of these links go to the excellent resource http://exrx.Funny video but it gets its point across. Preacher curl . BACK WIDTH Pull-ups .net which has videos. and at the bottom (stretched) for 5-10 seconds.

TRICEPS Close grip bench .you don’t have to do it on the Smith Machine.If you’re a beginner I highly recommend getting assistance for squatting.CHEST Wide-grip dips Neck press (wide-grip bench press) Incline neck press FOREARMS Barbell wrist curl Reverse barbell curl Zottman curls HAMSTRINGS Leg curls Deadlift Straight leg deadlift SHOULDERS Side laterals Military press Arnold press Pitcher raises . There’s a definite learning curve and you could get your self injured. Skull crushers Rope tricep extensions Rope pull-down QUADS Back squats . Front squat Leg press .towards the bottom you’ll see pinky-up pitcher raises.

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