C H A O 8
version 1.2 1992-1997
1his book is dedicated to:
Thc Hydra`s Tccth; whcrcvcr thcy may IaII, whatcvcr may
spring up.
With thanks to:
CharIic Brcwstcr, Davc Lcc, HannibaI Thc CannibaI, Ian Rcad,
KcIIy Standish, MC Mcdusa, Princc Prancc, and Iratcr
Stunning Artwork & Graphics by NathanicI Harris
This bookIct was originaIIy pubIishcd by Chaos International
PubIicatios as a Iimitcd cdition oI 300 copics. 1992, undcr thc
titIc oI Condensed Chaos. This on-Iinc vcrsion has a diIIcrcnt
titIc so as not to causc unduc conIusion rcgarding thc book
Condensed Chaos, as pubIishcd by Ncw IaIcon PubIications,
This vcrsion (vcrsion 1.3) typcsct & convcrtcd to Adobc PDI
Iormat by PhiI Hinc. Contains 2 additionaI appcndiccs.
ßhat is Magick? ..................................................... 5
ßhat is Chaos Magick?.......................................... 7
Principles of Chaos Magick .................................14
Infinite Diversity, Infinite Combination ...............17
All Hail Discordia' ...............................................23
Discordian Opening Ritual ..................................26
Spiral Pentagrams ................................................28
Sigil Magick..........................................................31
Belief - A Key to Magick.......................................35
Basic Exercises .....................................................41
Conclusions ..........................................................47
Fracture Lines ...................................................... 50
Hovling ................................................................ 55
1echnical Ecstacy ................................................. 59
Further Reading ...................................................67
Nal|la¿ ls !tas,
Ltst¡l|la¿ ls Istellls1.
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What is Magick?
What is Magick? ScvcraI dcIinitions IIoat into my mind, but
nonc oI thcm do it IuII justicc. Thc worId is magicaI; wc might
gct a scnsc oI this aItcr cIimbing a mountain and Iooking down
upon thc Iandscapc bcIow, or in thc quict satisIaction at thc
cnd oI onc oI thosc days` whcn cvcrything has gonc right Ior
us. Magick is a doorway through which wc stcp into mystcry,
wiIdncss, and immancncc.
Wc Iivc in a worId subjcct to cxtcnsivc and sccmingIy, aII-
cmbracing systcms oI sociaI & pcrsonaI controI that continuaIIy
Iccd us thc Iic that wc arc cach aIonc, hcIpIcss, and powcrIcss
to cIIcct changc. Magick is about changc. Changing your
circumstanccs so that you strivc to Iivc according to a
dcvcIoping scnsc oI pcrsonaI rcsponsibiIity; that you can cIIcct
changc around you iI you choosc; that wc arc not hcIpIcss cogs
in somc cIockwork univcrsc. AII acts oI pcrsonaI/coIIcctivc
Iibcration arc magicaI acts. Magick Icads us into cxhiIiration
and ccstacy; into insight and undcrstanding; into changing
ourscIvcs and thc worId in which wc participatc. Through
magick wc may comc to cxpIorc thc possibiIitics oI Irccdom.
SurcIy this is simpIc cnough? But no, magick has bccomc
obsIucatcd undcr a wcight oI words, a wcItcr oI tcchnicaI tcrms
which cxcIudc thc uninitiatcd and scrvc thosc who arc cagcr
Ior a scicntiIic` jargon with which to Icgitimisc thcir cntcrprisc
Phil Hine
into somcthing scII-important and pompous. Abstract spirituaI
spaccs havc bccn crcatcd in thc midst oI which towcr thc BabcI-
Iikc Icgo constructions oI inncr pIancs`, spirituaI hicrarchics
and occuIt truths` which Iorgct that thc worId around us is
magicaI. Thc mystcrious has bccn mispIaccd. Wc scarch
through dcad Ianguagcs and tombs Ior sccrct knowIcdgc`,
ignoring thc mystcry oI IiIc that is aII around us. So Ior thc
momcnt, Iorgct what you`vc rcad about spirituaI cnIightcnmcnt,
bccoming a 99th IcvcI Magus and imprcssing your Iricnds with
high-IaIutin` gobbIcdygook. Magick is surprisingIy simpIc.
What can it oIIcr?
1.A mcans to discntangIc yourscII Irom thc attitudcs and
rcstrictions you wcrc brought up with and which dcIinc thc
Iimits oI what you may bccomc.
2.Ways to cxaminc your IiIc to Iook Ior, undcrstand and modiIy
bchaviour, cmotionaI and thought pattcrns which hindcr
Icarning and growth.
3.Incrcasc oI conIidcncc and pcrsonaI charisma.
4.A widcning oI your pcrccption oI just what is possibIc, oncc
you sct hcart and mind on it.
5.To dcvcIop pcrsonaI abiIitics, skiIIs and pcrccptions - thc
morc wc scc thc worId, thc morc wc apprcciatc that it is aIivc.
6.To havc Iun. Magick shouId bc cnjoycd.
7.To bring about changc - in accordancc with wiII.
Magick can do aII this, and morc. It is an approach to IiIc
which bcgins at thc most basic prcmiscs - what do I nccd to
survivc? - how do I want to Iivc? - who do I want to bc? - and
thcn givcs a sct oI conccptuaI wcapons and tcchniqucs Ior
achicving thosc aims. Chaos Magic is onc oI thc many ways
oI doing magick`, and this bookIct is a concisc introduction
to thc Chaos approach.
Oven-Ready Chaos
What is Chaos Magick?
What"is Chaos Magic? Good qucstion. Sincc it burst upon thc
magicaI sccnc in thc Iatc 70`s it has gcncratcd a grcat dcaI oI
dcbatc about what it is, what it isn`t, and who`s doing it right`
- such circuIar argumcnts bcing bcIovcd oI occuItists, it sccms.
At this point, it wouId bc tcmpting to Iaunch into a Icngthy
discussion oI thc history oI magic Icading up to Chaos magic,
but instcad I`II conIinc it to a swccping gcncraIisation and say
that bcIorc Chaos camc kicking and scrcaming onto thc sccnc,
thc dominant approach to doing magic` (and stiII is, to a grcat
cxtcnt) was thc Systcms` approach.
So what is a magicaI systcm? MagicaI systcms combinc
practicaI cxcrciscs Ior bringing about changc with bcIicIs,
attitudcs, a conccptuaI modcI oI thc univcrsc (iI not scvcraI), a
moraI cthic, and a Icw othcr things bcsidcs. ExampIcs oI
systcms arc QabaIah, thc diIIcrcnt Wiccan traditions`, Thc
GoIdcn Dawn systcm oI magic with aII its gradcs, costumcs,
mottos ctc, and thc incrcasing numbcr oI wcstcrniscd
shamanic` paths that arc proIiIcrating nowadays. As Iar as
most magicaI systcms go, bcIorc you can start to wavc your
wand around or bouncc up and down on your hcad tiI you
rcach cnIightcnmcnt, you havc to spcnd a good dcaI oI timc
rcading up on thc bcIicIs associatcd with thc systcm, Icarning
its 'do`s and don`ts¨, committing to mcmory Iists oI symboIs
and corrcspondcnccs, how to taIk to your IcIIow magi, and in
Phil Hine
somc cxtrcmc cascs, how to drcss, waIk, and chcw gum at thc
samc timc. How docs this comc about? WcII magic, Iikc somc
oI thc grcat rcIigious mcssagcs is csscntiaIIy simpIc, but is
prcy to thc proccss whcrcby simpIc idcas bccomc cxtrcmcIy
compIicatcd bcIicIs which can Icad you Iurthcr and Iurthcr
away Irom doing any magic at aII. Wcavc back through timc
to somcwhcrc in thc paIcoIithic cra` to Iind a tribaI shaman
sitting on a rock gaping at thc visions rcvcaIcd by a soggy
piccc oI toadstooI. Iast-Iorwards a Icw miIIcnia and you`II
Iind a MagicaI Systcm` that compriscs oI scvcraI hundrcd-
thousand words, obscurc diagrams and appcndiccs which wiII
probabIy statc at somc point, that drugs arc a no-no.
Thc birth oI Chaos magic camc about in thc Iatc 70`s, at about
thc timc that punk rock was spitting out at thc music industry
and Chaos Scicncc was bcginning to bc takcn scriousIy by
mathcmaticians, cconomists, and physicists. Thc two namcs`
most associatcd with thc birth oI Chaos magic arc Pctc CarroII
and Ray Shcrwin, though thcrc wcrc othcrs Iurking in thc
background, such as thc Stoke Nevington Sorcerors (SNS)
who Iatcr bccamc cntwincd with thc Iirst stirrings oI thc Punk
Somc oI Pctc CarroII`s carIy writings on Chaos was pubIishcd
in Thc Ncw Equinox, pubIishcd by Ray Shcrwin, in which thc
Iirst advcrts procIaiming thc advcnt oI thc Illuminates of
1hanateros (IOT) magicaI ordcr appcarcd. IntcrcstingIy
cnough, thcrc is no mcntion oI thc tcrm chaos` in thc carIicst
vcrsions oI IOT matcriaI.
Ray Shcrwin`s Morton Prcss thcn issucd Pctc CarroII`s Liber
Null, and Shcrwin`s own 1he Book of Results, which
cxpoundcd thc vcry practicaI mcthod oI SigiIisation` as
Oven-Ready Chaos
dcvcIopcd by Austin Osman Sparc, which has bccomc onc oI
thc corc tcchniqucs associatcd with Chaos magic.
Thc carIy growth oI Chaos magic was charactcriscd by a Ioosc
nctwork oI inIormaI groups who camc togcthcr to cxpcrimcnt
with thc possibiIitics oI thc ncw currcnt. With thc dcmisc oI
Thc Ncw Equinox, thc chaos kids` rcportcd thcir rcsuIts and
hcrcsics in thc pagcs oI Chris Bray`s ncw magazinc, 1he Lamp
of 1hoth. Thc carIy Chaos books wcrc joincd by two tapcs
1he Chaos Concept` which discusscd thc basics oI Chaos
magic, and 1he Chaochamber`, a scicncc-Iiction pathworking
which combincd cIcmcnts oI Star Trck, MichacI Moorcock,
and H.G. WcIIs. Chris Bray`s Sorccror`s Apprcnticc` Prcss
thcn rc-rcIcascd, Libcr NuII, Thc Book oI RcsuIts, as wcII as
two ncw books, Pctc CarroII`s Psychonaut, and Ray Shcrwin`s
1he 1heatre of magic. Thcsc, togcthcr with articIcs Irom thc
growing Chaos corpus in thc LOT, drcw morc pcopIc into
cxpcrimcnting with thc ncw approach. Thanks to thc cIIorts
oI RaIph Tcgtmcicr, thc Chaos approach was aIso rccciving
attcntion in contincntaI Europc.
Thc basic mcssagc oI Chaos magic is that, what is IundamcntaI
to magic is thc actuaI doing oI it - that Iikc scx, no amount oI
thcorising and intcIIcctuaIisation can substitutc Ior thc actuaI
cxpcricncc. Pctc CarroII`s Libcr NuII, thcrcIorc, prcscntcd thc
barc boncs oI thc magicaI tcchniqucs which can bc cmpIoycd
to bring about changc in onc`s circumstanccs. Libcr NuII
conccntratcd on tcchniqucs, saying that thc actuaI mcthods oI
magic arc basicaIIy sharcd by thc diIIcrcnt systcms, dcspitc
thc diIIcring symboIs, bcIicIs and dogmas. What symboI
systcms you wish to cmpIoy is a mattcr oI choicc, and that thc
wcbs oI bcIicI which surround thcm arc mcans to an cnd, rathcr
than cnds in thcmscIvcs (morc oI which Iatcr).
Phil Hine
An important inIIucncc on thc dcvcIopmcnt oI Chaos magic
was thc writing oI Robcrt Anton WiIson & co, particuIarIy thc
Discordian Socicty who rcvcrcd Eris, thc Grcck goddcss oI
Chaos. Thc Discordians pointcd out that humour, cIowning
about and gcncraI Iight-hcartcdncss was conspiciousIy abscnt
Irom magic, which had a tcndcncy to bccomc vcry scrious
and scII-important`. Thcrc was (and to a ccrtain cxtcnt rcmains)
a tcndcncy Ior occuItists to think oI thcmscIvcs as an initiatcd
cIitc` as opposcd to thc rcst oI humanity.
UnIikc thc varicty oI magicaI systcms which arc aII bascd in
somc mythicaI or historicaIIy-dcrivcd past (such as AtIantis,
Lcmuria, AIbion, ctc), Chaos magic borrowcd IrccIy Irom
Scicncc Iiction, Quantum Physics, and anything cIsc its
practitioncrs chosc to. Rathcr than trying to rccovcr and
maintain a tradition that Iinks back to thc past (and Iormcr
gIorics), Chaos magic is an approach that cnabIcs thc individuaI
to usc anything that s/hc thinks is suitabIc as a tcmporary bcIicI
or symboI systcm. What mattcrs is thc rcsuIts you gct, not thc
authcnticity` oI thc systcm uscd. So Chaos magic thcn, is not
a systcm - it utiIiscs systcms and cncouragcs adhcrcnts to dcvisc
thcir own, giving magic a truIy Postmodcrnist IIavour.
NccdIcss to say, Chaos magic bcgan to acquirc a sinistcr`
rcputation. This was duc to thrcc Iactors; IirstIy that its
'pick`n`mix/D.I.Y¨ approach to magic was Irowncd upon by
thc traditionaIist` schooIs, sccondIy that many pcopIc
associatcd chaos with anarchy` and othcr ncgativc
associations, and thirdIy that somc Chaos magic pubIications
wcrc hypcd as bcing bIasphcmous, sinistcr, and dangcrous`
in a way that thcy wcrc not, which provcd aII thc samc to bc an
attractivc gIamour Ior thosc who rcquircd such a boost to thc
Oven-Ready Chaos
Thc mid-Eightics gavc risc to a sccond wavc` oI thc Chaos
Currcnt. 1985 saw thc pubIication oI Thc CardinaI Ritcs oI
Chaos, by thc pscudononymous PauIa Pagani`, which outIincd
a scrics oI scasonaI rituaIs as pcrIormcd by thc Yorkshirc-bascd
CircIc oI Chaos`. AIas, by this timc, thc carIy co-opcration
bctwccn cxponcnts oI Chaos had givcn risc to IcgaI wrangIcs,
Iitcrary sidcswipcs, and cvcn magicaI battIcs. Ior somc at Icast,
Chaos magic Ioadsa moncy whiIc othcrs discovcrcd that thcy
had a position` to hoId onto as dcIcndcrs oI thc titIc oI
spokcspcrson Ior a movcmcnt. Truc to its naturc, Chaos
spIintcrcd and bcgan to rc-cvoIvc in diIIcrcnt ways. Thrcc
diIIcrcnt magazincs cmcrgcd to continuc thc Chaos dcbatc -
Chaos IntcrnationaI, Nox, and JocI Birroco`s Chaos.
