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By:Ali Saqib 6TH-RM 305 PBL Independent Timeline

Birth (1627)
I was born on April 15, 1627 on a plantation in Virginia with 2 parents, James Clinton (Father) and Katherine Joseph (Mother). I was the only child of this couple.

Education (1632)
Since I was a slave I was homeschooled from my mother. Throughout the years my intelligence grew until the age of 16.

Childhood (1633)
I grew up learning how to work as a slave. I worked as a slave carrying cotton, plowed cotton,etc.

Teenage Years (1640)

I then started to carry heavier amounts of cotton. I did a lot of plowing and worked throughout the whole day without a break unlike other teenage slaves.

Fathers Death (1641)

While I was working on the field, my master tried to hit me with a whip since I too a break but my dad sacrificed himself and took the hit of the whip. He died since he was to weak when I was 14 years old.

Mothers Death (1643)

As I was working on the field my mother was shot by an accident by my master, Johnathan Krill, when he was aiming for another person. She had died when I was 16 years old and I was very devastated.

Traveling to Another Plantation (1646)

Since my parents died, my master thought I devastated and worthless, so I was taken to somebody else named Luke Hemington who was another slave owner.

A New Friend (1646)

In the new plantation, I met another slave named Walker green or Green. Him and I shared the same goals about ending slavery, so we became best friends.

The Rebellion (1647)

Green and I both decided to protest against the law of slavery so we gathered slaves to riot against Luke. However it was not very successful the way it had ended. I was shot in the left shoulder by Luke and Green was whipped on the back.

The Attempt to Escape (1647)

A man named Abec Thompson wanted to help Green and I escape from this cruel place. We tried to escape the plantation but Luke caught us, dragged us back, and shot Abec in the leg.

Two New Friends and A Lost Brother (1647)

Both Green and I met two women named Samantha Johnson and Rosalinda Baker who wanted to help us survive the life of a slave. They were inspired by Abec who to me was a lost brother.

The Last Stand (1663)

Finally, Green and I dug a hole for the slaves to escape the plantation but Luke caught us. However, a number of slaves and I held Luke from the hole and Green, the women, men, and children left the plantation. I was promised by Luke Id pay for this act.

The Tragedy (1673)

Unfortunately, Green had been shot by Luke and his town was destroyed filled with the other slaves. His last words were sent to me that I was his greatest friend and he would miss me.

Death (1679)
My character Martin Clinton dies at the age 52 on November 17, 1679 on the plantation since he was a very old slave for his time and was too weak to work.