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Meditation Scriptures

Meditation Scriptures

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Published by m13y
what the bible says about the mind
what the bible says about the mind

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Published by: m13y on Mar 21, 2014
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1 Peter 5:7 7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. NIV 1 Peter 5:8-9 8 e self-controlle! an!

alert. "our enemy the !e#il $ro%ls aroun! li&e a roarin' lion loo&in' for someone to !e#our. 9 (esist him) stan!in' firm in the faith) because you &no% that your brothers throu'hout the %orl! are un!er'oin' the same &in! of sufferin's. NIV Phil *:5-+ 5 ,et your 'entleness be e#i!ent to all. -he ,or! is near. NIV Phil *:8-9 8 .inally) brothers) %hate#er is true) %hate#er is noble) %hate#er is ri'ht) %hate#er is $ure) %hate#er is lo#ely) %hate#er is a!mirable-if anythin' is excellent or $raise%orthythin& about such thin's. 9 /hate#er you ha#e learne! or recei#e! or hear! from me) or seen in me-$ut it into $ractice. 0n! the 1o! of $eace %ill be %ith you. NIV Phil *:5-7 + 2o not be anxious about anythin') but in e#erythin') by $rayer an! $etition) %ith than&s'i#in') $resent your re3uests to 1o!. 7 0n! the $eace of 1o!) %hich transcen!s all un!erstan!in') %ill 'uar! your hearts an! your min!s in Christ 4esus. NIV Phil *:15 15 I can !o e#erythin' throu'h him %ho 'i#es me stren'th. NIV Phil *:*-5 * (e6oice in the ,or! al%ays. I %ill say it a'ain: (e6oice7 NIV

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