Chaos International was Iormcd on thc basis oI nctworking,
spcciIicaIIy thc idca that thc cditorship wouId changc hands
with cach issuc. A good idca in principIc, it gavc risc to practicaI
probIcms such as addrcss changcs, obtaining back copics, and
mcant that cach issuc had to bc virtuaIIy scII-supporting. Chaos
IntcrnationaI survivcd Iivc diIIcrcnt cditoriaI changcs, aItcr
which it passcd into thc hands oI Ian Rcad, who has had thc
job oI producing it cvcr sincc. Chaos IntcrnationaI has now
maturcd into onc oI thc bcst aII-round magazincs oI innovativc
magicaI idcas.
Nox magazinc cmcrgcd out oI thc wiIds oI South Yorkshirc to
scrvc up a mixcd brcw oI Chaos magic, LcIt-Hand path matcriaI
and ThcIcmic cxpcrimcntation, which maturcd into onc oI thc
bcst magazincs pubIishing cxpcrimcntaI magic Irom a widc
varicty oI sourccs. Sincc its inccption, it has grown Irom bcing
an A5 Ianzinc` to papcrback book status.
Phil Hine
JocI Birroco`s Chaos introduccd a Situationist pcrspcctivc into
thc Chaos dcbatc, prcdictcd thc gIamour Ior Chaos-isms as
cxpcrimcntation turncd incvitabIy into Iashion acccssory, and
thcn procccdcd to idcntiIy various magicaI Icadcrs` and tcar
thcm apart with thc cagcrncss oI a whoIc pack oI Grcck cynics.
Thc dcbatc ovcr thc progrcssion oI thc Chaos Currcnt ragcd
throughout thcsc zincs and thc aIorcmcntioncd Lamp oI Thoth.
Argumcnts bcgun in onc zinc spiIIcd ovcr into anothcr and
sidcs wcrc drawn up as somc voiccs aIIicd with othcrs, though
aIIying with Birroco`s iconocIastic stancc on Chaos turncd out
to bc a tacticaI crror, as hc invariabIy massagcd thc cgos oI his
aIIics` onIy to drag thcm down at a Iatcr datc.
In `86 thc S.A. Prcss rcIcascd JuIian WiIdc`s Grimoirc oI Chaos
magic, thc Iirst book on Chaos magic outsidc thc Shcrwin/
CarroII circIcs. Dcspitc hcavy criticism Irom othcr Chaos
Iactions, Mr. WiIdc ncvcr camc Iorth to cxpIain his idcas, nor
has much bccn hcard Irom him sincc. Grimoirc dcpartcd
radicaIIy Irom thc othcr approachcs to Chaos, particuIarIy with
his asscrtion that Chaos magic was in itscII, a systcm`.
Grimoirc was IoIIowcd by a tapc Thc Chaosphcrc, and Iatcr,
anothcr book Thc Apogcton, by AIawn TickhiII which was
markctcd as a Chaos ManuaI` aIthough thc book itscII madc
IittIc rcIcrcncc to Chaos magic. Nonc oI thcsc rcIcascs wcrc
rcccivcd vcry IavourabIy by thc othcr Chaos Iactions and this
third wavc` oI Chaos dcvcIopmcnt Iurthcr rang to thc sound
oI voiccs raiscd in acrimony, sIanging matchcs in print, and
bchind-thc-sccncs bickcring.
By Iatc `87 onc oI thc wcirdcr Chaos groups, thc LincoIn Ordcr
OI Ncuromanccrs (L.O.O.N) had announccd thc dcath` oI
Chaos magic, asscrting in thcir IrccIy-circuIatcd chainbook`
Oven-Ready Chaos
Apikorsus, that:
'Chaos magic is already dead, and the only debate is betveen
the vultures over vho gets the biggest bones.¨
This asscrtion was aIso madc by Stcphcn Scnnitt, thc cditor oI
Nox magazinc. In rctrospcct, it sccms Icss that Chaos magic
dicd`, and morc that thc Iurious dcbatc which bIcw up around
it Ior many ycars had bccomc boring - it had hit thc point whcrc
constructivc criticism had dcgcncratcd into a mcrc sIanging
match. Pcrhaps somc Chaos Magicians shook thcmscIvcs and
wondcrcd, aItcr aII, what aII thc Iuss had bccn about. By this
timc, Pctc CarroII had bcgun to rcIormat thc IOT into Thc
Pact`, sctting up tcmpIcs in thc UK, USA, and Europc. Thc
IOT is sccn as thc Ordcr Ior scrious` Chaos Magicians in thc
samc way that thc OTO cxists Ior scrious` ThcIcmitcs. At thc
timc oI writing, thc IOT Pact has tcmpIcs activc in thc UK,
Europc and Amcrica and, dcspitc thc apparcnt hicrarchicaI
structurc outIincd in Pctc CarroII`s Iatcst book 'Libcr Khaos/
Thc Psychonomnicon¨, thcrc appcars to bc much scopc Ior
ncw growths and cxpcrimcntation within its Ioosc structurc.
Having rcvicwcd thc dcvcIopmcnt oI Chaos magic, wc can
now turn to Iooking at its principIcs in grcatcr dcpth.
Phil Hine
Principles of Chaos Magick
WhiIst magicaI systcms usuaIIy basc thcmscIvcs around a
modcI or map oI thc spirituaI/physicaI univcrsc, such as thc
Trcc oI LiIc (which can somctimcs dcscribcd as a cosmic
IiIoIax), Chaos Magick is bascd on a vcry Icw Corc PrincipIcs`
which gcncraIIy undcrIic its approach to magick (thcy arc not
univcrsaI axioms howcvcr, so IccI Ircc to swap cm around).
1. 1he avoidance of Dogmatism. Chaos Magicians strivc to
avoid IaIIing into dogmatism (unIcss cxprcssing dogmatism
is part oI a tcmporary bcIicI systcm thcy havc cntcrcd).
Discordians usc Catmas` such as 'Us Discordians must stick
apart!¨ Thus Chaos Magicians IccI cntitIcd to changc thcir
minds, contradict thcmscIvcs and comc up with argumcnts that
arc aItcrnativcIy pIausibIc and impIausibIc. It has bccn pointcd
out that wc invcst a Iot oI timc and cncrgy in bcing right. What`s
wrong with bcing wrong occasionaIIy?
2. Personal Experience is paramount. In othcr words, don`t
takc my word that such-and-such is thc casc, chcck it out Ior
yourscII. Magick has suIIcrcd cxtcnsivcIy Irom armchair
thcorists` who havc pcrpctuatcd myths and out-oI-datc
inIormation purcIy duc to Iazincss oI onc kind or anothcr.
Somctimcs it`s intcrcsting to ask awkward qucstions just to
scc what thc scIIappointcd cxpcrts comc out with. Somc wiII
cmit a strcam oI vcrbaI diahorrca rathcr than admit to not
knowing thc answcr, whcrcas a truc adcpt wiII probabIy say 'I
Oven-Ready Chaos
havcn`t a I*****g cIuc.¨ Quitc carIy on, Chaos magicians camc
to thc startIing discovcry that oncc you strip away thc Iaycrs oI
dogma, pcrsonaI bcIicIs, attitudcs and anccdotcs around any
particuIar tcchniquc oI practicaI magick, it can bc quitc simpIy
3. 1echnical Excellence. Onc oI thc carIy misconccptions about
Chaos Magick was that it gavc practitioncrs cartc bIanchc to
do whatcvcr thcy Iikcd, and so bccomc sIoppy (or worsc, soggy)
in thcir attitudcs to scII-asscssmcnt, anaIysis, ctc. Not so. Thc
Chaos approach has aIways advocatcd rigorous scII-asscssmcnt
and anaIysis, cmphasiscd practicc at what tcchniqucs you`rc
cxpcrimcnting with untiI you gct thc rcsuIts that you dcsirc.
Lcarning to do` magick rcquircs that you dcvcIop a sct oI
skiIIs and abiIitics and iI you`rc going to gct invoIvcd in aII
this wcird stuII, why not do it to thc bcst oI your abiIity?
4. Deconditioning. Thc Chaos paradigm proposcs that onc oI
thc primary tasks oI thc aspiring magician is to thoroughIy
dccondition hirscII Irom thc mcsh oI bcIicIs, attitudcs and
Iictions about scII, socicty, and thc worId. Our cgo is a Iiction
oI stabIc scII-hood which maintains itscII by pcrpctuating thc
distinctions oI what I am/what I am not, what I Iikc/what I
don`t Iikc`, bcIicIs about oncs poIitics, rcIigion, gcndcr
prcIcrcncc, dcgrcc oI Ircc wiII, racc, subcuIturc ctc aII hcIp
maintain a stabIc scnsc oI scII, whiIst thc IittIc ways in which
wc puII against this vcry stabiIity aIIows us to IccI as though
wc arc uniquc individuaIs. Using dcconditioning cxcrciscs,
wc can start to widcn thc cracks in our conscnsuaI rcaIity which
hopcIuIIy, cnabIcs us to bccomc Icss attachcd to our bcIicIs
and cgoIictions, and thus abIc to discard or modiIy thcm whcn
Phil Hine
5. Diverse Approaches. As mcntioncd carIicr, traditionaI`
approachcs to magick invoIvc choosing onc particuIar systcm
and sticking to it. Thc Chaos pcrspcctivc, iI nothing cIsc,
cncouragcs an ccIcctic approach to dcvcIopmcnt, and Chaos
Magicians arc Ircc to choosc Irom any avaiIabIc magicaI
systcm, thcmcs Irom Iitcraturc, tcIcvision, rcIigions, cuIts,
parapsychoIogy, ctc. This approach mcans that iI you approach
two chaos magicians and ask cm what thcy`rc doing at any
onc momcnt, you`rc rarcIy IikcIy to Iind much oI a conscnsus
oI approach. This makcs Chaos diIIicuIt to pin down as onc
thing or anothcr, which again tcnds to worry thosc who nccd
approachcs to magick to bc ncatIy IabcIIcd and cIcar.
6. Gnosis. Onc oI thc kcys to magicaI abiIity is thc abiIity to
cntcr AItcrcd Statcs oI Consciousncss at wiII. Wc tcnd to draw
a distinct Iinc bctwccn ordinary consciousncss` and aItcrcd
statcs`, whcrc in Iact wc movc bctwccn diIIcrcnt statcs oI
consciousncss - such as daydrcams, autopiIot` (whcrc wc carry
out actions without cognition) and varying dcgrccs oI attcntion,
aII thc timc. Howcvcr, as Iar as magick is conccrncd, thc wiIIcd
cntry into intcnsc aItcrcd statcs can bc dividcd into two poIcs
oI PhysioIogicaI Gnosis` - Inhibitory statcs, and Excitatory
statcs. Thc Iormcr incIudcs physicaIIy passivc` tcchniqucs
such as mcditation, yoga, scrying, contcmpIation and scnsory
dcprivation whiIc thc Iattcr incIudcs chanting, drumming,
dancc, cmotionaI and scxuaI arousaI.
Oven-Ready Chaos
¡nfinite Diversity,
¡nfinite Combination
As I said carIicr, onc oI thc charactcristics oI thc Chaos Magick
approach is thc divcrsity oI systcms oI magick that practitioncrs
can choosc to hop bctwccn, rathcr than just sticking to onc
particuIar onc. Thcrc arc, naturaIIy, many diIIcrcnt approachcs
to using systcms within thc Chaos corpus, and I`II cxaminc
somc oI thcm hcrc.
In othcr words, crcatc your own systcm, Iikc Austin Osman
Sparc did. Crcating your own, opcrationaIIy vaIid magicaI
systcms is good practicc, and whcthcr or not you can gct
somconc cIsc to work that systcm is up to you cntircIy. On thc
othcr hand, ncw systcms oI magick arc occasionaIIy
commcrciaIIy vaIid. Onc book on a systcm somc good idcas,
thcn oI coursc you writc a scqucI dcvcIoping thc originaI stuII,
and thcn you might as wcII go Ior thc accompanying tarot dcck,
vidcos, casscttcs, Icgo cxpansion kits, ctc. Coming up with
your own, (mostIy) originaI stuII is bcttcr (at Icast Irom thc
Chaos vicwpoint) than doing othcr pcopIc`s rituaIs and
continuaIIy IoIIowing othcr pcopIc`s idcas. Doing somcthing
innovativc (cspcciaIIy iI you don`t know anyonc cIsc who`s
tricd it) is vcry good Ior buiIding your conIidcncc. I rcmcmbcr,
ycars ago, doing a rituaI and thinking 'Hcy, I drcw aII thc
pcntagrams wrongIy Ior that onc, and Iikc, nothing noticcd¨ -
Phil Hine
at Icast nothing nasty appcarcd out oI thc woodwork ( - yct!).
Thcrc is a grcat tcndcncy nowadays Ior pcopIc to try and crcatc
mctasystcms - that is, systcms into which can bc sIottcd
anything and cvcrything, and wiII cxpIain, givcn timc,
cvcrything worth cxpIaining. So wc scc attcmpts to mcId runcs
with tarot, put virtuaIIy anything on to thc Trcc oI LiIc, and
much thcorising/woIIIc (dcIctc as appropriatc). Thcrc`s nothing
wrong with this - again, its oItcn a uscIuI cxcrcisc. It can aIso
bc Iun, cspcciaIIy iI you comc up with a pIausibIc cxpIanation
Ior somcthing which is bascd on madc-up` or dodgy Iacts`,
and Ioads oI pcopIc go 'Hcy wow, that`s rcaIIy amazing¨ (a
Icw ycars ago an occuIt author rcIcascd a vcrsion oI LovccraIt`s
Nccronomicon that soundcd good, but which in Iact was
spurious. So hc got Ioads oI Icttcrs Irom pcopIc who had donc
thc rituaIs and wantcd to chat about thcir rcsuIts). This is aIso
important whcn Iooking at BcicI` as a magicaI tooI, and I`II
gct on to that Iatcr.
