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King Nan of Zhou (Chinese: 周赧王; pinyin: Zhōu Nǎn Wáng), or less commonly King Yin of Zhou (Chinese: 周隱 王; pinyin: Zhōu Yǐn Wáng) was the thirty-sixth and last king of the Chinese Zhou Dynasty, the son of the King Shenjing of Zhou and grandson of King Xian of Zhou.[2] He was a King for fifty-nine years,[3] longest in Zhou Dynasty and all the pre-imperial China[4] (in terms of the reign length followed by King Mu of Zhou). King Nan was killed after annexation of his kingdom by Qin in 256 BC.

King Nan of Zhou 周赧王
King of China Reign Predecessor Full name Ancestral name: Jī (姬) Given name: Yán (延) House Father Died Zhou Dynasty King Shenjing of Zhou[1] 256 BC 314–256 BC King Shenjing of Zhou

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King Nan of Zhou Zhou Dynasty
Died: 256 BC

Regnal titles Vacant Preceded by King Shenjing of Zhou King of China 314–256 BC
Qin's wars of unification Title next held by

Qin Shi Huang
as Emperor of China

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