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Carlos 1 Ozly Carlos California State University Northridge Stephen Florian English 114B 25 February 25, 2014 Utopia

Utopia is considered to be the perfect society. No flaws, no nothing, everyone believes what is told. Thats where I instantly got the negative vibe. Raphael H ythloday thinks nothing but great about Utopia. With religion, policies, etc. he truly believes there is not one society better, on the other hand More disagrees. Utopia is a place where people are believed to be equal and nothing or no one is in luxury but the higher government. Reading this book the country of North Korea came into mind a whole lot. The people of North Korea cannot leave the country, do not know what is going on outside their country and civilians are all the same, no one is better than one another. Utopia is the same. Raphael Hythloday praises the fact that he thinks and believes that Utopia is perfect and the perfect country or kingdom. What is the word perfect? Perfect is being absolutely the best, all positive, no negative, great life; nothing can get better than it already. The word perfect may be different than the person standing next to you. Perfect changes to ones preference and to what one thinks is perfect. Speaking ideologically, Utopia isnt perfect. In a perfect world, everyone is happy, and willing to do as they please. Knowing that there is slaves in Utopia yells to us that they are not happy. The book gives us two different opinions on Utopian society. Raphael Hythloday believes Utopia is the greatest social order in the world. When he says, Everywhere else people pay attention the public good, but pay attention to their private interests. In Utopia, where there is no

Carlos 2 private property, everyone is seriously concerned with pursuing the public welfare. Hythloday believes that all societies excluding Utopia, are only worried about the rich and Utopia everyone is working and living well with no concerns about food, and health. More believes that many of Utopias policies are absurd from how they run government and warfare to their religion. North Korea is easily recognized as a dictatorship. Everyone follows exactly what their ruler says, or they face cruel punishment, like Utopia, everyone is socially and economically at the same level and they do not get to have any type of luxuries, except the government or the Ruler Kim Jong-un. Utopia is very similar, but is considered perfect. North Korea is considered not only evil, but not fair to 95 percent of the world according to studies. Perfect is to Mr. Hythloday, and thats to only him. If one society or country was perfect, thered be no severe consequences, nor ruler overlooking people. Utopia assumes everyone wants to be the same as the other. Perfect is willing to do whatever they please to, no issues, no consequences, nor negativity. They need this cruel social order like North Korea to have a great social order. To be disconnected from the world and not know what they do or letting them leave their country is absurd. Utopia is a land where people are sunk in to believe, where perfect is not necessarily what it means.