PcrsonaIIy, I Iikc to usc Iots oI diIIcrcnt systcms, and usc thcm
as sccms appropriatc. I tcnd to IIip bctwccn D.I.Y, QabaIah,
Tantra, CthuIhu Mythos, Shamanism, and anything cIsc that I
IccI to bc appropriatc at any particuIar timc. It is worth going
into a systcm in somc dcpth, so that you bccomc morc or Icss
compctant (and conIidcnt) with it, but magicians tcnd to Iind
that oncc you`vc bccomc compctant in onc systcm, thcn it`s
casicr to gct to grips with anothcr onc. II you`rc IairIy
cxpcrcicnccd with Enochian Ior cxampIc, thcn you shouIdn`t
havc too much diIIiucIty with thc Runcs.
Oven-Ready Chaos
Chaos Science
Somc Chaos Magicians tcnd to usc a Iot oI scicntiIic anaIogics/
mctaphors in thcir work. This is okay - aItcr aII scicncc scIIs
washing powdcrs and cars - iI somcthing can bc shown to havc
a scicntiIic` basis, thcn a Iot morc pcopIc wiII go Ior it,
cspcciaIIy computcr buIIs, physics studcnts, ctc. It aII hcIps
with crcating thc bcIicI buIIcr`. It nccdn`t actuaIIy bc hard`
scicncc, psucdoscicncc works just as wcII, as thc numbcr oI
Ncw Agc` books asscrting that crystaIs storc cncrgy just Iikc
a computcr chip docs` shows. I`m not trying to bc picky (okay,
just a bit), and cquaIIy, sincc its thc bcIicI Iactor which is thc
important thing, thcn you couId usc astroIogy, aIchcmy,
Thcosophy or whatcvcr cIsc strikcs your Iancy, so Iong as you
(or somconc cIsc) Iind it cohcrcnt & uscIuI. Just bccausc you`rc
bcing scicntiIic` docsn`t mcan that you havc to bc scrious at
thc samc timc.
Chaos Silliness
It was thc Discordians that pointcd out that amidst thc Iong
Iist oI duaIisms that occuItists wcrc Iond oI using, thc oppositcs
oI humour/scriousncss had bccn IcIt asidc. Humour is
important in magick. As Janct CIiII oncc said, wc`rc too
important to takc ourscIvcs scriousIy. Somc mcmbcrs oI thc
IOT Pact, Ior cxampIc, usc Laughtcr as a Iorm oI banishing,
and oI coursc thcrc is nothing Iikc Iaughtcr to dcIIatc thc
pompous, scII-important occuIt windbags that onc runs into
Irom timc to timc. IMPORTANT: rituaIs can bc siIIy and no
Icss cIIcctivc than oncs whcn you kccp a straight Iacc. Magick
is Iun - othcrwisc, why do it?
Magical Models
Thc way that magick is gcncraIIy conccptuaIiscd changcs as
gcncraI paradigm shiIts in thinking occurr. UntiI IairIy rcccntIy
Phil Hine
(in a broad historicaI scnsc), practitioncrs oI magick subscribcd
to thc Spirit` ModcI oI Magick, which basicaIIy statcs that
thc OthcrworIds arc rcaI, and arc inhabitcd by various
panthcons oI oI discrctc cntitics - cIcmcntaIs, dcmons, angcIs,
goddcsscs, gods, ctc. Thc task oI thc magician or shaman is to
dcvcIop (or inhcrit) a routc map oI thc OthcrworId - to know
thc short-cuts, and makc a Icw Iricnds (or contact rcIativcs)
ovcr thcrc. Having donc this, thcy havc to intcract with thcsc
spirits in a givcn way, to gct thcm to cxccutc your wiII. So
cIcrgymcn pray, shamans stuII sacrcd mushrooms into thcir
oriIiccs in ordcr to mcct thcir anccstors, whiIst dcmonoIogists
thrcatcn cntitics into submission by thundcring out bits oI thc
OId Tcstamcnt.
By thc Eightccnth Ccntury, and thc risc oI Scicncc, thc idca oI
AnimaI Magnctism` arosc in thc Wcst, bcing thc Iirst
maniIcstation oI thc Encrgy` ModcI oI magick. This modcI
pIaccs cmphasis on thc prcscncc oI subtIc cncrgics` which
can bc manipuIatcd via a numbcr oI tcchniqucs. AIong camc
BuIwcr Lytton and his idca oI VriI` cncrgy, EIiphas Lcvi and
thc AstraI Light, Mcdiums & cctopIasm, Wcstcrniscd popuIar`
accounts oI Prana, Chakras, and KundaIini, and cvcntuaIIy,
WiIhcIm Rcich`s Orgonc cncrgy.
Thc ncxt dcvcIopmcnt camc with thc popuIarisation oI
PsychoIogy, mainIy duc to thc PsychoanaIytic Iads oI Ircud,
Jung & co. During this phasc, thc OthcrworIds bccamc thc
InncrworIds, dcmons wcrc rchouscd into thc Unconscious
Mind, and Hiddcn Mastcrs rcvcaIcd as maniIcstations oI thc
Highcr ScII`. Ior somc Iatcr cxponcnts oI this modcI, Tarot
cards wcrc switchcd Irom bcing a magicaI-divinatory systcm
to bcing tooIs` Ior pcrsonaI transIormation, just as thc gods/
goddcsscs camc to bc sccn as not rcaI` cntitics, but
Oven-Ready Chaos
psychoIogicaI symboIs or archctypcs.
Thc currcnt up-and-coming paradigm is thc Cybcrnctic`
modcI, as wc swing into bcing an inIormation-bascd cuIturc.
This modcI says that thc Univcrsc, dcspitc appcarcnccs, is
stochastic in naturc. Magick is a sct oI tcchniqucs Ior rousing
a ncuroIogicaI storm in thc brain which brings about
microscopic IIuctuations in thc Univcrsc, which Icad cvcntuaIIy
to macroscopic changcs - in accordancc with thc magician`s
intcnt. Scc Chaos Scicncc, thc ButtcrIIy EIIcct, and aII that.
Anothcr maniIcstation oI thc Cybcrnctic ModcI coming to thc
Iorc is thc ncw agc asscrtion that crystaIs work just Iikc`
computcr chips. Thcrc arc signs that thc Cybcrnctic ModcI
dovctaiIs back into thc spirit modcI, and in Chaos Scrvitors:
A Uscr Guidc`, you wiII Iind a rcasonabIy cohcrcnt argumcnt
to support thc idca that IocaIiscd inIormationIicIds can, ovcr
timc, bccomc scII-organising to thc cxtcnt that wc cxpcricncc
thcm as autonomous cntitics - spirits.
Each particuIar modcI has its own attractivc gIamour, with
cxponcnts or opponcnts on cithcr sidc. Many occuIt tcxtbooks
contain cIcmcnts oI thc Spirit, Encrgy, and PsychoIogicaI
modcIs quitc happiIy. It is aIso worth noting that shouId you
cvcr Iind yourscII in thc position oI having to cxpIain` aII this
wcird stuII to an non-aIIiciando or skcptic, thcn thc
PsychoIogicaI modcI is probabIy your bcst bct. Thcsc days,
pcopIc who ascribc to thc Spirit modcI, iI thcy arc not oI a
Pagan or OccuIt pcrsuasion thcmscIvcs, tcnd to think that thcy
havc an cxcIusivc copyright ovcr thc usc oI Spirits! II thc pcrson
is a computcr buII or IractaI phrcak, thcn by aII mcans go Ior
thc cybcrpunk` paradigm. Scicntists onIy tcnd to acccpt
somcthing iI a scicntiIic rationaIc` can bc whccIcd up to sIot
it into. A good cxampIc is Acupuncturc, which up untiI rcccntIy
Phil Hine
was cxpIaincd using thc Encrgy ModcI, and poo-poohcd by
thc scicntiIic cstabIishmcnt untiI somconc camc up with
Endorphin stimuIation. Now most hospitaI physiothcrapy
dcpartmcnts havc a sct oI nccdIcs.
WhiIst somc magicians tcnd to stick to onc Iavouritc modcI, it
is uscIuI to shiIt bctwccn thcm as thc situation bcIits, as somc
modcIs havc a strongcr cxpIaining` powcr Ior accounting Ior
somc aspccts oI magick than othcrs. Thc Spirit modcI, bcing
by Iar thc oIdcst, can account Ior just about any aspcct oI
magick. Thc PsychoIogicaI modcI, whiIst bcing uscIuI Ior
Iooking at magicaI as a proccss Ior pcrsonaI dcvcIopmcnt, has
diIIicuIty with aspccts such as tribaI shamans cursing
Wcstcrncrs who (a) don`t bcIicvc in magick (b) didn`t scc thc
shaman squinting at thcm yct (c) stiII brcak out in hivcs or
boiIs anyway. II you narrow yourscII down to onIy using onc
magicaI modcI, thcn sooncr or Iatcr thc Univcrsc wiII prcscnt
you with somcthing that won`t Iit your paramctcrs. Whcn you
arc spcnding morc timc dcIcnding your modcIs, rathcr than
modiIying thcm, thcn you know it`s timc Ior anothcr spot oI
dcconditioning ... rcport to Room 101.
Oven-Ready Chaos
All Hail Discordial
Thc Discordian Socicty is, in its own words '...a tribc oI
phiIosophcrs, thcoIogians, magicians, scicntists, artists, cIowns,
and simiIar maniacs who arc intrigucd with ERIS GODDESS
OI CONIUSION and with Hcr doings.¨ Thc cxistcncc oI thc
Discordian Socicty was Iirst popuIariscd in Robcrt Anton
WiIson & Robcrt Shca`s bIockbusting IIIuinatus!` triIogy, and
aIso in MaIacIypsc Thc Youngcr`s book Principia Discordia`
which scts out thc basic principIcs oI thc Discordian RcIigion
- a rcIigion bascd around thc Grcck Goddcss, Eris.
TraditionaIIy, Eris was a daughtcr oI Nox (night) and thc wiIc
oI Chronus. Shc bcgat a whoIc bunch oI Gods - Sorrow,
IorgctIuIncss, Hungcr, Discasc, Combat, Murdcr, Lics - nicc
kids! Thc ancicnt Grccks attributcd any kind oI upsct or discord
to hcr. With thc IaII oI thc ancicnt cmpircs, Eris disappcarcd,
though it is suspcctcd that shc had a hand in maniIcsting` thc
Iirst burcaucracics, tripIicatc Iorms, and insurancc companics.
Shc didn`t put in a pcrsonaI appcarcncc again on spaccship
Gaia again untiI thc Iatc 50`s, whcn shc appcarcd to two young
CaIiIornians, who Iatcr bccamc known as Omar Ravcnhurst
and MaIacIypsc Thc Youngcr. Eris appointcd thcm thc
'Kccpcrs oI thc Sacrcd Chao¨ and gavc thcm thc mcssagc to:
'TcII constrictcd mankind that thcrc arc no ruIcs, unIcss thcy
choosc to invcnt ruIcs.¨ AItcr which Omar and MaI appointcd
cach othcr High Pricst oI his own madncss, and dccIarcd
Phil Hine
thcmscIvcs cach to bc a Socicty oI Discordia, whatcvcr that
may bc.
Greater Poop: Is Eris true?
Malaclypse: Everything is true.
GP: Even false things?
Mal: Even false things are true.
GP: Hov can that be?
Mal: I don´t knov man, I didn´t do it.
Eris has sincc cIimbcd hcr way Irom historicaI Iootnotc to
mythic mcga-star, and thc Discordian Movcmcnt, iI such a
thing can bc said to cxist, is growing on both sidcs oI thc
AtIantic, hcIpcd by thc Discordian tactic oI dccIaring that
cvcryonc is a gcnuinc Popc. Morc pcopIc arc gctting into thc
idca oI a rcIigion bascd on thc ccIcbration oI conIusion and
Thc ccntraI Grcck myth that Eris Iigurcs promincntIy in is thc
cvcr-continuing soap opcra oI Mount OIympus - Homc oI
thc Gods`; thc cpisodc which inadvcrtcntIy brought about thc
Trojan War. It sccms that Zcus was throwing a party and did
not want to invitc Eris bccausc oI hcr rcputation as a troubIc-
makcr. InIuriatcd by thc snub, Eris Iashioncd a goIdcn appIc
incribcd with thc word KaIIisti, ('to thc prctticst onc¨) and
tosscd it into thc haII whcrc aII thc gucsts wcrc. Thrcc oI thc
invitcd Goddcsscs, Athcna, Hcra, and Aphroditc, cach cIaimcd
thc appIc Ior thcmscIvcs and startcd Iighting and throwing Iood
around. To scttIc thc disputc, Zcus ordcrcd aII thrcc to submit
to thc judgcmcnt oI a mortaI ovcr just who was thc prctticst
onc`, and said mortaI was Paris, son oI thc King oI Troy. Zcus
scnt aII thrcc to Paris, via Hcrmcs, but cach Goddcss tricd to
Oven-Ready Chaos
outwit thc othcrs by sncaking out carIy and oIIcring a bribc to
Athcna oIIcrcd Paris victory in battIc, Hcra, grcat wcaIth, whiIc
Aphroditc mcrcIy Iooscncd thc cIasps by which hcr tunic was
Iastcncd and unknottcd hcr girdIc`, aIso oIIcring Paris thc most
bcautiIuI oI mortaI womcn. So, Aphroditc got thc appIc, and
Paris got oII with HcIcn, who unIortunatcIy happcncd to bc
marricd to McncIaus, King oI Sparta. Thanks to thc mcddIing
oI Athcna and Hcra, thc Trojan war IoIIowcd and thc rcst, as
thcy say, is history.
Nowadays, in our morc chaos-positivc agc, Eris has mcIIowcd
somcwhat, and modcrn Discordians associatc hcr with aII
intrusions oI wcirdncss` in thcir Iivcs, Irom synchronous to
mischcvious occurcnccs, crcativc IIashcs oI inspiration, and
wiId partics. Shc docs gct a IittIc bitchy at timcs, but who
Phil Hine
Discordian Opening Ritual
by Prince Prance
1. CIap x5
2. Thc Erisian Cross:
'Light in my Head
Fire in my genitals
Strength at my Right side
Laughter at my Left side
Love in my Heart.¨
3. Tracc SpiraI Pcntagrams* at thc 4 quartcrs & zcnith.
4. Iacc East:
'Blessed Apostle Hung Mung
, great Sage of Cathay, Balance
the Hodge and Podge and grant us equilibrium.¨
5. Iacc South:
'Blessed Apostle Ian Ian Mofo
, Doctor of Hoodoo and Iexes,
Give us the Ioodoo Pover and confuse our enemies.¨
6. Iacc Wcst:
'Blessed Apostle Sri Syadasti
, patron of psychedelia, 1each
us the relative truth and blov our minds.¨
Oven-Ready Chaos
7. Iacc North:
'Blessed Apostle Zarathud
, hard-nosed hermit, Grant us the
Erisian doubt, and the constancy of Chaos.¨
8. Look up (or down):
'Blessed Apostle Malaclypse
, Elder Saint of Discordia, Grant
us illumination and protect us from stupidity.¨
9. Look aII ovcr thc pIacc:
'Great Goddess Discordia, Holy Mother Eris, Joy of the
lniverse, Laughter of Space, Grant us Life, Light, Love and
Liberty and make the bloody magick vork'¨
10. 'Hail Eris' All Hail Discordia.'
