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Learning Episode 2

Learning Episode 2

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Published by: Jinky Sarion Pineda on Mar 22, 2014
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At the end of my tasks I am expected to:  Acquaint myself with the school’s facilities and resources.

 Explore the learning resources of the school when needed.  Do some errands when needed.  Analyze the vision and mission statements of the school.

and integrated curriculum. while acquiring the skills necessary for a lifetime of continuous learning. State in belief: See each child enjoy the educational process. This will ensure success by allowing our children to achieve academic excellence and exhibit higher level of thinking skills. Mission and Goals of my second home. and creative capabilities to his or her maximum potential. a positive relationship shall be built and meaningful teaching and learning experiences through a quality. social-emotional. spiritual. cooperation and flexibility . Develop each student’s intellectual. tolerance.I shall completely grasp the Vision. physical.  Provide a comprehensive child-centered learning environment that fosters opportunities for every child to succeed  Maintain a safe and secure academic setting. balanced. freeing staff and students to pursue educational endeavors  Nurture a spirit of cohesiveness. To this end.

One of the main goals of VMG in the San Antonio Elementary School is to make the school a child-centered learning environment and it is now my responsibility to carry out it while I’m in the field of practice teaching. mission and goals of San Antonio Elementary School it is not only my duty to memorize it but also do it with heart.Perform the said vision. As a student teacher all of the said vision. And it is my duty to fulfill my part as I am now in the field of teaching to do the VMG heart fully. mission and goals in my field of practice teaching. . The VMG is an important part in teaching because it is the foundation on what you will teach to your pupils.

And the people there are very supportive to me and they give me advises.Complete the Concept Map of your second home. . A place of good learning A friendly environment A safe place for learning A place of good values What I feel about my second home? I feel happy and comfortable in my second home. In my second home I feel acceptance even if I’m just new there.

.Finish these lines I can transform my second home into a place where… Make the classroom a peaceful and harmonious place. 2. 4. And ask also advises and help to my cooperating teacher to improve my craft. 3. Way that the pupils will perform in the classroom. Use it in my every teaching lesson. And a conducive place for the learning of the pupils. And the attitude they show in the classroom. Make the pupils feel comfortable and treating them equally.

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