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ABSTRACT NOUNS An abstract noun is a quality or something that we can only think of rather than as something that we can

see or touch. Example: beauty, friendship. We can form abstract nouns from common nouns, verbs and adjectives. Table 1 Forming Abstract Nouns from Common Nouns Common noun Brother Child Friend King Leader Abstract noun Brotherhood Childhood Friendship Kingship Leadership Common noun Man Member Mother Neighbor Scholar Abstract noun Manhood Membership Motherhood Neighborhood scholarship

Table 2 Forming Abstract Nouns from Verbs Verb Behave Die Free Grow Laugh Abstract noun Behavior Death Freedom Growth Laughter verb Lose Marry Please Sell Think Abstract noun Loss Marriage Pleasure Sale thought

Table 3 Forming Abstract Nouns from Adjectives Adjective Angry Brave Happy Kind Weak Abstract noun Anger Bravery Happiness Kindness Weakness Adjective Beautiful Great Hungry Long Silent Abstract noun Beauty Greatness Hungry Length silence

COLLECTIVE NOUNS A collective noun is a name we use for a number of people, animals or things which we group together and speak of as a whole. For example: A bunch of bananas, a litter of puppies.

Table 1 List of collective nouns for PEOPLE An army of soldiers A band of musicians A board of directors A class of students A group of singers A team of players A staff of employee A company of soldiers A patrol of policemen

Table 2 List of collective nouns for THINGS An album of photographs A bouquet of flowers A basket of fruit A necklace of pearls A pair of shoes A crate of fruits A roll of cloth A constellation of stars A bundle of hay

Table 3 List of collective nouns for CREATURES An army of ants A cloud of flies A flock of birds A herd of elephants A hive of bees A litter of kittens A school of whales A string of horses A troop of monkeys