* Ior morc on thc SpiraI Pcntagrams, scc thc ncxt scction.
1.Hung Mung is thc Discordian Iink to thc Chincsc Mystcrics
and it is nonc othcr than hc who dcviscd thc Sacrcd Chao. Hc
is patron oI thc Scason oI Chaos.
2.Dr. Van Van Mojo is a IcIIow oI thc IntcrgaIactic Haitian
GucriIIas Ior WorId Pcacc and is Patron oI thc Scason oI
3.Sri Syadasti is thc ApostIc oI PsychcdcIia and thc Patron oI
thc Scason oI ConIusion.
4.Zarathud, a Hcrmit oI McdicvaI Europc, has bccn dubbcd
'OIIcndcr oI thc Iaith.¨ Hc is Patron oI thc scason oI
5.MaIacIypsc thc EIdcr is aIIcgcd to havc bccn an ancicnt
wiscman who carricd as sign bcaring thc Icgcnd 'DUMB¨
through thc aIIcys oI Romc, Baghdad, Mccca, JcrusaIcm, and
somc othcr pIaccs. Hc is Patron oI thc scason oI AItcrmath.
Phil Hine
8piral Pentagrams
This bit cxpIains` thc SpiraI Pcntagrams rcIcrrcd to in thc
Discordian Opcning Ritc.
Thc traditionaI Pcntagram is a vcry soIid, gcomctricaI Iigurc -
I Iind its association with banishing to bc vcry appropriatc.
'So what¨, I thought onc day 'wouId happcn iI I startcd using
a Iivcpointcd star madc up oI curvcs?¨ You can scc thc rcsuIt
oI a Icw minutcs with a compass (it took agcs on thc computcr!)
bcIow. UnIikc thc traditionaI pcntagram, which has a pcntagon
shapc in its ccntrc, this onc rcpcats thc pctaI Iormation. So
whcn I draw it (and thcy`rc a buggcr to draw in thc air at Iirst),
I visuaIisc thc outcr pctaIs spinning cIockwisc, and thc inncr
pctaIs spinning anti-cIockwisc (no particuIar rcason why), and
thc whoIc Iigurc bccoming a 3-D tunncI, twisting into inIinitc
spacc. Prctty, ch?
Thc Iirst timc wc tricd thcm out was, appropriatcIy cnough, in
a rituaI invocation oI Eris, and thcy sccmcd to work vcry wcII.
Thcy don`t kccp things out, thcy tcnd to draw cncrgics in. You
can aIso usc thcm in astraI projcction (or in Chaospcak, VirtuaI
Magick`) to gatc through, and I`vc had thcm turning up
spontacnousIy in drcams as astraI doorways. To scaI thcm, I
rcvcrsc thc spinning oI thc pctaIs, and havc thcm bccomc IIat`
again, somctimcs doing a normaI pcntagram ovcr thcm just
Ior good mcasurc. Thcy sccm to work wcII whcn uscd in a
Oven-Ready Chaos
Ircc-Iorm styIc oI working, but not whcn uscd with trad`
systcms, such as thc Lcsscr Kcy oI SoIomon (thc cntitics in
thcrc arc strictIy conscrvativc in how thcy Iikc bcing cvokcd, I
Iind). II you try out thc SpiraI Pcntagrams by thc way, I`d Iovc
somc Iccdback/corrcspondcncc on thc subjcct.
With aII magicaI tcchniqucs & rituaIs, it is important to
distinguish bctwccn Proccss and Contcnt. Onc oI thc Iirst
mcssagcs oI thc Chaos Currcnt is that whiIst Contcnt is to
somc cxtcnt arbitary, thc undcrIying proccsscs upon which
rituaIs arc bascd is thc important bit. Thc Discordian Opcning
RituaI Ior cxampIc, is a variant upon thc thcmc oI Ccntcring
(or Banishing) RituaIs, whcrcin thc aim is to pIacc yourscII at
thc ccntcr` oI your psychocosm, thc axis mundi or nuII-point
Irom which aII acts oI magic procccd. Ccntcring rituaIs aIso
act to warm you up Ior thc main cvcnt, as it wcrc, thc cntry
into a spacc whcrc, Ior thc momcnt, Nothing is Truc, and
Evcrything is Pcrmittcd. IoIIowing thc main objcct oI a
working, pcrIorming thc Ccntcring Ritc again prcparcs you
Ior moving back to thc sphcrc oI common Conscnsus RcaIity.
Ritcs such as thc standard Banishing RituaI oI thc Pcntagram,
or thc IOT`s Gnostic Banishing combinc gcsturc, spccch,
brcathing and visuaIisation with diIIcrcnt contcnt, but IoIIowing
thc samc proccss - idcntiIication oI thc 4 cardinaI dircctions
pIus thc IiIth point which rcprcscnts union with spirit, chaos,
or Kia. Such rituaI acts producc changcs in thc atmosphcrc`
oI thc arca thcy arc workcd in and with practicc, thcsc IccIings
automaticaIIy comc on-Iinc whcncvcr thc ritc is uscd, so that
thc shiIt bctwccn cvcryday rcaIity and its conccrns (who`s doing
thc washing-up aItcr thc rituaI ctc) and MagicaI RcaIity (thc
purposc oI thc rituaI Ior cxampIc) is cIcarIy pcrccivcd.
Phil Hine
Spiral Pentagram
Oven-Ready Chaos
8igil Magick
SigiIisation is onc oI thc simpIcst and most cIIcctivc Iorms oI
rcsuIts magick uscd by contcmporary magicians. Oncc you
havc graspcd thc basic principIcs oI sigiIisation and
cxpcrimcntcd with somc oI thc most popuIar mcthods oI
casting sigiIs, you can go on to cxpcrimcnting with Iorms oI
sigiI magick which arc uniquc to you.
Thc corc SigiIisation proccss can bc dividcd into six stagcs,
which I wiII cxpIain using thc acronym S.P.L.I.I.I.
S - SpcciIy Intcnt
P - Pathways avaiIabIc?
L - Link intcnt to symboIic carricr
I - Intcnsc Gnosis/IndiIIcrcnt Vacuity
I - Iirc
I - Iorgct
1.Specify Intent
Thc Iirst stagc oI thc proccss is that you shouId gct your magicaI
intcnt cIcar - as prccisc as possibIc without, at thc samc timc,
bcing too ovcrcompIicatcd. Vaguc intcntions usuaIIy givc risc
to vaguc rcsuIts, and thc cIcarcr thc initiaI statcmcnt oI intcnt
is, thc morc IikcIy you arc to gct accordant rcsuIts. An
aquaintancc oI minc oncc did a sigiI to maniIcst a Iovcr, and
gavc vcry prccisc dctaiIs on how this paragon shouId Iook,
what kind oI car hc shouId drivc, ctc. NccdIcss to say, hcr
Phil Hine
dcsirc` maniIcstcd cxactIy as shc had spcciIicd, and shc
discovcrcd too Iatc that shc had Iorgottcn to spcciIy
intcIIigcncc` in hcr sigiI, and was Iumbcrcd with a borc!
2.Pathways Available
GcncraIIy, sigiIs arc cxccIIcnt Ior bringing about prccisc, short-
tcrm rcsuIts, which makcs thcm cxccIIcnt Ior works oI RcsuIts
Magick - hcaIing, habit manipuIation, inspiration,
drcamcontroI, and thc Iikc. It is gcncraIIy considcrcd uscIuI iI
you opcn` a path Ior thc intcnt to maniIcst aIong. Thcrc is a
standard magicaI cxampIc about working Ior moncy` that gocs
aIong thc Iincs oI: Iratcr Batcr docs a spcII Ior moncy and
waits Ior thc muItivcrsc to providc him with thc rcadics. In thc
IoIIowing months hc gains IinanciaIIy aItcr thc suddcn dcaths
oI rcIativcs, rccciving industriaI compcnsation aItcr IaIIing into
a combinc harvcstcr, and so on. Had hc madc surc that thcrc
was a possibIc pathway or routc Ior thc rcsuIt to comc in on,
Iikc writing a book (ha ha), writing oII Ior a ncw job, or cntcring
a Iottcry, hc might havc had a bcttcr timc oI it. This is thc way
magick oItcn works, and shows that thc muItivcrsc, iI nothing
cIsc, has a sIappy scnsc oI humour.
3.Link Intent
Oncc you havc dccidcd upon your intcnt, it can thcn bc turncd
into a symboIic anaIoguc or codc - a signaI on which you can
Iocus varying dcgrccs oI attcntion on, without rccaIIing your
initiaI dcsirc. Thc most common approachcs to this arc:
(a) Monogram - writc out your intcnt, knock out aII rcpcating
Icttcrs, and Irom thc rcst, dcsign a gIyph.
(b) Mantra - writc out intcnt, scrambIc into mcaningIcss phrasc
or word, which can thcn bc chantcd.
In addition to thc abovc, you can aIso usc othcr mcdia such as
smcII, tastc, coIours, body Ianguagc, and hand gcsturcs.
Oven-Ready Chaos
4.Intcnsc Gnosis/IndiIIcrcnt Vacuity
SigiIs can bc projcctcd into thc mutIivcrsc via an act oI Gnosis
- usuaIIy, but not ncccssariIy, within somc kind oI rituaI/magicaI
contcxt. PopuIar routcs to Gnosis incIudc: spinning, chanting,
dancing, visuaIisation, scnsory ovcrIoad or scnsory dcprivation,
and scxuaI arousaI. Thc othcr aItcrcd statc` is that oI IndiIIcrcnt
Vacuity - a sort oI not-particuIarIybothcrcd` statc. An cxampIc
oI sigiIisation by this routc is to doodIc sigiIs whiIst Iistcning
to a taIk which is boring, but you havc to takc notcs on.
This is simpIy thc projcction oI thc sigiI into thc void or
muItivcrsc at thc pcak` oI Gnosis/Vacuity. ExampIcs oI this
incIudc orgasm, rcaching thc point oI bIackout Irom
hypcrvcntiIation or bcing askcd a qucstion about thc boring
taIk that you wcrc supposcd to havc bccn Iistcning to.
Oncc your sigiI has bccn Iircd, you`rc supposcd to Iorgct thc
originaI intcnt and Ict thc ButtcrIIy EIIcct or whatcvcr takc its
coursc. Iorgctting what you just did can oItcn bc thc hardcst
part oI thc proccss. It`s not so bad iI thc intcnt is somcthing
you don`t rcaIIy carc about (hcncc bcginning with sigiIs Ior
things you arcn`t rcaIIy too Iusscd about is a good way to bcgin
cxpcrimcnts), but is morc diIIicuIt iI it`s somcthing you rcaIIy
want to happcn. As Iong as you don`t dwcII on thc thoughts
whcn thcy pop up, it shouIdn`t mattcr too much. Timc Ior
anothcr anaIogy.
Thc cvcr-changing tangIc oI dcsircs, wishcs, Icars, Iantasics
ctc jostIing around in our minds can bc Iikcncd to a gardcn,
aIbcit a somcwhat unruIy and ovcrgrown onc; IIowcrs, wccds,
Phil Hine
crccpcrs, and thc occassionaI buricd gardcning rakc. Going
through thc sigiIisation proccss can bc Iikcncd to bccoming
suddcnIy cnthusiastic about tidying thc gardcn up. You isoIatc
onc pIant (i.c. your intcnt), scpcratc it Irom thc othcrs, Iccd it,
watcr it and prunc it tiI it stands out Irom thc rcst and is cIcarIy
visibIc on thc Iandscapc, and thcn suddcnIy gct borcd with thc
whoIc job and go indoors to watch tcIcvision. Thc trick is,
ncxt timc you Iook at thc gardcn`, not to noticc thc pIant you
so rcccntIy Iavishcd attcntion on.
II thc intcnt gcts tangIcd up with aII thc othcr stuII in your
hcad, you tcnd to start projccting various Iantasy outcomcs -
what you`II do with thc moncy whcn it comcs, how wiII it bc
with thc boy/girI/antcatcr oI your drcams, ctc and thc dcsirc
wiII gct run into aII thc othcrs, thus dccrcasing thc probabiIity
oI it maniIcsting in thc way you want it to.
A uscIuI attitudc to havc whcn casting sigiIs is that oncc you`vc
postcd onc oII to thc muItivcrsc (which, Iikc Santa, aIways
gcts thc mcssagc), thcn you`rc surc that it`s going to work, so
that you don`t nccd to cxpcnd any morc cIIort on that particuIar
onc. Such conIidcncc tcnds to arisc out oI having had somc
succcss with sigiIs prcviousIy. Thc rcsuIt oItcn comcs about
whcn thc intcnt has bccomc Iatcnt - that is to say, you`vc
compIctcIcy Iorgottcn about it and givcn up on it coming about.
Thc cxpcricncc is simiIar to trying to hitch a IiIt on dcscrtcd
road in thc dcad oI night. You`vc bccn thcrc Ior hours, it`s
pouring down with rain and you know` with an air oI drcad
ccrtainty that no onc`s going to stop Ior you now, but you stick
your thumb out anyway. What thc hcII, ch? Iivc minutcs Iatcr,
you gct a IiIt Irom thc boy/girI/antcatcr oI two sigiIs back,
driving a porschc and asking you how Iar you want to go.
Maddcning isn`t it? But sigiIisation oItcn sccms to work Iikc
Oven-Ready Chaos
Belief - A Key to Magick
Onc aspcct oI Chaos Magick that sccms to upsct somc pcopIc
is thc Chaos Magician`s (or Chaoist, iI you Iikc) occasionaI
Iondncss Ior working with imagcs cuIIcd Irom non-historicaI
sourccs, such as invoking H.P LovccraIt`s CthuIhu Mythos
bcings, mapping thc Rocky Horror Show onto thc Trcc oI LiIc,
sIamming through thc astraI void in an X-Wing Iightcr, and
channcIing` communications Irom gods that didn`t cxist Iivc
minutcs ago.
So you might scc why using this sort oI thing as a basis Ior
scrious magicaI work raiscs onc or two cycbrows in somc
quartcrs. Isn`t aItcr aII, thc LovccraIt stuII Iiction? What about
Iinking in with inncr pIancs contacts`, traditions`, ctc - surcIy
you can`t do magick with somcthing that docsn`t bcar any
rcIation to history or mythoIogy?
