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Alissa Hazlett 5th hour Mrs.

Czopek 11- 23-11 No Mercy for Hypocrisy There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny, a quote written by Frederick William Robertson. In the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller, several characters act as hypocrites. It is easy for them to have strong beliefs and share them with others, but not be able to back them up. It is not okay to be a hypocrite. Abigail was not able to back up her devotion to God by making false accusations of witchcraft in the town of Salem. Mary Warren became a victim of hypocrisy when she knew proof that Abigail was lying, but went on to accuse John Proctor of working with the devil. Some people may argue that it is okay to be a hypocrite if it keeps you out of danger. One of the main characters in this play, Abigail is a hypocrite. She often shows this throughout the entire story. Abigail often speaks of her devotion to God. She develops a relationship with John Proctor, who is married to Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail shows her disapproval of Elizabeth by saying, Oh I marvel how such a strong man may let a sickly wife be-(22). Abigail wants to get rid of Elizabeth so she can have John to herself. She comes up with the idea of accusing people in the town of witchcraft. Even though she knew those people were innocent, she did it anyways. It was all a big lie and went against God. Later on, Abigail accused Elizabeth of witchcraft in the hope it would lead to Elizabeths demise.

To continue on the same note, Mary Warren is also a hypocrite. Mary Warren knew Elizabeth Proctor was innocent of witchcraft. While watching court proceedings one day, she stitched a poppet for Elizabeth. This poppet was later found by Cheever and helped condemn Elizabeth of witchcraft. Mary Warren had proof that Abigail was lying when she said Elizabeth was a witch. Mary Warren goes on to say, Ask Abby, Abby sat beside me when I made it (72). Abigail saw Mary Warren making the poppet and knew it would help her accusation against Elizabeth. At first Mary Warren was trying to protect the Proctors because she knew they were innocent people. She went on to become a hypocrite when she accused John Proctor of forcing her to sign the devils book. She knew no such thing had happened and made it all up. John Proctors life was lost due to her false accusation. Contrary to this, some people say that it is okay to be a hypocrite if it ensures to keep one out of danger. When Mary Warren did not tell the courts what she knew about Abigail, it could be argued she did it out of the need for protecting herself. When John Proctor confronts her about telling the truth about Abigail she says, I cannot, theyll turn on me-(76). Mary Warren did not want to tell about Abigail. She felt threatened. She felt that if she did, Abigail and the other girls would turn against her. That she may even be accused of witchcraft and hanged. She felt obligated to side with Abigail than against her. Also, accusing John Proctor would help ensure her safety. In conclusion, it is not okay to be a hypocrite. Abigail went against her devotion to God to make false accusations of witchcraft on innocent people. Mary Warren knew evidence against Abigail, but decided not to use it and accuse John Proctor instead even though he was innocent. It can be argued that it is okay to be a hypocrite for safety reasons like in the case of Mary

Warren. It is wise to always have evidence to back up your beliefs to keep out of getting in hypocritical trouble.