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WH40k Random Mission Cards (9-24-09)

WH40k Random Mission Cards (9-24-09)

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Published by: fraustdemon on Oct 21, 2009
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T able Quarters

Victory Condition: Control more table quarters than your opponent at the end of the game. To control a table quarter you must have at least one scoring unit and more total units than your opponent in a table quarter.

Victory Condition: Control more Objective Markers than your opponent. To control an Objective Marker you must have a scoring unit within 3” of the marker and have no enemy unit within 3” of the marker.

Victory Condition: Get more Kill Points than your opponent.


Alternate Objective Mission

T ake and Hold
Victory Condition: End the game with more scoring units within 12” of the center of the table than your opponent.

Fighting Withdrawal
Alternate Objective Mission

Victory Condition:

Victory Condition: End the game with more units (scoring or non-scoring) in the enemy’s deployment zone than they have in their deployment zone. To get your score, subtract the number of the opponents units in their deployment zone from the number of your units in that zone.

Withdraw your units from Battle. Starting turn 5 you may roll to withdraw units from the battle; the roll is done individually for each unit. Turn 5: 4+ Turn 6: 3+ Turn 7: 2+ If the roll is successful you can Withdraw the unit by moving it off the table from any part of the long edge of the deployment zone. The unit only needs to touch your long table edge to Withdraw, through whatever means necessary. Units that Fall Back off the table edge count as destroyed and not Withdrawn, even if they made their roll to Withdraw first. Each unit successfully Withdrawn counts as one point.

Seize Ground
Victory Condition: Control the two Objective Markers that are further apart than two Objective Markers controlled by the enemy.


Forward Observer
Alternate Objective Mission

Alternate Objective Mission

Victory Condition:

Victory Condition: Destroy as much Terrain on the table as possible. Each destroyed piece of Terrain counts as one point.

Observe the movements of the enemy. One of your units must observe an enemy unit for 2 turns; note which unit did the observing and which unit was observed and the turn number on your Score Sheet. Observation has unlimited range and only requires line of sight to the target. While observing you may not move, shoot, or assault. If a unit is pinned, in an assault from a previous round, or falling back, it may not observe. Units that are required to move/shoot/assault may not observe. Each enemy unit can only be observed once, but once observed by any unit it counts as one point. Units may not observe multiple units at once. In the case of attached independent characters, you may spend two turns observing the unit, then two turns observing the independent character; or vice versa. Transports may be observed but are not allowed to observe enemy units. Units embarked in transports may observe from firing points if available.

Destroy Objectives


Alternate Objective Mission

Guard Duty
Victory Condition: Protect your Official from the enemy. He must be attached to a friendly Unit at the end of the game.

Alternate Objective Mission

Victory Condition:

Victory Condition: Destroy as many Objective Markers as possible. Each Objective Marker you destroy counts as one point for you.

Your army is tasked with sweeping the area for enemy contacts. Make contact with Objective Markers on the battlefield. You must contact the objective, and end your movement further than 3” from the Objective Marker to score a point; this simulates checking the area out and moving on. If an Objective Marker has been destroyed you can still contact that Objective Marker and move on to score a point.

Assassination Attempt
Victory Condition: Kill the opponent’s Official. If, at any time during the game, the opponent’s Official is dead, you are successful.

Vital Strategic Point
Victory Condition:
One Objective Marker on the table is vital to your cause. Secretly select one Objective Marker on the table and record what and where it is on your Score Sheet. You must end the game with it in your control. You cannot win if you do not control it or it is destroyed, you may still prevent the opponent from fulfilling his mission though.

Kill the Head and the Body Dies
Victory Condition: Destroy all of the opposing HQ units. If the opposing army contains no HQ units (Combat Patrol only) then destroy the model they nominated as their leader for the mission. HQ units that are falling back when the game ends count as destroyed.

Hostage Rescue
Victory Condition: Rescue a Hostage that the enemy is holding. End the game with the enemy’s Hostage attached to one of your units.

Escort Duty
Victory Condition: Escort your Official through enemy lines. Your Official must leave the table from your opponent’s long board edge.


Alternate Objective Mission

Victory Condition:

Escort the Official to each Objective Marker. The Official may not inspect the same Objective Marker twice. The Objective Marker is inspected if the Official ends his movement within 3 inches of the marker. The Official may inspect the Objective Marker from inside a transport, provided there is an unused firing point. Each marker inspected counts as one point at the end of the mission.

Hostages & Officials
Quick Reference
Hostages and Officials use the following rules: • Moves like infantry. • Must be attached to a unit to move. • Attaches to units like an Independent Character. • May only move 6”. If attached to a unit with movement greater than 6”, that unit moves a maximum of 6” while the Hostage/Official is attached • A squad with the hostage/official attached may run during the shooting phase if they would normally be allowed to do so. • May ride in transports provided there is room in the transport for the hostage/official. • May not shoot or attack, cannot be assigned wounds. • When the unit it is attached to is destroyed, the opponent may choose to destroy, capture, or leave the Hostage/Official. If destroyed, remove it from the table, if captured it attaches to an enemy unit, if left it will remain stationary until attached to a unit. • Must start no further than 12” from its player’s long table edge. • Does not count as an Objective Marker.

Alternate Objective Missions
Quick Reference

Terrain Destruction
Quick Reference
All players have the ability to destroy Terrain. Terrain may be shot at or assaulted and is treated as a stationary vehicle. Terrain may be rammed using the ramming rules. Units occupying terrain may be stunned or shaken. A unit occupies the terrain if ½ or more of the unit is on/in the terrain. Most terrain has no weapons and all terrain is treated as immobilized; this makes terrain very susceptible to destruction using the vehicle damage table. • Each ruin has AV11 all around. • Hills have AV12 all around. • Each intact building follows the building rules in the Warhammer 40k rulebook, except that if destroyed it doesn’t leave behind ruins. • Other terrain pieces have AV10 all around.

Missions that are noted as an Alternate Objective Mission have a different scoring method for determining victory. At the end of the game, if a player with an Alternate Objective Mission has scored more points (according to his Mission Card) than the number of Objective Markers his opponent controls, his mission is successful.

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