In thc past, such criticisms havc bccn raiscd ovcr thc subjcct
oI magicians working with IictionaI` cntitics. In this scction,
I hopc to arguc thc casc against thcsc objcctions.
Thc Iirst point to makc is that magick rcquircs a bcIicI systcm
within which to work. Thc bcIicI systcm is thc symboIic &
Iinguistic construct through which thc magician Icarns to
intcrprct hcr cxpcricnccs and can rangc Irom anything bctwccn
good oId traditionaI QabaIah to aII this Ncw Agc 'I-hcard-it-
Phil Hine
oII-a-RcdIndian-Shaman-honcst¨ stuII that sccms so popuIar
nowadays. It docsn`t mattcr which bcIicI systcm you usc, so
Iong as it turns you on. Rcad that again, it`s important.
EvcntuaIIy most magicians sccm to dcvcIop thcir own magicaI
systcms which work Iinc Ior thcm but arc a bit mind boggIing
Ior othcrs to usc, with Austin Osman Sparc`s AIphabct oI
Dcsirc bcing a good cxampIc.
A kcy to magicaI succcss is vcracity oI bcIicI. II you want to
try somcthing out, and can comc up with a pIausibIc
cxpIanation as to how/why it shouId work, thcn it most IikcIy
wiII. Pscudoscicncc or QabbaIistic gibbcr (or both) - it mattcrs
not so Iong as thc rationaIc you dcvisc buIIcrs thc strcngth oI
your bcIicI in thc idca working. I Iind that this happcns a Iot
whcn I try and push thc Iimits oI how I try to do somc magicaI
action that I havcn`t tricd bcIorc. Oncc I comc up with a
pIausibIc cxpIanation oI how it couId work in thcory, thcn oI
coursc, I am much morc conIidcnt about doing, and can oItcn
transmit this conIidcncc to othcrs. II I`m 110º ccrtain that
this rituaIs going to bIoody wcII work` thcn its aII thc morc
IikcIy that it wiII.
You can cxpcrimcnt with this using thc tcchniquc oI bcIicI-
shiIting (Robcrt Anton WiIson caIIs it Mctaprogramming), a
good cxampIc bcing thc chakras. Thc popuIar vicw oI chakras
is that wc havc scvcn. Okay, so mcditatc on your chakras,
hammcr thc symboIism into your hcad and hcy prcsto! you`II
start having 7Chakra cxpcricnccs. Now switch to using thc 5
Scphiroth oI thc MiddIc PiIIar (QabaIah) as thc psychic ccntrcs
in your body, and surc cnough, you`II gct accordant rcsuIts.
Gct thc idca?
Any bcIicI systcm can bc uscd as a basis Ior magick, so Iong
as you can invcst bcIicI into it. Looking back at my carIicr
Oven-Ready Chaos
Phil Hine
magicaI cxpcricmcnts, I gucss that what uscd to bc important
Ior mc was thc strong bcIicI that thc systcm I was using was
ancicnt, bascd on traditionaI IormuIac, ctc. A bcIicI systcm
can bc sccn as a matrix oI inIormation into which wc can pour
cmotionaI cncrgy - wc do as much, whcn wc bccomc so
cngrosscd in watching a pIay, IiIm, or TV programmc that Ior
a momcnt, it bccomcs rcaI Ior us, and invokcs appropriatc
cmotions. Much oI what wc scc scrvcd up on thc siIvcr scrccn
is powcrIuI mythic imagcs & situations, rcpackagcd Ior modcrn
tastcs, which is a cuc to start going on about Star Trck`.
Morc pcopIc arc IamiIiar with thc univcrsc oI Star Trck than
any oI thc mystcry rcIigions. It`s a IairIy saIc bct that morc
pcopIc arc going to know who Mr. Spock is, than who know
who Lugh is. Thc Star Trck univcrsc has a high Iantasy contcnt,
and sccmingIy Icw points oI contact with our cvcryday` worIds
oI cxpcricncc. Yct Star Trck is a modcrn, mythic rcIIcction oI
our psychoIogy. Thc charactcrs cmbody spcciIic quaIitics -
Spock is IogicaI, SuIu is a oItcn portraycd as a martiaI Iigurc,
Scotty is a mastcr buiIdcr`, and Kirk is an arbitrator, Iorcvcr
sccking rcsoIution oI conIIict through pcaccIuI mcans. As wc
'gct into¨ thc Star Trck univcrsc, wc Iind grcatcr dcpth and
subtIcty. Wc Iind that thc univcrsc has its own ruIcs which thc
charactcrs arc subjcct to, and is intcrnaIIy consistcnt. Each
cpisodc, wc may Iind that wc arc bcing givcn insights into thc
PcrsonaI worId oI a kcy charactcr. Likc our cvcryday worIds,
thc univcrsc oI Star Trck has a boundary bcyond which is thc
unknown - thc Iuturc, uncxpIorcd spacc, thc conscqucnccs oI
our actions - whatcvcr wiId cards that wc may bc dcaIt. So wc
watch TV, and cntcr, as an obscrvcr, thc unIoIding oI a Mythic
cvcnt. Wc can incrcasc this scnsc oI participation through a
roIc-pIaying gamc, whcrc group bcIicI aIIows us to gcncratc,
Ior a Icw hours at Icast, thc scmbIancc oI thc Star Trck univcrsc,
Oven-Ready Chaos
in thc comIort oI your sitting room. It`s rcIativcIy casy to
gcncratc thc Star Trck worId, duc to thc pIcthora oI books,
comics, vidcos and roIcpIaying suppIcmcnts which arc
avaiIabIc to support that univcrsc.
Thc IinaI prooI oI aII that bcing that onc oI my coIIcagucs had
to sit a computcr cxam, and was wracking his brains trying to
think oI an appropriatc god-Iorm to invokc upon himscII to
conccntratc his mind on programming. Mcrcury? Hcrmcs? And
thcn hc hit on it - thc most powcrIuI mythic Iigurc that hc
kncw couId dcaI with computcrs was Mr. Spock! So hc
procccdcd to invokc Mr. Spock, by Icarning aII hc couId about
Spock and going round saying 'I ncvcr wiII undcrstand
humans¨ untiI hc was thoroughIy Spock-iIicd. And hc got an
A`, so thcrc!
And so, back to thc CthuIhu Mythos. LovccraIt himscII was
oI thc opinion that Icar, particuIarIy Icar oI thc unknown, was
thc strongcst cmotion attachcd to thc Grcat OId Oncs. Thc
rcason why I Iikc to work with that Mythos occasionaIIy is
that thc Grcat OId Oncs arc outsidc` most human mythoIogics,
rcIIccting thc shadows oI thc Giants in Norsc Myths, thc prc-
OIympian Titans in Grcck Myths, and othcr groups oI univcrsc-
buiIdcrs who arc thought to bc too chaotic Ior thc poIitc
company oI thc gods oI thc ordcrcd univcrsc. Ior mc too, thc
naturc oI thc Grcat OId Oncs as shadowy bcings who can onIy
bc partiaIIy gIimpscd is attractivc - thcy can`t bc assimiIatcd
and bound into any orthodox systcms oI magick and I gct much
Iun Irom working out suitabIc approachcs Ior working with
thcm. Thc Grcat OId Oncs havc a vcry primaI` naturc, which
Ior mc providcs thc cmotionaI buIIcr Ior magicaI cxpIoration.
Having said aII that, and no doubt IcIt you thinking 'uurgh,
wcird pcrson, hc Iikcs mcssing round with tcntacIcd sIimics¨,
Phil Hine
I might aIso mcntion that I`vc had somc intcrcsting rcsuIts
Irom working with a Mythic systcm bascd on (bIush) C.S.
Lcwis`s Narnia` books.
Thc intcrcsting thing about mctaprogramming is that you can
adopt a bcIicI Ior a rcIativcIy short timc, and thcn drop it again.
Whcn practising rituaI magick its gcncraIIy a good idca to,
whatcvcr you think about gods bcing archctypcs or rcIIcctions
oI bits oI yourscII or whatcvcr, bchavc as iI thcy wcrc rcaI. So
in a CthuIhu Mythos rituaI, nothing wiII hcIp buiId thc
nccccsary tcnsion than thc adoptcd bcIicI that iI you gct it wrong
CthuIhu wiII sIimc you! OI coursc, outsidc thc rituaI you don`t
havc to bcIicvc in CthuIhu and that cvcn now a sIimy paw
appcars at my window...no! No! ...ahcm, sorry about that.
RcIatcd to this approach is thc idca that Suspcnsion oI
DisbcIicI` can aIso bc uscIuI. To do this, takc a book which
cxpounds an idca that you Iind totaIIy crap (cvcry magician
has thcir Iavouritc crap` author) and try to scc thc writcrs
mcssagc without your inncr voicc hurIing abusc at thc pagc.
Onc oI thc most diIIicuIt suspcnsions` Ior IIcdgIing magicians
is ovcrcoming thc nagging doubt that 'aII this stuII docsn`t
work¨. Dcspitc hours oI taIk and rcading vast tomcs by CrowIcy
and his cohorts, that nagging disbcIicI can stiII bc hcard, and
can onIy bc rcaIIy dispcIIcd by cxpcricncc - onc act that shows
you that MAGICK WORKS is worth a thousand argumcnts.
So my concIusion is that intcnsity oI bcIicI is thc kcy which
aIIows magicaI systcms to work, whcthcr thcy bc rcIatcd to
historicaI traditions (which arc, Ict`s Iacc it, vcry oItcn rcwrittcn
anyway), csotcric traditions (which havc cvoIvcd down thc
ccnturics as wcII) or bascd on Iiction or TV. It`s your abiIity to
bc cmotivcIy movcd or usc thcm as vchicIcs Ior thc cxprcssion
oI your wiII that counts. II it works Ior you - do it.
Oven-Ready Chaos
Basic Exercises
Thcsc cxcrciscs havc bccn compiIcd Irom a varicty oI sourccs,
and possibIy havc IittIc inhcrcnt vaIuc oI thcmscIvcs, though
thcy couId bc Iun to try and may havc Iar-rcaching consc-
qucnccs. Onc acquaintancc oI minc bcgan his Ioray into Chaos
Magick by taking on thc bcIicI-systcm oI bcing a Born-Again
Christian. Hc`s stiII a Born-Again Christian, but sccms to bc
1. Whcn obtaining any magicaI rcsuIt (incIuding IaiIurc`) aI-
ways think oI scvcraI cxpIanations Ior it. Thcsc cxpIanations
shouId contain at Icast onc cach oI thc IoIIowing typcs:
i. An cxpIanation bascd on thc paramctcrs oI thc magicaI sys-
tcm that you havc bccn cmpIoying.
ii.Strict matcriaIism
iii. Somcthing cxccptionaIIy siIIy.
2. Whcn you havc bccn cxpcrimcnting with bcIicI-shiIting Ior
a whiIc, try contcmpIating two which appcar to bc mutuaIIy
cxcIusivc such as Christianity and Tantra, IsIam and RadicaI
Icminism, Ncw Agc CcItic RcvivaIs and Marxism.
3. Mcditations in Mcnzics. Rcad spcciaIist magazincs that you
havc no intcrcst in, cspcciaIIy thosc writtcn by cnthusiastic
amatcurs. AIso rcad pubIications with oppposing vicws in
quick succcssion, such as PIayboy and Sparc Rib, or Andrca
Phil Hine
Dworkin and thc Marquis dc Sadc.
4. Do not put Iivc toads in your mouth.
5.Evcryonc cIsc in thc worId is a buddha cxccpt you! And
thcy arc aII waiting Ior you to gct your act togcthcr, so gct out
oI bcd and gct going! (Buddhahood is cspcciaIIy maniIcst in
aII thc pcopIc you carcIuIIy avoid on thc strcct).
6.Try bcing consistcntIy wrong - makc wiId statcmcnts and
thcn, whcn somconc pokcs a hoIc in your argumcnt, admit
your mistakc, proIuscIy, iI ncccssary. You can bc wrong about
thc timc, thc day oI thc wcck, any cxprcsscd poIiticaI statc-
mcnt, ctc.
7.Gods & Gurus
Posscssion by an cntity (God, spirit, drug ctc) aIIows you to
do things that you wouId not ordinariIy IccI abIc to. So, to
somc cxtcnt, docs thc conIidcncc oI having a Guru. Such Iig-
urcs providc thc conIidcncc that you can waIk a tightropc with-
out IaIIing oII, pIay in thc dccp cnd oI thc swimming baths
without drowning or run around wcaring orangc robcs and
banging a tambourinc in a busy shopping ccntrc. Sanity is out
thcrc` rathcr than in your hcad. Most pcopIc tcnd to say that
thcy arc mad comparcd to thc rcst oI thcm` (Iikcwisc, most
pcopIc wiII aIIirm that thcy arc stupid. Icw wiII admit to bc-
ing crap at scx though - why?). Chaos Magick aIIows you to
scnd your mad thoughts out Ior a night out occasionaIIy. Con-
trary to what comcs ovcr in books, magick is a strcct-IcvcI
activity (guttcr-IcvcI, cvcn). Look at thc zig-zag path oI thc
trickstcr as cxprcsscd by CrowIcy, CagIiostro, Simon Magus,
and thc rcst. Lcarn to juggIc, mimc, puII rabbits out oI hats.
Pass thc top hat and gct a Iaugh or two. In spacc, no onc can
Oven-Ready Chaos
hcar you giggIc, but chaos is nothing Icss than Laughing Mat-
tcr. II you want to scc truc magick in action, watch a Marx
Brothcrs movic. Harpo couId bIow up a gIovc and miIk it.
How thc hcII couId hc do that?
8. Chaotic Attractors OccasionaIIy you wiII bc surc to run into
somconc who sccms to attract chaos whcrcvcr thcy go. Obvi-
ousIy thcy havc somc strangc and mighty powcr, but arc oItcn
unawarc, or mcrcIy cmbarrascd by thc Ircqucncy oI wcirdncss
that aIways abounds in thcir vicinity. Study thcm carcIuIIy (iI
Irom a saIc distancc), and you might Icarn a thing or two.
9. Dcconditioning As I pointcd out carIicr, it is rcIativcIy casy
to shiIt bctwccn magicaI bcIicIs and producc concordant rc-
suIts. This is not to say, howcvcr, that aII bcIicI-shiIting is so
simpIc. Somc IcvcIs oI our attitudc/bcIicI structurc arc rcmark-
abIy rcsiIiant to conscious changc. Indccd, somc structurcs arc
abIc to rcsist` changc by rcmaining cIusivc and invisibIc` to
conscious awarcncss, and must bc draggcd, kicking, into thc
painIuI Iight oI scII-rcvcIation.
