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From this movie I learned that mining not only releases large amounts of toxic gases when done

carelessly, but van be held accountable for acid rain. This event, called acid mine drainage, is where surface or ground waters fall into the open topped mines, and the water dissolves the sulfur within, moving it in the water. As the water evaporates, the sulfur goes with it, and pairs with hydrogen in the atmosphere to make sulfuric acid. The acid in the atmosphere collects into the rain and comes down in the precipitation, and this erodes the land, the rocks, pollutes and damages the waters, and can destroy ecosystems. The pH of the rain is around 4.6, while the normal pH of rain is between 5 and 6, showing that the acid in the rain lowers the pH tenfold. The agencies and organizations that have pointed out this issue have been put aside many times, and this issue has been left untouched for a large amount of time, while it has not stopped the pollution and contamination from the acids. The water it is affecting is changing color and becoming dangerous to drink and come into contact with. To fix these problems that come with the drainage, we need to encourage the passing of a policy that requires the covering and resealing of open topped mines after they are abandoned. These mines cannot be left open because of the gasses they give off, and the acids that are washed out. These fixes could only be temporary until an effective and permanent treatment plan is put in place.