II I may usc thc anaIogy oI bcIicIs as buiIdings (thc city oI
ScIIs) , around thc waIIs oI which howIs thc wind oI Kia, thcn
thc continuaI proccss oI Dcconditioning may bc Iikcncd to
chipping away at thc towcrs, with thc occasionaI nukc` pro-
vidcd by rccoursc to a powcrIuI Iorm oI gnosis such as scxuaI
ccstasy, pain ovcrIoad, or AIbcrt HoIIman`s cIixir.
Dcconditioning is a continuaI proccss - cvcn as you discard
onc sct oI Iimitations (in Tantra, this is known as KIcsha-smash-
ing), you may Iind that you acquirc ncw oncs, usuaIIy uncon-
sciousIy. OItcn, bcIicI-structurcs arc ncstcd` within cach othcr,
and may havc thcir roots in a powcrIuI Iormativc cxpcricncc.
Timothy Lcary caIIs this proccss Imprint SusccptibiIity`, whcrc
Phil Hine
thc imprint Iorms a bascIinc rcsponsc to cxpcricncc, and cs-
tabIishcs thc paramctcrs within which any subcqucnt Icarning
takcs pIacc. Lcary`s 8-Circuit modcI oI Mctaprogramming can
bc cmpIoycd as an aid to dcconditioning.
Bc mindIuI that thc Dcconditioning Proccss is not mcrcIy an
intcIIcctuaI cxpcricncc. It is rcIativcIy casy to intcIIcctuaIIy
acccpt` somc cxpcricncc or bcIicI which you havc prcviousIy
rcjcctcd or dismisscd. It takcs morc rcsiIicncc to takc action
Irom your ncw position, and risk thc cmotionaI uphcavaI that
may rcsuIt aItcrwards. Ior cxampIc, a young maIc magician
oI my acquaintancc cxamincd his own bcIicIs about his scxu-
aIity, and dccidcd that hc wouId Iocus upon his own distatc/
Icar oI homocroticism. Hc Iound that hc couId acccpt intcI-
IcctuaIIy` his rcprcsscd attractions to othcr maIcs, and thus
thought himscII Iibcratcd. Hc thcn wcnt on to havc scvcraI
homoscxuaI cncountcrs which hc said, did not givc him any
physicaI pIcasurc, but mcrcIy Icd his bcIicI` that hc had scxu-
aIIy Iibcratcd himscII. Dcconditioning is rarcIy simpIc. OItcn
pcopIc who havc had an cxpcricncc oI IIIumination` rcport
that aII thcir oId rcprcssivc structurcs havc droppcd away. Tcar
down a buiIding in thc city oI idcntitics and it grows back,
somctimcs with a diIIcrcnt shapc. Onc oI thc cIIccts oI intcnsc
Gnosis is thc shattcring oI Iaycrs oI bcIicI structurc, but it is
gcncraIIy Iound that unIcss IoIIowup work is donc, thc scnsc
oI shattcrcd bcIicI-structurcs is transitory.
You shouId aIso considcr thc cIIccts this proccss is IikcIy to
havc on othcrs - scc Lukc Rhinchart`s 'Thc Dicc Man¨ Ior an
amusing and instructivc taIc oI onc man`s approach to
dcconditioning. Thc Ego, a scII-rcguIatory structurc which
maintains thc Iiction oI bcing a uniquc scII, docsn`t Iikc thc
proccss oI bccoming morc adaptivc to cxpcricncc. Onc oI thc
Oven-Ready Chaos
morc subtIc dcIcnccs` that it throws up is thc sncaking suspi-
cion (which can quickIy bccomc an obscssion) is that you arc
bcttcr` than cvcryonc cIsc. In somc circIcs, this is known as
Magusitis`, and it is not unknown Ior thosc aIIIictcd to dc-
cIarc thcmscIvcs to bc Maguscs, Witch Quccns, avatars oI
Goddcsscs, or SpirituaI Mastcrs. II you catch yourscII rcIIcring
to cvcryonc cIsc as thc hcrd`, or human cattIc`, ctc, thcn its
timc to takc anothcr Iook at whcrc you`rc going. MyscII, I
prcIcr thc bcncIits oI cmpathy and thc abiIity to gct on with
othcr pcopIc than thc Iimitations oI bcing a rccIusivc wouId-
bc RaskaInikov drcaming oI thc scrving sIavcs. WhiIc wc might
ccho thc words oI Hassan I Sabbah that 'Nothing is Truc,
Evcrything is Pcrmittcd¨, acting totaIIy Irom this prcmisc is
IikcIy to bring you into conIIict with thosc individuaIs and
authoritics who havc prctty Iixcd vicws on what isn`t pcrmit-
tcd. Thus, dcspitc thc gIamour, Chaos Magicians arc rarcIy
compIctcIy amoraI. Onc oI thc basic axioms oI magicaI phi-
Iosophy is that moraIity grows Irom within, oncc you havc
bcgun to know thc diIIcrcncc bctwccn what you havc Icarncd
to bcIicvc, and what you wiII to bcIicvc.
Somc cxccIIcnt pointcrs towards thc proccss oI Dcconditioning
can bc Iound in: Libcr NuII by Pctc CarroII, Magick by AIcistcr
CrowIcy, and Tantra Magick, thc coIIcctcd gradc papcrs oI thc
cast-wcst Tantrik ordcr, AMOOKOS.
10. Kccping A Diary Dcspitc thc gIamour oI Chaos Magic as
bcing spontacnous, do-what-you-Iikc, smash-thc-scphiroth and
Ioosc your dcmons 'git ard¨ magic, it`s gcncraIIy considcrcd
that kccping a diary oI cxpcricnccs & magicaI cxpcrimcnts is
csscntiaI. A magicaI rccord chartcrs your progrcss, IaiIurcs,
cxpcrimcnts and insights. II aItcr a brain-crunching rituaI, you
havc a IIash oI iIIumination, and don`t writc it down, chanccs
Phil Hine
arc you`II Iorgct it, and that particuIar pcarI oI wisdom wiII bc
Iost Iorcvcr. Morcvcr, it`s a good discipIinc to gct into, and I
oItcn Iind that, whcn writing up a summary oI a working, I
oItcn rccaII things that havcn`t prcviousIy occurrcd to mc. It`s
aIso onc oI thc Icw timcs whcn you don`t havc to ccnsor your
thoughts, though namcs may havc to bc changcd to protcct thc
privacy oI othcr participants.
Oven-Ready Chaos
This bookIct has bccn an attcmpt to put ovcr somc oI thc basic
idcas bchind Chaos Magick. What you shouId bcar in mind
whcn rcading it is that you`rc gctting my idcas on thc subjcct -
straincd through my cxpcricnccs and thc zig-zag traiI I`vc
bIazcd through thc wcird worId oI magick. Thcrc arc no dc-
Iinitivc` books on thc Chaos approach. No timc-Iadcn gIam-
our oI tradition` into which thc IIcdgIing magician may stcp
with saIcty, and absoIvc himscII oI rcsponsibiIity Ior bcing
crcativc and innovativc. Thc dcmand oI Chaos Magick is that
you wcavc your own path oI dcvcIopmcnt, rathcr than IoIIow-
ing somconc cIsc`s - and how you wcavc that path is IargcIy
IcIt up to you.
Whcrc is Chaos Magick going? Thcrc is no disccrnabIc, dis-
tinct path that is going somcwhcrc` - no goIdcn bIiss oI iIIu-
mination or statcd goaI ticd into thc approach. Thc cnd-point,
iI indccd thcrc is such, is Ior you to dccidc and discovcr. Crit-
ics oI thc Chaos approach (both outsidc and within thc cor-
pus) havc highIightcd a tcndcncy towards pIaying with
magick` - trying out diIIcrcnt magicaI systcms with thc samc
bIithcncss that wc might try diIIcrcnt IIavours oI icc crcam.
Somc practitioncrs try out diIIcrcnt rituaIs and tcchniqucs with-
out any dccpcr undcrstanding oI how thcsc cxpcricnccs Iit to-
gcthcr. Bccausc thcrc is no Iaiddown path`, onc might thcn
think that thcrc is no path, but again, this is Ior cach oI us to
Phil Hine
dccidc. Chaos Magick rcIIccts much oI modcrn wcstcrn cuI-
turc, with its cmphasis on a muItipIicity oI cvcr-changing styIcs,
oI diIIusc Iragmcnts bIcnding in with cach othcr, without a
disccrnabIc thrcad` to bind thcm togcthcr.
But it is down to cach oI us to Iind our individuaI scnsc oI
conncctivcncss. To throw up a scmbIancc oI ordcr Irom what
Austin Osman Sparc caIIcd, thc chaos oI thc normaI`. Thc
tcrm Gnosis` aIso mcans, knowIcdgc oI thc hcart` - that which
can onIy comc Irom pcrsonaI insight and cxpcricncc, and vcry
oItcn, is diIIicuIt to communicatc to anothcr, othcr than in an
obIiquc Iorm. Chaos Magic is mcrcIy an aII-cmbracing ap-
proach to Gnosis, which cncouragcs cach individuaI to bc-
comc rcsponsibIc Ior thcir own dcvcIopmcnt - what you do,
and how you intcrprct it in thc Iight oI your own cxpcricncc.
I`m occassionaIIy askcd by pcopIc what do you havc to do` to
bccomc a Chaos Magician. Thcrc rcaIIy isn`t an answcr to this.
You couId, Ior cxampIc, practicc QabaIah (and cxcIusivcIy
QabaIah) Ior tcn ycars, and thus considcr yourscII a Chaos
Magician - iI you wantcd to. Abovc aII, don`t conIusc opinion
with dogma, or gIamour Ior commitmcnt - but that`s onIy my
opinion anyway!
HaiI Eris!
Phil Hine, March 1992.
Oven-Ready Chaos
1he folloving essays are appended as sources of interest &
inspiration for readers vho are interested in reading more
about someone else´s approach to Chaos Magick, and most
definitely not to pad out an othervise slim volume. Most have
appeared in Nox maga:ine or somevhere else, so if you´ve
seen `em before, go and vatch a video or something.
Phil Hine
'If ßill stops and cries ßhy, invoking Because, then ßill stops
& does nought.¨
Libcr AL,II,30.
I Iay posscsscd by a dcmon. Obscssion. Twistcd by taIons;
scII-Iovc & hatrcd knotting my guts. HowIing Irustration into
thc night, thc brokcn drcam hcapcd around my bcd.
A shaIt oI Iight burns through thc brooding darkncss; my cIoak
oI night, my scII-scwn shroud. KnowIcdgc. Insight. WiId
Iaughtcr. A strangc way into gnosis. A scII-wounding,
strctching back into my pcrsonaI timc. I crawI into my ccntrc,
my circIc, and with my pcn ctch a triangIc. And Iorcc thc
monstcr into it, and unIooscn thc skcins oI Iorm; momcnts oI
wcakncss, wanting and waiting, dcsirc ignitcd by imagination.
ManuIacturing my own junk, my own addiction.
II this is wading through 'qIipothic muck¨ thcn so bc it. But
out oI this muck I wovc a convcrsation, a story with no chancc
oI a happy cnding. A story which cIoudcd my wiII, which
bIurrcd my cyc. I madc this monstcr; a goIcm born oI my own
Iongings & shortcomings, and now I wiII takc it apart, piccc
by piccc, draining thc pus Irom knottcd passions. Wc arc but
knots in a cord. Untic thcm and wc sIip casiIy across thc acons
into ncbuIous drcams.
Oven-Ready Chaos
Emotional Engineering
Wc arc bound by our own past, bound to rcpcat pattcrns;
programs writtcn Iong ago. IIowchartcd in an inIant`s crabbcd
hand; mcshcd Iikc kittcn-puIIcd wooI; a Ianguagc oI criticaI
momcnts in our pcrsonaI historics. Ycars Iatcr, a gap opcns in
thc worId, and crcaturcs oI Ircc wiII and Irccdom that wc think
wc arc, our suddcn vuncrabiIity surpriscs us. Caught oII guard
wc pausc, and in that siIcncc, ancicnt-innoccnt Iingcrs dccp
within us pIuck at strings, so that wc jcrk awkwardIy in thc
grip oI scII-spawncd monstcrs oI th mind - obscssions.
Defence Mechanisms
Thc morc vaIuc that wc pIacc on uphoIding a particuIar
cmotionaI pattcrn, thc morc IikcIy it is that aII ambiguous
signaIs wiII bc pcrccivcd as supporting it. Evidcncc which
countcrs it wiII most IikcIy bc ovcrIookcd or rationaIiscd into
a morc maIIcabIc Iorm. ConIIict ariscs whcn dissonancc occurrs
bctwccn dcsircs and cxisting mcntaI constructs (havc you cvcr
Icarcd thc strcngth oI your own dcsircs?). To copc with such
conIIicts, a varicty oI DcIcncc Mcchanism can bc adoptcd:
A typicaI rcsponsc to Irustratcd dcsirc and Ioss oI controI; Ioss
oI dcvouring drcams. Wc can dircct it at thc sourcc oI our
Irustration, or dircct it onto othcrs.
Loss oI controI - Ioss oI Iacc and scII-worth. Thc machinc
AduIt, who mc? A rcturn to a chiId-Iikc micn. Cry hard cnough
Phil Hine
and somconc wiII comc and comIort us. Pcrhaps wc havc Icarnt
that through tcars, wc can controI othcrs.
In othcr words, putting a bravc Iacc on it. Rc-dirccting thc
cncrgy into a morc acccptabIc Iorm. But dcmons arc cunning.
Kick thcm down thc Iront stairs and thcy wiII comc sncaking
round thc back, waiting with spidcr caIm untiI you Icavc thc
door oI your mind ajar.
DispIacing IccIings with words. A quick Iic Ior thc acsthctic
bccomcs a Iast buck Ior thc Iay anaIyst. Such stratcgics arc
normaI; that is untiI thcy bccomc obscssivc: a Iockcd-up Ioop
automatic as brcathing. Out oI controI.
Iantasy is thc corncrstonc oI obscssion, whcrc imagination is
trusscd up Iikc a battcry-Iarmcd chickcn; catharsis cvcntuaIIy
bccomcs catastrophic. WaItcr Mitty Iivcs in aII oI us, in
varyingIy-sizcd corncrs. Wc usc 'startcr¨ Iantasics to wcavc
mcaning into a ncw situation, 'maintaincr¨ Iantasics to prop
up a boring task, and 'stoppcr¨ Iantasics to pcrsuadc ourscIvcs
that it`s bcttcr not to ...
A Iantasy has trcmcndous powcr, and in a pcriod oI high anxicty
wc can imaginc a thousand outcomcs, good and bad (but mostIy
good) oI what thc drcadcd/hopcd Ior momcnt wiII bring us.
Thc Iantasy cxists in a continuaI tcnsion bctwccn thc dcsirc to
IuIIiII it, and thc dcsirc to maintain it - to kccp Irom Iosing it.
OI coursc, any movc to rcaI-isc it thrcatcns its cxistcncc. A
cIoscd Ioop is is thc rcsuIt, shorcd up by our Iavouritc dcIcncc
mcchanisms, whippcd on by Icar oI IaiIurc and Iust oI rcsuIt.
Oven-Ready Chaos
Thc obscssion cIouds aII rcason, impairs thc abiIity to act,
makcs anything sccondary to it sccm unimportant. It`s a doubIc-
bind tug o`war. Thc dcsirc to maintain thc Iantasy may bc
strongcr than thc dcsirc to makc it rcaI.
In cIassicaI occuIt tcrms I am dcscribing a thought-Iorm, a
monstcr brcd Irom thc darkcr rccccsscs oI mind, Icd by psychic
cncrgy, cIothcd in imagination and nurturcd by umbiIicaI cords
which twist through ycars oI growth. wc aII havc our pcrsonaI
TunncIs oI Sct; sct in our ways through habit and pattcrns piIing
on top oI cach othcr. Thc thought-Iorm ridcs us Iikc a monkcy;
it`s taiI wrappcd IirmIy about thc spinc oI a scII Iost to us ycars
ago; an carIicr vcrsion thrcshing bIindIy in a momcnt oI Icar,
pain, or dcsirc.
Thus wc arc Iormcd; and in a momcnt oI Ioss wc IccI thc
monstcr`s hot brcath against our backs, it`s cIaws digging into
muscIc and IIcsh. wc dancc to thc puII oI strings that wcrc
wovcn ycars ago, and in a Iightning IIash oI insight, or bcttcr
yct, thc gcntIc admonitions oI a Iricnd, wc may scc thc Iic; thc
program. it is Iirst ncccssary to scc that thcrc is a program. To
say pcrhaps, this crcaturc is minc, but not whoIIy mc. What
IoIIows thcn is that thc prcy bccomcs thc huntcr, puIIing apart
thc obscssion, naming its parts, scarching Ior Iragmcnts oI
undcrstanding in its cntraiIs. Shrinking it, dcvouring it, pccIing
thc Iaycrs oI onion-skin.
This is in itscII a magick as powcrIuI as any sorccry. Unbinding
thc knots that wc havc ticd and tangIcd; sorting out thc thrcads
oI cxpcricncc and coIour-coding thc chains oI chancc. It may
Icavc us Irccr, morc abIc to act cIIcctivcIy and Icss IikcIy to
rcpcat oId mistakcs. Thc thing has a chincsc puzzIc-Iikc naturc.
Wc can pcrccivc onIy thc prcscnt, and it rcquircs intcnsc siIting
through mcmory to scc thc scaIIoIding bcncath.
Phil Hine
Thc grip oI obscssion upon us has thrcc componcnts:
Cognitive - our thoughts & IccIings in rcIation to thc situation.
Thcsc must bc ruthIcssIy anaIyscd and cut down by vipasana,
banishing, or somc simiIar stratcgy.
Physiological - anxicty rcsponscs oI hcart ratc, muscIc tonc
and bIood prcssurc. Thc body must bc stiIIcd by rcIaxation
and pranayama.
Behavioural - what wc must do (or morc oItcn, don`t do). oItcn,
our obscssivc bchaviour is cntircIy inappropriatc and
potcntiaIIy damaging to othcrs. UsuaIIy it docs takc othcr
pcopIc to point this out. AnaIytic tcchniqucs such as I Ching
or Tarot may provc uscIuI hcrc.
Thc wrath oI thc monstcr IcIt mc gasping and brcathIcss, IccIing
trappcd. AII paths Iittcrcd with brokcn gIass. Dcspcration drovc
mc to a Iricnd. Thcrc is magick cnough in rcaching out to ask
anothcr Ior hcIp. An I Ching rcading suggcstcd action and
nonaction, ncgating thc momcntary trap oI scII-doubt.
Pranayama banishcd thc physicaI tcnsion (wcII, most oI it).
Thc monstcr shrank and skittcrcd on spindIy Icgs through ycars
oI Irozcn mcmorics, dissoIving IinaIIy into a hcap oI mirrorcd
CIucs; I`m stiII Iitting thcm togcthcr, but thc picturcs thcy hint
at arcn`t Irightcning any morc.
Oven-Ready Chaos
Thc BabbIoguc: A dcIibcratc dcrangcmcnt oI thc scnscs -
orchcstrating a pcrsonaI cacaphony; a dcsccnt into thc dcpths
oI thc subconscious, to conIront and bind thc 'Iurkcrs¨ within.
This cssay is a short account oI a pcrsonaI cxpIoration oI thc
'dcmons¨ oI my own psychc. rathcr than rcIying on cxisting
approachcs, Ior thc rcasons givcn bcIow, I prcIcrrcd to dcvcIop
a purcIy pcrsonaI approach. I givc this account not to Ioist this
particuIar approach onto othcrs, but in thc hopc that it wiII
assist thosc who aIso cxpcrimcnting with diIIcrcnt tcchniqucs.
Nor do I wish to criticisc or invaIidatc thc traditionaI systcms
oI goctic magic, mcrcIy to say that thcy arc not Ior mc.
This work bcgan IairIy innocuousIy, with thc compiIation oI a
'bIack book¨ - a disscction oI scII - in tcrms oI habits,
shortcomings, IauIts, hopcs, idcaIs, aII that I was, that I wishcd
to bc, or rcjcctcd. Likcs, disIikcs, attractions and rcvuIsions.
Thcn on to scII-portraits - writtcn in thc third pcrson - positivc,
ncutraI, ncgativc portrayaIs. A CV; an obituary. To this was
addcd a 'Book oI bIundcrs¨ - cvcry mistakc or cmbarrasing
mcmory that couId bc drcdgcd up, cuttings Irom schooI rcports,
photographs and Icttcrs that brought back painIuI mcmorics.
Choicc cxtracts Irom this cataIoguc wcrc rcad onto tapcs, thcn
thc tapcs scrambIcd togcthcr to Iorm cut-up scqucnccs. A
Phil Hine
dcIibcratc attcmpt at psychic surgcry this, smashing thc vcsscI
to rcmouId it.
Thcn to thc mundanc arrangcmcnts. SccIusion Irom othcrs, as
oI oId a ncccssity, that onc`s dcmons do not dcrangc thc unwary,
and morc practicaIIy, that onc is not chanccd upon, mistakcn
Ior a psychotic and incarccratcd in somc asyIum.
As Ior Iood, I dccidcd to rcIy on simpIc, nutritious Iarc,
sustaining and casy to prcparc, with a stack oI pot noodIcs as
chcmicaI aids. Drugs? Who nccds thcm? StiII, a scIcction oI
naturaI substanccs can aid things aIong.
Thc tcmpIc: bIack, windowIcss, unadorncd but not uncIuttcrcd!
Around its conIincs I hcapcd aII kinds oI junk. Shccts oI
hardboard, a buckct oI cIay, bottIcs, brokcn radio scts, rubbish
Irom a buiIding skip, paints, tooIs, a spray-gun, cvcrything I
couId possibIy nccd, pIus a Icw morc things bcsidcs.
Bringing Iorth thc DwcIIcr Within: Lcgion is it`s namc.
I was prcparing Ior a dcsccnt into thc Iabyrinth, to makc known
thc 'Iorgottcn Oncs¨, with onIy thc thinncst oI cords with
which to map thc mazc. Why risk insanity in such a way? This
is thc inncr journcy, thc whaIc`s bcIIy, thc Icast oI thc ravcning
oncs. Why go aIonc, without thc sccurity oI tricd and tcstcd
rituaIs and banishings? WcII I don`t trust thosc oId books, thosc
mad monks with thcir Nccronomicons and bIasphcmous sigiIs.
What pricc this Iorbiddcn knowIcdgc? About £4.50 in
papcrback actuaIIy. RidicuIous! So I sct Iorth to compiIc a Iiving
grimoirc. A product oI thc tcchnocratic acon, I usc its dcbris
to mouId my drcams. 'Thc HowIing¨ - thc hiss, roar, and static
scrcams oI radios tuncd to dcad channcIs.
Oven-Ready Chaos
To thc work thcn; somc Ioosc structurc bcing rcquircd (or so I
thought), I dcviscd a hicrarchy bascd on thc work oI
psychoIogist Abraham MasIow, that rangcd Irom 'survivaI¨
dcmons - hungcr, thirst ctc, 'Ego¨ dcmons - scII-cstccm, scII-
imagc ctc, and morc abstract conccptions such as thc hungcr
Ior knowIcdgc or wisdom. Thc dccpcr thc IcvcI oI hicrarchy,
thc morc primaI thc dcsircs.
Thc tcchniqucs: IIooding and vomiting (cating and cxcrcting)
- to IIood awarcncss with spcciIic imagcs, to bring Iorth (cvokc)
thc dcmon, giving it Iorm, 'IIcsh¨, and cvcntuaIIy a namc or a
sigiI. Thc scrambIcd pcrsonaIity tapcs wcrc to act as auditory
sigiIs - storms oI cmotions whippcd up by intcnsivc
rcmcmbcring (rcpIaying) scts oI mcmorics. Lctting thc hycnas
oI cynicism Ioosc on a chcrishcd idcIa or goaI.
Thc mcans oI Gnosis: scnsory ovcrIoad, hypcrvcntiIation, oId
Iavouritcs such as hungcr, thirst, cxhaustion. 120 hours without
sIccp produccs a Iinc paranoic 'cdgc¨ to consciousncss.
Cohcring thc imagcs: using Iingcrpainting, mouIding cIay
mixcd with body IIuids and cxcrcta, scuIpturc using brokcn
gIass; and thc morc usuaI mcthods - sigiIs, auto-writing, taking
a Iinc Ior a waIk.
Thcsc arc thc mcans by which thc Iorgottcn Oncs takc shapc.
Thcsc 'psychographs¨ accumuIatc in corncrs oI thc tcmpIc,
giving it thc cIuttcr oI an Austin Sparc print.
AIas, thcsc psychographs IaII Iar short oI thc imagcs and visions
that IIickcr around mc. 'Anothcr piIc oI shit Ior thc Icdgcr?¨ I
scrcam, and takc a hammcr to thcm, onIy o coIIapsc cxhaustcd
and rctching on thc tcmpIc IIoor. Thc rcd Iincs oI thc yantra-
circuit on thc IIoor sccm at that momcnt to bc particuIarIy
Phil Hine
mocking and indiIIcrcnt to my cIIorts. Thcrc is a kind oI
'wrcnching¨ IccIing in my hcad, thc snap oI vcrtcbrac bcing
twistcd, a hcIpIcss animaI having its ncck wrung, and I bcgin
to howI thc namcs which crupt Irom my throat:
And thc jackaIs rush in to Iccd, and I Iaughcd whcn I saw thcm
cos thcy aII worc my Iacc.
I camc back Irom that momcnt with a kind oI caIm dctachmcnt,
'cmpticd¨ momcntariIy oI any Iurthcr IccIing. I waIkcd around
thc tcmpIc, as iI sccing thc dcbris Ior thc Iirst timc. SiIting
carcIuIIy through thc mcss, cxamining cach haII-Iinishcd piccc
oI work, as though it wasn`t anything to do with mc. Somc
picccs i was abIc to givc namcs to: 'You arc UuI - thc Icar oI
IaiIurc, you arc HamaI - guiIt not yct crascd¨. Thcsc namcs,
and thcir sigiIs Iormcd thc basis Ior an aIphabct oI binding.
Thc sccond haII oI this opcration consistcd oI cxpcrimcntation
with thc rcsuIting aIphabct - binding thc dcmons into magicaI
wcapons Ior Iatcr usc. Whcn thc initiaI phasc was ovcr, I sIcpt
Ior about cightccn hours, and awokc cIcar oI thc Ircnctic
dcIirium which had bccn buiIt up. Ovcr thc ncxt six months or
so, I cxpcricnccd pcriodic bouts oI dcprcssion, paranoia or
scII-Ioathing. Whcn such IccIings did occurr, usc oI thc
apropriatc sigiIs and namcs banishcd thcsc dcmons back to
thcir bottIcs.
Oven-Ready Chaos
Technical Ecstacy
Most Iorms oI magicaI cxcrcisc to producc an AItcrcd Statc oI
Consciousncss (ASC) can bc catcgoriscd into onc oI two Iorms
oI physioIogicaI Gnosis; Inhibitory or Excitatory. Ovcr thc past
two dccadcs, many oI thcsc tcchniqucs havc bccn studicd in
Iaboratory conditions, and two important Iactors has bccn
isoIatcd, known, rcspcctivcIy, as thc Habituation, and thc
Dishabituation Rcsponscs.
Thc Habituation rcsponsc cxpIains thc ncuroIogicaI proccsscs
which occurr whcn an individuaI Iocuscs upon a singIc input,
to thc cxcIusion oI as many othcrs as possibIc. Thus any
tcchniquc which Iocuscs awarcncss towards onc-pointcdncss,
such as mantrayoga, brcath controI, chanting, spinning or
dancing, scrvcs to dircct awarcncss towards a choscn IocaI
point. This has a particuIar cIIcct on a rcgion oI thc Brain Stcm
known as thc RcticuIar Iormation. Thc RcticuIar Iormation
is a kind oI ccnsorship systcm - 'dcciding¨ which scnsory input
wiII bc passcd on to thc highcr ccntrcs. Ior cxampIc, it is thc
action oI thc RcticuIar Iormation that aIIows a sIccping pcrson
to not bc awakcncd by IamiIiar noiscs, but wiII aIIow a 'ncw¨
noisc to wakc thcm up.
As it is thc RcticuIar Iormation which moduIatcs thc pcrccptuaI
cxpcricncc oI thc ccrcbraI cortcx, thcn a singIc, unchanging
input scrvcs to 'dampcn¨ thc activity oI thc RcticuIar
Phil Hine
Iormation. This, in turn, inhibits thc activity oI thc ccrcbraI
cortcx, thus Iocusing consciousncss towards thc subjcct oI
conccntration. As a conscqucncc oI this corticaI dampcning, a
'high dcgrcc oI ncuraI cohcrcncc¨ as postuIatcd by KarI
Pribram docs sccm to occurr. Onc hypothcsis is that thc
quicsccncc produccd in thc brain by thc habituation rcsponsc
rcduccs thc amount oI brain 'noisc¨, that is, incohcrcnt ncuraI
signaIs. Pattcrns which arc ordinariIy, indistinct Irom cach
othcr, bccomc cIcar in consciousncss, so that wc arc morc awarc
oI thc worId around us, and can pcrcicvc subtIcr aspccts oI
cxpcricncc. Thus, thc morc ordcrcd and cohcsivc ncuroIogicaI
activity across thc cortcx bccomcs, thc morc wc arc awarc oI a
widcr totaIity oI cxpcricncc.
ConvcrscIy, thc morc thc ccrcbraI cortcx is ovcr-stimuIatcd,
thc morc noisc is gcncratcd in thc ncuraI pattcrns, so our
awarcncss oI our cnvironmcnt is rcduccd.
Howcvcr, somc magicaI cxcrciscs do not scck to Iocus
awarcncss towards a singIc point, but to cnhancc awarcncss
untiI thc individuaI is constantIy awarc oI thc totaI IicId oI
cxpcricncc - both inncr and outcr. ExampIcs oI this arc
Vipasana in Tantrika, Attcntion in Zcn, or GurdjicII`s tcchniquc
oI ScII-Rcmcmbcring. Rcscarch into thcsc cxcrciscs indicatc
that advanccd practitioncrs do not bccomc habituatcd to
background noiscs, and that thcy rctain IuII awarcncss oI
automatic actions. Such tcchniqucs arc gcncraIIy known as
Mctanoia - Icarning to Iook at thc worId in diIIcrcnt ways. It
sccms that thc changcs in ncuraI pattcrning produccd by thcsc
proccsscs scrvc to 'dishabituatc¨ thc RcticuIar Iormation`s
rcaction to stimuIi. Thus, aItcr a scssion oI mcditation, thc
worId appcars to bc brightcr or ncwcr, bccausc thc ratc oI ncuraI
puIscs which is thc basis oI conscious cxpcricncc has bccn
Oven-Ready Chaos
Iirst dampcncd, thcn rc-stimuIatcd, so that thcy arc 'Iiring¨ at
a Iastcr ratc than normaI.
Physicist David Bohm bcIicvcs that iI wc can at Icast bcgin to
concicvc oI a HoIistic, rathcr than Iragmcntcd univcrsc, thcn
our minds wouId bcgin to movc in a simiIar way, and Irom
this wouId IIow 'an ordcrcd action¨ towards thc whoIc. This
is ccrtainIy thc casc, in my cxpcricncc, oI Icarning by
cxpcricncc that wc Iivc in a MAGICAL univcrsc.
Of Madness and Mystic Tourneys
Thc work oI anti-psychiatrists such as David Coopcr and R.D.
Laing has popuIariscd thc vicw that thc compIcx syndromc
known as schizophrcnia is simiIar, in many ways to a mystic
journcy, with cIosc Iinks to thc inncr journcys undcrtakcn by
shamans and hcrocs in cuIturaI myths worIdwidc. Howcvcr,
onc point is vcry cIcar, that whiIc thc shaman or initiatc is thc
activc agcnt - thc IcarIcss onc - this is rarcIy truc oI thc
individuaI in thc throcs oI schizophrcnia.
Likc thc dcsccnding initiatc`, schizophrcnics oItcn rcport
IccIings oI a Ioss oI agcncy ovcr thcir cnvironmcnt, Ioss oI
cgo boundary, and a scnsc oI somchow bcing 'diIIcrcnt¨ or
sct apart in somc way. Many cannot, it sccms, sort out what is
mcaningIuI stimuIi in thcir cnvironmcnt, and rcport IccIings
oI bcing ovcrwhcImcd by what is happcning around thcm.
Thcrc is a widc rangc oI spccuIativc thcorics rcgarding thc
causcs` oI schizophrcnia, ranging Irom a purcIy gcnctic to a
purcIy cnvironmcntaIist pcrspcctivc.
Irom thc ncuroIogicaI pcrspcctivc, a Iorm oI thcrapy known
as Scnsory Intcgration has Icd to somc intcrcsting spccuIation
about thc naturc oI tranccdcntaI cxpcricncc. rcscarch in thc
Iast dccadc has indicatcd that somc oI thc probIcms that
Phil Hine
schizophrcnics cxpcricncc, rcIatc to thc proccss oI inIormation
scIcction: sorting out which input is important. This is duc to
thc abnormaI Iunctioning oI a rcgion oI thc brain stcm known
as thc VcstibuIar NucIci, which is again, rcIatcd to thc RcticuIar
Iormation. Thc VcstibuIar NucIci intcgratcs inIormation Irom
thc diIIcrcnt scnscs, and so iI thcrc is a probIcm at this IcvcI oI
sub-corticaI proccssing, it wiII maniIcst as 'conIusion¨ oI onc
sort or anothcr at thc conscious IcvcI oI awarcncss. Thc
ncuroIogicaI dcIccit couId bc duc to gcnctic anomaIics, Icading
to atypicaI brain dcvcIopmcnt, or duc to strcss rcactions.
Activity at thc subcorticaI IcvcI, that guidcs thc inIormation
that bccomcs thc contcnt oI conscious cxpcricncc, is thought
by somc ncuroscicntists to bc thc kcy to ASCs. Somc havc
postuIatcd that such cxpcricnccs may bc programmcd at thc
gcnctic IcvcI, but that individuaI cxpcricnccs dctcrminc
whcthcr or not thc program maniIcsts as an cvoIutionary
cxpcricncc (Icading to cnhanccd survivaI capacity) or a
'systcms crash¨.
'Illumination ... the inspiration, enlightenment and liberation
resulting from success vith these [Gnosis] methods.¨
Pctc CarroII, Libcr NuII
IIIumination is thc much-dcsircd goaI Ior which many
thousands oI pcopIc worIdwidc, havc cmpIoycd diIIcrcnt
pyschotcchnoIogics, and dcvcIopcd thcir own psychocosms.
IIIumination has aIso bccn Iinkcd with thc usc oI LSD & simiIar
drugs, and pcrhaps most mystcriousIy oI aII, it can occurr
sccmingIy spontacnousIy, to pcopIc who havc no knowIcdgc
or cxpcctation oI it.
Oven-Ready Chaos
What charactcriscs an cxpcricncc oI iIIumination? Nona
Coxhcad, a rcscarchcr into 'BIiss statcs¨ Iists somc oI thc
prcvaIcnt Iactors as:
1. unity - a Iading oI thc scII-othcr dividc
2. transccndcncc oI spacc & timc as barricrs to cxpcricncc
3. positivc scnsations
4. a scnsc oI thc numinous
5. a scnsc oI ccrtitudc - thc 'rcaIncss¨ oI thc cxpcricncc
6. paradoxicaI insights
7. transcicncc - thc cxpcricncc docs not Iast
8. rcsuItant changc in attitudc and bchaviour.
In ncuroIogicaI tcrms, such cxpcricnccs rcprcscnt a
rcorganising oI activity in thc brain as a whoIc systcm. Thc
Ioss oI cgo boundary and invoIvcmcnt oI aII scnscs suggcsts
that thc RcticuIar Iormation is bcing inIIucnccd so that thc
brain proccsscs which normaIIy convcy a scnsc oI bcing rootcd
in spacctimc arc momcntariIy inhibitcd. Thc 'IIoating¨
scnsation oItcn associatcd with astraI projcction and othcr such
phcnomcna suggcsts that thc Limbic systcm oI thc brain stcm
(which proccsscs proprioccptivc inIormation about thc body`s
Iocation in spacc) is aIso acting in an unusuaI modc.
What arc thc Iruits oI this cxpcricncc - thc insights, pcrccptions
and mcssagcs brought back down to carth by thc iIIuminatc?
EvoIution oI consciousncss, by such mcans, couId wcII bc an
important survivaI program - a way oI going bcyond thc
inIormation givcn - a way oI Icarning how to modiIy thc human
biosystcm via thc cnvironmcnt. IIya Prigogninc`s thcory oI
'dissipativc structurcs¨ shows how thc vcry instabiIity oI opcn
systcms aIIows thcm to bc scII-transIorming. Thc basis oI this
idca is that thc movcmcnt oI cncrgy through a systcm causcs
Phil Hine
IIuctuations within it. Thcsc IIuctuations, iI thcy rcach a criticaI
IcvcI (i.c. a catastrophc cusp point) dcvcIop novcI intcractions,
untiI a ncw whoIc is produccd. Thc systcm thcn rcorganiscs
itscII into a ncw 'highcr ordcr¨ which is morc intcgratcd than
thc prcvious systcm, and rcquircs a grcatcr amount oI cncrgy
to maintain itscII, and is Iurthcr disposcd to Iuturc
transIormation. This can cquaIIy appIy to ncuroIogicaI
cvoIution, using a psychtcchnoIogy (ancicnt or modcrn) as thc
tooI Ior changc. Thc corc stagcs oI thc proccss appcar to bc:
1. Changc
2. Crisis
3. Transccndcncc
4. TransIormation
5. prcdisposition to Iurthcr changc.
The Conditioned Reflex
As thc rcscarch oI thc ncw Chaos Scicnccs bcgins to cat away
at thc soIid Ioundations oI post-Ncwtonian rcaIity, so aII
discipIincs bascd on that worId-vicw must cvcntuaIIy bc
rcconsidcrcd. RcvoIutions in thc scicnccs arc bcginning to
occurr, as thc shiIt in cmphasis Irom a rcductionist to an
intcgrationist pcrpcctivc gathcrs momcntum. Thcrc is aIso a
growing awarcncss oI a rcvoIution in consciousncss occurring.
Thc Iragmcntation oI wcstcrn cuIturc shows how cIcarIy
'dividc and ruIc¨ opcratcs in aII aspccts oI our cxpcricncc.
Our cuIturc is proIoundIy cgoccntric - thc tcrrcstriaI bchaviour
oI tooI-wicIding apcs. Thc 'wc supcrior-you inIcrior¨
bchaviour Ioop has dominatcd our cuIturaI rcIations with both
ourscIvcs and othcr pIanctary spccics, and is aIso at thc root oI
notions such as Ircc wiII or spirituaIity.
Oven-Ready Chaos
At thc turn oI thc ccntury, thc shiIt Irom rcIigion to scicncc as
thc dominant cthos Ior dcIining rcaIity cxposcd thc Iact that
us apcs rcquircd an ontonoIogicaI dimcnsion oI action, to
rcmain sccurc in a worId incrcasingIy pcrcicvcd as hostiIc.
Thc spacc IcIt by thc dccIining powcr oI rcIigion was quickIy
IiIIcd thc thc cuIts oI thc psychc - psychoanaIysis, and various
mysticaI/magicaI cuIts. Thcsc providcd a comIortabIc rationaIc
Ior thc cvoIving MiddIc CIasscs. EnIightcnmcnt was capturcd
into bcing anothcr sourcc oI dcmonstrating status ovcr onc`s
ncighbours. This attitudc has bccomc incrcasingIy prcvaIcnt
ovcr rcccnt dccadcs. A magick which is acccptabIc to mass
cuIturc Ioscs its transIormativc powcr, bccoming a support to
thc status quo. By aII mcans cxpIorc your 'inncr worIds¨, but
don`t rock thc boat. EvoIution is sacriIiccd to sccurity. In a
worId oI catcrpiIIcrs, thc buttcrIIy is a dangcrous cncmy oI thc
way things arc.
Thc conccpt oI thc Ego, having ariscn Irom thc psychoanaIytic
cuIts, and IirmIy cmbcddcd into thc totaI IicId oI cxpcricncc,
scrvcs to maintain thc mind-body scpcration which is so Iixcd
in our cxpcricncc. Much oI Ncw Agc so-caIIcd thinking appcars
to bc conccrncd with rcmoving or transccnding thc cgo - bchind
which, it is impIicd, is a Highcr ScII. Thc Iiction oI Highcr-
Lowcr ScII maintains thc dividc bctwccn spirituaIity` and
cvcryday cxpcricncc. PcrsonaIIy, I prcIcr thc idca that wc arc
cach a muItipIicity oI scIvcs, or, as Tantra has it, a squirming
baII oI Shaktis (dcsirc-comIcxcs) intcracting (but not aII at
oncc) with Shiva (or Kia), thc divinc spark oI consciousncss.
Anothcr uscIuI conccpt is that oI, rathcr than ovcrcoming`
thc Ego, shiIting Irom a condition oI Ego-ccntrcdncss, to that
oI Exo-ccntrcdncss. In thc Iormcr, thc scII is maintaincd by
rcjccting aII that it is not, oI bcing scpcratc to othcrs. Ior thc
Phil Hine
Iattcr, thc scII is constantIy rcncwcd (and modiIicd) through a
proccss oI cngagcmcnt with othcrs.
As shown abovc, thc varicd practiccs oI a psychotcchnoIogy
such as magic producc various changcs to thc ncrvous systcm
- thc basis oI ASCs and acccIcratcd Icarning. Onc oI thc most
ancicnt (and contravcrsiaI) mcans oI inducing thcsc statcs is
via thc usc oI drugs. Thc usc, by 'primitivc¨ cuIturcs, oI agcnts
such as McscaIinc or Pcyotc has Iong bccn a mattcr oI intcrcst
Ior cuIturaI scicnccs, yct thc risc oI drug cuIturc in thc wcst
mct thc rcprcssion and criminaIisation. Drugs which
historicaIIy, havc bccn controIIcd by Socictics` powcr hoIdcrs
arc sanctioncd tobacco, aIchohoI, barbituatcs;thc consumcr-
acccptabIc choiccs.
It wouId bc naivc to undcrstatc thc inIIucncc oI drugs in Wcstcrn
magick, yct thcrc is much moraIising donc on thc subjcct, and
an insistcncc that ASCs gaincd via drugs arc not as vaIid as
othcr routcs. Rcscarch into thc usc (and abusc) oI psychotropic
agcnts indicatcs that uscrs cxpcricncc thc samc cIIccts as
IIIumination brought on by othcr tcchniqucs. Howcvcr, an
Amcrican rcscarchcr, W.N. Pankhc notcs that thc hardcst work
may comc aItcr thc cxpcricncc, in thc cIIort to intcgratc it with
cvcryday IiIc. Witncss, Ior cxampIc, thc numbcr oI Acid
casuaItics who cnd up as Born-Again Christians. LSD was,
aItcr aII, invcstigatcd by thc CIA in thc `50s as a possibIc
brainwashing` agcnt. II you want to Iook at somc oI thc modcrn
rcscarch into IIIumination with Psychotropics, chcck out thc
work oI StanisIav GroI.
Oven-Ready Chaos
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